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  • Pēc ilgāka pārtraukuma ar otro sezonu pie klausītājiem atgriežas podkāsts “Zinātne vai muļķības”. Koncepts nemainīgs – nākamajās desmit epizodēs “Delfi” žurnālisti Edžus Miķelsons un Jānis Sildniks uzdos reizēm ne pārāk gudrus jautājumus ļoti gudriem cilvēkiem. Ar zinātniekiem un nozares ekspertiem runāsim par to, vai pārtikā esošās E vielas tiešām ir kaitīgas, vai galvenie vaininieki pie šī brīža klimata krīzes tiešām ir cilvēki un galu galā – vai bokseri karjeras laikā tiešām kļūst dumjāki?

  • Where mysticism meets science on Clubhouse and brought to you HERE to enjoy.

    Accessibility isn't only about access to plant medicines, more people need access to SUPPORT and community.

    Sometimes the best person for the job is the one who is there AND...

    let's get you some more education so that you are clear in what ways you CAN help and what to do if you are ever in over your head.

    It's no secret it's the wild wild west out there (in many ways) as many facilitators come back from a month of ayauasca in the jungle and feel ready to do groups and guide folx with ZERO idea how traumas, dramas show up in the body.

    That is why sharing stories from all over the WORLD is critical.

    Each lineage and person has unique skills that are powerful teachers.

    From the actual psychedelic experience to integration, THE most important part as it relates to lasting transformation is what comes before AND after.

    We are committed to YOUR personal process with a team of people here to assist you AND the people you choose to serve.

  • Hello everyone,my name is Armin Alic.I am a bassist, born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, in 1980, and based in Germany since the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in 1992.Welcome to my “Talking Spirits Podcast”, where you will be able to listen to talking spirits, meaning that I will be hosting many different people from all over the world and we will talk life in general and all of its wonders in particular.While it is in the nature of things that many of my guests will be musicians or people who are working in the music business, in fact the only mandatory thing in order to become a talking spirit is having one or many stories to tell and being willing to share them with me and the world, so basically anyone can be a guest. Due to the story of my life so far and me being a traveling musician I am a multi-lingual guy, so the “Talking Spirits Podcast” is as well multi-lingual one, as there will be episodes in English and in German.A huge THANK YOU goes out to my dear friends Mem Nahadr, Hanno Busch, Roman Babik and Leon Mucke for grooving with me on the “Talking Spirits” jingles you can hear in every episode, to my dear friend Andreas Herr from the Heyday Studio in Wuppertal, Germany, for making the whole broadcast sound right, and to my dear friend Vladislav Filipovic for the amazing artwork and support with the web page. For further infos and latest updates please

  • Welcome to the Library of Life! A show dedicated to chronicling the flora and fauna of the natural world. Join us each episode as we put a spotlight on the wonderfully diverse wildlife of Planet Earth!

  • Welcome to TheSugarScience Podcast where our mission is to highlight and connect researchers in the type 1 diabetes space.

    The(sugar)science is an interactive digital platform founded to curate the scientific conversation among type 1 diabetes (T1D) researchers. Our goal is to expedite a cure for T1D by promoting collaboration across diverse research disciplines.

  • Exploring the mysteries of soil in search of answers that you can use in your garden or on your farm. Each week features scientists and experts sharing insights into topics like soil science, composting, cover cropping, biochar, no-till, and fungi, among other things! In Search of Soil is hosted and produced by Diego Footer.

  • Yara Latvija podkāsts agronomiem, lauksaimniekiem un pārējiem interesentiem. Yara agronomi Agnese Pinka un Ernests Čakāns reizi mēnesī dalīsies ar savām zināšanām un apskatīs agronomijas tēmai veltītus jautājumus, lai mūsu klausītāji spētu saimniekot vēl gudrāk un efektīvāk.

  • Raidījumā “Zeme 2050: Ilgtspējīga nākotne” kopā ar jauniem speciālistiem, sociāli aktīviem un aizrautīgiem cilvēkiem diskutēsim par Zemi, ko atstāsim nākamajām paaudzēm. Sarunas ne tikai par dabu, bet arī ekonomiskajām, sociālajām un kultūras mijiedarbībām. Spriedīsim par to, kā Zeme izskatīsies pēc trīsdesmit gadiem, un par to, cik būtiskas ir arī individuālās rīcības ikdienā. Raidījumā analizēsim jautājumus, kas saistīti ar ilgtspējas attīstību dažādās sfērās gan Latvijā, gan pasaulē. Sniegsim arī praktiskus padomus par to, kā pieņemt sociāli atbildīgus lēmumus, lai ikdienā dzīvotu, domājot par nākamajām paaudzēm.

  • AXRP (pronounced axe-urp) is the AI X-risk Research Podcast where I, Daniel Filan, have conversations with researchers about their papers. We discuss the paper, and hopefully get a sense of why it's been written and how it might reduce the risk of AI causing an existential catastrophe: that is, permanently and drastically curtailing humanity's future potential. You can visit the website and read transcripts at

  • Psychosomatic Medicine, founded in 1939, is the official organ of the American Psychosomatic Society. It publishes experimental and clinical studies dealing with various aspects of the relationships among social, psychological, and behavioral factors and bodily processes in humans and animals. It is an international, interdisciplinary journal devoted to experimental and clinical investigation in behavioral biology, psychiatry, psychology, physiology, anthropology, and clinical medicine. The Journal is published nine times a year; supplementary issues may contain reports of conferences at which original research was presented in areas relevant to the Society or may consist of monographs.

  • The New York State Water Resources Institute presents this podcast that explores water from different perspectives.

  • Just two zoology course mates who love rambling about animals, conservation, the injustices of the world and everything in between!

    You can follow more of our weird and wonderful wildlife adventures on instagram: @emma_hodson_wildlife

  • "Drusku izglābt pasauli" ir raidieraksts jauniešiem par vidi un aprites ekonomiku.

  • A podcast about curiosity for human and artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence could teach us hidden things about our own minds. This program is all about curiosity, AI, love, robots ...

  • Mike Murray from the Delta College Planetarium takes a look at what's up in the night sky. Things are happening all the time in the backyard universe, and many of them don't require a telescope to see and enjoy.

  • If you want to learn something about sharks watch this and soon there will be another one

  • Raidījumu cikls "Radio vilks dabā" aicina klausītājus pievērsties aktivitātēm dabā un īpaši veselīgai, aktīvai, kā arī atbildīgai atpūtai svaigā gaisā

  • Learn all the key points about Fungi!