Fiktion – Malta – Nye podcasts

  • Two slackers, Ben (Lamorne Morris) and Grant (Billy Magnussen) attempt to catch an escaped convicted murderer, Shelly O'Keith (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell) who is allegedly hiding in their town to cash in on the million-dollar reward the police are offering.

  • Holy Sh!t is a thrilling new comedy drama, told entirely through Whatsapp voice messages, about female friendship, sex, betrayal...and Jesus.

    Written by Emma Pritchard

    Starring Mandeep Dhillon, Patsy Ferran and Cleve September.

    Produced by Claire Broughton and Diggory Waite, Sound Design and Mastering by John Wakefield.

    Cover image by @juicywizards

    Holy Sh!t is a Hat Trick Podcast