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  • Personal Body Podcast is de podcast van Personal Body Plan. Elke week bespreken oprichter Tom Barten en expert Paul Bosma een belangrijk onderwerp dat altijd te maken heeft met de 4 kern elementen: "Gedrag, voeding, training en herstel."

  • 20/20 Meditate for Peace is an internal movement. It is born out of the understanding that we cannot cast out darkness with darkness. The only sane response to fear-driven thinking is rooted in love, forgiveness, and compassion.

    Through meditation, we raise our vibrations, improve the quality of our lives, and find peace. Internally and in the world.

    Join us, and commit to meditating for 20 consecutive days, in the spirit of love, compassion, and harmony. Share this with your loved ones who too wish to be a light in the dark.

    Let's sit in meditation, and heal our planet, together!

  • Deze podcast is er nu ook in boekvorm, via uitgeverij Kosmos. Gesprekken over stress, geluk, zingeving, geld, seksualiteit, burn-out, depressie, angst, liefde, status, ego, werk, meditatie, denken, ontspanning, verdriet, vreugde, vrije wil, lijden, pijn, plezier, relaties, ziekte, geloof, guru's, opvoeding, therapie, talent, conflicten, humor, bewustzijn, boeddhisme, zen, yoga, mindfulness en meer. Interviewer: Patrick Kicken (ex-3FM en Radio Veronica)

  • invites people new to the BDSM lifestyle, as well as those looking to expand their reach within, to watch exclusive content featuring advice and education about how to use some of’s elaborate and sometimes intimidating bondage and fetish products.

  • Charlie Jabaley aka Charlie Rocket with his inspirational podcast series "Charlie Rocket Show". Each episode features Charlie's unique perspective on current events and his personal life. Charlie provides insight on business from his past life as CEO Charlie, managing mega-stars 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Young Dolph, and Bankroll Fresh, and starting Atlanta based artist management company "Street Execs". He also inspires through his journey of becoming physically fit, having weighed over 305 pounds with a brain tumor to losing over 130 pounds (and counting) to becoming an Ironman and Nike endorsed athlete. Charlie's mission used to be to become a millionaire, now his mission is to transform a million people's lives. Contact:

  • Hi. I’m Jen Gotch and this is my podcast. It’s kinda weird, and original, and funny and honest just like me. Each week I’m gonna get in your ear, tell you about my fears, my pain, my triumphs and hopefully in the process help you become more self aware, build your own emotional intelligence and more than anything else FEEL LESS ALONE. Please subscribe and leave a nice review with all the stars; my parents are checking them every day and I really don’t want to let them down.

  • De podcast over een opgeruimd leven met hosts Camila Valim en Didy van der Lans. Beide gecertificeerde KonMari consultant - professional organizers opgeleid door Marie Kondo! Luister naar mooie, inspirerende en motiverende verhalen van mensen die hun huis en leven hebben opgeruimd. Leer hoe je zelf aan de slag kunt gaan, ontvang wekelijks tips en inspiratie en ontdek alles over de Life Changing Magic van de KonMari methode.

  • Isabella Sophia is ruim 18 jaar werkzaam als coach en therapeut. In 2002 heeft ze Ananta opleidingen opgericht samen met Peter Wolvers.

    Haar wortels liggen in het sjamanisme en ze is door verschillende sjamanen opgeleid, onder andere in de Siberische en Peruaanse tradities. Voor mij betekent sjamaan zijn; een gids zijn op het pad dat leid naar de eigen essentie. Door het pad zelf te bewandelen en me daar steeds verder in te verdiepen en bekwamen, kan ik anderen uitnodigen om de weg naar de eigen essentie terug te vinden.

    Laat je door deze podcast inspireren om je eigen pad te gaan lopen, de weg naar je eigen essentie terug te vinden.

  • Jim Donovan M. Ed. is a professional musician, author, assistant professor at Saint Francis University, and TEDx speaker. Each week, Jim and a guest will take you deep into the world of music and sound based healing, including the latest research on how these techniques can address anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and brain health.

  • The fruit and veg gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine that celebrates the failures on your allotment as much as the successes!

  • Justin and Mercedes are two Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists in CA that are obsessed with the Polyvagal Theory and applying it to everyday life - mental health, trauma, education, parenting and more.
    (Justin LMFT99147, Mercedes LMFT47786)

  • The Expand Your Awareness Podcast is designed to expand your consciousness with practical techniques, ideas, and processes that can change your life for the better. Topics will include the law of attraction, spiritual awakening, states of consciousness/meditation and everyday awareness that will help you see life in a new and empowering way.

  • With two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, I will walk you through everything you need to know in order to be a successful entrepreneur. From entrepreneur stories to tactics, you will learn and be inspired to become the best entrepreneur you can be.

  • The Ground Up Show is a podcast that inspires creatives to make meaningful content & pursue their passions. Award-winning filmmaker Matt D’Avella, best known for the Netflix documentary Minimalism, sits down with creators to talk about their process, the lessons they've learned & how to make an impact.

  • Are you ready to Organize Mindfully?

    Twice a week the Organize Mindfully Podcast brings you organizing professionals, designers, mindfulness teachers and people who are living an inspired and organized life. They share amazing insights, new ideas, tips & techniques so you can grow, gain inspiration and bring order to your life. From there you can accomplish anything.

    Join host Mark Dillon as he explores with each guest what makes them a success in their organizing and life.

  • Pro athlete physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere shows you workouts, exercises and nutrition plans to get you looking and moving like a professional athlete.

  • Wie werde ich Gestalter meines eigenen Lebens?

    Ob es darum geht sich selbst zu motivieren, abzunehmen, ein (langfristig) erfolgreiches Business zu starten oder einfach mit dem Hier und Jetzt glücklich zu sein, all dies benötigt die Fähigkeit der Selbstbeeinflussung.

    Themen von diesem Podcast sind u.a. emotionale Selbstbeeinflussung, Produktivitätssteigerung, Selbstdisziplin, Erfolg, Motivation, Biohacking, Psychologie der Selbstwirksamkeit, Neurolinguistisches Programmieren, Umgang mit Scheitern, uvm.
    Kurzum es geht darum wie Du ein freier Mensch wirst: emotional, materiell und spirituell!

    Oft wird auf wissenschaftliche Studien zurückgegriffen, aber keine Sorge der Podcast ist so designed, dass er motiviert und leicht verständlich ist ;).

    Für wen sind die Inhalte besonders geeignet: Für Menschen, die sich weiterentwickeln wollen, für Menschen die gerade "fest stecken" und für Menschen, die Ihr Potenzial voll entfalten möchten.

    Marian Zefferer, MSc. BSc. ist Psychologe, Biohacker, NLP-Lehrtrainer und Persönlichkeitstrainer und hat sich bereits mit 11 Jahren das erste Mal mit dem Thema der Selbstveränderung beschäftigt.

    Mein kostenfreier 3-tägiger Audiokurs - Werde Gestalter Deines Lebens:
    Meine Homepage:
    FB-Gruppe zum Podcast:

  • The Wild & Free Society Podcast is a Spoken Documentary as a companion to my Illustrated Documentary that I am creating about my Joyride to Freedom. A Manifesting Memoir about my One Year Experiment of following the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction, to see what happens to my business and my life if I make Joy & Freedom my priority and my INSIDE JOB my ONLY JOB.

    I'm on a INNER ROADTRIP and so far my Inner G.P.S. has inspired me to give in to my longing to commit Social Suïcide, pull the plug from my business (model), take down the shop on my website, drive to Paris to live the Writers Life, delete my big e-maillist and start all over, ánd to switch from Dutch to English.

    This is why up to episode #45 the podcast is in Dutch and from #46 and up in English. I have no idea where this is going, but I am totally committed to following my Higher/Future Self's Guidance and let Joy & Freedom lead the way.

    I am honored that you are riding shot gun with me and my intention and hope for this podcast is to inspire you to go on your OWN JOYRIDE TO FREEDOM.



  • YouTuber, Author & Mind Coach Dan Jones Hypnosis Sleep Stories to help you sleep fast, sleep well & sleep all night. There are free and paid sleep stories available.

  • The aim of the podcast is to discuss with each guest their journey of physical recovery and achievement after sustaining life changing injuries, or for those individuals who grew up with a physical disability or impairment and how they overcame boundaries to achieve their goals.I am keen to talk to athletes, military and ex-forces or anyone from the public who is willing to share their journey. So if you are willing to share your experiences please get in touch. Interviews are carried out by Paul Grennell BSc MCSP, a former soldier who served with the 1st battalion Irish Guards and is now working as a chartered physiotherapist with over 11 years’ experience in the physical rehabilitation and recovery field.