Regering – New Zealand – Anbefalede podcasts

  • A true crime podcast centred around telling the stories of both solved and unsolved crimes from different regions across the globe.

  • The programme takes a look at what makes Dunedin the nation's heritage capital. The wonderful stock of historic buildings will be explored, as well as early European settlement, Maori life in past centuries and tales of gold. Thanks to the Southern Heritage Trust

  • A podcast following the build-up to the 2024 US Presidential election, told from a New Zealand perspective.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Solar Made Simple, brought to you by Kevenergy, is predicated on the responsibilities and rights inherent in us all to take part in the conversation and not just ‘Talk the Talk ' but ‘Walk the Walk'.

    Climate change is a conundrum that we all are part of. The question facing humanity is how are we collectively and individually going to tackle it head on? The time for sanctimonious self congratulation is long gone. It is now or never and there is no time to waste.

  • Women are the heart and soul of this world. “What's Your Why" asks women why they do what they do, why they keep persevering despite adversity and why their purpose is meaningful to them. We talk to women from all over the Waikato about their experiences as they share valuable pockets of knowledge they have picked up along the way.
    This podcast is run by the YWCA Hamilton – an organisation dedicated to empowering, inspiring and elevating women to achieve success in whatever ways that look like to her. We are a community-based organisation in Kirikiriroa and we are here to support women through whatever part of our journey they are on.
    We hope after listening you remember that we are all beautiful, strong, resilient, and empathetic. Our strength lies in who we are, what we stand for and our ability to relate to one another. Collectively, as self-assured women, we can change the world together.

  • Leading Questions is a podcast about public sector leadership, published by Global Government Forum.
    Every episode we interview a former senior civil servant and ask them to reflect on key challenges they have faced in their career and what they learned from them.
    Packed with interesting insights into government, inspiring stories and handy advice, this is leadership in practice.

  • Tim McCready chats with candidates and commentators throughout the local elections to tease out people’s visions for Onehunga and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

  • The Dose is the Commonwealth Fund’s podcast that presents fresh ideas, new perspectives, and compelling conversations about where health care is headed. Join host Joel Bervell this season for conversations with leading and emerging experts in health care and health policy.

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  • Rosalind Derby of Rosalind Derby Architecture, interviews colleagues across the construction industry, discussing architecture and building, urban design, public space design. Buildings mediate between people and their environment.

  • Dr. Scott Jensen answers questions from you, sits down with different people from the great state of Minnesota, and talks about some of the major political issues facing the state of Minnesota!

  • The Waikato Women in Business Podcast is a collection of interviews with local women in all stages and industries of the business world. The podcast is hosted by local not-for-profit society Waikato Women in Business Inc. Which aims to connect and empower women in business within the region.

  • Catch the crew from South Alive in Invercargill as they keep you up to date with the many things happening in this special part of our city

  • Climate Matters, an audio version of Lindsay Wood from Resilienz Ltd's Climate Matters newsletter, that gives intriguing insights into climate breakdown and climate recovery.

  • A 5 part interivew series looking at the Review into the Future for Local Government (2023) He piki tลซranga, he piki kลtuku, Wellington: New Zealand.

    This podcast is intended assist in the wider conversation for elected members, council staff, communities and central government as we look at how the recommendations, when taken as a package, could transform outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand.

    The full report and its recommendations can be read here:

    Cover art and Launchpad Music by Sam Broughton

  • Welcome Library lovers to SLANZA SESSIONS, a radio show and podcast to celebrate school libraries, and all of the people who inhabit them. Local Manawatลซ school librarians Alan Dingley, Sasha Eastwood and Chris Auer, will be bringing you interviews, reviews, views and more.

    We want to share our love of books for youth and young people, and our passion for school libraries. We will be asking questions and seeking answers about how we can all ensure the School Library maintains its valuable place in the NZ literacy and education landscape.

  • Shifting the Narrative is a limited podcast series about changing the dominant narrative around critical social and cultural issues. Over five episodes, we examine case studies where individuals worked together to change how society views the death penalty, poverty, and guns. And based on this, what lessons can we learn to apply to other campaigns?

  • Official Podcast of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe

  • Blue Stories Project: sharing journey out of perinatal depression. A project that creates a culture of supporting ALL women and their families on their parenting journeys. It educates communities and normalises the topic of perinatal depression.

    In the Blue Stories Project podcast Karolina Gorton invites people to talk about parental mental health and perinatal depression from many different perspectives.

    Find out more about the project at

  • Sharing real voices and real stories, Take It From us explores the world of mental health, with lived experience at the forefront.

  • From Community Networks Wellington. Keeping communities connected through discussion on local topical issues. Showcasing community groups in Wellington who work tirelessly with our vulnerable people.