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    Mga sari-sari, totoo at piksyong kwento mula sa mga malilikot na isipan ng ilang Pilipinong ang nais ay tindigan ng balahibo. Mga salaysay na hindi pwedeng husgahan hangga't hindi nararanasan. Mga kwentong kapupulutan ng purong hilakbot.

    Ang HILAKBOT TV ay dedikado sa paglalahad ng TAGALOG CREEPYPASTA / PINOY HORROR STORIES na tiyak na makapagbibigay ng HILAKBOT. Nais ng TEAM HTV na muling isabuhay ang GABI NG LAGIM-style na paglalahad ng kwentong katatakutan sa makabagong platform. Tara, TAKUTAN TAYO kada 9PM dito sa ating podcast!

  • From rape cases to hazings, slayings to suicides, murders to massacres, kidnapping to killings, and controversial deaths — you can find them all in the PH Murder Stories podcast. New episodes are published every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Learn more about our show by visiting [].

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  • Need your true crime fix? You've come to the right place. Listen to the most mysterious and unbelievable true crimes in modern history. Click the follow button to receive all notifications. ๐Ÿ””

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  • The essential true-crime podcast for anyone hooked on psychopaths, multiple murderers, and mysterious, unsolved cold cases. If you're a true-crime podcast junkie you've come to the right place. Our team includes a former major crime detective plus ex-BBC researchers, journalists and producers to bring you one of the most original and highly recommended true-crime podcasts out there.

  • Asia In The Shadows is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by former lawyer Christine Abrigana who is of Filipino-German heritage. Christine is also known as the host of Lagim: A Filipino True Crime Podcast. This podcast features crime stories from all over Asia, the largest and most diverse continent on the planet.

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  • Become a Paid Subscriber: podcast looking back at historical crimes, criminals and social stories that created the world we now live!

  • Lagim Podcast brings you stories of crimes from the Philippines. Lagim is a Filipino word that means dread/terror. Every two weeks Filipino-German host, Christine Abrigana, takes a close look at infamous and not so known cases that have certainly given Filipinos that feeling of fear and dread. If you need a true crime fix Filipino-style, then please follow, subscribe and listen to Lagim.

  • We are a pair of normal chicks who love to talk about true crime & the paranormal. Join us every week as we creep it real with our style of conversational storytelling. Each episode will have one story of true crime and one of the paranormal variety.
    Creep it real, and don't get scared!

  • Final Argument is a true crime podcast about the disappearance of Ray Gricar, District Attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania. He vanished without a trace on April 15, 2005 while on a leisurely drive. A massive search was done for him that encompassed several states and followed any sign of him but he was never found. This podcast looks into the details of the investigation of his disappearance and explores how missed leads and eyewitnesses' testimony may hold the key to what happened to this man.

  • Two spooky loving sisters talking about real estate. Real. Haunted. Real Estate. Each episode surrounds a specific house, property or landmark. We will share the history, hauntings or crimes that took place in them. We are here for the horror, true crime, scandal and ridiculousness. We hope you are too!

  • A true crime and paranormal podcast as told by two sisters. Tune in every Monday for spooky ghost stories and horrifying true crime tales with a little bit of banter and comedy folded in. Support this podcast:

  • Taking a deep dive into the world of true crime from serial killers to unsolved cold cases.

  • The True Crime Bride, a true crime podcast about all things wedding true crimes, brings you the true stories of nearlyweds and newlyweds who encountered the unimaginable during the "happiest times of their lives". Find out how jealousy, greed, crazy ex's, secret double lives, and sinister twists and turns lead to these gut wrenching and heartbreaking stories that give new meaning to "til death do us part".

    Brought to you by The True Crime Bride, me, Meghan Miles

  • For sure you’ve heard of Ted Bundy, Edward Gein, or even Jeffrey Dahmer. But have you heard of killers from Asia or the Philippines specifically, who can be at par with these famous names? Join me as I unravel murder stories and everything True Crime that happened in the Philippines and in Asia in general. Coz not everyone we meet are humans. A few of them, normal as we may see, hide the reality that they are monsters— monsters capable of doing unspeakable acts of horror.

  • Based in Fact, the true crime podcast that looks at criminal cases from the perspective of the courts, not the court of public opinion.

  • Hi, my name is Persephone and I'm the host of my own diary. Come along with me as I unravel horrifying stories, urban legends, folklore, and true crimes from around the globe. But be warned, abandon all hope ye who enter here.

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  • A podcast with short episodes that discuss cyber crime cases, security problems, and infamous malware. I make my episodes quick and easy to understand so you get the story without the filler and too much technical jargon.

    Links to all my sources on my pastebin

  • A narrative podcast on Philippine true crime and mystery stories. For episode references and more information about the show, please visit

  • It's the podcast for all things SPOOKY! It's the spookiest show in the history of the universe ever & the ultimate destination for your weekly dose of true crime, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, horror films, paranormal encounters, dark history and so much more. With a new episode every Monday, you'll learn something new and get primed for having the best week of your entire life! Meet your hosts: Kait: @bubblinequeenHarrison: @hhaarriissoonnFollow the show on Instagram: @spookyshowpodEmail: [email protected] Support this podcast:

  • Where the beauty of makeup meets the horror of true crime