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  • The Awake With Jake Show was created to help you breakthrough mental barriers, gain clarity and awaken your heart so you can live a free and fulfilling life.

    Join Jake Woodard as he shares his own personal insights and interviews other highly successful entrepreneurs to also share their wisdom. Sharing their success and failures along their journey.

    Jake Woodard is an author, speaker and spiritual healer, who is passionate about helping others live a more spiritually connected and heart centered life. His inspiring story of overcoming his own struggles and challenges led him to finding his calling. He believes that the darkness helped him to find his light within.

    If you are looking to heal and awaken, create personal success, abundance, love, wealth, prosperity and happiness in your life, then this show is for you!

  • Diyetisyen Zeynep Çapay basit ve kolay uygulanabilen sağlıklı yaşam ve motivasyon tüyoları veriyor, beslenme ile ilgili güncel bilgileri paylaşıyor. Bu keyifli ve samimi sohbetlerden çok şey öğreneceksiniz.

  • Merhaba herkese. Cengiz ben. Bu podcast serisinde psikiyatri ve psikiyatrinin dokunduklarına dair pek çok şeyi bulabilirsiniz.
    ''Bazıları duvarı görür, bazılarıysa duvarın ardını...''


  • Felsefe, Psikoloji, Sosyoloji, Sanat, Tarih, Teknoloji, ve her şeyi konu alan podcast'ler.

  • Hayat üzerine düşünmekten, soru sormaktan hoşlananlar size sesleniyorum. Burda bazı bölümler felsefik konular bazıları da yönlendirmeli meditasyonlar üzerine. Yaz tatilinden sonra yeni bölümler gelecek, her kimsen hoşgeldin! Burdan bana istediğin zaman yazabilirsin:

  • Подкаст личных и интимных историй. Без осуждения о важном, стыдном и страшном.

  • Szukasz wiedzy na temat zdrowej diety i odchudzania? Potrzebujesz motywacji do zmiany? Podcast Owsiana jest właśnie dla ciebie! W mojej audycji poruszam takie tematy jak dieta, szeroko pojęty zdrowy styl życia, aktywność fizyczna, slow life, podróże i ekologia.

  • Have you ever received a piece of advice that dramatically changed your life? What if someone gave you the same kind of advice that completely transformed the way you think, feel, and interact with food? Would it be worth 20 minutes of your time?

    Join Leslie Hooper and Rog Law as they expose the dirty little secrets of the diet industry and discuss how to get into the best shape of your life without ever having to diet again.

  • All their lives Jordan and Brad, best friends in Toronto, were taught to feel shame about being gay. Then at 32 years old, after a few too many drinks, they had a new thought. Imagine if they were invincible to shame, not just about being gay, but in general. Join them as they spark a revolt against society’s norms. Guests include ex-boyfriends, gay men, and others plagued by messages of shame. Welcome to their unapologetic journey to zero f*cks.

  • The Purpose Girl Podcast is the modern woman’s home for finding purpose and living a fulfilling life.

    With a masters degree in the science of happiness, a passion for the divine feminine, and a powerful resilience through horrific traumas, Carin Rockind powerfully encourages women to rise above life’s challenges and chaos to thrive. She gets real and raw to uplift others.

    Carin’s core belief in life is that every single person on earth has a unique purpose. Because no two people have the same strengths, talents, passions and experiences, each of us has a unique contribution to make in this world. Each of us has a special gift to offer. That is our purpose. And when we’re living that purpose, when we’re giving our special gift to world, we’re happy.

    Through listening to powerful interviews with purposeful women, learning practical tools to live your purpose now, and gaining an understanding of the science and spirit behind purpose, The PurposeGirl Podcast will help you discover your true self, overcome obstacles, and rise to becoming the bold beautiful woman you were born to be.

  • Welcome to the Balance and Activate Your Fertility Podcast. This is the place to find hope again, to believe in your ability to conceive no matter WHAT you’ve tried before, to find the knowledge and guidance you’re looking for to take control of your health and restore your fertility, and to understand that you’re NOT are part of a community of like-minded women who are determined to be the healthiest versions of themselves so they can get pregnant, stay pregnant and hold finally their healthy bouncing babies in their arms. You are on this journey together with others who’ve got your back, sister! Like me, your host, Heidi Brockmyre, licensed doctor of Chinese medicine, fertility acupuncturist and founder of the Fertility Activation Method, my proven online program that gives women step-by-step daily instructions to prepare their bodies for pregnancy so they can finally have their healthy babies. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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  • Compartir vivencias, situaciones, conocimientos todo relacionado con la educación, psicología y crecimiento personal.
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  • Welcome to Front Porch Swingers, where we discuss sex on our terms. We talk hotwifing, swinging, BDSM, and so much more, in the hopes that we will inspire you to enjoy sex on your terms! No overly clinical tutorials here; We prefer to share our real-life adventures to both titillate and educate!

  • Welcome to Fitness & Sushi, a podcast devoted to helping you overcome your fitness struggles, repair your relationship with food, improve your body image, and create a success mindset.

  • From the author of The Wellness Project, comes a podcast for those recently diagnosed or chronically fighting Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Hungry for solutions and wondering WTF to do next? Each week, Phoebe Lapine sits down with a different #SIBOAmigo—medical experts at the forefront of SIBO research and treatment—to discuss the various steps to rebalance your gut for good. 
    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by dietary changes or at your wits end with all the remedies for this complex gastro conundrum, Phoebe and her guests break it down for you in easily digestible terms, giving you the doable action items and valuable input you need to design the SIBO solution right for you. Covering everything from testing, treatments and herbal supplements to low FODMAP cooking tips and diet, this podcast is a patient-friendly masterclass in how to heal from SIBO. 

  • Join best-selling author and actress Melanie Avalon as she interviews today's leading health and wellness experts, going beyond the fads to bring you all the biohacking tips, tricks, and techniques to effortless upgrade your body, brain, and life. Because why not live awesome? You got this!Theme Music by Narek Mirzaei, Artwork by Barbara McGregor

  • This podcast is where Keto lovers and enthusiasts unite! We discuss popular trends, topics and everything Keto related! We share our personal opinions, views and research to help better the keto community through the powder of audio!

  • The LGBTQ experience is more than just a rainbow flag, it’s a movement. The PRIDE podcast hosted by Levi Chambers celebrates every person under the queer umbrella with skillful journalism and engaging interviews. Ever wondered about the queer pirates who of the Caribbean? How about the origins of the expression "coming out" or the queer history of the United States? Join us as we provide a platform to LGBTQ people with stories to tell — stories about sexuality, gender, love, laughter or anything that unleashes your curiosity. PRIDE’s weekly podcast from Straw Hut Media is guaranteed to let your mind run wild in a safe space full of wonderment. So come along, we’re proud to have you. *This podcast is not affiliated with Pride Media