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  • Lizzy McGroder & Hannah Pilkes delve into the world of murder and mayhem in Social Media. Each week we shine a light on cases happening around the globe in an effort to answer our questions about these tragic events.

  • Latinx Now!: The Files is a look at the story behind the story of Hollywood’s and Latinx pop-culture’s biggest mysteries. From notable crimes to the truth under high-profile scandals, our host Christian Acosta and his expert guests will guide you into the deep end of fame. 

  • After a sexual assault case in the District of Columbia, one woman’s public warning ricochets all the way to Birmingham, Ala., where another woman gives voice to a devastating allegation.

    This seven-part investigative series from The Washington Post follows the Alabama woman’s decision to come forward with a claim of sexual assault against a high-ranking figure in the D.C. criminal justice system, and the spiraling effects of that choice.

    “Canary: The Washington Post Investigates” is about the intertwining stories of these two women, separated by decades and united by a shared refusal to stay silent. It’s a podcast about what it takes to report this story — and why it matters. Hosted by investigative reporter Amy Brittain.

  • Internet-detektiverna Julia & Patricia dyker ner i både kända och okända true crime fall.

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  • A real time investigation on unsolved cases. In Season One, we investigate the 8 murdered women in Jennings, Louisiana aka The Jennings 8.

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    If you have any tips or would like to be interviewed about the cases, please leave a voicemail at this number 1-309-322-2312.

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    You can remain anonymous if choose.

  • Join hosts Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka as they take a weekly look at the facts, details, and surprises behind some of the disasters that occur at 35,000 feet.

  • In 2016, a popular high school senior mysteriously disappeared on the night before Thanksgiving. His remains were found two years later. What happened to Tom Brown in the small town of Canadian, Texas that night? It seems everyone in town’s become a suspect, including Tom’s family, friends, the local sheriff, and a high-flying private investigator. Acclaimed writer Skip Hollandsworth digs into the mystery that’s torn this town apart in this eight-part true crime podcast series.

    From the Texas Monthly team behind “Boomtown”—a popular eleven-part podcast series about the culture and economy of the West Texas oil fields—“Tom Brown’s Body” launches September 29 and is the first narrative podcast series from Hollandsworth.

  • I ´Tycker nån om Måndagar?´ hör ni varje vecka Amanda, Becka och Sanna berätta och prata om mord och andra hemskheter. Häng med!

  • A suspect sits across the table from a detective. Tension and accusations hang in the air. It’s a familiar scene. An investigator hunting for the truth. Determined to solve the crime. Maybe even get a confession. But getting to the truth can take years of training and practice. What do these seasoned investigators know that we don’t know? What are the tactics they use to get someone talking?
    From the team behind Bardstown and The Officer’s Wife, Anything You Say goes inside those rooms and digs into the art of the interrogation.
    Anything You Say launches September 16 and is hosted by Eric Flack, Chief Investigative Reporter at WUSA9 in Washington, DC.

  • Crime Wolf brings you thrilling crime stories based on true events. Names have been changed to hide the true identities of the characters involved.

  • A Philippine-based podcast that closes in on true crime, conspiracy, and everything in between.

  • A podcast where two hot southern messes and crime come together every week. Get to know Brandy and Kirstie on their podcasting journey. Due to their sometimes sick sense of humor, potty mouths, and adult beverages, listening discretion is advised.

  • Over the last 25 years, thousands of women have been viciously murdered or disappeared along the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The investigation into these crimes has revealed a systemic web of corruption, drug violence, sex trafficking, and unchecked globalization that authorities have tried desperately to hide. Hosted by famed investigative journalist Lydia Cacho and produced by a Mexico-based creative team, The Red Note examines the story of the Juarez femicides through the voices of investigators who tried to solve the mystery of these crimes, and the families of the victims, whose lives have been reshaped by tragedy.

  • The 8 sins of life podcast is formed of 3 topics. Mental health, murder/mystery and random. Random will be picked by suggestions from listeners. There is 8 of us who work on the podcast. We hope you enjoy your murderous adventure

  • Four separate cases, four young girls. All of whom go missing in the early to mid-1970s, all within miles from one another in neighboring New England towns. And not one arrest has been made in over 50 years. In Paper Ghosts, investigative journalist and true crime author M. William Phelps’ decade-long search for answers is reignited when a call reveals new information that sets the investigation in motion, uncovering never-made-public documents and bringing forth new witnesses and suspects.

  • Listen as Allison & Laura talk all things WICKED deep in the heart of South Texas.
    Explore the darkest crimes, the weird & the unexplainable. . .
    Wednesdays on Spotify & Apple Music.
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    A sonic memoir about dealing with my demons while making a horror movie in Latvia.


    Created by TOMMY BERTELSEN

    Produced by ISAIAH SMALLMAN


    Original Music by MICHAEL SHUMAN

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  • While the devastating images of the 9/11 attacks are seared into our national collective memory, most of the events that led up to that day took place out of public view. Over eight episodes, Blindspot: The Road to 9/11, brings to light the decade-long “shadow struggle” that preceded the attacks.

    Hosted by WNYC reporter Jim O’Grady and based on HISTORY’s television documentary Road to 9/11 (produced by Left/Right), this podcast series draws on interviews with more than 60 people — including FBI agents, high-level bureaucrats, journalists, experts, and people who knew the terrorists personally — and weaves them together with original reporting to create a gripping, serialized narrative audio experience.

    Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 is a co-production of HISTORY and WNYC Studios.

  • True crime and conspiracy theory podcast for normies.

  • Fraud Stories is a 5-episode series sponsored by Au10tix that explores real stories of fraud and brings you expert-level guidance on avoiding, mitigating, and recovering from fraud. In Season One, host Mark Lurie talks to both victims and experts involved in disaster fraud, marriage fraud, elder fraud, art fraud and more. If you have no experience with fraud, these stories will both scare and protect you. If you were a victim of fraud, we hope this series is cathartic and that you'll know you aren't alone. If you are a fraud professional, you'll get a window into how experts deal with fraud across industries.