• Sabrina Philipp is a 24-year-old entrepreneur making $100k/month helping others start and scale online businesses.

    Sabrina is an expert in using social media for business and uses it to generate 6 figure course launches.

    Sabrina shares her social media tips and the business tips she’s learned from growing her own business and growing multiple 7 figure client businesses.

    [1.20] How we met Sabrina in Bali

    [1.55] Sabrina’s journey to having a 7 figure business at the age of 24

    [3.00] How Sabrina got started in online business

    [4.00] How Sabrina uses social media for 6 figure online launches for her business

    [4.45] Why social media is so powerful for businesses and personal brands

    [5.20] How Sabrina uses Instagram for her 6 figure launches and why the content she posts on her feed is different to what’s in her stories

    [8.30] How you can have a service business and still use Instagram as a powerful tool in your business

    [9.00] How much Sabrina puts out on social media about herself and if she ‘holds back’ at all for her professional image - it’s not about protecting information but about framing things in the right way

    [10.33] Sabrina’s Forbes article was an influence on Sabrina’s business, Sabrina explains how you can leverage positive PR

    [11.45] Why you shouldn’t just celebrate your victories with your audience but how you can create value that’s relevant to them and benefits your sales

    [13.45] How to create urgency around your offerings after positive PR/influencers

    [14.45] Sabrina’s core business tips (and mistakes she’s noticed) about how people use social media

    [17.30] Why companies are turning to micro influencers and how you can use the science behind this in your business

    [18.10] How can people get the confidence to put themselves in front of the camera for ‘live video’ and Instagram stories

    [20.40] Why practise makes perfect when it comes to being in front of the camera

    [25.50] Sabrina’s 3 core business tips for how to make money in your business now and in the future

    [26.15] How you can figure out and get to know your target audience (“What do you believe to be true”)

    [30.15] How to attract the right people into your life and into your business

    [30.45] Why people don’t respond to ‘masks’ in your life and what that means for being authentic in your business

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    Find out about the Bali Mastermind and how you can work with Sabrina at

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  • After almost 50 episodes interviewing the best businesses and personal brands on Instagram, we have broken down our top 5 learnings.

    Listen to find out the 5 key things all successful Instagram accounts have in common.

    The episode marks the second to last episode for our first season of the Ace the Gram Podcast!

    Show Notes:

    [1.13] Season one reflection and information on season 2

    [3.08] The first of the 5 points and why your niche is so important

    [3.29] Why it's so important to know your audience and who you're speaking to

    [4.40] How you can figure out what niche you're in

    [4.53] The second point - consistency and how to create it

    [5.33] Why showing up consistently and posting what your audience expects is important to your success on Instagram

    [8.00] How to create clarity in your Instagram messaging and content

    [10.16] What is your USP (unique factor/selling proposition) for your Instagram account? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

    [14.13] Ask people around you what makes you unique to help figure out your value

    [14.25] What we have learned about how people grow on Instagram

    [15.39] How successful accounts understand Instagram as a platform

    [17.02] Why playing the long game is the key to success

    [17.50] Tash and Viv's learnings and highlights from season 1

    [20.24] Why we created Ace the Gram podcast and what you can expect from listening

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  • Find out how Kayla Jans uses Instagram to get her Eyebrow Microblading business booked out 6 months in advance!

    Kayla doesn't even have a website yet and is booked out due to the demand she has created from her Instagram account @baybrows.

    Kayla shares her tips for what makes a successful service-based business Instagram account.

    Show Notes:
    [1.24] When did Kayla start Bay Brows Instagram account

    [2.36] Why we use Kayla's account as a great example of how to use Instagram for a service-based business

    [4.08] The importance of having clear and honest images to showcase your service business

    [4.33] How you can use images of your clients on social media

    [6.00] How you can use Instagram for 'social proofing' for your business

    [6.15] How to use influencers for a service-based business

    [7.15] The importance of using Influencers early on in your business

    [7.59] How to pick the right influencer when you're getting started

    [8.32] What equipment Kayla uses to create content and the key things she makes sure she's doing to make sure her content is high quality and clear

    [10.08] Photos vs Video and Kayla's thoughts on both

    [11.38] How to effectively use story highlights for your business

    [14.58] Kayla's advice for service/beauty brands for how to successfully use Instagram

    [16.33] How you can find/make content for a service based product

    [17.51] What mistakes does Kayla see businesses making on Instagram

    [19.24] Why and how did Kaya start her business and the part 'Landmark' played in it

    [21.02] How to transition into self-employment

    [22.40] The realities of being self-employed

    [24.33] Where Kayla gets motivation and inspiration from now

    [26.15] How you can create your perfect eyebrow

    Find Kayla at @baybrows

    Find Tash and Viv at @acethegrampodcast

    Tash- @tastefullytash

    Viv- @vivconway_

  • Sarah Holloway is a Melbourne lawyer turned Funtrepreneur.

    Sarah owns Matcha Maiden, the popular Melbourne cafe Matcha Mylkbar, she hosts the podcast ’Seize The Yay’ and has her own following on @spoonful_of_sarah.

    Sarah has successfully used Instagram for growing both her businesses and has built a strong personal brand.

    Sarah shares what she's learned from growing both.

    Show Notes:

    [1.30] Turning Sarah’s first question on her: what makes her relatable and what is the most human thing about her

    [3.30] Why Sarah posts ‘raw images’ on her personal Instagram and how she keeps her personal Instagram and journey authentic

    [6.45] How does the way Sarah posts on her personal branded account differ to how she posts/uses her business accounts @matcha_maiden and @matcha_mylkbar

    [7.55] Posting for what your community wants and how to stay ‘on brand’

    [8.35] Why things like ‘style guides’ can help you with your consistency and voice on Instagram

    [9.20] Why Sarah doesn’t post all her business news on her personal account

    [10.20] How does Sarah balance her businesses and her personal brand

    [13.30] Sarah’s advice for people with passion projects or businesses for finding structure in their lives

    [17.30] Schedugram for Instagram scheduling + advice for staying on top of successfully running multiple social media accounts

    [18.10] The power of User Generated Content

    [21.20] How to create a strong ‘voice, colour, style’ etc

    [22.15] How to get people to create content for your brand when you don’t have a massive following

    [25.10] How to make your business more Instagrammable

    [30.30] The importance of outsourcing social if you’re not passionate about it

    [30.50] Key mistakes Sarah thinks people make on social media/Instagram

    [34.45] The importance of having a clear intention of why you’re using Instagram

    [35.30] Why you should do an Instagram ‘cleanse’

    [37.45] What’s next for Sarah

    Check out Sarah on Instagram at




    Check out Ace the Gram hosts Tash and Viv at




  • Tom Hill, a 'Potter' from Mount Maunganui explains how he uses Instagram to sell out his pottery!

    Tom has less than 3k followers on Instagram and consistently sells out every batch of pottery he makes. Tom shares his tips, his journey, why he got started his pottery and how Instagram has impacted his business.

    Tom shares with us how to gain a quality following and how it's all about the quality of your followers, not the quantity.

    Show Notes:

    [1.09] How Tom got started in pottery and the influence Japan had on him

    [2.21] How long did it take Tom to start selling out his batches on Instagram

    [6.06] How Tom uses Instagram for his primary marketing technique

    [7.44] How Tom built a "quality" audience and how it allows him to connect with new people all over the world

    [9.49] How the Instagram algorithm favours new accounts and how to use it to your benefit

    [10.18] The factors that have made @okapottery successful

    [10.59] Tom's future plans for Oka Pottery and his life

    [12.17] How Tom's cups are reusable and how he is passionate about keeping them NZ made

    [14.12] Tom's expansion plans and staying niched and authentic to his pottery style

    [15.13] What Tom gets the most engagement from

    [18.35] The app to tell you the best time to post (WhenToPost or Prime if you're in the USA)

    [19.06] Tom's advice to other small businesses wanting to succeed on Instagram

    [19.55] How stories have changed the way people use Instagram

    [20.47] How to stay real on social media but still post content you're proud of

    [22.58] The importance of authenticity on social media for succeeding in the future

    [23.19] The balance of being vulnerable on social media while still providing value

    [24.23] Going live on Instagram

    [25.50] How Tom can connect to his audience and get real-time feedback on his releases etc

    [26.12] How Tom runs his pottery launches

    [28.30] Tom's final advice for small businesses using Instagram or wanting to start using Instagram

  • Tasha Meys aka @tastefullytash has over 70k followers across her 3 Instagram accounts. She is also co-host of the Ace the Gram podcast.

    Tash is passionate about the opportunities Instagram has given her as a platform to showcase her creative work. Tash's Instagram accounts have taken her all over the world and connected like-minded minded brands, creatives, business owners and friends.

    This interview is Viv interviewing Tash on her background and why she started Tastefullytash.

    Show Notes:

    Tash [1:00] Why Tash started @tastefullytash

    [2.55] Where Tasha's passion for health and wellness began

    [4.37] Tasha's journey to starting Ace the Gram - how she got started in Instagram and the people who inspired her

    - @healthyalways, @deliciouslyella, @thefitfoodieblog

    [6.44] What life on her on terms means to Tash

    [7.20] How Instagram changed Tasha's life and why that motivates her work for Ace the Gram

    [8.40] Tasha's favourite aspects of Ace the Gram (and why it's not Viv :P )

    [10.24] What Tash is excited about at the moment and how she stays inspired by the content she creates

    [11.17] Why Tash never felt like a true artist growing up

    [13.27] What Ace the Gram would look like if Tash ran it by herself or it Viv ran it by herself

    [13.45] What Tash is excited about in the future

    [14.55] Tash and Viv's goals for Ace the Gram

    [15.17] The biggest misconceptions about Ace the Gram

    [16.14] What Tasha's perfect room would look like

    [17.35] What Viv's dream room would look like

    [18.58] What is something Tash will never do again

    [20.08] Why Tasha loves Taylor Swift so much

    [22.24] Tasha's adventures at Outward Bound and why she spent 3 days and 3 nights in the bush by herself

    [24.50] Who inspires Tash

    - @tezzamb @elsas_wholesomelife @mikutas @gypsea_lust

    [27.10] Tash on meeting Chris Pine

    Check out @acethegrampodcast on Instagram

    Tasha's Instagram: @tastefullytash

    Viv's Instagram: @vivconway_

  • You hear her voice every week but never before have you heard Viv Conway's Instagram story!

    Viv Founded Vivid Sportswear & Ace the Gram & has had over 4 years of experience mastering Instagram.

    Viv has built multiple client accounts to over 30k and has worked with brands all over the world.

    This is the exclusive interview featuring Viv and her journey with Instagram. Viv talks about what drives her, how Ace the Gram works and her tips for business owners.

    Show Notes:

    [1.05] Introduction to today's episode with Viv

    [1.25] Viv has had over 4 years of Instagram experience, she has run a sportswear brand, built multiple Instagram accounts for brands and is the co-founder of Ace the Gram

    [2.55] The impact Instagram has had on Viv's life and what it has meant for her businesses and her life

    [3.30] The key changes Viv has noticed over the years of using Instagram for marketing and business

    [5.15] The key things that are working on Instagram in 2018

    [5.53] What makes Instagram Viv's favourite platform to use for marketing purposes

    [8.20] How Viv has learned to 'game-ify' things and the pattern this has had in her life

    [10.00] What Viv studied at University and why she chose this degree

    [11.11] How Viv continues to grow and find challenges

    [12.00] Why Viv decided to do an Ironman and her Ironman journey

    [14.30] The part that naps play in Viv's life

    [14.44] What drives Viv to keep challenging herself and do all the things she is involved in

    [16.40] What people/books motivate Viv

    Read- The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

    [18.12] What lessons has Viv learned from being self-employed for a year

    [21.46] Tash and Viv on their 'work wifeship'

    [22.20] What is the big picture plan for Viv

    [23.02] How Viv's entrepreneurship journey started

    [23.35] Viv's financial mindset

    [25.30] The difference between Viv starting Vivid Sportswear at University and her co-founding Ace the Gram

    [27.01] Viv's favourite thing about her owning her own business

    [26.13] Viv's advice for anyone starting a business

    [31.52] Misconceptions people have about Viv

    [34.13] The role of 'partying' in Viv's life

    Closing notes: Read 'The Big Leap' by Gay Hendricks

    To contact Viv or Tash find them on Instagram

    Viv- @vivconway_

    Tash- @tastefullytash

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  • The Top 5 Mistakes We See People Making On Instagram and How You Can Avoid Them.

    As Instagram develops and matures, key patterns have emerged for what makes a successful and unsuccessful account.

    In this episode of Ace the Gram Podcast, Viv and Tash go over the top 5 mistakes they see people making on Instagram.

    Viv and Tash have over 5+ years of analyzing client accounts and what makes an Instagram effective or not.

    Show Notes:

    [3.08] The first mistake you could be making on Instagram - the lack of clarity around your Instagram intention. What do you want Instagram to be able to do for you?

    [7.00[ The importance of focusing on your Instagram intention and not getting caught up in Instagram growth rumours and speculations.

    [8.18] How to determine what your value is on Instagram e.g. the difference in the value @gypsea_lust and @thetastelessgentlemen provide.

    [9.50] Why people don't magically find you on Instagram and how you physically bring in new followers to your account

    [11.36] The changes in user behaviour and what that means when it comes to measuring Instagram success

    [14.00] How to choose the right influencer for your brand/account and why it's important

    [16.50] How to create great content and why it's detrimental to your brand to post average content

    [19.48] Why @art_green is a good example of a person who puts out good content even though he's not a 'content creator'

    [20.16] The 5 points wrap up

    [22.00] Contact us at @tastefullytash @vivconway_ for your ideas on what you want in our second podcast episode of the week

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  • Learn how Instagram expert Tim Hyde helped grow today's iconic social media accounts such as TheLadBible.

    Tim also chats about the new tool he has helped develop called Trufan which aggregates your most engaged and influential Instagram followers.

    Tim has run influencer campaigns for Apple, Spotify, Boohoo, has worked at Social Chain and is experienced and knowledgeable about social media.

    Show Notes:

    [0.45] How Tim got involved in The Lad Bible, launching Call of Duty etc

    [1.45] Tim's background of wanting to be a journalist and his journey to working in social media

    [3.30] How the strategy for big campaigns work e.g. launching Call of Duty

    [4.46] How Instagram fits into the marketing mix for campaigns and the weight Instagram has in this mix

    [7.50] Some of the things Tim takes into consideration when choosing influencers for influencer marketing for campaigns

    [10.10] The different ways to work with influencers and which one is most effective for ROI

    [11.45] Tim's top tip for small businesses wanting to start using influencer marketing

    [13.30] Trufan and how it can help you grow your personal or business Instagram account

    [15.30] To find Trufan find it on Instagram at or check out the above website

    [16.00] The biggest benefits of using Trufan

    [18.03] The journey to creating Trufan and the hurdles to making it what it is now

    [18.55] From growing LadBibe and Sporf etc, Tim shares his top tips for how to grow on social media nowadays

    [20.56] Tim's advice for aspiring influencers and how they can position themselves to be a great option for brands to want to work with them

    [23.00] Tim's advice for advertising on Instagram

    To find out more about Tim check out:


    To find out more about Tash and Viv check out



  • Jo - the founder and CCO (Chief Cookie Officer) of Hello and Cookie talks to us about how she generates sales from using Instagram as her main marketing platform.

    @hello_and_cookie has 8k followers on Instagram and gets over 2000 visits to her website every week (just from Instagram).

    Jo talks to us about her experience using influencer marketing, giveaways and how she continues to innovate her business and her Instagram

    Show Notes:

    [1.55] Why Jo started Hello and Cookie

    [4.49] How Jo continues to innovate and the importance of knowing your target market

    [7.12] What drives Jo in her business and why she thinks you should focus your energy on your own product/service

    [8.00] know your target market don't get lost trying to please everyone.

    [10.05] looking at other peoples account objectively to see what you can improve on your own account.

    [10.35] main ways to grow her account

    [11.36] process for influencer marketing techniques starting small and now going to bigger accounts.

    [13.04] 400 followers overnight with a giveaway.

    [13.53] utilizing stories with multiple influencers- the mentality of expecting nothing and gaining anything all little bits of exposure. multiple touch point with audience help in influencers the customer to buy. It all matters whether you are gaining followers or not.

    [15.30] how to pick an influencer that works with your brand- how to make it relatable to the influencer branded/ personalized may get someone more excited.

    [16.58] How to optimize your chances of carrying out the best giveaway

    [17.59] The detailed run-through of how to go about running a successful giveaway with another company

    [20.34] Why Jo only works with most influencers once

    [20.51] How Jo ensures she converts the traffic she gets from Instagram

    [23.13] How Jo was motivated to keep going in her business and her small business tips for when you're starting

    [24.30] Jo's top tips for starting out on Instagram and her business tips

    [32.10] Why Jo stopped posting for a while on Instagram and why

    To find out more about Jo visit @hello_and_cookie on Instagram

    To find out more about Viv and Tash visit:



  • Have trouble coming up with content for the gram?

    Learn all the content creation shortcuts to make content creation easy.


    1. Product Photography

    Shoot in natural light and reflect back light with white paper

    2. Editing:

    Apps mentioned:

    VSCO -photo editing

    Scopio -photo app

    Snapseed -photo editing

    Facetune -photo editing

    3. Send product to micro influencers who shoot good content

    4. Unsplash for free high quality content

    5. Canva for graphics/design

    6. Canva on iPhone for story templates

    7. Discounts at cafes/service for people to post your product

    For more on Viv and Tash visit us on Instagram

    Viv- @vivconway_

    Tash- @tastefullytash

  • Whether you know her from her rainbow hair or her popular EDM music, this episode is an in-depth chat with the amazing Dara Hayes aka DJ TIgerlily.

    As well as being one of Australias top DJs, Dara is a social media personality. She has over 600k followers on Instagram and has built a loyal online community.

    Dara shares her Instagram tips for artists/musicians and entrepreneurs and talks about how she built her community.

    This episode is sponsored by ADHOC- Digital Marketing Coaches.

    ADHOC specialise in one to one coaching. They offer Google Ads programme with LinkedIn coming soon. ADHOC are perfect for those who want one to one personalised coaching.

    Show Notes:

    [2.27] When and why Dara started her DJ Tigerlily Instagram account

    [4.02] How Instagram falls into the marketing mix for Dara and the impact social media has on her career

    [6.20] Why Instagram is the most powerful social media platform for artists and how to use it to connect to fans/audiences

    [7.06] Dara’s advice to other artists to optimise Instagram for their career

    [10.42] How Dara’s hair had an impact on her career and it’s impact on her online presence

    [12.30] How Dara balances a social media career and staying grounded

    [15.08] To find Dara’s new Instagram account it's @our.soul.purpose

    [16.02] Dara’s new podcast Our Soul Podcast is available on any podcast app - her music podcast is Team Tiger Radio

    [17.00] How Dara makes her creative Instagram stories

    [17.45] The ‘door doof/boom boom’ stories

    [18.16] Creative ways to promote podcasts

    [19.30] Rich Roll and how he grows his podcast

    [20.37] The key changes Dara have noticed in using Instagram in the past to how she uses Instagram now

    [21.20] Why Dara has diversified her Instagram accounts and split them into her different interests

    [23.38] How personal content is performing on Instagram versus professional produced content

    [24.52] What is next for Dara and what her vision is for the future

    [25.55] Dara’s passion for animals

    [27.23] Dara’s NZ animal farm trip

    [28.30] Dara’s future planning

    [29.21] What podcasts does Dara listen to?

    Rich Roll, The Healthy Hustlers, ATP Project, Plant Proof, Dr Kyle, Shameless

    [31.50] The importance of varied interests and how to keep your passion alive

    [33.20] The importance of hiring

    [33.37] To find Dara:

    Instagram: @djtigerlily

    Spotify: DJ Tigerlily


    New Instagram @our.soul.purpose

  • Brendan Kane talks about how he build an audience of over 1 million followers in 30 days.

    Brendan is an expert at building audiences and has worked with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katie Couric, Charles Barkley, Michael Strahan, Zoe Saldana, Jason Statham etc.

    More than 50 million people worldwide have accessed the applications and platforms that were created for his celebrity clients.

    Brendan shares his knowledge on audience growth, e-commerce sales, and personal branding.

    Show Notes:

    This episode is bought to you by ADHOC- Facebook marketing experts.

    To get more information on ADHOC’s latest Google Adwords Accelerate Program or on ADHOC’s Facebook advertising services check out

    [1.49] How Brendan build 100M followers in 30 days

    [3.05] How Brendan creates his own high performing content

    [4.15] Whether there is a difference in growing a personal brand or business

    [4.31] How Brendan built tech platforms for Taylor Swift and what it was like working with her

    [5.30] The best approach to build a brand profile on social media and how to use influencers/ambassadors

    [7.05] How authentic Taylor Swift is

    [7.54] How celebrities have to approach social media compared to the normal user

    [9.48] How you know what type of content to start testing with for your account

    [11.25] How to start small to not risk too much investment in the testing phase

    [12.49] How to run content testing on Instagram

    [13.50] The three testing techniques Brendan uses for social media content

    [14.49] Testing content on 3rd party channels

    [15.16] How to go about getting posted on other peoples channels

    [15.45] Find out which channels share content that has an audience that is relevant to you - solidify relationships and reach out about them sharing your content on their channels

    [18.03] How to actually reach out to channels to feature your content

    [19.25] Should you use a lead magnet to drive Instagram traffic

    [20.50] How Brendan helped Taylor Swift hit her first million dollar month and e-commerce and his e-commerce tips

    [22.20] How Taylor Swift initially build her audience

    [23.33] When you are being featured on influencers accounts -what’s the best way to be featured

    [25.45] How you can stand out now as a small business

    [27.27] Direct message ‘Brendankane' on Instagram or email for the link for Brendan’s report for how to grow and test hook points and headlines

    [29.13] to find out how Brendan grew 100 million followers in 30 days. In the book he also includes his friends strategies and techniques for growth

    [32.19] Brendan’s number one Instagram growth tip

    To connect with Brendan visit him on Instagram @BrendanKane

    Email or order his book at

    To get on the waitlist for Viv and Tash’s new Insta Growth Membership group where you can grow your Instagram on a budget - go to

    To connect with Viv and Tash on Instagram visit:

    Tash - @tastefullytash

    Viv- @vivconway_

  • How User Behaviour Is Changing On Instagram and What That Means For You

    In this episode, we go over the key differences in how people are using the Instagram platform differently to how they used to.

    We talk through the ways that you can optimise Instagram for maximum impact in today’s algorithm.

    This episode is sponsored by ADHOC- Google Adwords Accelerate Program

    To find out more check out about ADHOC’s google adword accelerate program check out

    Show Notes:

    [1.09] How behaviour on Instagram is changing

    [1.40] How this topic came to be and why people are using the platform differently now to the way they used to

    [2.38] Why ‘vanity metrics’ aren’t always representative of the impact Instagram is having on your business

    [4.18] How to find your profile visits

    [5.41] The five key ways to make an impact on Instagram

    [5.46] How to utalise UGC (user generated content) for social proofing

    [8.45] How to get the ball rolling on getting people to repost you

    [9.55] Using IG stories to boost your brand - examples (Kayla @tribeskincare)

    [10.51] How to use IG story highlights to push aspects of your business you want your audience to know

    [11.45] Why you should do FAQ’s as a story highlight

    [13.37] Announcement for Ace the Gram Membership Group for more

    [16.39] Clarity of your message and determining your brand voice on Instagram

    [18.05] @frank_bod as an example of a brand with a good ‘brand voice’

    [19.25] How to create a brand voice avatar

    [20.25] @Luckyluckynoodle and how they create a strong brand voice

    [21.32] To have a live consult on the Ace the Gram podcast -

    [22.44] Summary of how Instagram user behaviour is changing

    For more on Tash and Viv visit

    Or check out Viv and Tash on Instagram

    Tash- @tastefullytash

    Viv - @vivconway_

  • Today's episode is with Anthony Svirskis: CEO of TRIBE -a self-serve marketplace connecting social media influencers with brands.

    Overseeing hundreds of influencer/brand campaigns has given Anthony a unique insight into what works when it comes to successful collaborations.

    Anthony gives us the low-down on how he sees influencer/brand partnerships working, the standard industry rates to expect and how to optimize Instagram for both parties.

    Show Notes:

    [1.18] Introduction to Anthony Svirskis

    [1.53] What is the purpose of the ‘Tribe’ platform

    [2.20] The background of how Tribe came about

    [5.05] How someone can use Tribe as a brand or as a creator

    [5.57] The impact the Instagram’s algorithm change has had on the influencer marketing space

    [9.30] How using Influencers who have already bought a brands product has improved the usual influencer-brand collaboration relationship

    [12.06] What brands are using the platform and how big companies need to be to start using influencer marketing

    [13.04] The key characteristics of a successful influencer marketing branded campaign

    [18.07] The rates you should be charging as an influencer (Aus based)

    [21.20] How influencer rates are determined

    [22.25] Where influencer marketing is headed

    [24.42] Advice for small business owners using influencer marketing

    [29.38] Anthony’s key advice for how to use Instagram better as a brand or an influencer

    Links to Tribe platform:

    Below is the standard 'rates' card for influencers when charging brands.

  • Jane Lu left her career in corporate finance to start her second startup Showpo.

    Showpo has never received funding, it makes over 30M per year, has over 2.9M followers across Instagram & Facebook and was named online retailer of the year.

    In this Ace the Gram podcast episode, Jane gives us the inside secrets on her Showpo journey and how she grew it to where it is today.

    Jane also shares her best Instagram and social media tips.

    Show Notes:

    [2.45] How and why did Jane start Showpo

    [3.50] Jane’s first business and why it didn’t work

    [4.25] The role of Instagram in Showpo

    [6.07] How Jane initially grew the Showpo account

    [7.00] Jane’s Instagram tips for fashion brands

    [8.13] Why you don’t need a fancy camera to have a successful Instagram

    [8.44] Why Jane’s personal Instagram account is called @thelazyceo

    [9.50] Why Jane thinks Showpo has grown so fast

    [11.33] Why raving to Skrillex in Miami was a pivotal moment in Showpo’s growth

    [12.19] What role Jane now plays in Showpo and how she balances the social media

    [13.15] Why Showpo started their Youtube channel and the platforms they use for marketing

    [16:00] Why social media is so important in advertising and building trust

    [17.32] Why Jane started her personal brand and the pros and cons of having a strong personal brand

    [20.00] Jane’s FB Group “Like Minded Bit*ches Drinking Wine

    [20.40] Why Jane decided to do a public apology for Showpo

    [22.30] How you can be authentic on social media as a business

    [23.45] What’s next for Showpo

    [25.50] Where Jane gets her inspiration

    [26.48] How Jane gets her inspiration

    [27.02] Jane’s advice for a small biz/influencer for using Instagram

    For more on Jane check out:

    @thelazyceo, @showpo

    For more on hosts Tash & Viv check out:

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  • Personal branding is an increasingly hot topic.

    This podcast goes over what a personal brand is, the types of personal brands, how to create and grow a personal brand, the pros, and cons of a personal brand and how to monetise a personal brand.

    [1.25] Introduction to personal branding

    [4.15] Examples of personal branding - being the face of a business

    Kayla from Tribe Skincare

    [5.12] How Jane- the creator of Showpo has created her personal brand

    [5.55] Why Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk is a personal brand known for his message, not one core business

    [7.09] Why Tim Ferriss is a strong personal brand

    [7.50] Pros to having a personal brand

    [8.15] How personal branding has helped @realradfood’s business

    [8.44] Why personal branding is becoming more popular and why it is setting you up for future decisions/changes

    [9.25] How you create value and get the ball moving on your personal brand

    [9.48] Why it’s important to determine the value you’re creating for your audience

    [11:05] @allaboutannieblog personal brand about Endometriosis

    [12.00] Cons about personal branding

    [12.39] Tony Robbins and his personal branding strategy

    [13.15] How a scandal can affect your personal brand & your linked businesses

    [13.48] Elon Musk’s personal brand pros and cons

    [14.22] Logan Paul implications of having a strong personal brand when experiencing a scandal

    [16.20] Why YouTubers are such effective examples of personal brands and the influence they can have

    [17.22] How to monetise a personal brand

    [17.58] How Tash monetised @tastefullytash

    [19.50] Strategies to monetise a personal branded account

    [20.17] How affiliate sales work

    [20.29] @theskinnyconfidential and how she uses affiliate sales

    [21.42] @thefitfoodieblog and how she has created a service from having a personal brand

    [22.48] Recap: Products, services, collaborations, affiliation sales

    [23.03] How to grow your personal brand

    [24.05] How travel influencers/photographers use collaboration for growth

    [26.57] The common thread amongst successful personal brands

    [28.37] Recap

    To get in touch with Viv and Tash follow them on Instagram

    Tash - @tastefullytash

    Viv - @vivconway_

  • Pete has built his @achievetheimpossible Instagram page to over 1 million followers and his personal page to over 43 thousand followers.

    Pete has used Instagram to achieve his dream and is now showing others how they can achieve theirs using Instagram. Pete is a fellow kiwi and shares his tips and knowledge on how he grew his account and what he teaches his Instagram clients.

    [1.30] Intro to Pete Bone

    [2.25] Why and when Pete started his account @achievetheimpossible

    [3.45] How Pete decided to start an inspirational quote page

    [4.50] How Pete went from being a teacher to a full-time Instagrammer and Instagram coach

    [6.09] Pete’s technique he used to grow his account to it’s first 10 thousand followers

    [7.18] Pete’s early commenting and engaging formula to grow his account

    [11.23] What hitting 10k meant for connecting to other Instagram accounts

    [11.46] @thinkgrowprosper is mentioned

    [14.50] Why Pete built a personal brand and how it was different to building his brand

    [17.53] Pete mentions the Ace the Gram podcast episode with Tobi Pearce - CEO of Sweat

    [19.48] Why it’s not always numbers that matter on Instagram and the importance of what you’re posting

    [23.11] How Instagram connected Pete with Lewis Howes

    [24.12] The coolest thing that has happened to Pete because of Instagram

    [31.00] How Pete is funding his Achieve the Impossible life

    [35.35] How to get the most out of Instagram coaching

    [36.50] Pete’s 4 action points for you to grow your Instagram following & engagement

    Know your ideal follower Connect on a deeper level ACC - Post authentic, credible, consistent content Know your passion and know your purpose

    Petes accounts:

    Personal Account:


    More about Hosts Tash and Viv:

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    Viv Instagram: @vivconway_

  • There’s nothing more demoralizing than putting in time, energy and resources into your Instagram and not seeing the results of the hard work you’re putting in.

    This episode with hosts Tash and Viv gives you four actionable steps to take right now to break your Instagram plateau and amp up your following and engagement.

    [3.00] How to engage like crazy to get give the algorithm a zap

    [4.00] The power of replying to stories

    [5.27] The actual number of stories you need to engage with to make an impact

    [6.29] How to be a ‘lover’ not a ‘lurker’ on Instagram

    [6.56] How to use 'call to actions’ (CTA’s) in your captions

    [7.44] How to stay authentic in your captions

    [8.15] Why it’s important to reply to comments

    [9.19] The truth about what people actually care about

    [11.00] How to get comments and answers to your CTA's

    [11.37] How to post when your followers are ready to engage on Instagram

    [12.32] The app mentioned is called ‘Prime” (available on Apple)

    [13.00] How to use logic to know when to post on Instagram for your account

    [13.50] How company’s can use their product/service knowledge to know when they should be posting

    [14.55] The ideal way to run an Instagram giveaway

    [15.14] ACE = Attract, Collaborate, Ease of Entry for running the ideal giveaway

    [16.44] How ‘Bambi Boutique’ uses giveaways to grow their Instagram

    [19.22] The lowdown on if loop giveaways still a good way to grow your Instagram

    [20.55] Example of the ideal Instagram giveaway

    [22.51] Extra tip to boost your Instagram giveaway

    [24.23] Review of the 4 points of the podcast

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    Viv’s Instagram:

  • @Tobi_pearce is the CEO of Sweat and the fiance to female fitness sensation Kayla Itsines. Along with Kayla, Tobi has built the largest female fitness community in the world. Tobi talks to us about how he built their fitness empire and his tips for using Instagram for marketing. Show Notes: [1.40] Where Tobi would be without Instagram [2.20] How Tobi & Kayla got started and the background on their journey [4.00] Why Kayla and Tobi created BBG (bikini body guide) [4.45] The turning point for the business [5.55] Why Tobi thinks their fitness companies succeed over other fitness companies [7.34] How Tobi and Kayla created such a high quality product [8.15] The part 'before and after' pictures play in the business [9.30] The importance of qualitative feedback [11.00] How Sweat encourage building their communities [12.32] The mistakes Tobi sees other companies making on social media [14.40] Why going deeper with your audience is more important than wider [14.50] The impact of Instagram's changes to the way Tobi uses the platform [16.50] The consistency to how Kayla’s Instagram grew to 10 million followers [17.20] How Instagram fits into the business’s marketing mix [19.15] Tobi’s thoughts on running an online business vs running a traditional business [20.28] Tobi’s tips for other brands wanting to use Instagram [22.20] How Tobi and Kayla stay ‘ahead of the game’ in their industry [25.30] What’s next for Sweat & the future Links: Tobi Pearce Instagram: Kayla Itsines Instagram: Sweat Instagram: Sweat Website: Tash's Instagram: Viv’s Instagram: