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  • Welcome to the Kinjaz PodKast! This is where we literally talk about anything and everything that is awesome to us. From dance, to business, to straight up LIFE topics…we go IN! We will be talking to inspirational movers and shakers from various industries to dive into their stories of how they’ve built themselves into who they are today. You will receive firsthand tips, life hacks, and endless amounts of inspiration…GUARANTEED. So let’s talk!

  • 36氪硅谷特派记者徐涛,让你与全球创新第一时间同步。每周五中午更新。欢迎订阅。欢迎添加氪君微信:hello36kr,加入我们的社群一起讨论分享。

  • 罗振宇,又称「罗胖」,得到App和罗辑思维创始人。他的《罗辑思维》节目全新改版,只在得到App 播出,每期节目5至10分钟,不定期有彩蛋;从视频改成音频,使用场景更丰富,可以随时随意听。

  • 开发者、设计师、艺术家等创造创新之人带来的有趣视角、观点和趋势。听听激发你思考的诙谐对话。

  • Bigger Than Us.
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  • The JDM Imported Podcast covers everything JDM by Elusive Auto Company, a grassroots dealership and importer of Japanese cars. This is a behind the scenes look at a dealership starting from the garage and moving into a retail space. I will be sharing the current import car market, what cars are hot, how to import, what to look for, my car inspection findings, fixes..etc. Covering the icons like the RX-7, Supra, Fairlady, Silvia, and more as well as some not so common VIP and Kei cars. It's a two way street so most questions via email or DM's will get addressed. Should be good fun.

  • 用声音学习笔记,用声音还原现场。 ——你就是播播侠! 拯救的不仅是知识,还有时间! 笔记侠—— 互联网知识共享平台; 中国最大笔记社群!

  • 晓书童就是您身边的书本知识人话翻译官。

  • High Intensity Business (formerly Corporate Warrior) is a high intensity strength training podcast designed to help HIT enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals and HIT business owners and personal trainers to build a successful HIT business. The podcast helps individuals and personal trainers to optimise results for themselves and their clients with evidence-based information on exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Moreover, the podcast explores every aspect of starting and growing a high intensity training business including personal training, sales, marketing, operations, hiring, retention, pricing and packaging, financial management, exercise equipment, leadership, productivity, and much more. Previous guests include Dr Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Skyler Tanner, Fred Hahn, James Fisher PhD, James Steele PhD, Luke Carlson, Adam Zickerman, Kyle Recchia, Adrian Antigua, Bill Crawford, Dorian Yates, Simon Melov PhD, Roger Schwab, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Steve Maxwell, and many, many more.

  • 一集一技巧,5分钟优雅销售。 本专辑适合听众:尽快成为销售内行的所有人。 不适合听众:想马上变成大师的所有人。

  • 新商业观察是36氪与高迪传媒出品的一档新闻采访类节目,连线商业记者或行业专家,对当下热点话题和事件进行深入系统地分析解读。

  • 《UX Coffee 设计咖》是一档关于用户体验的播客节目。我们邀请来自硅谷和国内的学者和职人来聊聊「产品设计」、「用户体验」和「个人成长」。微信公众号: uxcoffee

  • Introducing market entry tips and inspirational stories in China for Australian businesses

  • Host June Grasso speaks with prominent attorneys and legal scholars, analyzing major legal issues and cases in the news. The show examines all aspects of the legal profession, from intellectual property to criminal law, from bankruptcy to securities law, drawing on the deep research tools of Reporters from Bloomberg's Washington, D.C. bureau are prominently featured as they offer analysis of policy and legal issues.

  • Through stories, experiences, and proven strategies for personal growth and success, Alex will show you how to become LIMITLESS and accomplish anything you set your mind to. It's inspiration that leads to RESULTS!

  • 一切围绕“公司”做文章,报道公司事、公司人。以独特的视角,解读公司故事,点评公司新闻。节目风格年轻、潮流,好听、好玩,给听众愉悦的收听体验。

  • 高冷御姐的非专业科技视角,有可能跑偏,慎听!