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  • Weekly long-form conversations with fascinating people at the creative edges of national security. Unscripted. Informal. Always fresh.

    Chatter guests roll with the punches to describe artistic endeavors related to national security and jump into cutting-edge thinking at the frontiers where defense and foreign policy overlap with technology, intelligence, climate change, history, sports, culture, and beyond. Each week, listeners get a no-holds-barred dialogue at an intersection between Lawfare's core issue areas and something from Hollywood to history, science to spy fiction.

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  • How can government in the UK recover from a more than half a decade of political chaos and confusion? What can be done to solve some of the most complex policy challenges in living memory? And which battlegrounds will define the fast-approaching – and critical – general election? Featuring some of the world's most innovative public figures, politicians, opinion-formers and academics, the IfG EVENTS podcast brings you the very best of the Institute for Government's agenda-shaping speeches, interviews, panel discussions and debates. 
    From reforming how the centre of government works to the battle for the future of the civil service, from making a success of levelling up to achieve net zero goals, IfG EVENTS stimulate fresh thinking and share ideas about how government works – and how it could work better.

  • صفحة صوتية ، ركنُنا الهادئ حيث نبتعد عن صخب الحياة لنناقش مواضيع فلسفية ، إجتماعية أو حتى نفسية 🤍✨🪐

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  • Diving deep into the issues of international relations and security studies, Localizing the Globe is the podcast run by students of the John F, Kennedy Institut for North American Studies, a central institute at Freie Universität Berlin. Our mission is to bring new academic perspectives on contemporary and historical events that shape the international system.

  • Two of the world's most profitable political gamblers tell you how to bet & win real money on elections, legislation, and court cases. A must-listen for anyone tired of partisan news & bogus polls that obscure the facts.

  • Михаил Стальнухин, политик из Нарвы (Эстония), анализирует политическую обстановку в Эстонии и не только.

  • “Välispoliitika kompass” võtab igal nädalal fookusesse aktuaalsed välispoliitilised teemad ning selgitab kuulajale lahti nende olemuse, tähtsuse ning olulisuse käesolevas ajahetkes. Saadet toetab välisministeerium.

  • Mielenkiintoisemmat keskustelut on sellaisia, jossa oppii tai kuulee jotain uutta. Uuden tiedon sisäistäminen mahdollistaa tarkastelemaan asioita oman kokemuksen ulkopuolelta. Niin sanotusti “Think out side the box” tai “Think different”.

    Mailma ei ole vielä valmis. Uusia ratkaisuja tarvitaan jatkuvasti. Uusien näkökulmien sparrailua tarvitaan jatkuvasti, jotta parempi ajatus, kela tai toimintamalli löydetään kaikkien kelojen seasta.

    Podcastin tavoitteena on ymmärtää erilaisia kokemuksia ja rikastaa omaa maailman kuvaa, koska loppupeleissä kokemus on ainoa tapa oppia uutta. Se on joko oman kantapään kautta tai muiden kantapää, josta voi oppia. Tässä podcastin jokaisessa jaksossa on vaihtuva vieras, myös aiheetkin vaihtelevat sen mukaan.

  • When the People Decide, a podcast from the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State, explores the promise — and sometimes peril — that ballot initiatives have brought to American democracy by telling the stories of people who have organized initiative campaigns across the country.

    America’s founders were famously skeptical of direct democracy, citing fears of mob rule if people had too much power. Since then, however, the initiative and referendum process has emerged as one way that citizens in some states can vote directly on policy and join forces to bring issues they care about directly to their fellow voters.

    When the People Decide is hosted and reported by Jenna Spinelle and produced by LWC Studios for the McCourtney Institute.

  • Delfi valimissaade uurib 2023 riigikogu valimiste eel erakondadelt ja kandidaatidelt, kuidas kavatsetakse järgmisel neljal aastal elu Eestis paremaks teha? Miks ja mida lubatakse ning mis kasu inimestele või riigile sellest sünnib. Sekka saavad sõna ka eksperdid, et vaadata, kas kõik mis peale vaadates ilus näib, nii ka seest välja paistab.

  • Vanad meremehed teadnud rääkida, et vaid saatanal pole varju. Vari annab igale inimesele, aga ka nähtusele otsekui teise mõõtme, peegelduse, milles maailm paistab hoopis teistes toonides. Vari ei pea olema üldegi sünge ega tume, vaid saab olla välklev ja värviline, otsekui tulesäde seinal. Just sellisena hakkab loodetavasti Eesti Päevalehe ning Delfi katuse all kogunev, Eesti 200 ja Keskerakonna variministrite valitsus jälgima praeguse, viimaseid kuid tegutseva pärisvalitsuse tegemisi. Ja nii on üks mõõde juures ka lugejate-kuulajate-vaatajatel, et anda 5. märtsiga tipnevatel valimistel hinnang: kes varjutab keda?

  • Gangstalking up close and personal.🎯😎Let it be known that I am in no way available or do I give my consent to experimentation targeting or gangstalking in any way , shape, form or fashion on my self/ life/ brain/ temple/dreams/ or any other part of me myself and I/ now and that is for sure forever more.Stand down and let us Stand up and Live OUR Lives as we and God Almighty shall choose.******To God be the glory.******🙏🏾💋 Support this podcast:

  • Keskkond meie ümber on hävinemas tormilise tempoga. Ka Eestis kimbutavad üha sagenevad tormituuled, kuumalained ja üleujutused. Kas veerema hakanud lumepalli on veel võimalik peatada? Eesti Päevaleht uuris Riigikokku kandideerivatelt erakondadelt, millised on nende plaanid pakiliste keskkonnakriiside leevendamiseks. Erakondade esindajaid intervjueerisid Tallinna Botaanikaaias Kertu Birgit Anton ja Ruth Sisask keskkonnakaitseliikumisest Fridays For Future Eesti.

  • Taskuhäälingusaade "Kohtulood" võtab fookusesse teemad, mis on kuulajale päriselt igapäevaelus olulised või ühiskondlikult huvipakkuvad. Kohtunike ja saatekülaliste arutelud aitavad selgitada, mõtestada ja mõista.
    Saatejuhid on kohtunikud Kai Härmand, Liina Naaber-Kivisoo, Marek Vahing, Merit Bobrõšev ja Villem Lapimaa.

  • The Justice Insiders is a glimpse behind the curtain of federal civil and criminal investigations and enforcement actions, demystifying the government’s conduct and providing a unique and entertaining analysis of noteworthy cases. Husch Blackwell’s Gregg Sofer and his colleagues in the firm's White Collar, Internal Investigations & Compliance practice use their 200-plus years of combined experience to explore cases ripped from the headlines and discuss issues related to white collar crime, national security threats, contract fraud, False Claims Act, export enforcement, compliance and other developing areas. Periodically, the podcast will also feature guests from around the country who bring to bear their particular expertise on today’s most interesting cases and issues.

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