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  • The Lancet Psychiatry exists to promote excellence in psychiatric research and practice, and to advocate for the rights of people with mental health problems. Our podcast brings experts together from a wide range of backgrounds to discuss hot topics relevant to mental health in science, society, the law, and the arts. It is vital listening for anyone with an interest in the field.

  • A show highlighting the animal training subject matter experts that make up the Animal Training Academy membership community

  • The Look Up! Podcast with Marc Weinstein explores the human relationship to technology and the impact this has on our society at large.

    Through interviews with individuals on the front lines of the battle for our attention, Marc dives into important topics like social media addiction, behavioral design, tech giant abuse of power, depression, entrepreneurship worship, and the dissolution of trust.

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  • Bill Meeks talks to passionate people executing their "Big Ideas" in realistic ways. From entrepreneurs to artists and everything in between, I Made This tells the stories of dreamers just like you.

  • The following podcast acts as an audio file of some of the awesome papers that we have written at intelligent concrete.

    What if the greatest things about an audio file of a written file is the additional commentary that is throughout the audio program where we go into to a little bit more depth and detail about the different subjects that are covered.

    We hope you enjoy our podcast and please let us know if you have any comments or questions about the wild frontier’s in the concrete industry.

    Welcome to the wild frontiers of concrete industry.

  • Kahden nuoren naisen elämäntäyteinen podcast, jossa puhutaan asioista suoraan niiden oikeilla nimillä. Ota mukava asento ja liity seuraamme! Tule jakamaan omat fiilikset jaksoista meidän instagramiin @niinpapodcast.

  • Japanese with Teppei and Noriko, The best way to learn conversational Japanese! is a podcast for learners of Japanese language. Listen,learn and have fun while picking up natural Japanese as it really is spoken.Let’s study Japanese with us!

  • From your friends at Berghs School of Communication comes a podcast about creativity in a nutshell. We explore what it means to be creative, how creativity can be the cornerstone of a career, and why it matters so much, and more…

  • There is only one thing we truly have power over in this life, and it is ourselves.The Art Of Intentional Creation podcast is designed to bring inspiration and awaken motivation for meaningful change that creates lasting transformation. It is designed to give you access to resources necessary to lead you back to your Whole Self and consciously create your best life. Support this podcast:

  • Ok, so you've been accepted into a PhD program... Now what?! Here, you will find quick tips and insights of what a Phd program is, what it isn't, and what you should pay attention to on your journey. Enjoy!

  • A journal based podcast from a hypergamous woman’s perspective. So that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated in the future.

  • I den här podden driver journalisten och föreläsaren Atilla Yoldas frågan om machokultur till sin spets. Bland gästerna hörs aktivister, experter och ungdomar som själva tvingas förhålla sig till de destruktiva mansnormerna.

    Budskapet är klart och tydligt:

    Vi kan stoppa och förändra machokulturen, för vår egen och andras skull – men bara tillsammans.

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  • Just a conversation between two friends trying to navigate this crazy experience called life with the goal of helping others along the way. Join us through the many conversations that will hopefully open your mind and heart.

  • The Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN are excited to join the podcast network. We will bring weekly podcasts sharing Titanic Crew and Passenger Stories, Behind the scene crew experiences as well as round table crew discussions.

  • Tässä podcastissa sukellamme taloyhtiöelämän syvyyksiin. Alan johtavien vaikuttajien kanssa pohdimme, millaista hyvä elämä taloyhtiössä on ja paneudumme ajankohtaisiin ongelmiin, joita taloyhtiön asukas voi kohdata.

    Podcastia vetävät Kiinteistöliiton lakimiehet Kristel Pynnönen, Tiina Räsänen ja Linda Hartikainen.

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  • Love and Level Up is a podcast created to cultivate conversations for listeners about how to master the mindset of leveling up and refraining from broken habits.

    Topics will range from love and relationships, the Christian faith, to relevant topics for entrepreneurs and creatives.

    Follow the show host Joshua @thelastlevelup and Amanda Amor @theinfluenceoflove

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  • Wise Women Chat Podcast is designed for women who have encountered many issues in life. You will hear from many speakers who will be transparent about those issue. Many topics such as relationships, health, raising children, marriage, business, self care, forgiveness, divorce and many, many more will be discussed. On this platform women will be encouraged, inspired and empowered, they will be reminded of their worth no matter what obstacles they have faced in life. We welcome men listeners to better understand some of the difficulties women face as we chat about our experiences.

  • Sawa Shabab (Youth Together) is a peacebuilding radio drama series for the youth of South Sudan.

    Sawa Shabab is a bold new peacebuilding radio drama series for South Sudanese youth.

    The drama series follows the daily lives of four young South Sudanese: Rose, Taban, Winnie and Richard, four very different characters facing common issues: tribalism, poverty, gender inequity, and insecurity but also issues that affect youth all over the world: school, work, friendships, family, love and future ambitions.

    Over the course of this first season, we meet Rose, a girl who left her rural village with her mother in search of greater opportunities in town. She is determined to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress, despite the hardship of urban life and her mother's traditional values who wants to see Rose married off before she completes school.

    We also follow the story of Winnie, recently returned from America, as she strives to be accepted back in her home country.

    Taban, a student who sells eggs after school to support his family, has his own ambitions: to find his father, a profession, and love.

    Then finally Richard, the son of the Police Commissioner, where we see the dangers, (and also dark humour) of a young, unqualified, untrained man being given responsibilities he is not capable nor deserving of.

    Throughout the radio drama we learn how all four characters become peace builders in their communities. Listen out for Sawa Shabab on Catholic Radio Network, Radio Miraya and local stations across the country. You can keep track of the stories, get to know the cast and listen to the poetry, songs and raps from the series here on Facebook.

    The drama is developed and produced in South Sudan by Free Voice, in partnership with the US Institute of Peace.

  • There is a widely popular theory that it will take 21 days to form a new habit. But how about in a shorter period? is it possible to develop a new habit in 14 days??

    Every two weeks, we will share our journey of starting out a new routine and challenge. On day 0 we will give you an overview of our plan for the next 2 weeks and at the end, on day 14 we will share our experience with you. Make sure you never miss the show by subscribing to this podcast.