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  • Each week we pair a comedian with a scientist, to break down the scientifically inaccurate elements of popular movies and TV shows. Warning: There will be spoilers.

  • From the creators of the acclaimed fan film Severus Snape and the Marauders comes a 12 part audio drama, The Great Wizarding War.

    The Great Wizarding War is a non-profit fan-based production. Harry Potter and The Wizarding World are properties of Universal, Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling.

  • Ready Cassette Go! is a Disney fan podcast that follows Bre, Ben and Kat as they watch their favorite Disney Movies again as adults!

  • Hang out with Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster, the lesbians you'd want at your potluck! Covering topics on lesbian experiences, representation, culture, life, love, etc. for some sapphic socialization!

  • Episode reviews and discussion for various Netflix original shows.

  • Kolme ystävystä syvällä pop-kulttuurin syövereissä! Tuoreimmat peli-ja viihdeuutiset, arvostelut ja ennakkot joka viikko! Nörtteilyä, kaikille.

  • The Losers’ Club is a weekly podcast for Constant Readers of Stephen King to dig deep into his oeuvre and the myriad TV, film, print, and stage adaptations of his work. The series is hosted by pop-culture writers Dan Caffrey, Randall Colburn, Justin Gerber, McKenzie Gerber, Mel Kassel, and Michael Roffman, who gather together to read between the pages.

  • 'Vad sjutton gör vi?' utbrast hon och rättade till sin klänning, medan Justin försökte dra henne till sig igen. 'Nej, detta är inte okej. Någon kan komma på oss.' Justin drog sig upp från bänken och drog henne till sig. 'Och om det skulle ske? Vore det så hemskt?' sa han hest i hennes öra. Tania såg sig tveksamt om. Allt hade varit så underbart skönt och ljudet som nått henne hade fått henne tillbaka till verkligheten och all kontroll hon hade släppt. Hjärtat dunkade ännu dubbla slag.

    Längtan är en novellsamling fylld av passionerad vällust och är den första skriven av svenska Shailene Craig.

    Uppläsare: Mari Götesdotter, Johan Svensson, Åsa Widéen

    Boken är utgiven av Word Audio Publishing – Sveriges största digitala förlag. (9789175238470)

  • Arcs is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, in which three unlikely comrades journey across the mystical realm of Thirithia in search of a famed relic!

    Pretty basic, right? Well, dear reader…

    That’s only the beginning.

    Featuring radio-style production, original music and a lightning pace, Arcs is the perfect show for anyone looking for a hearty sip of comedy, drama, intrigue, and sometimes a dog.

    Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a total newbie to DnD, you’re sure to get wrapped up in Arcs’ world, its characters and their uncanny ability to almost always make the wrong decision.

    Join us every Thursday for a rip-roaring, spell-casting, drink-downing, chair-smashing, chuckle-having affair, replete with grins, tears and statistically-astounding dice rolls.

    Sometimes very bad rolls.

    … Usually very bad rolls.

    Hosted By:
    Nathan Stanz (Jackson)
    Lauren Shippen (Larkin)
    Briggon Snow (Barri)
    Jordan Adika (DM)

  • Lauri Saarilehto ja henkilökuvia toisella tavalla fak.

  • Mike Jensen has seen the Sex and the City series many times. Elise Castle has never seen a single episode.
    "We Couldn't Help But Wonder" what would happen if these two went on an episode by episode journey through the whole series.
    Join us as Mike watches for the (insert embarrassing number here) time and Elise is watching for the very first. We will discuss how the series holds up almost 20 years later, our own experiences living in NYC, and the debate over too much cranberry juice in the Cosmopolitan.

  • The Bechdel Cast is a podcast about the portrayal of women in movies hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus.

  • En podcast av Hannes Björkqvist, Totte Esselström och Roy Mäki-Fränti.

    Tre Vasakillar som tänkte prata om film men tappade spåret och pratar om allt mellan himmel och jord.

  • The Handmaid's Tale takes place in a version of the United States that’s ruled by a religious authoritarian regime obsessed with making as many babies as possible. And now it's been adapted to a TV show that critics are literally raving about.

    The Red Center is a podcast from The Outline about that show. Each week, hosts Laura June and Rose Eveleth discuss the most recent episode of The Handmaid's Tale through the lens of a specific topic, like motherhood, race, politics, crime, or the book the show is based on.

    Under his eye.

  • A light-hearted comedic movie podcast focusing on the week's new cinema releases. Darren Hayes and Anthony Armentano spend their hard earned (or borrowed) cash to see the latest film releases and tell you what they thought. Because they don't get in for free, their opinions are honest. Honestly! May contain funny bits (they're both Groundlings trained improvisers) and strange non sequiturs (Anthony has a degree in film and Darren has an Olympic medal in rambling). Maybe some naughty words too.

  • Series creator Ricky Gervais (The Office, Extras) and actor Warwick Davis (Return of the Jedi, Harry Potter, Willow) discuss their new TV series. Life's Too Short is a fake documentary about a talent agency for small people, 'Dwarves For Hire', that is run by an actor (Davis) who takes the best jobs for himself. Moderated by Boyd Hilton at the Apple Store Regent Street in London.

  • This is Spoilers! A pop culture podcast specializing in reviewing movies.

    Expect retrospective "Movie Review" episodes (about once a week) where one of our hosts chooses the film we’ll discuss. The “Yes or No” segment will rank the movie; the possible flaccidity of Viggo Mortensen's penis will be determined, and trivia will be played to select the next host/movie.

    As a bonus, we do additional Spoilers! episodes where we discuss something new in pop culture like: Rick and Morty, Documentary Now, Game of Thrones, what's new in theaters (like Beauty and the Beast or The Boss Baby), Higher, Uncharted (the video game) and our annual Oscar Pick ‘Em Show where we predict who will win the Academy Awards. We celebrate milestones by playing trivia, or getting pap-out drunk and talking about Mel Gibson’s seminal classic “The Passion of the Christ.”

    We want to hear from you! If you have a movie you would like us to spoil: Tweet us @spoilers_pod ; slide into our DMs on Instagram (podcastspoilers); send us a hate email ; or call up the rarely used Spoilers! hotline 903-776-4507 (903-SPOIL-07).

    Thanks for listening, that was Spoilers!

  • Every week, co-hosts Rosie Murphy and Sammy Roth re-watch an episode of "Lost" along with you. We play your takes on favorite and least favorite moments, talk about our beloved characters and interview actors, directors, producers and crew members who worked on the show.