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  • Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews deep and quirky outsiders, such as a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining the mix are such celebrated thought leaders as feminist Helen Lewis, Lord Daniel Finkelstein and free speech advocate Andrew Doyle.

    The aim is to surprise you with a totally different story every time in this 2x Apple Noteworthy show. One week, we're in a Michigan prison with a man who accidentally killed his girlfriend in a botched suicide, the next we're in Australia with the Coffin Confessor, and then we're in the Andes with a plane-crash survivor who had to eat his friends. The only thing that links them all is their place On the Edge. 

    This is for fans of Louis Theroux, Joe Rogan and Adam Buxton. New episodes every Monday.

  • The Sarah Rose podcast is a passion project where no topic is off limits. The host (Sarah Rose Mulvihill) will be picking the brains of her guests so we can all learn and grow from each other. Everyone has a story, and through sharing we can all gain a greater understanding of ourselves, others, love, relationships and life.

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  • Are you interested in learning more about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as well as hearing about the latest projects and happenings in the space? In this podcast, I am sharing my journey as well as lessons and journeys from other experts, investors, collectors, artists and people in the space.

  • Delving into the minds of entrepreneurs, thought leaders and people killing it in their field.

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  • Project Green is a six-week podcast series exploring sustainability in business. Each week Bobby Kerr will focus on a specific sector and will be joined by a panel of experts to discuss the progress and challenges facing the industry in their quest to become carbon neutral. Brought to you with thanks to ESB Networks.

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  • Commercial UAV News brings together industry insiders—the engineers, the regulators, the standards builders, the thought leaders, and innovators—to talk about what commercial drone professionals and stakeholders need to know to go beyond buzzwords and jargon. We’ll discuss what really matters to operators and organizations when it comes to using drones to perform numerous tasks in faster, cheaper and/or safer ways that define real-world value.

  • Chat with Matt - A Podcast, hosted by Matthew MacNabb.

    I believe that life is an adventure. An adventure to see how strong we can become... to see how far we can go... to see how much we can learn... and to discover who we are...

    Through my life I have met some phenomenal people. I have had conversations and experiences which have completely opened my mind to a new world of possibilities.

    So I thought I’d let you overhear our conversations and enter into a world where nothing is impossible.

    This is the Chat with Matt Podcast!

  • Learn about marketing from your host Andrew Veitch who's recruited over 1 million e-commerce customers and hear guests from brilliant stores and marketing experts.

  • Hello, I’m Aideen Finnegan. I’ve been in broadcasting for almost 17 years. It’s a career I’ve loved. But, lately, like a lot of you out there, I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching. If I were to change careers, I don’t even know how or what I would do. It’s massively intimidating to think about starting again. I want to be a bit nosy and find out how other people have done it. If the pandemic has prompted you to reassess your life and how you make a living, this is the podcast for you – this, is How to Pivot.

  • Join Kim West, also known as the Sleep Lady, as she breaks down your top parenting concerns and gives her gentle take. Not only does Kim believe that you can successfully sleep train your child without leaving them to cry it out alone, but she also teaches shame free parenting. Most importantly, she knows that even in our imperfection as parents, it is possible to raise resilient, compassionate, and confident children. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine, throw in your ear pods, and join us!

  • The official podcast of Jo Croft, the Clinical Canine Behaviour & Training Specialist of 16 years, former Vet Nurse and Author of the Puppy Coach book and online training package.
    Follow Jo as she discusses how to build a strong, safe relationship with your dog, as well as her top tips for dog and puppy training, covering common problem areas such as crate training, puppy pads and potty training, barking and biting.

  • Welcome to our podcast, Conversations about Consultation.

    This is a series of digital audio files, made with a wide range of guests who have been generous enough to share their thinking on the topic of consultation in education. Our aim is to provide thought-provoking and engaging content that you can access at times and in places convenient to you, growing out of our shared interest in consultation.

    Emma teaches a module on the M4 doctoral training in educational psychology that includes consultation, and Jessica and Emily are both doctoral students currently on placement in local authority settings making use of consultation in their work.

    Consultation has any number of different definitions and models. Given our training and background, we are especially interested in consultation as it is used in schools and community settings. We see consultation as a particular type of professional helping relationship, one that holds central the idea that it is the relationship between the consultant and those with whom they work that makes the difference. However, one aim of Conversations about Consultation is to speak with guests who perhaps use different lenses, modalities and approaches and who offer something unique and distinctive that can complement or contrast with our own. It may be a current trainee on a different programme whose research interests include consultation, or an early career practitioner reflecting on consultative working in schools. We speak with experienced practitioners from other disciplines who bring their expertise in working with children young people and their families; as well as psychologists who have been working in the field of consultation research and practice for many years.

    We hope you will find a conversation to listen to that engages your interest, offers a different perspective or even just provokes a new question or idea that leads to further conversations of your own.

    You can follow us on twitter to join in the conversation at @TheCACpodcast

  • Science Will Win explores the fascinating science, policy, and humanity which is shaping the future of healthcare and transforming patients’ lives for the better.
    Hosted by Adam Rutherford, geneticist and Honorary Fellow at University College London, our first miniseries takes listeners on a journey behind the science of gene therapy; the next generation of medicines bringing new possibilities for patients living with rare genetic diseases.
    At a time when innovative science is achieving the seemingly impossible, we’ll look at gene therapy from every angle, speaking to scientists and experts on the forefront of medical research, as well as the patients and families who are holding new hope in the life-changing potential of gene therapy.

  • Radiance Revealed, with board certified Dermatologist Dr. Jen Haley, is a podcast about uncovering what our skin is telling us about how to heal and revitalize our bodies from the inside out

  • The Millennial Soul Podcast is here to feed your Millennial Soul. Focused on mindset, manifesting, and law of attraction infused with comedy - each episode is like your best friend giving you a pep talk. Real manifesting made simple and fun!

    Bri is your Manifesting Hype Woman. After nearly a decade of studying Law of Attraction and manifesting amazing things in her life, she wanted to share everything she learned (that worked) along the way. She created The Millennial Soul to teach others that they don’t have to be “perfect” to be spiritual and live an extraordinary life.

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  • This is the podcast version of the Signpost Series webinars which is a series of weekly sustainable agriculture webinars aimed at the Irish agriculture industry, ‘Pointing the way to a low emissions agriculture’.

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  • Host Joseph Arvidson brings criminologist, practitioners, academics and those with lived experiences from around the world together to discuss the age old dilemma of responding to society's criminal element. Merging established correctional policy with emerging desistance models, this show illustrates how adopting a holistic lens and constantly questioning established approaches can best serves justice involved individuals.

  • Become an excellent speaking communicator with your audience, clients, colleagues and prospects. Full of invaluable content, this show deals with everything about speaking, and includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share their top tips as well as masterclasses from speaker expert Susan Heaton-Wright.

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    Each week we welcome a guest to our podcast to discuss everything from health, law, lifestyle, sustainability, and small business.

  • Welcome to the Pragmatic Hero's Journey, a monthly podcast about becoming a Pragmatic author.

    On this podcast, you'll hear from an eclectic group of authors as they discuss their personal journey to becoming a Pragmatic author. You'll discover what tools they use to write and produce code, what challenges and rewards come along with being an author, and what advice they can share to help you jumpstart your technical writing career.

    The Pragmatic Hero's Journey podcast is owned and operated by The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC, home of The Pragmatic Bookshelf. The Pragmatic Programmers, founded by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, has one simple goal: to improve the lives of professional developers.

  • Empowering Women by RSVP is the brainchild of Dr. Mary Ryan, a Consultant Endocrinologist, Senior Lecturer, acclaimed International Speaker and RSVP Women's Health contributor.

    Dr. Mary Ryan is on a mission to empower women and create equality in the home, the workforce, the medical and sporting fields.

    The leading endocrinologist who has turned up the volume on the national menopause debate has joined forces with RSVP for her second series of empowering women podcasts.

    Mary will be sharing her and other women’s expert opinions on the physical, mental and social aspects as well as outlining how not to only survive but thrive in menopause.

    Upcoming guests include Dr. Rhona O' Mahony, Emily Power Smyth, Maria Lucey, Lorraine Keane and Aisling Grimley and Emma Ahern.