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  • Coda Currents illuminates the trends shaping our world and puts them in context. From disinformation and the power of conspiracy theories to authoritarian tech and the rise of surveillance to the war on science and the influence of pseudoscience, we focus on the overarching stories that are poised to dominate our politics and our lives for years to come. Each week, Coda Story journalists show how these global trends impact you and communities around the world. You’ll hear international stories you won’t find anywhere else and see connections you never knew existed.

  • Welcome to the AABIP Podcasts! The AABIP Podcasts, through interviews with various experts in our field, will provide clinicians with clinical pearls, the latest updates and practice changing knowledge.

  • Prodigy is an investigation into our current understanding of intelligence, skill acquisition and expert performance. With interviews from the leading researchers in the field of human performance.

  • Í hlaðvarpinu Hinir íslensku náttúrufræðingar hittum við íslenska náttúrufræðinga, kynnumst rannsóknum þeirra og störfum heima og erlendis, ástríðu þeirra fyrir náttúru og ævintýrum sem þeir hafa ratað í.
    Hafdís Hanna Ægisdóttir, plöntuvistfræðingur, og Helena Westhöfer Óladóttir, umhverfisfræðingur, halda úti hlaðvarpinu fyrir hönd Hins íslenska náttúrufræðifélags en eitt helsta markmið félagsins er að glæða áhuga og auka þekkingu á öllu sem viðkemur náttúru.

  • An exiled Northern Irish anthropologist and a hitchhiking Australian psychologist take a close look at the contemporary crop of 'secular gurus', iconoclasts, and other exiles from the mainstream, offering their own brands of unique takes and special insights.

    Leveraging two of the most diverse accents in modern podcasting, Chris and Matt dig deep into the claims, peek behind the psychological curtains, and try to figure out once and for all... What's it all About?

    Join us, as we try to puzzle our way through and talk some smart-sounding smack about the intellectual giants of our age, from Jordan Peterson to Robin DiAngelo. Are they revolutionary thinkers or just grifters with delusions of grandeur?

    Join us and let's find out!

  • Alma Dóra Ríkarðsdóttir ræðir við konur í nýsköpun um nýsköpunarumhverfið á Íslandi, jöfn tækifæri, fjölbreytni og valdeflingu kvenna til nýsköpunar. Verkefnið er hýst af atvinnuvega- og nýsköpunarráðuneytinu og styrkt af Nýsköpunarsjóði námsmanna.

  • Atheists in Recovery podcast will address the spiritual and scientific belief systems of people in long term recovery in order to deconstruct limiting thought patterns, and introduce new behaviors and routines you can use.

  • A growing body of research has shown how working with parents can improve mental health outcomes for children exposed to traumatic stress, and many research-tested programs have been developed and and have proven effective in strengthening families’ responses to traumatic stress. However, few of these existing, research-tested interventions are making it into practice.

    The Center for Resilient Families (CRF) aims to bring these research breakthroughs into practice for parents across the country. CRF aims to implement trauma-informed parenting programs in settings where families already are — school, community centers, homes, online. By training a variety of professionals to work with families, we can reduce the unmet need for mental health treatment and better serve children exposed to traumatic stress.

  • Är det säkert radio fokuserar på samhällsfrågor, vetenskapsfilosofi och riskhantering. Här blandas presentation och diskussion av intressanta och evidensbaserade samhällsforskning med intervjuer. Är det säkert radio drivs av Jesper Grip och är podd-varianten av bloggen Är det säkert som hittas på ardetsakert.blogspot.com. Kontakta mig gärna på: ardetsakert@gmail,com

  • In the Thick: An Anthropological Podcast is an informative audio broadcast created by two graduate students Breauna Waterford and Kayla Patterson at California State Long Beach, Anthropology department. The purpose of this creative endeavor is to bring a new understanding of anthropology from its origins, evolving the way it can be used to analyze the environments we inhabit.

  • ใ‚ฆใ‚ฌใƒณใƒ€ใฎ้ณฅใ‚’ใŠใ‚‚ใ—ใ‚ใ‚จใƒ”ใ‚ฝใƒผใƒ‰ใจใจใ‚‚ใซๆฏŽๆœˆ็ฌฌ๏ผ’ใ€๏ผ”้‡‘ๆ›œๆ—ฅใซใŠๅฑŠใ‘ใ—ใพใ™ใ€‚

  • A Mayo Clinic curated podcast sharing Mayo Clinic knowledge and advancements on the state of testing, science, and people who are making it happen behind the scenes.

  • A podcast for people living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) ... MS stories, MS news, and coming to know you’re not the only one.
    Whether you're newly diagnosed with MS, a fully-fledged person with disabilities or want to find out more about this chronic, neurological illness, this show's for you.
    Hear from experts, influencers and patients (mainly UK-based).

  • The Internal Medicine For Vet Techs Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by veterinary technician specialists, Yvonne Brandenburg, RVT, VTS SAIM and Jordan Porter, RVT, LVT, VTS SAIM, and is dedicated to veterinary professionals who are passionate about all things internal medicine.

    We’ll be discussing interesting internal medicine diseases, how to work closely with pet parents, and how to be the best tech we can be. This podcast is perfect for veterinary professionals just getting into internal medicine, studying for their boards, or for those of us that relate to #IMaNerd! Join us for a #VetTechPodcast today and get your learn on!

    #VeterinaryMedicine #VeterinaryTechnician #VTSlife #IMFVTpodcast

  • Meet the adventurous, accomplished women who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water. Filled with humor, audacity, empathy, and intelligence, Artemis brings you new voices from our public lands. Whether you're snagging flies or tracking big bucks, Artemis introduces you to women from all walks of the sporting community. We discuss hunting, fishing, public lands, and conservation. Join us to be a part of the movement.

  • Í Fordæmalausum tímum munum við skrásetja þessa undarlegu tíma sem við erum að upplifa, það hvernig fólk er að takast á við lífið í miðjum Covid-19 heimsfaraldrinum.Við heyrum persónulegar sögur úr kófinu, förum í vettvangsferðir og veltum fyrir okkur þeim samfélagslegu spurningum sem við stöndum frammi fyrir nú og í kjölfar faraldursins. Við bendum á að þið getið sent okkur ykkar sögur á ruv.is/sogur-ur-kofinu. Þátturinn er á dagskrá tvisvar í viku nú á meðan samkomubannið varir.

  • Cakap-cakap yang tidak penting namun penting, membahas segala sesuatu yang Tidak penting.
    Selamat menderita

  • intheweedslive is a podcast made to build, inspire and inform the US Hemp Industry. The host of the podcast rotates, but the show always includes key players in the US Hemp Industry. intheweedslive is presented by US Hemp Growers Conferences & Expos, Sunbelt Hemp Source, Elite Extraction, Hemp Harvest Works/Bish Enterprises. You can watch live on Tuesdays and Saturdays at www.facebook.com/intheweedslive

  • Lögfræðleg umfjöllun um samfélagið í víðu samhengi. Inniheldur umfjöllun um dómsmál, löggjöf og annað sem við kemur lögfræðilegum viðfangsefnum.

  • Sjálfbært samfélag er hlaðvarp á vegum Mannvits þar sem við fjallað er um áhugaverðar nýjungar í tækni, vísindum og verkfræði og áhrif þess á samfélag okkar. Sjálfbær þróun felur í sér áskoranir sem við fjöllum um í þessum hlaðvarpsþáttum.