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  • The dark side of a paradise island.

    On the 10th January 2011, whilst on honeymoon with her new husband John, Michaela McAreavey was murdered in her hotel room. Two hotel employees would be charged with her murder and later acquitted by a Mauritian jury in 2012.

    To this day, justice for Michaela has still not been delivered. This podcast details with the harrowing events of her murder together with the shambolic court proceedings during her murder trial in 2012, as told by John McAreavey and two of the family members who would accompany John as he returned to Mauritius in 2012 to give evidence, Claire McAreavey and Mark Harte.

  • A Tokyo based Podcast. Tune in to hear about Life in Japan, True Crime, LGBTQ+, Culture, and more.

  • Only an estimated 57.9% of eligible voters voted in 2016. That means over 90 million people didn’t vote. With growing partisan distaste amongst most voters, there’s a silent majority growing that doesn’t find a home in either of America’s two major political parties. Many are simply unsatisfied with either the candidates or the system. This silent majority is growing, and we have something to say!
    Join Cornelius Lindsey every Monday afternoon as he shares many of the sentiments of the silent majority, interviews special guests and shares valuable insight on our politics. Join us in the Silent Majority because you have something to say!

  • Deranged Nation is a True Crime Podcast by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Teresa Gabelman Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/teresa-gabelman/support


    この恐怖は真実か?? “Jホラーの父” 映画監督・鶴田法男によるサウンド・ドラマ!


    出演:柊瑠美、春名風花、山口綾子、岡村洋一、鶴田法男 ほか

    LINK: youtube.com/c/screamph

    ScreamPh is a horror narration channel that started in youtube. We cater stories from different walks of life that would give us all chills! This channel is popularly known for its AFTER DARK SERIES (Universities after dark, Buildings after dark, and Office after dark) which is a compilation of true horror and paranormal stories either shared by listeners or from reputable and trusted sources. I hope you guys would love the podcast version of our stories! Much love! Stay Creepy!

  • Hola Hola~~~我們是兩位社會觀察家的山山&粒粒(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎),節目以收集各式犯罪、懸案和都市傳說為主軸的Podcast 。希望在深夜時分,與大家一起探索世界上「不為人知」的黑暗面。 |社群連結:https://www.instagram.com/think_clouds/

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  • 障害者46人が殺傷された事件の被告は「障害者には生きている価値がない」と述べた。障害がある息子を持つTV局の記者は、被告との面会を重ねながら現代の差別の根底に流れるものを探る。※SCRATCHは「ガリガリと線を引く」の意。【スタッフ】ナレーション:長岡杏子(TBS)・櫻井浩二(RKB毎日放送)、プロデューサー: 鳥山穣(TBSラジオ)・竹島史浩(RKB毎日放送)、ディレクター:神戸金史(RKB毎日放送)

  • Talk show features things you know about the death of Kurt Cobain and things you may not know about his murder. Open podcast with topics related to Kurt’s death. Come as you are!

  • Our true crime sit down!Jess and Josh telling scary stories, true crime and viewer tales in an attempt to creep each other out!True crime podcast ~ with a spoonful full of laughs!

  • A show where a Psychology Professor and an FBI Profiler join together to better understand the criminal mind