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  • If you’re looking for a family friendly podcast that is equal parts silly and seriously grounding, you're in the right place.

    Life can be hard sometimes. But whether it’s challenging right at this moment or humming along swimmingly, it is always so much better with friends.

    Enter The Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, a mindset podcast where real life besties Jen & Lauren explore life lessons from Disney movies each and every week.

    In these bite-sized bits of mindset work, we share our favorite takeaways from Disney stories and discuss creative ways we can apply those lessons in our lives.

    We always end with one Big Think and invite you to ponder it through the week. You may choose to take it as a prompt to your favorite journal, explore the idea over coffee with a friend, or use as a conversation starter around the family dinner table.

    We also would love to get to know you, so you're invited to support the show by joining our Patreon community: The Magic Family.

    In the community, we go Beyond The Big Think with additional journal prompts and conversation starters for each episode, movie discussion guides, and so much more.

    No matter how you choose to participate in this work, we hope this show is equal parts entertaining and enlightening, and becomes a little slice of happy that you look forward to each and every week.

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    And now...on with the show!

  • What happens when Snoop, an experienced dog detective from London, gets sent to small-town Pflugerville to train clueless puppy Sniffy as an undercover agent? Mystery! Adventure! And CHAOS! Seriously -- the town of Pflugerville isnโ€™t dullsville like Snoop expected and he quickly realizes that he canโ€™t handle all the action without Sniffy by his side. Even when theyโ€™re able to turn a blind eye to the alien superheroes and villains battling it out for control of Pflugerville, Snoop and Sniffy have their paws full on Bark Street with hilarious busy bodies like Loraine the Neighborhood-Watch duck, Poot the Groundhog and Fred the Squirrel popping โ€˜round! Do you love to laugh? Do you love animals? Do you have the brightest mind since Sherlock Holmes? Yes?! Then tag along with us for the fun and see if YOU can help Snoop and Sniffy solve some mysteries!

    For ages 5-12

  • You are a mom that knows you need a financial plan, but even though you make a good income, after the bills get paid, there is rarely enough leftover to put into savings, insurance or investing. Join licensed financial advisor Heidi Rumohr, as she guides you through her cash flow plan approach to address all areas of financial planning without needing to adopt a budget that has you eating beans and rice! There is more to life than paying bills and counting calories. Tune in weekly to find out how to accelerate your wealth by first getting a handle on your cash flow.

  • Are you craving an open, honest conversation about the highs and lows of parenting, your career, and home life? If the answer is yes, youโ€™re not alone. Jill Devine is here to talk about the daily grind of parenthood and how it can make you feel alone, isolated and questioning it all. The Two Kids and A Career Podcast is an outlet to escape the stresses of everyday life, while engaging in real conversations. Jill is an entrepreneur, wife and mama. Her 20-year career as an on-air radio personality inspired this podcast to give voice to the complexities of raising a family, having a career and simply just trying to keep it all together. From the tough talks to the hilarity of it all, she is here to have a conversation and offer great advice from a tribe of amazing individuals. Tune in and join along as we navigate the emotional roller-coaster known as parenthood!

  • The audible source for mommies who can't resign from their work but wants to resign from life clutter, mom-guilt, and self-doubt

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  • Lunch with Lloyd brings you the very latest from the world of entertainment and unforgettable musical tracks that will make you crank up the volume. It’s a must listen show for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the UAE, with tips and tricks on the latest fun things to do for all the family. 

  • Hi, I'm Leah. 3 of my strongest skills include writing, speaking, and overthinking and over-feeling, literally everything in my life to a crazy, nuanced degree. I've decided to use these traits to create a podcast, where you and I will share this space to talk about life, and what makes it so tough sometimes, no matter what age or stage of life you're in. My hope is that this podcast will serve as a relatable space for you and safe space for you. I'm so glad you're here.

  • End all fighting with your son today: go to these episodes first: 54-58! After you reconnect with your boy you can listen to other episodes to help you be more confident, love yourself more and improve other relationships.

  • Welcome to the Kwentuhang Nanay podcast from your Superable mom, Jenn.
    This is a safe space for all our Nanay kwentos from one generation to the next. Kwentuhang Nanay podcast aims to inspire and be the "Salt and Light" to others through conversations about motherhood and single-parenting life.

  • Above Rubies Podcast is a podcast created by a mom for every mom (and parents for that matter) embracing parenthood and sanity. Here to help you get by through weekly discussions on parenting, relationships, home, and faith as you juggle daily in life!

  • Parenting "Advice" on all the important issues. How do I get spit up out of my favorite shirt? When will my eight year old start brushing his own teeth? and most importantly, how do I fight the monsters under the bed? [email protected]

  • Podcast untuk para Istri dan Wanita karir.
    Khususnya untuk karyawan wanita dan istri karyawan CNA.

  • Bonjour Baby is a podcast about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood. Hosted by Leslie Abraham, DO, certified pre/postnatal exercise specialist and expert in the pregnacy and postpartum field for the last 11 years, this podcast is your companion during your motherhood journey. Leslie provides evidence-based tips, resources and information backed up by her international experience.
    She welcomes other guests, speakers and experts to bring you even more helpful content. In the show, Leslie and her guests talk about pregnancy, conception, all types of birth, newborn care, preparing for birth, bonding with baby, postpartum recovery and life, body image and so much more!

    Disclaimer: this podcast doesn't intend to diagnose and/or treat any medical conditions, or give medical advice.The host is not a healthcare professional and doesn't intend to replace the recommendations given by your healthcare team. The purpose of this podcast is only recreational, informational, and to give you helpful resources on your pregnancy and motherhood journey.

  • Welcome to my podcast, tits, tums and all things mum. Motherhood is fun isn’t it? Forever covered in bodily fluids, never time for a pee in peace let alone a hot cuppa and then there’s the joys of toddler tantrums! It’s a good job those little toe rags are cute! This podcast is a judgement free digital space where my guests and I will discuss the realities of modern motherhood and normalise the normal mum. My guests and I are going to be real, candid and unfiltered so come on in and join us on tits, tums and all things mum.

  • Stories for kids Papa Rick enjoyed as he was growing up. Fall asleep to the classics read to you by Papa Rick. Support this podcast:

  • Dogs and humans share a special strong spiritual connection unlike any other and the Dogevity Show highlights this with ‘tall tales’ of sweet spirited and heroic dogs and their humans.The Dogevity Show shares inspirational stories, and practical advice with host Wendy Latorre and her world class expert guests sharing their vast knowledge to touch move, inspire and teach dog lovers everywhere.Each of these stories of extraordinary dogs and people that adore them truly demonstrates the meaning of love, as their devotion and undying love illustrate the very real miraculous bond that exists between dogs and people.We all know that dogs are man’s best friends. But the stories in this show demonstrates that canines can go well beyond best friend—Our four legged angels whether thwarting muggers, rescuing entire families from life threatening fires, roaming over hundreds of miles and perilous conditions to return home, or communicating and connecting with their owners beyond the physical world, dogs are truly miraculous creatures.This show will delight and inspire dog lovers everywhere !