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  • Подкаст банка «Точка» и студии Либо/Либо о самых захватывающих историях из мира корпоративных противостояний. Что делали компании, чтобы выиграть в конкурентной борьбе? Какие стратегии полетели, а какие привели к падению? Что было гениальной находкой, а что обернулось полным провалом?

    Взрослому бизнесу нужны не маленькие лайфхаки, а большие истории. В этом подкасте мы ищем реальные факты и делаем из них полезные предпринимателям выводы.

  • The world of leadership is rife with information, listicles and re-hashed advice. We all know that we need to have more difficult conversations, be kinder and more empathetic with those we lead, and walk the path of servant leadership.

    And yet we rarely seem to get any closer to developing ourselves as the leaders we wish to be. Instead, we clutter our brains with more information, enact a new promise to ourselves and those around us to lean in and show up more powerfully than we did last time, and somehow remain running around in circles.

    There’s no shortage of advice available to create incremental change, and they provide exactly that: create incremental change. You get better at doing what you already do, but slightly faster and slightly better. Boring.

    This podcast will NOT provide you with incremental change. It will expose your hidden genius, unlock a new level of mastery in yourself, and, provide you paths to creating exponential power and growth.

  • Подкаст агентства контент-маркетинга PostPost о том, как маркетинг влияет на наши действия и на нашу жизнь в целом.

    Страница подкаста:

    Вы можете написать Пете: Instagram, fb, telegram: @digitalpetya
    Email: [email protected]

  • Īsumā par šīs nedēļas prāta rīta rosmes tēmām.

  • Edge & Flow Podcast is a joint effort between knife makers TJ Schwarz and Lucas Burnley, your hosts. Free flowing, unscripted conversations unfold as we endeavor to explore the knife industry, craftsmanship, business, creativity, and beyond.

  • Join the host of the Account Experience Podcast, Adam Dorrell, CEO & Co-Founder of CustomerGauge, as he explores how some of the world’s top brands in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are listening to B2B channel feedback in real-time using Net Promoter Score and arming their front-line sales teams to grow revenue and market share.

  • Marvin L Thomson, CFP® is the President/CEO of Great River Investments, LLC.

    Marvin has over 26 years of experience and his career has showcased a wide variety of responsibilities and knowledge. After graduating from Western Illinois University in 1994, he went to work for Horace Mann Insurance company as a multi-line insurance agent and registered representative in the Chicago western suburbs. After five years of working as an agent, he was promoted to Manager of the Northern Illinois Agency and was responsible for the sales goals, development and mentoring of agents in the designated territory.

    This Podcast is used to inform and motivate people about saving, earning, and learning about what to properly do with their MONEY!

  • Flourish & Fulfilled is a go to guide for women everywhere to get real and raw, uncover their best self and live a more purpose driven life.

    Sophie Guidolin, Australian business owner and mum of four, shares her perspective on all things mum life, business, health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

    Sophie gives an insight into her life - from getting a yoni massage, budgeting, managing a business, all the way through to the kids, going through a separation, and dating in the public eye - and also dives deep into hard-hitting topics to help inspire, motivate and empower you to live your best life.

    She’ll reveal secrets on how to become stronger - mentally and physically - as well as tips on how to manifest and turn your dream life into a reality.

    Get ready to flourish.

  • Willkommen zum Scaling Champions Podcast – Baue dein IT-Unternehmen so, dass der Laden ohne dich läuft!

    Hier erhältst du konkrete Tipps und Werkzeuge, für die Skalierung deines IT-Unternehmens. Zusammengestellt aus dem Erfahrungswissen von über hundert Skalierungsprojekten pro Jahr, durch Johannes Rasch und Eric Osselmann.

    Jeden Donnerstag bekommst du eine frische Folge auf Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music und überall, wo es Podcasts gibt.

  • Welcome to the weekly OriGensXYZ show on Rug Radio where we discuss web3 Origin Stories with European Accent. Hosted by Nikita Cikaluk every Tue at 2pm GMT (9am EST), the show invites creators, founders and investors who have facilitated web3 mass adoption. The goal of the show is to create an intimate space to reveal the origins of who they are as people and what drives them and create connections and a steering show within the European hemisphere. The European web3 community is still young but already growing at an enormous pace and we want to get you connected with its OGs.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Podkāsts par mārketinga un reklāmas pasauli nopietni izklaidējošā mērcē.

  • It is about taking control of finances and making life cool

  • The Quest for Epic Customer Support is a podcast for everyone who understands that customer support should prioritize effectiveness over efficiency, empathy over automation, and a transformational relationship over a transactional one. Each episode will explore the darkest hours in a customer’s journey through conversations with the customer support superstars who live to illuminate the path forward. If you understand that customer support isn’t just a cost center, it’s a loyalty center, then you’ve come to the right place.
    Welcome to The Quest for Epic Customer Support!

  • WallStJunky is a podcast and community founded by two veterans and is centered around common sense investing and responsible financial decision-making for the younger generation. WallStJunky is hosted by Joshua Lutkemuller, CFA with episodes and other content released weekly. Topics discussed in this community include financial markets, personal finance, behavioral finance, long-term investing, and real estate. The intent behind each piece of content released is to make our listeners more competent and rational in the markets. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/wallstjunky/support

  • The entrepreneur life is exciting and scary and there are days when you wonder if you’re on the right track. That’s why Sandra Scaiano is bringing you the Long Game podcast. Her philosophy; showing up, doing the work and being all in has served her and her clients for years. She’s unapologetically taking a stand for women who know they’ve got something to offer. This podcast will provide perspective, encouragement and a dose of real. Sandra’s clients depend on her brilliant, always honest insights. Now you can get that too. Show up for the conversation about business and life delivered with Sandra’s Jersey-girl style.

  • Welcome to the Direct Approach with Wayne Moorehead, an exclusive podcast by DSN where Wayne shares candid and insightful conversations with leading corporate executives about today’s evolving direct sales channel.

    Tune in every other Thursday for timely insights and relevant takeaways.

  • Подкаст о цифровой рекламе на стыке маркетинга и технологий. Говорим с интересными людьми со всего мира на русском языке.

    Автор: Артем Родичев

  • Immer wieder ergeben Befragungen, dass ein Großteil der Deutschen keinen Schimmer von wirtschaftlichen Zusammenhängen hat. Sowohl bei volkswirtschaftlichen, wirtschaftspolitischen aber auch betriebswirtschaftlichen und unternehmerischen Themen herrscht gefährliches Halbwissen!
    Damit wollen wir Schluß machen!
    In jeder Folge behandeln wir wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Themen sowohl theoretisch, als auch tagesaktuell, aber immer mit Humor um das Verständnis für diese Themen zu erweitern.

    Die Inhalte können überdies hilfreich beim Bestehen einer IHK- Fachwirteprüfung oder Klausuren an der Hochschule sein.

  • For the past decade, Host Balazs W Kardos has been quietly mentoring thousands of open minded people from 100+ countries how to unlock their Freedom with high ticket direct sales generating $500+ Million in sales online.

    After becoming free by 30 and a decade of real world experience with a track record of proven results. BWK finally felt ready and called to share his philosophies, stories and conversations with you in this life changing podcast.

    The Diamond Life Mentor™ aims to teach you the Mindset & Skillset to Optimize your Life & Business so you can create the Freedom Lifestyle you’ve always desired.

    It’s time to be entertained while making yourself a little bit better every episode.

    Tune in and Subscribe to The Diamond Life Mentor ™ Podcast.

    Learn more at www.balazswkardos.com
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  • Hosted by Climate Focused Bond Fund Portfolio Manager @Annika Lombardi, Green Shoots delivers short, accessible discussions of how Lord Abbett’s investment teams collaborate to make key Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) decisions