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  • Every Friday morning the nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddick Morning Show (https://www.KiddNation.com) has an official Radio DJ (http://www.RadioDJs.com) "Flush The Format" by mashing up a bunch of songs from various musical genres into a fun mix for their listeners.  

  • It Girl Theory is a podcast hosted by stunningly gorgeous pseudo-intellectual b*tches Kaitlin Eleanor Gleason and Martha Fearnley. They examine the cultural, psychological and political contributions of it girls throughout history in order to chart a Theory of the It Girl.

  • A podcast about New Zealand's Southern Pro Wrestling promotion. The SPW commentary team David Dunn & Tyler King break down the biggest matches, preview SPW's flagship events, and bring you interviews with the stars of SPW - past, present and future!

  • In Ghana, types of cloth and the design of textiles are about more than just fashion. Woven Kente cloth is a great status symbol, marking wealth and, in the past, office - something to be worn on important occasions and by important people. Adinkra is a printed fabric, hand-made and worn mainly for funerals, which are very important celebrations in Ghana. The tracks on this album introduce the Kente weavers and Adinkra workers, show the creative processes behind the textiles they make, and reveal how traditional designs remain relevant. This material is taken from The Open University Course A216 Art and its histories.

  • Artists! Need some support? Strategies for navigating your life and your work? Accountability and deadlines? We all do! Here is a podcast for you.

    Beth Pickens is an arts consultant in Los Angeles, California. She's the author of two self-help books for artists, and for over 10 years has helped clients navigate the complexities of being an artist in the modern world.

    This season, on MIND YOUR PRACTICE we'll tackle the question "Does my art matter?", discuss strategies for focus and productivity, asking for help, showing and sharing yourself, and so much more.

  • The Dead Club Podcast is an 8 part podcast series that brings to life British band, Tunng’s ground-breaking collaborative musical project, Dead Club: a meditation on loss and a riotous trip through life in all its goodness, oddness and wonder. 


    We have interviewed people who have studied death, written about it, and documented it, but also those whose lives have touched it and have been close to it as well those for whom death is all in a day’s work. In this podcast series we’ll hear their voices. We’ll hear from Philosopher AC Grayling, author, Max Porter, illusionist, Derren Brown, musician Speech Debelle, author and palliative care Physician Kathryn Mannix, philosopher and writer Alain De Botton, poetry editor of the New Yorker, Kevin Young and Professor of Forensic Anthropology, Dame Sue Black. Each episode will present one of these conversations in depth, in all its detail. Underpinning and punctuating each episode is a soundscape formed from the new music we're creating for this album, as well as our own voices talking about the subject and what it means to us. There will also be some silliness and some spontaneity and some of that beautiful and unique wonkiness that makes us Tunng.

    If you or somebody you know needs support in relation to any aspect of death, dying or grief you may find the following sites useful.






    Tunng Presents The Dead Club Podcast is a Stabl production and was made possible in part thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

    Pre-order the Tunng Presents Dead Club album here http://smarturl.com/deadclub

  • Bestselling indie author Steff Green shares the highs, lows, and adventures of her self-publishing journey. Learn how to tell your story, find your audience, and build a badass author brand.

  • We Eat Art is a podcast featuring the most in-depth one-on-one interviews with contemporary artists available on the internet. Hosts John Mejias and Zak Smith talk to a wide variety of fellow painters, sculptors, installation artists and other art-world figures about their lives, techniques, philosophies, and biographies. It's also funny.

  • Goodbye Crop Top is a place where women can come to understand how beautiful it is just to be... to be your age but do it with gumption, and strength, and to look damn good in the process.

  • David Morrissey - star of The Walking Dead, Britannia and The Singapore Grip talks to performers from Film, Theatre and TV about what happened before, during and after one significant role in their career.

  • With this podcast, I will be reading my favorite creepypasta and scary stories to you. The creepypasta and scary stories that really get under my skin. As well as talking about it and trying to explain as best I can. I'm sorry if my reading is a little unexperienced but I do hope you enjoy!

  • From a young single woman who puts her love life in the hands of her dry cleaner, to a father who proudly teaches his children how to be cheap, to an American veteran of Afghanistan who imagines how he will one day teach his newborn son to never sign up for a meaningless war, Saved By A Story Podcast is brimming with riveting, sometimes hilarious, often moving and always inspiring ten-minute-or-less stories on a theme. The stories are all recorded live at the Saved By A Story Salon in the intimate setting of a private home in Los Angeles. Founder and curator, Kathy Katims was inspired to share stories, build community, and raise money to help under resourced people tell their stories.Saved By A Story Podcast is soul food for people who gravitate to well written, compelling and life affirming stories.

  • Hosted by Kei Maye, a digital content creator and creative coach, the Creative Champs podcast serves as an informal but straight talking resource to help you kickstart your creative careers and stay sane doing it.Champs - in short - gives you all the creative advice you don't get in uni. Almost like a VIP backstage pass, but without the famous people.Stories, lessons learned, resources & tips all bundled up into sweet, digestible chunks; So whether you're a freelancer, creative entrepreneur or work within the visual arts sector - this podcast has all the tools needed to give you a head start.

  • A ravenous pandemic. A ruinous recession. Protests, riots, racial strife, police brutality. And, of course, Donald Trump. The turmoil and upheaval roiling America in 2020 is the subject of Hell & High Water with John Heilemann. Through a series of conversations with the people shaping our culture — in politics, entertainment, business, technology, sports, food, and beyond — best-selling author and TV host John Heilemann (Game Change, Double Down, Showtime's The Circus) explores how the country is grappling with this apocalyptic moment and its existential stakes... and attempting to pull through and rise above it.

  • Our food system isn't broken, it was designed this way. And if it was designed this way, then it’s time for a redesign. That’s why we created this podcast. We believe in dialogue, collaboration, and creative inquiry, and talking to the people who are building the food systems we’ll need in the future ... right now. Let's dig in. For more info, visit www.ideo.com/food

  • Welcome to the Typism podcast. I’m your host Dominique Falla and I founded Typism in 2013 as a way to help my students, and creatives like you build a thriving community, share inspirational work, and create a sustainable business from your love of lettering.

    This podcast brings together some of the best lettering artists from around the world to share their creative journey with you. We go deep on topics related to the creative mindset, building your profile as a lettering artist, and the business of lettering.

    You can stay up-to-date on all the latest episodes by following us on Instagram @Typism.

  • ‘Sapper’, the pseudonym of Colonel. H.C. McNeile M.C. was one of the most popular English writers of thrillers between the two world wars. And Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond was his most popular leading character. This book, the first of the series, is of its time. Opinions are expressed which would not pass muster today and the books are strongly laced with jingoism, racial stereotypes and hostile references to foreigners. Naturally all the villains are masters of disguise and invariably put off murdering the hero until later whist they think of something absolutely beastly. Nevertheless the story is a good one and well told. (Summary by AJM)

  • Matthew Hayden, former Australian cricketer and self-confessed foodie, cooks up a conversation with some well-known Australians. Each episode is one guest, three dishes and the stories that go with them. Everyone has stories about the meals they've eaten. They're the tales behind incredible meals you ate in exotic locations on overseas adventures or the last meal you ever shared with a loved one.

  • Welcome to FOCUS & FACETS, my name is Julia Kelleher; former news anchor turned portrait photographer with a serious passion for business. Each week we’ll rotate through new business and creative educational topics. Interviews with fellow photography entrepreneurs, and inspiring you with all the tips, tricks, and knowledge you need to up-level your business no matter what stage of the game you’re in. So, dive in, listen with intent and let's #dothework. Focus on your career from every angle!