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  • Are you ready to drink less and change your relationship with alcohol forever?

    Successful women everywhere are drinking more alcohol more frequently. Society tells us that drinking is a normal way to handle stress and anxiety and is a fun, easy way to reward ourselves at the end of a long day. But drinking too much keeps us from living the healthy, connected, joyful life we really want.

    Every day Dr. Sherry Price helps women transform their desire to drink with simple, powerful, cognitive-based tools. You’ll learn to trust yourself around alcohol and choose whether - and how much - to drink without feeling deprived or broken.

    You deserve to feel like yourself again. Get started today at and check out for show notes and more.

  • Scientists are racing to create a vaccine to end the Covid-19 pandemic.But creating a workable vaccine is just the start. Tim Harford is your guide to this epic global undertaking.

  • Top tips on all aspects of perioperative care from some of the world's experts, working together to enhance surgical recovery.

    Brought to you by TopMedTalk.

  • The Fruitful Fifteen is a free and evidence-based health coaching show that can help you create your best, most healthy life. Jen and Sarah are health coaches with serious credibility who provide listeners with techniques, tools, and tricks for actionable change. Together, these two coaches show you how to make any 15 minutes the most fruitful in a journey toward healthy living!

  • Welcome to the PHIT Society Podcast, a place where we all phit. Join your hosts Nikki Snow and Rachael Babiracki each week as they record an impactful conversation exploring a more human side of fitness, health, and wellness. From tackling hard subjects to interviewing experts in the field, this podcast drives a conversation to reframe fitness and wellness as a positive, empowering, and enlightening part of YOUR life. You are the hero of this story, we are here to help you shine. PHIT Society: Push Hard, Inspire Together.

  • World renowned bodybuilder and fitness legend Kai Greene, aka Mr. Getting It Done, sits down to share secrets on mindset, health and fitness, and achieving personal goals like he has never done before. Listen in while Kai explores what it takes to be the best in all areas of life and how his mantra “thoughts becomes things” supports greatness. Kai wants you to wake up every day inspired and ready to conquer your dreams. There’s a lot of work to do and Kai is here to make sure we are all getting it done. Executive Producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr., The Direct Message Network.

  • The information presented in Healthy Focus podcasts are for educational use only. They are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. They are not intended to replace any medical advice from your doctor. References are given at the end of the episodes. Enjoy listening and learning! Support this podcast:

  • This podcast focuses on all things fitness, relationships & lifestyle. Zach & Bailey's goal is to help you through your fitness journey, help you become the best version of you & of course make you laugh :)

  • The reality…today it’s our fight with - ME/cfs, tomorrow it could be you. Our bodies fall ill, we lose control and it’s NOT our fault. Mental strength is a ‘work in progress’. We learn two things from life courage and fear, but does this mean we are prepared to fail or to win? This is a journey of self-discovery, sharing real life struggles, the highs and the lows, as I recreate a future that includes the new ME and inspires sustainable living. But is a business mentor the right decision or is it a myriad, a magic wand-only time will tell. My Revival is my way forward to Unlocking our Visibility!

  • Essentially Quinny is a podcast to help you learn more about your body and all the things that affect your health.
    I have more than 12 years experience in the Natural Health field working with practitioners and doctors and speaking all over the world.
    With more and more people wanting to take responsibility for their health and well being, I am bringing weekly episodes to you so you can make informed choices towards your good health.

  • Listen to a flawed human talk about his life without alcohol as he shares his unproductive thinking but wait can’t you get that literally anywhere? Well now you can get it in your house alone. Are you alone? Lonely? I’m here for you.

  • In this podcast - from Lift learn love productions- Ben Rogers and Libby Daniels present LADIES AND BENJAMIN where you will hear personal trainer vs client real talk! With female guests, we will delve into the often-embarrassing realm of bodily functions, fitness and lifestyle.
    So join us while we break down barriers, expose ourselves and tackle being imperfect in a seemingly ‘insta-perfect’ world.

  • Martin Harris is the creator of Nutrition Medicine - a game-changing movement that is shifting the way we view conventional medicine, complementary medicine, and the union of the two. Martin is also a fountain of health and wellness knowledge, and a multi-award winning Pharmacist, Nutrition Medicine Practitioner and Author. With the Nutrition Medicine Podcast, Martin wants to help even more people become aware of what’s possible: how good they can feel, how well they can be - and that there are other options, beyond drugs and conventional medicine.

  • The podcast about all things sex, love and relationships! ...but mostly sex.

  • At DePuy Synthes, we believe developing the Future Leaders of tomorrow, is our priority today. Aspiring orthopaedic surgeons spend years practicing and perfecting their skills and education is a life-long learning journey that begins with knowledge and basic skill building and culminates into advanced surgical technique refinement for predictable, reproducible patient outcomes.

  • I believe there is more to health than just kale and ab workouts. In order to truly elevate our health and vibrate at a higher level, we must address every pillar. Together we'll chat not just nutrition and training, but mindset, spirituality, personal development, relationships and money to satisfy every aspect of our holistic health.

    Let's get woo woo together on our journey to becoming our Elevated Self.

  • A weekly (hopefully) conversations about bikepacking, training, nutrition and mental health.

    Subscribe and share to be inspired by conversations with weekend warriors and elite athletes alike.

  • Cât de multe crezi că știi despre viitoarea ta carieră medicală? Știi cu ce se ocupă, de fapt, rezidenții din specialitatea pe care ți-o dorești? Chiar, știi specialitatea pe care ți-o dorești? Și mai mult, ce se întâmplă imediat după rezidențiat? Cum arată medicină în afara centrelor universitare în care cu toții ne formăm? Cum arată viața de medic specialist într-un oraș obișnuit din România? Organizația Studenților Mediciniști din Cluj nu vrea să vă direcționeze pe o cale sau alta, spre anumite specialități sau orașe, ci vrea ca alegerea pe care o faceți (și pe care cu toții o vom face) să fie una informată, cu date reale și actuale de la oameni sinceri. Astfel, venim alături de studenții, absolvenții și rezidenții din domeniul sănătății, sprijinindu-i să diferențieze adevărul de mit și ajutându-i să-și confrunte așteptările cu realitatea sistemului medical. În cadrul acestui podcast, vom discuta cu medici rezidenți din diferite centre universitare și cu medici specialiști/primari din afara acestora, astfel încât să ne conturăm o imagine mai clară asupra ce înseamnă rezidențiatul pentru o anumită specialitate și ce urmează după, mai ales în contextul în care puțini dintre noi rămân să profeseze în centrele universitare. Pentru sugestii, opinii și colaborări, ne puteți scrie pe

  • From the basics to the biology, join hosts Tegan Yorwarth and Danika Revell as theysmash the stigma surrounding periods, and dive head first into period topics we don'ttalk about enough.With sensitivity, personal stories, and guests from around Aotearoa, this podcast is forbloody everyone, whether you get a period or not.

  • Mikkipedia is an exploration in all things health, well being, fitness, food and nutrition. I sit down with scientists, doctors, professors, practitioners and people who have a wealth of experience and have a conversation that takes a deep dive into their area of expertise. I love translating science into a language that people understand, so while some of the conversations will be pretty in-depth, you will come away with some practical tips that can be instigated into your everyday life. I hope you enjoy the show!