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  • Change of Air is a weekly resource that offers a safe community, practical tools and powerful mind+body practices for adult children of alcoholics. Change of Air is hosted by Callie Miller, daughter of two alcoholics. She grew up in a home that was disordered, dysfunctional, unsafe for her and her brother, and deeply confusing. It took her years to unpack how growing up in an alcoholic home can affect every aspect of your life. She's now offering all of the tools, both traditional and modern, eastern and western, that helped her heal. This podcast will be a light to you as you navigate your own healing. You are seen and known and loved and supported. It is safe here.

  • Welcome to the Level Up Podcast with Aaron Petty & Paige Taylah.Our goal with this podcast is to dive into how we as humans can live more intentional, ethical & sustainable lives. And also how we can come into harmony with, ourselves, others & the earth in the process.

  • Oaks Church Brooklyn is a non-denominational Christian church in Brooklyn, NY. We live out the vision of In Brooklyn as it is in Heaven by our three pillars of Formative Encounter, Merciful Presence and Pilgrim Community. Gathering are Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Visit us online at

  • Rethinking God with Tacos is Derek Turner and Jason Clark, two guys who really like tacos discovering that God is like Jesus; that God is love and His love is better than our greatest thoughts, better than our wildest imaginings, and even better than our best biblical understanding; just two guys and some amazing guests, rethinking.

  • Many of the struggles of pastoral ministry go unseen. Along with the joys of serving our churches come the challenges of conflict, fear, and criticism. In the midst of these, pastors care for souls, preach the Word, and attempt to live healthy lives with our families and friends.
    On The Art of Pastoring, join Jared Wilson and Ronnie Martin as they reflect on their decades of experience in ministry, engaging in frank and vulnerable conversation on lessons learned and pathways discovered as they’ve sought to follow Jesus and pastor well.
    Jared Wilson is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Spurgeon College, Author in Residence at Midwestern Seminary, and Director of the Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church, all in Kansas City, MO. He has authored over twenty books, including the forthcoming Gospel-Driven Ministry (2021, Zondervan).
    Ronnie Martin is the founder and lead pastor of Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio. In addition to co-hosting the popular Happy Rant Podcast, Ronnie also serves on the church multiplication board for the EFCA and does pastoral care and connection for the Sojourn Network. His most recent book is "The Best Gift Ever Given" (Harvest House 2019). 

  • Archives of the weekly Character in Context radio program. Historical Bible context and character. Updated Friday afternoon.

  • Podcast dedicated to discussion and recitations of Hindu scripture, including it's relevance to the Hindu-American Community.

  • Welcome to Venn Presents, a series of conversations on the depth and richness of the Christian tradition, as we attempt to outwork it in our 21st century lives. Through this collection, host Sam Bloore and members of the Venn Foundation team will present aspects of their work and reflection, as well as that of the wider Venn community.

    Each short series will run across two or three episodes and the topics will be wide-ranging: from exploring Christian faith or doctrine; to engagement with wider culture, like business, the arts, education, music, and sport; and even discussing features of community and family life.
    Our hope is these conversations will, in some small way, help us all to re-imagine how the Master’s Gospel might sound in the communities and callings we find ourselves in today.

    For more on Venn Foundation's work and resources, go to

  • Verse by Verse and Chapter by Chapter study of God's Holy Word.

  • Lisa Marie, aka Shakti Ma, channels the Divine Mother essence -Shakti- in the form of words, energy, and sound. Shakti is the energy of creation, power, force, transformation, and the underlying conduit of all that is. It is tender, loving, compassionate yet raw, fearless, and truthful.

    From a space of love & compassion, Shakti Ma brings this energy through for healing and transformation. Its multidimensional capacity enables healing on all levels of consciousness through its Divine Intelligence and alchemy. Shakti Ma serves those who are ready for transformation, those who seek the truth, and those who are prepared to connect to higher versions of the Self.

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  • A show for unapologetic members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • Slova dávají podobu našim myšlenkám. Jsou to mocná zaklínadla a umí v lidech probouzet něco, co možná ani netušíme, že v nás spí. Jmenuji se Mickey a zvu vás k probuzení vaší jiskry skrze povídání, která zde povedeme. 𓁺𓍢𓁺


  • Global Prophetic Forecast is designed for you to hear what God is saying and doing in the nations. Host Joshua Giles has traveled to over 30 nations prophesying and preaching the Gospel. The testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10). This show is dedicated to revealing the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Host Joshua, will teach you to hear God and to be used by God in the area of your calling. Each episode will contain a prophetic forecast of what God is saying for your life and the world. Join as Joshua will share personal experiences, ministry stories, and host special guests that you will enjoy.

  • Join Ricky Watson on his journey through the Scriptures! With over 20 years of being an avid Bible student and teacher this is one podcast you cannot afford to miss. If you want understanding of the Bible, then Ricky has a unique ability of making the complex, simple. On this podcast the host could be going through a book of the Bible, a topic in the Bible or why we even need the Bible in today’s world. Support this podcast:

  • Dr. Bobby Conway, The One Minute Apologist, gives credible answers to Christians curious questions

  • The Two Cities is a podcast dedicated to Theology, Culture, and Discipleship. This podcast originally began as a blog back in 2011 (, and now we are extending our eclectic array of theological integration to the world of podcasting. Contributors include professors, PhD students, and pastors based around the world.

  • RevTalk: The Mihinare Podcast is hosted by the Venerable Michael Tamihere, the Reverend Canon Christopher Douglas-Huriwai, and Brother Zhane Tahau Whelan, KE. Michael and Chris are both Mihinare (Maori Anglican) priests, and Zhane is Prior of the Society of Emanuera, the only Maori Anglican religious society in the world. Covering everything from history, to interviews, to theology, to current events. As Mihinare we understand that our Christian faith is intertwined with our Maori understandings and that they can both nurture and critique one another, as well as provide a way to deal with the dominant global culture that the world now faces. This podcast is a ministry of, and proudly supported by Te Rau Theological College.