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  • Everyone’s heard of Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged partner in crime). But there’s a shadowy figure who hangs above her who you likely don’t know: her father, media tycoon Robert Maxwell. His rise from nothing to fall… from the deck of his super yacht under mysterious circumstances is straight out of a crime novel. His favorite daughter Ghislaine’s theory: her father was murdered.

    From Somethin’ Else, makers of ‘The Immaculate Deception’ and ‘The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq’, hosted by Investigative journalist Tara Palmeri, ‘Power: The Maxwells’ is a seven part series on the incredible true story of a media mogul whose legacy is still being felt today.

  • True crime and everything paranormal mixed together by two New England colleges girls just trying to make their way through life, one spooky case at a time.

  • I’m Maja - welcome to a different spin on true crime comedy! In my stories, a person decides to commit to a bad deed, by all means necessary. We know the who, the when , the what and the where. What we try to get to is the motive. We go backwards from the discovery of the crime, as true armchair detectives, while Maja does her best to put you in the shoes of a character in the story. And to stop talking to herself in third person or in general. Join her to get to the bottom of the motives, by all means necessary.

  • From the minds that brought you Captain&Morgan, Crimepedia is an independently-produced weekly true crime podcast hosted by Cherry and Morgan. Launched in August 2020, Crimepedia covers solved and cold criminal cases, as well as other mysteries.

  • A mother-daughter duo with an obsession with true crime, supernatural, and adult beverages (don’t judge) decided to make a podcast!

  • Conspiracy Real separates the light from the dark to expose the truth on conspiracy theories. We host a balanced discussion to reach the heart of the truth. There are no hidden agendas or biases just pure truth seeking with Conspiracy Real. With a decade of research and no pulls this podcast navigates you to the light. Controversial conclusions on 9 11 and JFK are promised.

  • This is about real life missing person Brianna Maitland. Brianna went missing from Montgomery, Vermont in America on March 19th, 2004. She has never been seen since. If you have any information please contact the Vermont State Police at vsp.vermont.gov/tipsubmit. Or the private investigators on this show: hopsicker@gmail.com, chiefbarry@gmail.com

    These episodes were originally published on Crawlspace & Missing Maura Murray. This feed is for ease of search-ability. Visit http://crawlspace-media.com/ for more.

  • If someone you love is diagnosed with cancer you want them to get the best treatment from the best doctors. In 2013, patients in Michigan thought Farid Fata was that doctor. Between his prestigious education, years of experience and pleasant bedside manner, Fata was everything you could want in a doctor. But he was not who he appeared to be. From Wondery, this is the story of hundreds of patients in Michigan, a doctor, and a poisonous secret.

    Laura Beil, returns with a second season of the award-winning series “Dr Death.”

    Dr. Death Season 2 Premieres on October 27th

  • What’s Missing is a brand new podcast that explores the wide-reaching, devastating impacts that occur when someone disappears without a trace. Hosted by Loren O’Keeffe, the founder and CEO of the Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN), the series features interviews with family members and loved ones of missing Australians, going beyond the headlines to provide a deep, unflinching insight into their searches and struggles.

  • A new Podcast that focuses on international cases not covered in the American media.

  • Jesse Mulligan talks with investigators, journalists and others about major crimes in New Zealand

  • महागाथा- एक शूरवीर की, जिन्होंने सदियों से गुलामी झेल रहे लोगो को दिखाया स्वराज्य का नया सूरज और रचा एक अमर इतिहास। भारतवर्ष के इतिहास में सुवर्ण अक्षरों से लिखा गया प्रसिद्ध महापराक्रमी वीर मराठा श्री छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज, जिनके स्मरण मात्र से ही हर हिन्दुस्तानी का सीना गर्व से चौड़ा हो जाता है । एक सच्चे वीर योद्धा, कुशल रणनीतिकार और प्रबुद्ध सम्राट का दूसरा नाम जणता राजा - शिवाजी महाराज था । एक एसा व्यतित्व जिनका जीवन संघर्ष और त्याग से परिपूर्ण था । राजमाता जीजाबाई के शिवबा से लेकर भारतवर्ष के श्री छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज बनने तक का सफर आसान नहीं था । उनका जीवन अग्नि-पथ के समान था, जिन्हे देश, धर्म, मानवता तथा स्त्री जाति के सम्मान की रक्षा हेतु लिए गए अपने संकल्प के प्रति पग-पग पर द्रढता और सच्चाई का प्रमाण देना पड़ा । एसे महान सम्राट की अनसुनी बहुत गाथा है जो आज भी लोगों को पता नहीं है । छत्रपती शिवाजी राजे सहृदय, क्षमाशील, दयावान, धैर्यवान, धर्मज्ञ, न्यायी एवं सत्य का पालन करने वाले महापुरुष थे । सुनिए शेरदिल योद्धा, वीरो के वीर, श्री छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज की साहस से भरी कहानी सिर्फ PocketFM पर।

  • A true-crime podcast focusing primarily in Hawaii but will touch on other areas of the USA and the world. Listener discretion advised. Please hit that subscribe button, and please tell a friend about this podcast, Mahalo. The first several episodes are kind of bad, please bear with me.

    New episodes Bi-Weekly.

  • The true story of how two sisters find themselves living in their own true crime story and how they turned the tables on a serial Conman.

  • At some point in our life we will work with someone who makes going to work a living hell. Someone so difficult and intense that we become riddled with anxiety and stress.

    Sam Blacker gets people to anonymously share their stories of the truly worst possible coworkers and bosses and retells it with names and some details changed.

    And while some parts are changed, the one thing that remains the same is that the truly nightmarish coworkers can be found in any job.

    Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/i-work-with-a-nightmare.

  • From the Dark Age's bloodied scaffolds to the Victorian Era's smoggy streets and further, Mania presents a theatre of the macabre. Each episode focuses on true stories from the perspectives of monsters, villains, and antagonists of all shades. I am your host, Harlequin Grim, and welcome to my theatre.