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  • Earned Not Given is a podcast meant for those who want more. The dreamers, the ones filled with gratitude and the 1%. Now creating a drive to do so and take action? Leave that up to each episode while we conquer this adventure of life together. Earning what is meant for you will be the #1 priority. Find more of the host on our social @kaykay_c209. Dare to dream.

  • At 36, Jose Feron “Dodong” Cacanando was on his way to corporate success as assistant country manager of Hewlett-Packard Philippines.

    Then God spoke to him and told him to go to Mindanao, the Philippines to start a farm in Bukidnon.

    He obeyed the Lord and helped create an abundant farm -coming from non-agricultural roots - nothing short of a miracle.

    Today Dodong is a sought after keynote speaker around the world because of his experience in merging both the word of God and Business and Agriculture.

    Dodong is also an author of three books.

    This podcast is a collection of his rare talks.

  • If you’re like us, you know that network marketing is an amazing opportunity to grow a powerful asset for your family.

    It’s a way for you to build a legacy that outlasts you and allows you to use your God-given gifts to pay it forward. It’s your key to true freedom.

    But at some point, you probably hit a dead end. You’ve realized that the old-school network marketing tactics aren’t working as well as they used to:

    Your warm list has dried up. It takes you using a cattle prod to get anyone in your downline to do anything. You don’t want to keep bugging friends and family that want nothing to do with your opportunity.

    Those are just a few of the blaring problems we all face today. This podcast will show you how real network marketers like us are changing the face of the industry.

    This show gives you the shocking tactics and strategies that we’ve used to get the RIGHT people begging to join our team even while we’re sleeping.

    In other words, these are the secrets you can use to finally start building your home-based business… from home.

    Get ready to build an amazing asset that empowers you to enjoy your faith, family, and freedom to the fullest.

    We're Don and Kimmi Abad, a second-generation husband-and-wife team with over a decade of experience building our network marketing business.

    This Your Sovereign Downline.

  • Sovereign is dedicated to discussing FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM and why we need more storytellers to promote these three pillars of a person's life.

    The show features long-form conversations with thought leaders and industry experts in business, media & entertainment, education, health & fitness, politics, theology, and more.

  • Occupational Hazards is a series of candid conversations with inspiring people. They get real about the day-to-day highs and lows of their calling. Whether you want to demystify your dream job or simply enjoy getting a peek into other people's work lives, this is the podcast for you!

  • The Breakthrough Mastermind Show goes behind the scenes of six-plus figure entrepreneurs to learn what made the biggest difference for them reaching their current levels of success.

  • Tricia Kerns, lecturer in Governors State University's College of Business and associate director of the Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator, interviews logistics leaders and owners of businesses of all sizes. Located thirty miles south of Chicago, Governors State University is located in the logistics hub of Illinois.

  • This podcast tackles the in and outs of VA Life and how The VA Hub helps VAs jump-start their career as a VA.

  • Listen in to the stories and realities about our IP farmers, the local coffee scene, and what the youth can do to help through MugKwentuhan Tayo!, a four-part podcast series brought to you by AIESEC in UPLB and The Dream Coffee, and made possible by the drive of all the volunteers to inspire and initiate change.

  • Welcome to the Happy Clients Podcast, brought to you by DOT and Company. The world's best team of Client Account Managers for digital marketing agencies.

    Whether you're a virtual assistant, an agency owner, or a client-facing account manager — we all deal with clients. Lucky for you, client management is what we do best.

    We’re DOT and Co.— digital marketers turned client managers. Once a digital marketing agency like yours, now we’re here to help you do what we did for ourselves: Create experiences that make your clients weak in the knees.

  • The message is coming loud and clear. Customers want more! More respect, more choice, and more help!
    And they also want less! Less hassle, fewer procedures, less aggravation.

    They want a better experience every time they deal with you.

    Please join us to learn how to deliver that โ€œmoreโ€ and that "less" to your customers.

    Each week, trailblazing experts in Customer Experience will share what's new, what's exciting and what you can do to transform how your customers perceive you and your company.

    Interactive, provocative, test out new ideas, remember classic wisdom. Hear and be heard.
    Visit our blog at

  • KAM talks about strengthening relationships with your client with a focus on 4 C model

  • Two friends, one in the US and one in South Korea, get together in their different timezones and talk about business and life with ADHD.

  • Hi, browser! Let's talk about life, love, adulting, relationships, and anything under the sun.

  • True scary stories shared by those who experienced them. These are real-life horror stories about strange and unexplained paranormal encounters. New episodes Wednesdays at 5 p.m. PST/ 8 p.m. EST

  • The Alpha Women’s Guide teaches dynamic, high-achieving women self-development tools and techniques to succeed in attracting and selecting the right high-value man. Join Sheila, Dating, and Relationship Influencer as she shares thought-provoking insights, and a practical approach to dating that will boost your confidence and empower you to date on your terms. This journey will challenge your perspective and give you the key to unlocking your most powerful self while dating. Tune in every week as Sheila dives into juicy topics, gives you the inside scoop, and answers your burning questions.

  • Migs and Neil are two online besties that met during the pandemic and talked too much until they reached the point of creating a podcast.

    Explore the inner ramblings of the minds of two young Filipino Gen-Z professionals as they talk about subjects that you'll be excited to ponder about.

  • Lets talk about gayness in the Philippines. Listen every night and discover the uniqueness of gayworld of the Filipinos.

  • Welcome to the Fam! We are Dreus and Love Cosio, book authors “Love Connect: The Couple’s Language to a Happy Marriage”. In this podcast, we share lessons we learned and continue to learn in our journey as a married couple with the aim of deepening listeners’ marriage, faith, parenting and life relationships. Allow us to help you resolve conflict, deepen your love and be enlightened by the practical insights we share from real-life stories... because LOVE CONNECTS! โค๏ธ