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  • Welcome to The Champion Mindset Podcast hosted by Stacy "Bama" Burr, who in 2019 put it all on the line to become the #1 ranked powerlifter in the world (#BITW). This is the #1 spot to find the motivation to grind out that one last rep, and the courage to take bigger and bigger steps towards being a better version of you. This is The Champion Mindset Podcast.

  • Conversații cu antreprenori, inovatori și pionieri cu povești remarcabile despre gândirea și experiența umană din spatele performanței, victoriile, căderile, strategiile, practicile, fricile și emoția din business.
    Parte a interviurilor sunt înregistrate live, în sala Teatrului Apollo 111.

  • Acquiring a profitable business can be one of the fastest ways to success. However, it can also be quite challenging.

    Join business acquisition and growth strategist Bruce Whipple as he shares the strategies, tips, and techniques gleaned from 25+ years and $50 Billion in cumulative wealth creation for himself, Dan Peña, QLA, and others.

    If you believe business acquisition is the path to success you want to take, this is the podcast for you!

  • The audio version of Siri Lindley's Bed Head Chronicles video series. Each episode is a few minutes long. My mission is to positively influence others, to help empower you by connecting you to your greatest strengths.

    By helping to guide you to your heart, your passion and your mission. Living your life from a place of love and not fear, and finding the courage, the strength and the ability to create the extraordinary life you dream of! I created this series as a small but important part of this mission. You can watch the full videos on my website

  • Go after the life you want and vlog like a boss! Support this podcast:

  • Gary Keller went from aspiring rock musician to leader of one of the most innovative companies in real estate. Think Like A CEO weaves a narrative of the business and life lessons, including developing business strategies, hiring the right people, and developing a culture that truly puts people first.

  • This is a companion podcast to the popular weblog Stock Picks Bob's Advice. Bob is an amateur investor who has 42 years of investing experience and shares with his audience some of his current picks and his actual trading portfolio on his weblog of the same name. New to podcasting, Bob has been blogging about stocks for over 6 years on his website and is enthusiastic about sharing a simple approach to understanding the complex world of stocks.

  • O InovaSocial surgiu com o objetivo de disseminar e fomentar conteúdos sobre inovação social. É um projeto do Instituto Sabin e desenvolvido pela Citrus Consultoria.

  • A jornada de cada empreendedor é feita de altos e baixos. Colocando-o todos os dias um desafio diferente, testando-o e levando-o ao limite. Cada empreendedor sabe que a evolução do seu negócio… É um trabalho em curso. E este, muitas vezes é um trabalho solitário… É um trabalho que precisa de algo mais forte por detrás. O meu nome é Ricardo Teixeira e sou um empreendedor como tu e proponho-me partilhar estratégias e tácticas que fazem crescer as pequenas empresas um pouco por todo o mundo.

  • Public Lectures and Seminars from the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. Humanity at the crossroads: Bringing together the best minds to tackle the toughest challenges of the 21st century.

  • A podcast by students of Stanford University's Business and Design Schools

  • Weekly interviews with women who are pioneers in their fields.

  • CEOs successfully leading growth companies require continual learning, new thinking and a guided approach. CEO BrainFood was created to be a resource and guide for entrepreneur founders and CEOs seeking insights and useful tools to help them build enterprise value, generate higher profits, and develop the talent needed to consistently win at the Great Game of Business.

  • The future of work is today. Are you ready? On The Future Proof Workplace, Dr. Linda Sharkey and Morag Barrett interview some of the best and brightest business minds on the future-oriented trends that are impacting workplaces and workforces, today.

  • aims to show the real people behind products and illustrate the passion and emotion product people have for their products. Product People are typically leaders, founders, co-founders or lead employees, who have a love for product management, product design or engineering. If you’d like to appear on this podcast, email me at

  • Bárbara Barroso é especialista em educação financeira e foi reconhecida como a autoridade #1 de Finanças Pessoais, em Portugal, pelo Canal História. Fundadora do laboratório de literacia financeira MoneyLab, Bárbara Barroso é consultora e palestrante internacional, além de comentadora de economia com experiência em imprensa, televisão e rádio. Já publicou 4 livros sobre finanças pessoais, é autora do blog As Dicas da Bá, além de mentora de vários programas de educação financeira e empreendedorismo. O Money Bar é um espaço onde se pretende falar sobre temas relacionados com dinheiro, de uma forma descontraída e descomplicada, quase como se fosse beber um copo com os amigos. Um podcast sobre finanças pessoais onde há espaço para reflexão, partilha, inspiração, conhecimento e até diversão.

  • HR Heroes by Breathe shares the stories of small businesses who recognise that their people are key to their business success.

    Join Jonathan Richards, CEO of Breathe, and his guests, as they discuss their people management stories.

    Covering everything from company culture to productivity and the future of work.

  • A collection of career development and leadership insights from INSEAD

  • Participants learn here about the key factors that impact the evolution of the company. Participants use analytical tools and develop a capacity to design organisational structures – management systems, organisation charts, departmental responsibilities – thanks to which specific problems can be solved from a global perspective.