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  • Join Grant Williams and his guests for a series of random walks around the fringes of finance and gain a better understanding of how the economic sands are shifting beneath our feet. https://www.grant-williams.com

  • Real conversations and practical advice for everyday leaders. Sit across the table from one of the foremost experts in leadership and business. In his simple and approachable style, Pat tackles every topic related to the world of work (and some that aren’t). From culture to teamwork to building world-class organizations, Pat brings his wisdom, humor, and insight together to provide actionable advice for leaders everywhere.

    For more on Pat and the Table Group, visit https://www.tablegroup.com

  • 3-4-5-regelen: Tre av fire startups er borte etter fem år. Er da gründere cocky og tror de skal lykkes der de fleste feiler? Eller er de rett og slett litt tøffere enn de trygghetssøkende? Og hvordan i all verden dukket ideen om å starte noe eget opp? I podcasten «Gründerpraten» skravler Finansavisens journalist Hilde Oreld med gründere og andre tøffinger både om veien hit, omveiene, snarveiene og veien videre.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Who decides which snacks are in your office’s vending machine? How much is a suburban elm tree worth, and to whom? How did Girl Scout Cookies become a billion-dollar business? In bite-sized episodes, journalist Zachary Crockett looks at quotidian things and finds amazing stories.

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  • Series podcast tập hợp những cuộc trò chuyện với các khách mời về công việc chuyên môn của họ, với mong muốn chia sẻ những góc nhìn thực tế và đa dạng về lĩnh vực truyền thông sáng tạo tại Việt Nam. Các kỳ podcast được đăng tải vào mỗi tối thứ Năm cách tuần.

    ⭐️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/meomeotalks
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    ⭐️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meomeotalks/

  • Michael Montgomery and Rev Real Estate School are here to teach real estate agents how to become successful in their careers and 2x your production while working 5 days per week by working your SOI. The real estate agent tips and tricks will benefit beginner agents and growing REALTORs® with marketing ideas, database marketing, social media, scripts, dialogues, habits, mindset, networking, skills, and negotiation.

  • Start loving Mondays! Marissa & Ken give you practical tips and proven strategies for increasing your focus so you can be more productive than ever before. Based on the proven Full Focus method used in the Full Focus Planner™, they'll help you banish distractions and get the right stuff done so you can start loving Mondays again. They also speak with guests and listeners who share their own productivity tips to help you make the most of every day. It's the most productive podcast on the internet!

  • Welcome to Career Revisionist with Dr. Grace Lee, dedicated to doers, dreamers, and realists who want more success and satisfaction in their life. This podcast is about answering one question: How can you build a fulfilling career where it’s all about doing work you love and growing your income without sacrificing your values.

  • Welcome to "Fitter. Faster. Future.," a podcast designed for the innovative minds in the business world. Each episode in our podcast targets a unique aspect of business agility and transformation, essential for those who lead and shape the enterprises of tomorrow.

    Fitter: Dive into the strategies, methods and thinking that fortify businesses, making them resilient and robust in the face of change. Here, we focus on organisational design, prioritisation, value realisation, transformation and leadership practices that build the foundation for enduring success.

    Faster: Speed is the currency of today's business landscape. These episodes accelerate your knowledge with insights on frameworks, health checks, agile practice, product management, DevOps and accelerated delivery that will keep you ahead of the curve.

    Future: Peer into the horizon with conversations that envision the future of business agility. From emerging technologies to goal setting, training, new capabilities and tooling. These episodes are for leaders who are not just participating in the future but are actively shaping it.

    Hosted by Real World, Senior Business Agility experts, this podcast brings together thought leaders, industry veterans, and innovative disruptors. Together, we dissect real-life case studies, explore transformative ideas, and deliver actionable insights.

    Whether you're a mid-level manager, a C-suite executive, or anyone passionate about business transformation, "Fitter. Faster. Future." is your weekly dose of expert knowledge and inspiration. Tune in to join our global community and redefine the landscape of modern business.

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  • Kênh Podcast chính thức của Spiderum - cộng đồng viết với tên gọi thân thương "Động Nhện" - địa bàn hoạt động của 50.000 thành viên, những người đã và đang tiếp tục đóng góp hơn 40.000 bài viết tại website spiderum.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/spiderum/support

  • The world's best podcast about the mindsets, behaviors, attitudes, and activities for the Appraisal, Real Estate, and Lending industries. Hosted by well known Real Estate and Appraiser Success Coach, Blaine Feyen, founder and CEO of the Real Value Group and Real Value Coaching Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Real Value Podcast covers a variety of topics involving all three of those businesses, as well as the topics of success, communication, leadership, balance, marketing, social media, SEO, NLP, and a bunch other awesome stuff!

  • Pragmatism in Practice addresses the challenges facing today’s digital leaders and gives practical approaches to overcoming them. We have candid conversations with a range of inspiring change-makers who share stories of becoming a modern digital business. 334660

  • Kingdom Real Estate Investors is the leading community for Kingdom leaders seeking to advance God's kingdom through real estate investing.

    Are you a Kingdom minded real estate investor who is seeking to advance God’s Kingdom outside the church walls? Do you desire to know how to live for Christ powerfully and boldly in the marketplace? Do you see capital as a means for influence? Is financial freedom just the halfway point for you on the path to greater kingdom impact?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the Kingdom REI podcast! In this show, Ellis brings on amazing Christian entrepreneurs and investors to talk about godly ambition, what it takes to be successful in business, real estate investing, using capital as a means for influence, how to stay grounded in your faith while growing in business, the kingdom of God, wealth building tips, financial education, and so much more!

    To learn more about our community of investors, visit TheKingdomREI.com

  • John Blank, the Chief Equity Strategist at Zacks Investment Research, takes a look at current market, economic, and industry trends going on around the world.

  • The Sports Entrepreneurs Podcast is an “audio biography” series with the leading Entrepreneurs and Movers & Shakers in the business of Sports & Esports of the past 40 years. Marcus drills deep into the career of his guests, what worked and what didn’t, the learning from the good, bad and ugly. Through his wide network, Marcus is able to host top guests from across the industry and from around the world. As a western Sports Entrepreneur operating in Asia for the past 25 years, it has a certain East-West flavour.

  • Each fortnight we take India’s most significant business and tech stories and strip away complexity, spin and PR and add unbiased analysis, simplicity and wit. The result is business stories and conversations that are both fun and insightful. Told by the trusted and experienced writers and editors of The Ken, India’s first and leading subscribers-only business publication, and hosted by Anushka and Olina.

  • Welcome to A Book with Legs podcast, hosted by Smead Capital Management. In each episode, the folks at Smead Capital Management explore value investing through an entirely unique lens, bringing in authors to discuss books that have directly or indirectly influenced the decisions the Smead team has made on their investments in stocks and equities. The podcast is for the curious-minded looking for worldly wisdom. Investing is the last great liberal art, and the team at Smead wants to learn as much as they can. Any level of investor, business person, or thinker, whether personally or professionally, will be intrigued and engaged by these discussions.

  • Podcast Mladý podnikatel nabízí stovky rozhovorů s úspěšnými podnikateli, zkušenými manažery, freelancery, odborníky, specialisty na osobní rozvoj a s mnoha dalšími osobnostmi. Všechny rozhovory najdete najdete i jako video na www.mladypodnikatel.cz. Moderátorem a zakladatelem podcastu je Jiří Rostecký. Pamatujte prosím, že všechna doporučení, informace, data, služby, reklamy nebo jakékoliv jiné sdělení zveřejněné v našich podcastech je pouze nezávazného charakteru a nejedná se o rady nebo doporučení z naší strany. Více zde: http://bit.ly/MPupozorneni

  • Get ready for the week ahead with Investopedia’s Editor in Chief, Caleb Silver, as he digs into the most important stories in finance and global economics. Through expert analysis, interviews with the biggest names in business, and educational breakdowns of the news that moves markets, The Investopedia Express preps you with the information you need to start your week in finance.