Wahre Kriminalfälle – Ukraine – Neue Podcasts

  • Just when you thought you had listened to every spooky true-crime podcast there is, Monique Sanchez and Amy Traydon come to you once a week as they discuss true tales of murder, mayhem, and all things that go bump in the night. Join them for Another Fucking Horror Podcast.

  • This is an election year unlike any other in ways that are unsettling and dangerous.  Unconventional Threat brings together exclusive interviews with newsmakers about everything that can happen between now and Inauguration Day, when it's possible we may still not have chosen a President. Journalist Peter Eisner and longtime State Department official Jonathan Winer will outline all the possibilities, including: 

    the use of the military; uncounted ballots; and one scenario where the House of Representatives picks the next President, with each state getting just one vote, no matter who wins the popular vote or leads the Electoral College.  

    Based on hard reporting, facts, and Constitutional Law, this series of 10 podcasts will prepare you for a very possible Unconventional Threat and delineate the steps we can take to come together as a nation to ensure that everyone has the chance to vote, their votes are counted, and the count is respected to create our national choice for President for the next four years.  

    Unconventional Threat is a project of Keep Our Republic  and is produced by District Productive.