• In this episode I am joined by Paul Rutter to talk about delighting and surprising your customers to deliver a remarkable experience. We draw on his experiences from his latest book " You can't make this ship up"

    You'll Learn:

    1. Why going above and beyond is the success of repeat business.
    2. How to delight your customers at every step of the journey.
    3. What sea based businesses can teach land based business

    About Paul:

    After spending over 25 years in the hospitality industry, Paul has discovered how to go beyond a “perfect” customer experience. Through teaching his audience to stop viewing perfect as an end goal, and instead see it as a starting line, Paul encourages companies to stop settling for delivering merely “perfect” service.

    Over the past three decades, as a Senior Executive, Paul has managed and guided some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world, taking him to speak on stages all over the globe where living with his customers, clients and co-workers was a way of life. His time on the high seas has taught him that through approaching customer service with the intent to exceed his customer’s expectations, rather than just meet them, higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and repeat business can be experienced.

    Paul is author of "Repeat Business, Inc: The Business of Staying in Business", an Advanced Communicator in Toastmasters International, and a member of the National Speakers Association.

    Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Boston University, and spent years as an educator before joining the hospitality industry. His time in the classroom gave him the skills to command a room and conduct productive and efficient workshops.

    His latest Book:

    "You can't make this ship up"

  • In this episode I am joined by Steve Gielda to discuss how we can all accelerate deals through the sales pipeline!

    You'll Learn:

    1. Why 65% of deals stall somewhere in the sales process
    2. How to qualify your deals early on in the sales process
    3. What are the key milestones in your buyer's journey

    About Steve Gielda

    Steve Gielda is the president and co-founder of Ignite Selling, a global sales performance improvement company enabling businesses to exceed their revenue goals by improving critical on-the-job behaviours. Steve has spent more than 20 years helping Fortune 1000 companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and IT industries to improve their sales performance. His emphasis on building and maintaining strong relationships and his focus on driving business results is what sets him apart with his clients. Steve began his career in sales with Lanier Worldwide, a document management solutions company, eventually becoming a regional manager. He was also vice president of sales and channel management at CTN, an office equipment manufacturing and distribution company.

    Learn more about Ignite Selling:


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  • In this episode I am joined by Crystal Franco-Nikosey to talk about how sales onboarding can be tailored to different personality types!

    You'll Learn:

    1. How "personality" ties into the success of your onboarding program
    2. How to leverage personality tests to make tweaks within your onboarding program
    3. Why onboarding is a continuous process of improvement

    About Crystal

    Crystal is a sales enablement leader with 6 years of enablement experience and 10 years of inside and field sales experience. she is now the sales enablement manager at cloud academy and prior, served as the director, customer enablement at early stage startup, tribyl inc.

    her passion is taking an outcome based approach to enablement. aligning all initiatives and programs to the business goals.

    crystal also advocates taking a holistic view at sales reps. from their first interview, to personality assessments to onboarding to career movement internally. by identifying these patterns and learning modalities, enablement can become laser focused on what is most impactful to the business.

    prior to sales enablement, crystal started her sales career as a bdr moving into corporate inside sales, and finally an enterprise account executive, selling saas solutions.


  • Jason Cutter joins on the podcast to talk about his book Selling with Authentic Persuasion! Are you in sales but struggling to make quota? Did you just take a sales job out of desperation but don't think it's the right career for you?

    What you'll learn:

    1. How to go from an order taker to quota breaker
    2. How to sell with authentic persuasion
    3. Why there are no "ready born" sales people.

    About Jason Cutter

    Jason Cutter has a degree in marine biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, but his adult life has been focused on selling and helping others to sell. He has led sales teams at multiple companies, across multiple offices, and in multiple countries, including working with offshore call centers. His niche is inside sales teams driven by inbound performance marketing. Today, Jason is the host of The Sales Experience Podcast and he leads his own consulting firm, Cutter Consulting Group. Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transforming from Order Taker to Quota Breaker is his first book.



  • Donnie Boivin joins me on the podcast to talk about strategies to get more referrals for your business. We take a closer look at his book: "Endless Stream of Referrals: 10 ways to bring in referrals Daily"

    What you'll learn:

    1. Techniques to get more referrals for your business
    2. How to ask for a referral without it sounding uncomfortable
    3. How to build a lasting relationship with your clients

    About Donnie Boivin

    At 40 years old Donnie Boivin (Pronounced Beau-Veen) discovered he’d been living other people’s dreams; two decades mastering sales but making other people wealthy. Confident in his sales ability and local brand he jumped out on his own to chase his dream of speaking on stages and inspiring others to go for their own business freedom.

    He quickly learned he had an employee mindset (not a business owner’s) and ran his business straight into the ground. While struggling to find his footing and build his business he began to discover himself. Donnie’s journey led him to build Success Champion, where badasses learn how to become the champion of their own business and personal success.

    Success Champion is now a top-200 Apple podcast, a magazine, and a dynamic and sought-after Facebook group. Donnie is also the creator of the Badass Business Summit helping businesses unleash, be seen, and sell. He has appeared on hundreds of podcasts, spoken on hundreds of stages, and is going bigger with his message every day. He’s been called a motivator, a straight talker and an authentic badass.

  • You can be anywhere in the world and still have all the opportunities in a fully remote world. In this episode Celine Grey joins me on the podcast to talk about the benefits, challenges and sales enablement techniques in a fully remote world.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. The advantages of an equally distributed workforce
    2. How to equip and enable your salesforce remotely
    3. How to work together when everyone is working in different locations & timezones.

    About Celine Grey

    Celine Grey is the Director of Revenue Acceleration at Oyster HR. Oyster is making it easier and more affordable for companies to hire people in whichever country they happen to live in. It means talented people can get a dream job without dropping everything, and companies can get a dream hire without limiting themselves to their neighborhood.

  • Kevin McCarney joins me on the podcast to talk about his book "Big Brain Little Brain" and how we can use communication as an asset rather than a liability.

    Whenever we’re frustrated, angry, or under stress, those negative influences try to control what we’ll say next. When we give in to them, they get more powerful, controlling our tone and our words, and ultimately having a negative impact on us.

    Fortunately, there’s a way for you to take charge.

    Big Brain Little Brain distills all communication into simple and accessible tools you can use immediately. It identifies the twenty-one tools your Big Brain can tap into for better communication, as well as the fourteen avoidable traps that your Little Brain will constantly set for you.

    Most importantly, it will show you how to find your “neutral,” giving you the time and focus you need to find the right words even in the most pressure-filled encounters. Gaffes will become a thing of the past, and great communication will become your trademark.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. What's Big Brain & Little Brain is all about.
    2. How to find your neutral words and move to that "neutral space"
    3. How to forge strong relationships and bonds with our communication style.

    About Kevin McCarney

    Best selling author Kevin T. McCarney spent several decades managing customer and employee relations across a wide range of industries and organizations. He has been a guest speaker at the USC Marshall School of Business, the UCLA Anderson School of Business, and Woodbury University, among many others.

    A successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, mentor, husband, and father, Kevin has served on the board of directors of the California State Compensation Insurance Fund, the California Restaurant Association (Chairman 2014), the Burbank Arts in Education Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank, and the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

  • Darren Reinke joins me on the podcast to talk about his book "The Savage Leader" and the key principles to becoming a great leader.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. Why becoming a great leader starts from the inside out?
    2. Adapt best practices for authenticity
    3. Forge unbreakable bonds with your tribe

    About Darren Reinke

    Darren Reinke fundamentally believes there is greatness within each one of us. His mission is to unleash the inner lion within leaders so that they can lead a more authentic and joyful life while creating stronger and more resilient teams, organizations, and communities.

    Darren founded Group Sixty, an executive coaching and training company based in San Diego, to bring his purpose to life and to transform leaders, their teams, and their organizations. Learn more at GroupSixty.com.

    The Savage Leader

    “Be a leader.” Most of us hear this phrase. It’s a message no longer reserved for the aspiring C-suite executive or CEO. It’s for everyone from the recent college graduate to the mid-career professional to the top of the corporate ladder. It’s for every industry and every sector too.

    But what does it mean to “be a leader?” How do we become one? What does it take?

    In today’s world, it takes more than being a great decision maker, strategic thinker, and risk manager. It takes mastering the inner game to become a “Savage Leader.” In this book, Darren Reinke will show you how by guiding you through 13 key principles that will help you develop and master the inner qualities and traits you need to become a leader.

    In The Savage Leader, you will learn how to:

    Use your values to anchor and guide your decisions;Adapt best practices for authenticity;Forge unbreakable bonds with your tribe;Embrace patience;Seek out discomfort to drive growth;Get unstuck and take action;Crush your doubts and much more.

    Drawn from Reinke’s experiences working in corporate America and as an executive coach, developing player-coaches for top organizations around the world, The Savage Leader is also packed with dozens of interviews with remarkable leaders including: Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Navy SEALs, and pioneers in the fields of sports, entertainment, and technology.

    Whether you’re a status-quo challenging entrepreneur, community activist, high-potential manager, trailblazing teacher, mid-level manager, or startup founder, The Savage Leader will give you the practical and actionable tips you need, while inspiring you to reach your full leadership potential.

    Inside each of us is a “Savage Leader”—we just need to learn how to unlock and unleash them.

  • On this week's podcast I would like to share with you an episode I recorded with Alex Smith for his podcast "Stories of Selling Human"

    Thank you so much Alex Smith for having me on your podcast!

    Malvina EL-Sayegh is a Head of Sales Enablement at Silverfin - a high growth cloud-first SaaS post-accounting solution focused on providing software for accounts preparation and adjacent workflows such as statutory accounts and tax. She is an experienced Relationship Manager & Training Consultant with a 10-year history of working in the Financial Services Industry and has achieved outstanding success in sales and closing new business as well as assisting clients to see the value in Fintech solutions. Malvina also hosts the #STAYHUMAN podcast, which she started with a purpose of demystifying sales and exploring what it means to be a "great" salesperson.


    Key Moments:

    04:05 - How sales changed over the years. Active listening and problem solving.

    13:35 - Natural curiosity. Asking meaningful questions.

    21:44 - What is "Sales Enablement"?

    25:26 - Tips for sales professionals and a "non-sales sales person".

    37:38 - Self-reflection and sales

    Check out Alex's podcast here:


  • Britta Lorenz joins me on the podcast to talk about the highs, the lows and the key to success in enablement.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. Why Patience is such a key element to a successful enablement career
    2. Is being in sales first a necessary part to being successful in enablement?
    3. Britta's quick win in enablement

    About Britta Lorenz

    Britta Lorenz is a mother of two, a businesswoman, consultant, certified executive coach, and podcast host who values dedication, compassion, authenticity, and excellence.

    Britta learned the value of dedication at an early age growing up in Imst, Tyrol, Austria as the first daughter of two, living in a four-generation home. Britta's dedication, compassion, hard work, and determination to avoid a life of mediocrity inspired her to earn an NCAA DI sports scholarship which led to an accomplished business career.

    She received her education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a Bachelor's in Business Administration Management, and she also holds a Master's in Business Administration. Earning several academic awards for her outstanding achievements has proved her attitude and consistent mission of excellence.

    Britta knows that success is a journey, not simply a destination, filled with the highs and lows of life. This perspective is a constant driver, and she brings this same dedication to her work with business leaders to enable organisations and teams worldwide to achieve their growth objectives. An unrelenting passion for empowering people has fuelled Britta's strive for greatness.

    She is passionate about bringing humans together to enable connections and long-lasting relationships.

    Britta leads the DACH chapter of WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement - Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). She is an active supporter of women in business and the creator of the C²LEA²R framework for leadership.

  • Carly Lehner joins me on the podcast to talk about onboarding in sales: how it has changed, what the outlook is and what are the considerations you should make when building out your onboarding programs.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. Understanding the perfect balance of remote and in-person elements in onboarding programs
    2. Pre-Onboarding: is it a must or a nice to have?
    3. Onboarding biggest challenges!

    About Carly Lehner

    Carly Lehner is the Head of Revenue Enablement at Andela. She is a sales enablement professional who believes in providing sales organisations a tech-enabled, relationship-oriented development approach, without distracting sellers from generating revenue.

  • Colin Spence joins me on the podcast today to talk about customer success: what it is and isn't and why it's such a hot topic among SaaS businesses!

    You’ll Learn:

    1. What Customer Success is and isn't
    2. How Customer Success can be more commercial
    3. Why the happiness of the end client is the key to success

    About Colin Spence

    Colin Spence is an experienced Customer Success leader responsible for Silverfin's Global customer success. With overseas experience in both multinational Fortune 50 organisations and hypergrowth start-ups, Colin's ambition is to lead world class Customer Success teams.


  • Simon Hares, Serial Trainer 7, joins me on the podcast today to talk about the art of creating a well written proposal for your customers.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. Why do you need a sales proposal?
    2. LISTEN framework for your proposals
    3. How to ensure you are capturing the right audience in your messaging

    About Simon Hares

    Simon Hares is the Managing Director of the Serial Trainer 7 international sales and management training organisation based out of the United Kingdom (UK).

    Simon has worked with organisations around the globe, from Australia to the United States.

    He had a successful career in the publishing industry before he went out on his own as the Serial Trainer 7. The organisation focuses on management leadership training, sales training, business skills training and personal development.


  • Adriana Romero joins me on the podcast to help me demystify sales enablement: what it is, what it isn't and the most common misconceptions about our work!

    You’ll Learn:

    1. What is Sales Enablement?
    2. Top Misconceptions about Sales Enablement

    About Adriana Romero

    Adriana is a maven, she lives for connecting, helping and facilitating information. An engineer turned salesperson turned sales coach, she spends her days figuring out how to better enable the LevelJump sales team while trying to build a business that helps Immigrant women alongside her best friend. A mother of one girl and one furry boy, she loves being married to a sales star that loves planes and travel as much as she does.

  • Andy Whyte joins me on the podcast to talk about MEDDICC as a qualification framework in our sales process.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. MEDDICC or BANT?
    2. How to deal with metrics when you don't yet have tangible ROI of your product or solution?
    3. How to get MEDDICC right in your deals.

    About Andy Whyte

    What I love about sales is how closely correlated to sports it is.

    The most elite athlete can lift any team up and help them win.

    However, an elite athlete needs much more than just natural ability.

    - The elite athlete needs discipline
    - The elite athlete needs to understand the field
    - The elite athlete needs to know the plays
    - The elite athlete needs to know how to win - their own strengths and their opponent's weaknesses

    Subsequently when compared to an average athlete:

    - The elite athlete will find more opportunities to score
    - The elite athlete will convert more of those opportunities
    - The elite athlete will convert more points from those opportunities , and,
    - The elite athlete will score more those points more quickly

    Now replace the word 'athlete' above with 'seller.'

    If you extend this analogy to Mixed Martial Arts, then the fighters' natural abilities, such as their strength, speed, and agility, are important. But, in a fight between a naturally gifted fighter with no framework and an overweight, untalented, old, and out-of-practice fighter who has a black belt in a martial art... my money is on the black belt ALL DAY!!

    In sales, you can be the most naturally gifted seller in the world. But, if you go into enterprise-level deals without a framework, you are going to get hurt. You are going to get beaten by less talented sellers who follow a framework.

    In this analogy, MEDDIC is the OG. MEDDIC is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of the sales frameworks and methodologies world.

    The world's greatest MMA gyms and the world champions they produce tend to use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, just as the world's greatest sales teams use MEDDIC.

    MMA fighters' use of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has evolved over the decades to adapt to the octagon's changing landscape just as MEDDIC has evolved to suit the changing landscape of the enterprise (MEDDICC/MEDDPICC etc.).

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu isn't the only 'framework' in MMA. Champions have used Karate, Judo, Boxing, and Wrestling, but, put simply no other framework has the quantity of Champions as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Likewise, most Champion's who use one of the frameworks above also have a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt too.

    Just like how Jiu-Jitsu compliments other styles and frameworks, so does MEDDIC. It effortlessly collaborates with other frameworks and methodologies, helping sellers to meet their full potential.


  • Louis Richardson joins me on the podcast to talk about the art of storytelling in business and how to avoid "death by powerpoint" when presenting to customers.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. How to incorporate storytelling in your meetings
    2. How to avoid death by powerpoint
    3. How to inspire and amaze your audience

    About Louis Richardson

    He served as an IBM Worldwide Storyteller & Enthusiast re: Social Business & Smarter Work. He has over 30 years of experience in the collaboration & document management industry and has served in sales, support, consulting and document production management positions. Prior to IBM, he was the Vice President of Marketing at Green Pasture Software, a solution provider acquired by IBM. Additionally, he has served as the Director of Imaging, Workflow and Document Management at Crawford and Company, the world’s largest third-party administrator of insurance claims. He has also served as a consultant with Saros, FileNet, and Interleaf.

    "I've been privileged to have journeyed through large and small organizations in over a dozen industries. And during those global experiences I frequently observed well-meaning individuals and organizations, who had amazing products, services and ideas, fail to effectively communicate to the audiences entrusted to them. For that reason, I consider it an honor to offer my assistance, insights and coaching to anyone who is willing to invest time and attention to discover, develop and deliver their amazing story."


  • Ken Lundin joins me on the podcast to talk about B2B sales; the importance of booking that next meeting, handling price objections, and steering your focus towards an incredible discovery with your prospects.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. Why most sales training in companies is "broken"
    2. How to have an incredible meeting with a great structure
    3. How do we tackle the "price" objection early on in the conversation

    and so much more!!

    About Ken Lundin


    We are the company that puts your ROI in front of how we deliver our services. We are less concerned about whether you want sales training, sales assessments, sales hiring, sales enablement, sales coaching, or sales consulting than what will provide you the quickest return on your investment and we tailor our approach with this goal in mind.

    Our team of experts specialize in working with companies from $1 million to $150 million in revenue. From turn-arounds on the verge of bankruptcy who then grew revenue 300% in the next 3 years to hyper-growth unicorns and established brands seeking to grow market share.

    We believe our managed services approach which holds nothing back from our clients and allows them access to all our resources is better than any other approach on the market to provide ROI and pivot with the flow of your business. Not to mention our shared risk/reward approach for qualifying businesses.

    Personally, I'm a fitness and anti-aging guy who wishes he had a full head of hair and loves weekend getaways and a great glass of wine or scotch.

    ▶︎ GET IN TOUCH:

    No matter which stage your company is in there is a prescriptive path to the next level of sales and corporate valuation with The Sales Alpha Roadmap™️.

    If you own a company with revenues between $1 and $50 million let's talk about your goals. The worst thing that happens is we don't work together, have a great conversation and you get an experts outside perspective on the most valuable next step you can take.

    Connect on LinkedIn
    E-mail me at: ken @ kenlundin.com

  • Ryann Dowdy joins me on the podcast today to talk about aspects of the sales process, social selling & discovery.

    You’ll Learn:

    Social selling as the "new" sales wayMaking your presence known for your business Mastering "discovery" with your prospects

    About Ryann Dowdy

    Ryann Dowdy, former Director of Sales, left the corporate world after 15 years with a vision to achieve time & financial freedom. Ryann's vision became a movement when she founded Uncensored Sales & built a community of women looking to gain back control of their lives. Ryann is passionate about helping women learn to sell & build a business they love, so that they can leave their 9-5, take back control of their time, & have unlimited income potential. Her talent & passion for sales has taken her mission one step further by helping businesses to create 7-figure sales organisations.


  • Alex Smith joins me on the podcast today to talk about all aspects of being "human" in our sales interactions.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. What it means to be human in our sales interactions
    2. How to build that element of trust and rapport with your customers
    3. Why a "no" doesn't mean a "no" forever

    About Alex Smith:

    Sometimes in your life it feels like you lose everything.

    Like the year I was laid off. Interviews pushed from COVID 19, But then the real bomb hit,

    My Dad got diagnosed Leukemia.

    Just 5 months later, unfortunately my Dad passed away. Despite losing so much, I'll never lose what my Dad taught me about life. Things like selflessness, a relentless work ethic, and a thirst for knowledge.

    His best lesson was how to create genuine connections with everyone in your life. I've taken that approach to sales my whole life. I’m still the 8 yr old kid who loved meeting people so much that he went door to door selling Ham and Cheese out of a catalog.

    I got genuine connections out of it and the Sony Boombox I won wasn’t half bad either!

    Highlights from 15 years in professional sales:

    🔥 I launched a new team where I successfully recruited financial producers for a firm owned by Fran Tarkenton, Hall of Fame QB.

    🔥I was named the top sales rep in an office of over 50 media sales people. Judged not just by sales attainment but also by activity.

    🔥At Monster, I sold the biggest partnership contract in the history of our team. $300k ARR, 3 year deal.

    What am I most proud of professionally?

    A 15 minute meeting. I drove 3 hours to Chicago to meet a client I’ve never met in person. For 15 mins to say hi and drive back. It wasn’t to close a deal. It was just a Tuesday.

    Those “Just Tuesday” moments are why I love this gig.

    I’ve had success in my career because I genuinely seek to understand people.

    An understanding strategy IS my sales strategy.

    My relentlessness isn’t driven by my product or a sales number. I'm motivated by digging deeper to discover the “un-discovered” problem. Sales is something that happens for and with your buyer not to them. You're a guide on a discovery together with the intention to help and add value. ALWAYS.

    The best feeling in sales isn’t ringing a bell, (even though that’s always fun).

    The real joy is in being told three simple words.

    “I trust you.”

    That’s what really lights me up and what I'm going for.

    Finally, my approach in sales is guided by attuning yourself to what someone’s entire world is like, actively listening without any agenda, being genuine, and putting them first.

    I call these things, “Selling Human”. I practice it daily. I think we can all do it.

    I choose to study it.

    If you want to learn it with me, listen to my podcast: Stories of Selling Human

    AND for more,

    Follow #sellinghuman

  • Greg Freeman joins me on the podcast to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of being the first sales hire in an early stage start up.

    You’ll Learn:

    Is going into an early stage startup for you?The things to consider when making the leap to an early stage startupWhy early stage startups are nothing like the movies...

    About Greg

    On a personal level, I make the somewhat stupid decision to go in as the first sales hire at early stage companies, so I’m happy to chat about:

    > Expectation setting
    > Package negotiation
    > Working with founders
    > Mapping the commercial org journey
    > Your first junior hires
    > Building your team culture

    For founders, the only topics that matter:

    > Why your first sales hire won’t deliver what you dream of
    > Types of hires to avoid, if you want to succeed

    Connect with Greg on LinkedIn to speak with him about the "real world" of early stage startups.