• Episode 1, February 8th 2021, We introduce ourselves before diving into a discussion about Overwhelm for new and aspiring business owners. We talk about how easy it is to be distracted by online resources that may not be right for you. John talks through a quick exercise to get you through the initial shock of overwhelm and how to take control of your initial steps.

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    Steven Swift (Business Strategy Coach) and John Child (Success Coach) have known each other since their school days. Since that time Steven has gone on to become an expert in helping businesses move to the 'next level' financially and John has helped hundreds of clients move to the 'next level' of success in life.

    To contact Steven: support@clientdirection.com

    To contact John: john@presentationskills101.com

    A weekly podcast for new and aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. It's our opinion based on our experience.


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