• Melissa Romo has more than 20 years’ experience as a business leader for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and has spent more than a decade building, leading and working in globally dispersed teams. She earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management, where she studied organizational behavior and leadership. Her new book is Your Resource is Human: How Empathetic Leadership Can Help Remote Teams Rise Above (April 2023). A summary...Remote working is here to stay. But 65% of remote workers say they feel isolated, and many managers struggle to know how to support them. This new book gives counsel and courage for remote and hybrid leaders to know how to embrace empathy, drive culture, and build connections to maximize their leadership impact in the new world of hybrid work. Book: https://amzn.to/3r4mMx6Website: https://www.melissaromoauthor.com/


    In From the Mouse’s House to the Penthouse, Michael Crawfordreveals the lessons he learned about allowing culture andgeography to shape his approach so you too can build andoperate high-profile brands on an international scale.Crawford shares his personal experiences in Asia, diving deeplyinto everything you must know to build relationships and createwin–win outcomes in coveted world markets.

    Crawford’s decade in Asia as an executive of two global brandstaught him that humility works and ego doesn’t. He developedstrategies for navigating political and corporate environmentsthat will help to increase buy-in to your company’s objectives.From the Mouse’s House to the Penthouse features his techniquesfor getting all parties involved to strike the right balance.Compromise doesn’t mean losing.

    Book: https://amzn.to/3XkPSUZ

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikecrawfordhofv/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HOFVILLAGECEO

    Hall of Fame: https://www.hofreco.com/

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  • David Henkin is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a proven record of success in prominent global companies as well as start-ups. The author of several books, he has taught in a top-rated university business school program while also serving as a consultant and executive coach for corporate and nonprofit leaders. David is based in Philadelphia and holds an MBA from Villanova University, an MA from the City College of New York, and a BS from the University of Maryland.Thomas Bertels is the president and founder of Purpose Works, a management consulting firm on a mission to make work more productive, valuable, meaningful, and impactful. He has twenty-five years of experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 10 firms to start-ups to improve organizational effectiveness and transform how work gets done. He has published several books and countless articles. Thomas is based in New Jersey and holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business.









  • I used to be a musician, then I thought about going to Med School, and now I am the founder of a Financial Technology company. Also, my middle name is Blaze. Those are the highlights. I love exploring innovation in typically static industries- that's where Dolfin comes in.

    Our company is changing the way tenant improvements are financed, and fully disrupting the corporate real estate market. I strive to foster a sense of community, binding relationships, equity, diversity, and inclusion in both business and personal endeavors. I graduated from Fordham University in 2011. Go Rams!https://dolfinpartners.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/keely-ryder-62b617127/

  • Jonathan is a Managing Director with Transact Capital Partners. He is passionate about helping businesses prosper and maximize value to their employees, customers, communities, and owners. Instilled with a spirit of entrepreneurism from a young age, Jonathan draws on his experience as a business owner, trusted strategic advisor, and investment banker to identify and overcome the challenges clients face. Jonathan’s humility and easy-going personality belie the razor-sharp business instincts he has honed over two decades of structuring and negotiating dozens of M&A transactions ranging from $10-300 million in value.

    Given his 20+ years of investment banking experience, Jonathan can help the most experienced and seasoned business owners, as well as those who may have never been through a sale process before. As such, he employs a high-touch approach to the transaction process, ensuring his clients understand not only how the process will unfold, but the importance of each step along the way. For clients that are not currently ready to sell, Jonathan offers an extensive pre-transaction advisory program to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and Boards of Directors evaluate and prepare for future liquidity events. His expert advice on liquidity alternatives, timing, valuation, and overall transaction readiness enables business owners to confidently execute their optimal strategy at the most opportune time.


  • Scott Martin, founder of Groundswell Origins, has spent 25 years working in all types of marketing as both an agency owner and strategist to national brands. He’s built a reputation for striking a balance between leading-edge marketing innovation and traditional approaches to delivering sensible, informed, forward-thinking decisions. Author of Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business Growth (2023), his work pioneers a new paradigm for sustainable growth in business. As the host of The Groundswell Origins Podcast, Scott interviews the industry’s top minds to learn how entrepreneurs and marketers can build sustainable programs that positively impact the world. As a community builder, Scott also develops content and followings around his passions: surfing, surf art, and heliskiing.





  • Aaron Alfini has been adopting technology since the second grade when he learned toprogram. He doesn’t see himself as a technologist but as creative with technology as his canvas.Aaron has worked for startups and Fortune 100 companies alike. He’s worked on some of the largest cloud migrations in the world, with clients including AWS, Equifax, Getty Images, Discovery Communications, Met Office, the London Underground, Mattel, and US Bank.

    A lifelong learner, Aaron has a bachelor's in business administration, a master's in cybersecurity, an executive certificate in strategy and innovation from MIT, and a certificate in executive leadership from Cornell.


    What is Harness The Juice?The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical roletechnology adoption plays in the survival of businesses.Companies that adopted new technologies to adapttheir operations survived. Those that didn’t quicklyperished.Technological innovation has developed at anever-accelerating pace, a compounding momentumswiftly forming a tsunami. Soon the massive wave isgoing to crash, sweeping away those unprepared torespond to rapid change.To survive, business owners and managers need toknow how to properly adopt technology quickly andeffectively. Harness the Juice is your guide tounderstanding your organization’s current barriers totechnology adoption. Learn how to shift your mindset toadapt with new developments, utilize technology fornew avenues of growth, and implement an internalculture of innovation that benefits your organization’s

    people and processes.

    Book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/41mgjtG


  • Caleb Johnson Caleb has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18Assets under management include: • New Mexico, ABQ / 30 units / June-2022 • Oklahoma City, OK / 16 units / Feb-2022 • New Mexico, Las Cruces / 40 units / July-2022Fractional partnership interest in multifamily and retail properties. • Casa Grande, AZ / 176-units / October 2021 • Casa Grande, AZ / 12,000 sqft retail space / Dec 2021He founded Red Sea Capital in 2022Joined NK Development Group in 2021 • Caleb aided in capital and acquisition to grow the company to over 450 units in 2 yearsHis mission is to be a faith-based professional, committed to investors, and building relationships.

    Social media:




  • Getting fit for entrepreneurs. Why are entrepreneurs different than other people when they achieve their fitness goals?- Everything you need to know about the T3 Body Approach- Are 90 days enough for creating a change for life?


  • Adam Rosen is an entrepreneur that loves to support business owners and share his rollercoaster startup journey to help those on a similar path. He is the founder of Email Outreach Company, where they do automated email outreach to get startups on more sales appointments, without the hassle.





  • In Be Human, Lead Human, executive advisor Dr. Jennifer Nash shares more than fifty stories gathered from multiyear empirical research with over 400 leaders and executives. Discover an innovative, inclusive, and executable system to transform your leadership into an evidence-based, cross-disciplinary operating model. Learn the behaviors holding you back from realizing your leadership potential, and acquire new methods to advance your leadership practice. This strategic resource will help you measure your current leadership skills, identify your goals, and expand your toolkit through a personalized, actionable roadmap.

    Book: https://amzn.to/3PzCuKR

    Website: https://drjennifernash.com/bhlh/

  • Rachael McCrary is an extraordinary woman and the founder and CEO of Gather Labs in Beverly Hills. She is not only vested in the medical tech space but is also a fashion mogul who created “Jewel Toned,” a lingerie fashion brand, as well as the RxBra.

    Through the development of the RxBra and her connections in Asia, Rachael started supplying PPE and COVID tests to local doctors and plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. This led to the first fully tested event in Malibu in April of 2020, COVID testing for local businesses, events, production sets, and eventually the creation of Gather Labs. Gather Labs is the very first luxury high-complexity CLIA laboratory in the LA area.

    Founded in 2020, Gather Labs provides concierge quality COVID-19 testing for all patients including those who are asymptomatic and want to prove their negative status for work or travel. However, Gather Labs just launched a full-service facility with diagnostic consultation and a private, comfortable environment with an educated staff where questions can be answered safely and privately. It is their belief that COVID testing should not have to be uncomfortable or time-consuming and that any test results should be discovered quickly.



    Support the Breakfast Leadership Network! You need goals in your life, to live the life you deserve. Download the Goals worksheet at https://BreakfastLeadership.com/goals

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    Burnout proof your life with the new book Burnout Proof: How To Establish Boundaries To Avoid The Negativity Of Stress https://amzn.to/2JkbKxQ

    Buy Michael's life-altering book: 369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenario: https://www.amazon.com/369-Days-Survive-Worst-Case-Scenarios-ebook/dp/B074CCLKZP/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502047423&sr=8-1&keywords=369+days

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  • I started a business in 2013 out of my home working with children with autism. Over 8 years, we had grown to 150 employees across 8 counties. We had opened 3 clinic locations and were in the process of opening two more. I was still buying the toilet paper and paper towels for the local center and administrative office. I was doing all of the online purchasing for all locations, integral in payroll, contracts, oversight of HR, billing, and our Chief Clinical Officer (she diid not carry the title at the time, but functioned in that capacity).

    I was on my knees often in my office in prayer. COVID had increased administrative demands and I was sharing the responsibility with HR on monitoring this and maintaining compliance. I was our CEO and functioned as the CFO as well. Balls were starting to be dropped and the excellence I pursued was not what I was witnessing. I saw the sails flagging and decided to call in support. I had been courted by another organization for 3 years in regards to a potential acquisition.

    They are much bigger and have substantially more resources. Within 4-5 months of getting a quick LOI from them in regards to a potential sale, we had closed the deal and they took over control of the business. I lost a lot of sleep in the process, including one night with zero sleep due to the immediacy and overwhelm of an issue that delayed closing.I talk about challenges of starting, managing, growing, hiring/firing, keeping everything in balance, keeping employees happy, moving through COVID, or selling the business and shifting, including the post-sale overwhelm when you go from 200mph down to 20mph and your productivity feels like it has gone to pot due to not having the activities as clearly defined as they once were.

    My main goal now is to help take the leap to get started and find success in business, as well as the resources needed to do so. I also started a company to raise capital to provide people with the opportunity to invest in larger real estate deals allowing them passive income and better returns. Freedom and success.I am also a franchisee for IMAGE studios and will be opening two locations within the next 12-24 months, have my first Christian fiction novel in process, and love being able to have time with my wife and two children.

    Social Media:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zach.dugger.freedom LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachdugger Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zach.thefreedomfounder Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/onfirefreedom YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@zachdugger

  • 9 Disciplines of Enduring Leadership: These 9 essential principles will help you discover and develop your life purpose. After abruptly changing course in his life for a higher-calling, Dr. Kent was compelled to transcribe the lessons he’s learned along the way. In turn, developing a framework that has helped countless figures build successful organizations and a successful life.Transforming Your Organization: The President of a University is not chosen by a popular vote of the masses, but rigorously filtered by previous merit and track record. Dr. Kent shares his secrets on how to turn the operations of your organization around 180 degrees.Changing the Perception of Higher Education: The arguments for and against the modern college system are infinite, but what can’t be debated is that more guidance is needed in helping maximize the higher education experience so students, at all stages of their life and career, can afford to grow in their careers without massive debt and contribute to society with a skillset directly applicable to their employment.


    IG:@kent_ingle Tw:@kentingle

  • JUSTIN FOLLIN is a lifelong student and teacher of what brings out the best in people and a trusted advisor to leaders in fast-growth business sectors. Along with co-author and founder DAVID BUTLEIN GREENSPAN, Justin is the co-founder and managing partner of BLUECASE Strategic Partners.

    Drawing from David’s PhD in high-performance psychology and their combined twenty-five years of organizational consulting expertise, Justin and David specialize in solving leadership cultural problems that inevitably come with scale. They have successfully coached CEOs and leadership teams in publicly traded companies and in rapidly scaling, private-equity backed businesses ranging from $20M to $2B in revenue.

    Book: https://amzn.to/44zJHij

  • Fred Joyal is the Co-Founder and Former CEO of 1-800-DENTIST, the most successful dentist referral service in the country. Since 1986, they have generated over $1B in revenue.

    Fred has written two bestselling books, Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth and Becoming Remarkable: How to Create a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About, on his experience growing 1-800-DENTIST from 0 to $1B in revenue.

    He has also written a third book, Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days, which offers readers a systematic way to increase their boldness and confidence so they can succeed in their business, career, and life. The book, released in October 2021, is an Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

    As a speaker for 20+ years, Fred has spoken many times to audiences of 5,000+ on his entrepreneurship journey and what inspired him to want to be more bold in his life.

    Because of his business success and generous giving, the University of Rhode Island awarded Fred an honorary doctorate.

    Also, he once beat Sir Richard Branson in chess, was a question on Jeopardy, and blew the last question as a contestant on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, which saw him miss out on $250,000.

    Social Media Links:

    Website: https://www.1800dentist.com/Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1800dentistTwitter https://twitter.com/1800dentistYoutube https://www.youtube.com/user/1800DENTISTLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredjoyal/Twitter https://twitter.com/fredjoyalInstagram https://www.instagram.com/fredjoyal/Facebook https://www.facebook.com/realfredjoyal

  • Software Bill of Materials: SBOM Studio

    Get transparency into your softwares reputation, nature and popularity with cybersecurity insights for the entire product lifecycle using SBOMs.‍Gartner estimates that 70 to 80 percent of modern software incorporates open source libraries (OSS) or components from third-party upstream suppliers into product design. These pre-made constructs increase productivity and shorten development time—but they also carry risk into the final product. Like any software module, these software ingredients can have vulnerabilities that emerge at any time, making the overall software product less secure over time.

    Product owners, managers, and security officers have an imperative responsibility to keep track of their software supply chains. Corporations need to leverage technologies to continually improve their secure-by-design processes. Product teams can use SBOMs to identify vulnerabilities early in the process and produce solutions that reduce corporate and customer risk.

    At every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Cybeats can extract the characteristics and attributes from software, even without access to source code, to deliver deep insights into the quality and security of software components.

    About Justin: A results-focused leader with over 10 years of senior management experience in national/international business operations coupled with an MBA and executive roles in the military. Expertise in strategic planning, change/operational/resource management, quality & continuous improvement, communication, consulting and mentorship/training.


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-leger/

  • Dr. Christopher Avery is the Founder and CEO of The Responsibility Company, one of the go-to organizations for executive leadership development and change management training. They have been in business for over 30 years.

    What makes them different is they teach their clients The Responsibility Process, a unique and thoroughly researched approach to teamwork and leadership, which they can use to lead themselves and others to results that matter.

    The Responsibility Process has been used by leaders at top companies, including Microsoft, Whole Foods Market, Verizon, PayPal, eBay, and Wells Fargo.

    Dr. Christopher is an author who has written two books, Teamwork Is An Individual Skill, which shows readers how to develop skills that will enable them to thrive in any team and under any circumstances, and The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power. This book offers practices obtained from 25 years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership.

    Dr. Christopher is also a speaker who is popular with audiences interested in agility, effective leadership, and results that benefit an organization and its employees.

    Social Media Links:

    Website: https://responsibility.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopheravery/Twitter: https://twitter.com/responsproFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ResponsPro

  • Mark is the Founder of Phanta Media, a branding and creative agency that helps entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches create can’t ignore brands, events, and content that lands them bigger opportunities and grows their audience.

    To achieve this, Phanta Media helps its clients challenge limiting public perceptions of who they’re or who they can be to unlock their true potential.They have been in business for 15+ years and have worked with 300+ clients, including the Toronto Raptors, Evan Carmichael, and billionaire Michael Lee-Chin, in 4 countries. Revenue wise, they make over $1M annually.Mark started Phanta Media while on social assistance and through grit and hard work grew the business to the multi-million dollar company it is today.He’s also a pro-conversationalist who has hosted conversations on stage and virtually with leading authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers such as Tom Bilyeu, Grant Cardone, Les Brown, and Evan Carmichael.

    Social Media Links:

    Website: https://www.phanta.com/IG: https://www.instagram.com/mark.drager/LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markdrager/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkDragerYT

  • After almost 30 years of starting my own company and growing it to $10 million in annual sales before selling it, I realized that my passion was helping companies thrive by overcoming their natural tendencies to retreat, not talk about the hard stuff and spin their wheels on the wrong things.

    My current company, Positive Polarity, is a Midwest business coaching firm that acts as the opposing force against the easy way of doing business – the way it’s always been done – with a positive and encouraging approach.

    My recent book, "Growing On Purpose", was an instant #1 Amazon Best Seller in three categories and will help strengthen your team and improve your customer’s experience!

    My latest project, Positive Polarity Podcast has just hit 100 episodes! On this podcast, we discuss the intersection of business growth and personal growth. Each week we invite guests that have found their passion in their business and together, we talk about how this looks in business and how successful the outcome actually can be!

    Social Media Links: