• The extremely talented Jacqueline Wild is absolute proof that we can manifest a life with what we are really after … freedom

    time to play, surf, wild sea swimming, explore kelp forest cycle and sleep under the stars in Cornwall where she left her capital city life in London to sleeping under the stars in Cornwall.

    Jacqueline and her childhood sweetheart Dal followed the whispers and spent their 20’s and 30’s travelling the country in their campervan working the festivals.

    Both have created a life that is full of freedom and joy and working with the Laws of the Universe around their toddler in their life in Cornwall

    Dal has a cacao business ‘Food of the Gods’

    you can find him at Sennen Cove market and many Cornish farmer markets.

    Jacqueline’s degree is in English, labelled the writer out of the two sisters growing up and not the artist.

    This trust and working with the universe meant that she knew she could try her hand at illustration and boy has it worked!

    She now has two tiers to her business, selling her prints as products physically at markets and Etsy and designing for an agent.

    Jackeline’s Takeaways

    We can’t all swim wildly or surf, but you can find a moment each day alone, under the bridge away from anyone else to hear your inner thoughts, this is what most people are afraid of, it’s the only way we can heal, and we can only create our best art when we are listening Prioritise hobbies – it’s important for our inner creative souls/ our inner being Follow the feeling then you can follow the breadcrumbs correctly If that feeling seems too frisky – off track, for example, finding a forest or diving for kelp, remember we are creative beings, this is what lights us up! Energy meets energy, go shift yours before putting pen to paper Shamanic practices like cord cutting are extremely powerful in letting go of the energies that have held you back


    https://creativesparrow.co.uk/creatives/jacqueline-wild Www.Instagram.com/glitter_earth Www.glitterandearth.Etsy.com Www.glitterandearth.com




  • Not only is Gee Scales writing his 3rd book planned to be printed this September, Gee is proof that following the whispers, and surrendering is the absolute only path to the creative life within you.

    Gee has always loved wood and creating and designing 3d materials but he didn't know how or where to best carve out life using his talents. Growing up in inner-city Nottingham, Gee became a father at 19 which meant their many memories of himself and his then-wife, despite feeling like kids themselves, pushing through regardless.

    Of course, they both have fantastic careers, and Gee tells us their children are out studying them by far! But as it often is on this creative oath, that’s just one thread but that’s just one thread...

    Gee got made redundant 3 times – finally, he took the nudge from the universe that he’s got so much more to offer the world!

    At 36 Gee studied to be a Teacher!

    12 years on, Gees now carved a life which consists of designing 3D prints at home, extreme sports 'Avid gamer, movie and TV buff and self-professed geek. I'm a lover of all things technology-related and he refuses to grow up. Fast Forward is his second novel. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Gee is constantly following his passions, tweaking, and learning along the way. I can’t wait for you to hear his story!

    https://www.nintendo.destructoid.com/thwomp-cartridge-holder/ )


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  • Brittain Cooper founder of Sparklestyle knows her stuff when it comes to TikTok. Britt took her husband's advice and started an account only to find after hundreds of posts she still had 80 followers, Brit decided to leave it alone.

    Little did she know her husband had created a new account and got all her new customers in on the secret!

    I can’t wait for you to learn what happened and her husbnds approach to getting started with and using TikTok to attract new loyal customers around the world.
    You’ll walk away from today’s episode with a new tool in your marketing pocket, and ready to dominate this hot platform whist most importantly keeping the sparkle in your brand.

    Brit is the perfect example of following the breadcrumbs, giving her passion the chance to to truly sparkle!

    Every piece is artwork made from a collection of curated gemstones/crystals; carefully sourced, arranged, photographed and post treated, bringing you completely vivid designs and unique GEMetic Code patterns you won’t find anywhere else.

    Like a snowflake or fingerprint, all stones have identifying markers which make them unique.

    These inclusions and blemishes are the original gemstone signatures which intrigue me the most. It is their GEMetic code! The images they created not only showed their inclusions but their genetic/lab make-up and raw patterning.

    Brittain Takeaways

    Follow the feeling, your passion has the biggest most exciting energy Your business might not be your first idea, but that’s ok, it evolves with you Do it scared and scrappy, not many creatives know how to do a website! No one was born knowing social media- let’s face it no one knows at the minute either Would you wear our art? Tagging your art to a life adventure gives your art more electric energy Markets are the best research for your customers – you get to hear what customers Surround yourself with the energy you want your business to attract How do you want customers to feel? People want exciting energy and joy Albert Einstein says ‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.’


    insta FB and Pinterest [email protected]

    TiKTok @brit.coop



    Insta FB Emmaisaacsdesigns

  • Have you been convinced that the Law of Attraction works for everyone but YOU?

    You know what you SHOULD be doing, but feel like you're lying or worse still you feel shame because you're not thinking happy thoughts ALL OF THE TIME?

    There's an extremely toxic materialistic trend around manifestation at the minute.

    It can get frustrating when we can’t manifest what we want, we try vision boards, visualisation technics, journaling and much more but don’t realise that we can be actively blocking and worse - harming the attraction of our desires.

    So of course I thought its time to explain to you the real reason why...

    There is much more than ONE law of the universe.

    These 12 laws are based on quantum.

    When it comes to manifesting through the law of attraction people are unsuccessful because they completely abandon the 11 other universal laws!

    Check out my 4-week live interactive programme

    'Sell with heart and Soul'

    Module one is a complete immersive deep dive into the 12 universal laws.


  • Micheal Clements has followed that feeling down the winding road as an artist, he’s been a magazine editor in Washington DC, an actor which lead him to work on films with Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, all the while trusting the hear and now and not questioning the outcome.

    Micheal is not only the owner and founder of ArtJamz but he is also an outsider artist who has exhibited in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Washington DC

    We go deep in this conversation about artist sensitive intuition and nurturing this superpower. its ok to have lots of different creative paths you've tried, it will fall into play later in life when you work out what you want to try with ease, not with struggle.

    Micheal Clements Takeaways

    1. What did you make as a kid

    2. What did you instinctively do? Make films? Fashion books – that’s what you’re inner creative child Is

    3. The layers are hiding your true path

    4. You won’t always see where it’s going straight away -

    The business ideas percolate over years – can be 10 years later,

    5. The answer, who you are is within you, only you can rediscover it

    6. That amazing feeling that lights you up – is so rare in our lives, we have to follow that thing! That’s the thing – now watch the serendipity that follows

    8. The power of serendipity is when you follow the ha-ha moments and watch the dots connect.

    9. We are so big on the outcome and not the feelings – the flow

    10. Art and intuition was around before words

    11. Keep on creating - We need more art in the world



  • Ilana Lorraine used to work for Sony Records, she curated successful tribute events for Michael Jackson on the MTV EMA’s, for Amy Winehouse and Prince; Kimbereley Kris wrote

    'She's brought together seasoned and fresh musicians from around the world at Sessions58 and Tea n’ Jam, including performances by Eartha Kitt, Beverley Knight, Jessie J, Roachford and Nneka.

    She’s been a Guardian of Bespoke, Historic Homes; a Promoter of Iconic, Global Music Careers; a Curator of the Fairytale in Hampstead Heath during Lockdown Times, and now she is back to make yet another dream a reality.

    Ilana’s music is hauntingly beautiful. It stirs the soul, the mind, and plucks ever so gently at the heartstrings. Her transformative lyrics and soulful voice awaken the senses, provide hope and evoke courage.

    Harmon Audio and the British Arts Council have recognised her as an authentic guiding light as her work, her support, her guidance - has touched so many over the years. Ilana is more than a producer, a promoter, a songwriter, a vocalist and an artist. She's a curator of dreams, a magical creator of communities an architect of making anything possible!'

    This Is a true story about a public outdoor space became a wonderland, overlooking the lake in HampsteadHeath, for each passerby to find the freedom to escape the fear, isolation, loneliness and disconnect that occurred during lockdown.

    Strangers and locals alike stumbled upon lit trees, crystals and angelic music where each note Ilana Lorraine sang hit the water creating a truly harmonic enchanting space both Ilana and then new friend Freya created for passersby to feel at home and sit together to play - connect and heal through music, circus skills, yoga and breath and more.

    This chapter of how art lifts humans through a pandemic features as a full chapter in Hunter Davis lasted book (Author/biographer of The Beatles Official Biography) … so of course, the story now lives on Happily ever after.

    It’s a true story about two girls who met passersby whilst doing what they love with Ilana's music and performance, Fraya's circus skills and therapies and many other creatives later joined offering Yoga, meditations Tom with his telescope and tales of adventures and many became the tribe of light, all to celebrate life in lockdown….The chapters called ‘Hippies on the Heath’

    Links below


    The Heath - Hunter Davis https://tinyurl.com/4t9spusu

    Being Ilana




  • This week is a very special one. its our 100th episode! And guess who got to chat too? Sophie Miller!

    Sophie is an extremely talented textile artist who has fully stepped back into her practice. You will understand why when I tell you she is a wife and a huge part of Andy J Pizza's creative Pep Talk goodness and of course an amazing mum to their 3 children.

    So, of course, I got to ask what inspires Sophie and how important Yorkshire was growing up, what it's like in their home; having two talented successful creatives as parents.

    Sophie is so giving and shares her venerable experience this year as she stepped into a studio with other artists for the first time and produced her first exhibition since university.

    Sophie has given the last 10 years to their children, while running a successful Etsy shop ‘The Thread House’ making costumes. But of course, being the rock behind Andy's practice too.

    Sophie shares how she kept her creative practice going throughout the different seasons in her life since becoming a mum straight after leaving university In Huddersfield in the U.K to moving over to Andy's home town in America.

    Sophie Takeaways

    1. Get lost in the labour of sewing, we know the bliss we get form each tiny stitch.

    2.French Notts are an example of a creative practice that can hypnotise, slow time and the gifts that Can be seen framed and treasured – the validation – your creativity can be the gift that binds relationships.

    3. Express yourself and get lost in the process

    4. Honour where you are in your life and art –the seasons change, so our practice will too.

    5.We can’t create when we are stressed, our art changes through the chapters we are at. Sometimes we need a clear start, middle and end like gardening, other times we can invest in a longer more detailed project

    6. Try the 5 am club -getting up at that time means you’re starting the day putting yourself first instead of waiting until the end to see if you’re not too tired.

    7. The garden and outside have the perfect and unperfect in all of its tapestry, how the seeds and greenery turn out.

    8. Where feels magical to you? Where do you get that playful feeling? The element of surprise Is the woods? Where do you escape from wandering?

    9. What’s your go-to landscape for your senses? Is it a secret garden in the woods? Or an open mountain or ocean cape?

    10. Covid has taught us to notice when we need the quiet – to go under the bridge?

    11. Art college is more than finding and learning your art – you find your people at a time when you’re finding yourself

    12. It’s a huge relief to be in a safe environment where you can express yourself – you are the art, your style

    13. Us creatives are sensitive beings, this is why we feel it all, the invisible parts as Andy illustrates, after a life of shame and embarrassment, trying to fit in, we can now honour it and own it as our superpower.

    14. Meet your kids where they’re at. Let them see your messy middle phase in your art.

    15. An exhibition or an in-person event gives you that extra urge to finish your art, so the viewer can get close and see touch and taste it almost

    16. Creative community is vital for an artist.

    17. Letting your children see you the week of a big launch or deadline is good for them

    Connect with Sophie here


    Instagram - http://instagram.com/thethreadhouse

  • FULL POWER CACAO has been 10 years in the making, she was birthed in 2012 after Liam’s trip to Guatemala for the end of the Mayan Calendar. On his spiritual adventure he met the Chocolate Shaman on the majestic Lake Atitlán and the trajectory of his life was changed forever. He worked closely with the Shaman and discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of Lady Cacao and wanted to share that magic with everyone he met. This is when the journey began…. Now that magic is ready to be shared with you and the whole world!

    For the last two years Liam has been testing and researching cacao from all over the world with his team of healers and holistic therapists to finally bring you his FULL POWER CACAO brand. He has personally sourced this authentic, powerful, magical, heart opening plant medicine from Venezuela, to bring love and harmony to your heart and enrich your daily life. The most important element when choosing Cacao to put his name on was the vibration. It needed to blast the heart open so people could see the magnificence and love that was within them.

    Connnect with Liam here


  • Ilona Drew (yes that’s her actual surname) is based in Brighten and has designed for a number of large publishers including Camden Graphics, Paper Rose, Uk Greetings and sold textiles designs in the UK & US before taking her first stand at PG Live in 2013. Working with mixed media, her pieces evolve often beginning with just one block of colour.

    Ilona talks about her creative path - losing her mum just after starting University, and what effect that had on her and her values in life and business now as a mother herself.

    I Drew This is now stocked in over 200 retailers around the UK including St Pauls, Edinburgh Castle, Museum of London, Mall Galleries, Paperchase, Fenwicks, Exeter Cathedral and the British Airways i360.

    Ilona’s Takeaways

    1. Follow your strongest pull

    2. What speaks the loudest to you?

    3.Life happens the road can be longer – it can be winder at all at different times of people's lives

    You can teach yourself anything Things take time, reach and hunt for the breadcrumbs. Reach out to studios, send x20 out and see what comes back

    Be adaptable.


    If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no Set up your business days with non-negotiables if it’s a morning workout or not working when you see your children – be sure to stick to this as a habit. These are your company’s values It’s ok to not like 9-5 it’s your life and art, work your business around that. Creatives work best through play – we must trick ourselves to get into doing the work. Some people need a non-creative day job to keep their minds clear for their business Take a business course Look at your boundaries You may love what you do so much that it doesn’t feel like work, however, we need to live, and life will speed past, be mindful of this and design your life with all holistic qualities humans need, family time, fitness, social time. When you get a brief, ask yourself how it makes you feel? Is it for money or is it in alignment with your brand”? As creatives we feel it all, look at what makes a good productive day good t get into that flow state easily again, is it the hustle of the morning city energy? The evening sunlight? The sounds of the birds at 5 am? The radio afternoon chat show? We need these elements so it’s important to note what it all is.

    Connect with Ilona Drew here


  • You might have followed the breadcrumbs and only got to the thing that is truly you,

    your unique gift to our planet but 10 years later form the first step, and at 51? This Is Lou’s story…

    Lou from Luinluland left Brighton U.K and moved to Portland Oregon with her husband and then 10 year old son.

    Since then Lou has created a space for women to come together & empower them to find fresh & exciting new ways to get through life - growing into middle age with optimism & energy, founded in gratitude, truth and a celebration of joy.

    Luinluland is a place to inspire you to shake your life up, step out of your comfort zone, in your style, in your health & wellbeing & it’s a place to come to feel all the feels.

    1. You might not be able to help what life’s thrown at you – we rarely do, but we do get to control how we react.


    2. Put both feet into change – join groups that you’re interested in.


    3. What can you do now with what you have? Start where you are.


    4. Being positive and saying yes to everything leads to a more interesting and aligned path – follow those breadcrumbs.


    5. Life isn’t over when you hit menopause, it’s only just started! It’s a new exciting chapter.


    6. See the change as something positive! Lots of your life is in your mindset.


    7. Life can be exciting embrace your new menopause chapter! It’s your time now to put yourself first.


    8. There is so much joy in Community with a common purpose.


    9. If you’re struggling, write down each small positive thing that happened to you that day.


    10. If you have a habit that you know needs to stop and is hurting you, change your daily routine too, your route home, the coffee shop you go to, the magazines you buy.


    Your inspired ideas and action are very different to the doing – the marketing, or admin action, the negative imposter syndrome will be loud then, learn to ignore it and take each step in the unknown, it’s our brains trying to keep us safe.


    12. If you’re scared, you’re doing it right, if you’re not, then you aren’t that bothered.


    13. Open yourself up and you’ll find different paths, follow those breadcrumbs.

    If you’re in LA this week be sure to get to Lou’s amazing event.



  • Charlie India is a lawyer turned artist based in London. She documents her life as a creative building her art practice online. Charlie now works part time whist following her vunerable creative path openly to give others permmsion to a more forfilled and aligned lifestyle.

    Charlie started posting about her creative journey - opening up about feeling like an imposter after so many years of denying her creativity. She quickly realised that she was not alone. Creatives from all over the world were messaging her saying 'oh thank goodness, I feel that way too'. And in that connection sparked an idea - what if there was a community where we could inspire people to prioritise their creativity, talk openly about the ups and downs of their creative journeys and support each other in the process?

    And so began The Creatives' Coffee Club!

    Charlie’s Takeaways

    1.Your creative journey sounds abstract but it’s an inner feeling not logical thought process.

    2.You may have suppressed your inner artist unknowingly, there might not anyone in your circles and always felt an outsider.

    3.Find your inner artist.

    4.None of us are masters.

    5.You can design a varied life if you’re multi passionate, be true to yourself.

    6. Allow the space to be messy and a learner.

    7. The two brains fight at exactly that moment when we need it most, the lizard brain wants to keep us safe, it’s not evolved yet – hence the panic attacks in a shop when we really know we are safe. It gets us when we are least expecting it.

    8. We could draw before we could write, we danced before we could sing.

    9. The fear of feeling judged and the fear of people in your past and life seeing you on your new more aligned path doesn’t go away, you just get used to it.

    10. If you have a day job – own it, it doesn’t make you less of an artists.

    Connect with Charlie


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  • Rachel Emma Wearing is a stylist turned strategist – Racheal helps creatives blend visuals and sales, specialising in Pinterest training and content creation.

    Rachel studied film and set design at university so of course she has a great eye for styling and of course branding

    1:1 Pinterest training, along with Rachels signature group course Ignite, are for independent businesses, who want to produce creative content showing off the best of your work without having to put in too much work yourself

    Pinterest totally transformed Rachel’s business In the space of a month.

    Rachel says ‘We don’t set up our businesses because we want to spend our time stressing about social media- we se up our businesses because we want to create and to share our joy with the world’

    Rachel’s Takeaways

    1.Energy is so important- spend time to get it high and bursting with fun and lightness first and you will get that sale.

    2.Takig no action and allowing yourself time t relax and get into feeling a flow state, the ideas will come on the next action.

    3.Over thinking can come in when we are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, that scarcity mindset starts forming.

    4.Overworking and burnout may not be the job, it can be you and your personality, are you neurodiverse and used to trying to prove your self worth?

    5.Pinterest is the 2md biggest search engine! The algorithms work for you.

    6.When posting on pinterest put the time into your SEO key words.

    7. Make sure you get a business account when you’re setting up a new Pinterest world

    8.Pinterest love your fresh ideas and content no other artists pins

    9.Idea pins are huge right now, experiment with these. Most people aren’t looking at your whole account, which gives us room to explore

    10.Start before you’re ready

    Connect with Rachel


    Enneagram-Personality-Test - www.truity.com

    Discover the work that makes you come alive - www.sparketype.com

  • Shamanic and Reiki healer Angela Sandland was drawn to becoming an arts therapist and after studies at University, Reiki training followed in her own path to wellness. Angela has over 20 years experience as a practitioner, facilitator & teacher in holistic health, covering many areas.

    Angela’s knowledge & wisdom have not just come from the training but from her real life experiences that she battled with a life condition Scoliosis and has also been a career too .

    She’s had quite a few mountains to climb!

    Angela says ‘Our life experiences are where the greatest wisdom comes from.’

    Shamanic and Reiki healer Angela Sandland was drawn to becoming an arts therapist and after studies at University, Reiki training followed in her own path to wellness.

    Angela has over 20 years experience as a practitioner, facilitator & teacher in holistic health, covering many areas.

    Angela’s knowledge & wisdom have not just come from the training but from her real life experiences that she battled with a life condition Scoliosis and has also been a career too .

    She’s had quite a few mountains to climb!

    Angela says ‘Our life experiences are where the greatest wisdom comes from.’

    If you like me have always been drawn to crystals, and all things healing but feel like you have no idea how or where to start, then listen to this conversation with our Deerheart Women! Even though Angela has had both life long condition and 20 years training in this field, she is like the girl next door, after listening over coffee you will learn how we can implement a life of self healing that we can design now with what we have in our homes to make our lives a reflection of our inner souls. Which is really what a home and or lives should be right?

    Angela’s Takeaways

    1.Find a purpose, find a career.

    2.Find the gold in each situation.

    3.What are the key word that life’s teaching us?

    4.Pain isn’t blocking us – We aren’t being blocked! It’s for us to grow.

    6.Be in the moment when you’re out walking, don’t drown out the moment with our phones or music.

    7.Don’t worship or be heavily influenced by another human, we are all flawed.

    8.Be inclusive if you’re running a gathering, sitting on the floor for long periods of time can be painful for many people.

    9.Make your home a true reflection of you.

    10.Express your fantasy, your surroundings, cos play party, your favourite textures around your home.

    11.What’s your favourite favourites environment? Is it the coast, woodland, mountains? You can add this to your home

    12.Creating an alter is a space for you, your favourite crystals, affirmations, candles, trinkets seasonal flowers.

    13.When you write things down using pen and paper, it happens, start with your journal.

    14.Do the work daily, if its meditating, deep breathing, healthy eating, keep doing it like we do an exercise.

    Connect with Angela here


    TikTok- Deerheart.healing

    Insta- www.instagramdeerheart_woman

  • Jemimasara is a multi-disciplinary artist addressing freedom of expression and aspects of daily life.

    Humorous, tongue-in-cheek, expressive and ironic; Jemima Sara creates a mixture of artwork, limited edition prints, illustrative accessories, easy-to-wear clothing and pretty much anything she wants to get stuck into.

    With collaberations ranging from perfume, shoes and handbags to women celebrating women. JEMIMASARA enjoys bringing creativity, art and print to new places. She also works on a private commission basis.

    For JEMIMASARA, her practice is a form of self therapy. Jemima enjoys discovering a language in drawing (or 'scribbling' as she describes) to ignite conversations and to exhibit the struggles of daily life. Jemima has exhibited her work in many solo and group shows.

    Jemimasarah’s Takeaway’s

    1.You don’t have to stay stuck with one style, we evolve each day, so can our art.

    The fixed mindset is the opposite to being creative, we shouldn’t think we will ever know everything Always be curious We don’t exec a chef to sell his first batch of dishes Stop the pressure of thinking you need to create every day, we ebb and flow Intuitive drawing can help shut off your thoughts Self development is not selfish Try a body scan Don’t struggle alone. You gave to get uncomfortable if you want to break the destructive habits You are not your lizard brain, you can put distance between the two. Your brain is 100’s of times eating to seek the pleasure release from jumping off the plan than the hard work you’ve put in. Noting is black and white, give yourself grace. Our mind and body is always connected, our best art comes from this place when we are in a good mental space.

    Connect with JEMIMASARAH here


    Eating Disorder Resources







  • Ashley Mary is an abstract artist, designer, and illustrator who creates lively, energetic works in her studio in Minneapolis. Her work focuses around strong use of colour and shape compositions. Ashley’s paintings are in heavy acrylics creating thick textures.

    Her process is influenced heavily by her collage work, patterns, vintage ephemera, and her background in graphic design. Ashley’s work pays attention to the unintentional and leaves space to be surprised.

    Her murals and product designs can be seen nationwide in large scale collaborations with brands such as Starbucks, Anthropologie and Google,

    Ashley is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Curiosity Studios. A creative learning space for those blocked.

    Ashley’s Takeaways

    1.Be confident in your mark making.

    2.Moving your body moves your mind and work.

    3.Change your surroundings.

    4.Honour your space and silence if that’s where your best art

    is born.

    5.If you feel the flow and strong energy in your commission, ask your client if they will let you carry this flow to your own natural completion.

    6.Sometimes there's no reason why a commission or client isn’t a great fit, it’s not black and white and can just be a personality clash.

    7. Look at your why and core values.

    8.If it’s a no is a yes to something else.

    9.Its ok to have your years intentions different from previous, in fact it should be. what got us here want move us there.

    10.Being present instead of big future goals can be huge and more productive and tangible.

    11.Making a big life change like relocating or making a fulfilling a life dream or smaller goal will come out in your art and shift your craft for the better.

    12.Place close attention to what’s in front of you.

    13.Get outside more!

    Connect with Ashley here


    Sponsor - Claire Oldham West

    Have you ever felt that your creative spark lies within a feast of chocolate !? I'm sure I'm not on my own when I say in times of stress I feed my feelings.....and here's the thing..............habits, beliefs, and behaviours towards the food you crave can take a new direction within hypnosis. Claire Oldham West invites you to try a new approach and if you can relate to food cravings head over to the show notes for more information on how Claire can help you to stop feeding your feelings and curb food cravings. Claire understands a holistic approach may sound a little woo woo so I've added a link to her You Tube channel so you can see this process in action! Click on the link below


  • Louise Hardaker, founder of kids clothing brand Magic Kind, finally listened to those inner nudges she had experienced all of her life and finally turned her childhood passion into a booming business.

    More than that, her kids clothing brand has proven time and time again the ripple affect with helping other creatives and business’s. Louise purchases U.K surface pattern designers work and keeps her brand true to her vision.

    Louise also shares the importance of having a day job and the boundaries that and running. family has around juggling the business.

    ⬇️Louise’s Takeaways⬇️

    1.If you’re not feeling your truest self, ask yourself this, ‘when was last time I created for myself? For the process? For the joy of it?

    2.Have strict boundaries with answering emails and work hours

    3.You’re not being selfish, as a mum your kids are learning skills and watching you build something. You’re giving them examples of how we can turn a thought into a physical business!

    4.Your business helps other business’s look at Louise buying surface patterns deigns, it’s all great generous energy

    5.Get out of your comfort zone! If you can’t afford a coach or mentor, ask a friend for accountability who will tell you what you need to hear not what you want too.

    6.Business products don’t go viral overnight; you have to keep reminding people. The marketing experts used to advise 7 steps, these days try tripling that these days with social media.

    Connect Here -


  • Are you looking for a safe space with like minded individuals?

    Do you love freelance life but yearn for more connection to your peers?

    Do you want to make more friends in biz?

    Do you struggle setting goals and sticking to them?

    I am launching a brand new membership -


    A membership packed full of knowledge, accountability, masterclasses, co-working sessions and above all COMMUNITY.

    Have you found your people? Your tribe?

    Well, now you have.

  • London based mural artists Eloisa Henderson Fills the world with happiness, she brings excitement to many lucky people’s walls! Of course we know how brave she must be to paint huge murals but what I love about her is that she explains in our conversation that’s she feels the fear each time! She explains here how she pushes through and her childhood growing up with her mum who works with children who are maybe vulnerable and neurodiverse, which of course has helped shape Elosia's art to this current day.

    What I also love is that this was all born through lock down! To help keep a float last year, Eloisa Henderson ran workshops in her garden. Eloisa spins lots of plates, she paints on film sets too!

    Eloisa’s Takeaways

    1.Just because you didn’t enjoy the project, the teaching, or whatever the thing is the first time, it doesn’t mean you won’t again, try it a second time and see!

    2.Put out what you want more of. It’s that simple

    3.Worrying about a project is common, it’s what keeps us at our best, we have to look for ways to keep this healthy and not overtake us.

    4. As creatives we natural worry

    5.If you don’t get the project you pitched for remember, you’re successful to even be in this position to apply.

    6. It’s about trying again down the line, it’s not a sorry no’ it’s a ‘not right now’.

    7.Some projects can just feel way too big because it is right now, and that’s ok, if you feel it will impact you negatively. Listen to that. Of course, we need to push ourself out of our comfort zone, however, there is a difference, don’t confuse the two.

    8.When children play up, we know it’s for attention, use your art to play! This will ease them into a safer, calmer mental space. Art is a super power.

    9.You can make people smile through your art that’s the true magic!

    10.It is possible to spin lots of plates If you’re interested in a variety of different creative areas, it’s important to do if you know you need the mix

    11. When working on a job its expected for you to work out what you need to do to get that job done, so don’t worry if it’s new to you, just say ‘Yes thankyou let me get on with that’ and research later. Your manager just wats it done, they don’t mind if you’ve done it or not.

    12. You don’t always know more the longer you’re in a studio, don’t worry, just learn on the job. That’s what we all do!

    13. It’s ok to be anxious when you’re putting yourself out there creatively, we can reconise that nasty voice and say internally ‘thank you, I’m doing it anyway! ‘I’m doing the best I can and that will lead to more great art’ This kind of narrative is far more inviting, progressive and helps us move past in the moment than letting all of the nasty mean words paralyse us.

    14.Spread your art outside or hang in your windows for passer by’s to enjoy, your art will brighten their day, it’s a gift.

  • Victoria Tojeiro founder of ‘Happy Stuff Studio’ is a self taught illustrator, designer and now has her own jewellery too

    Victoria gave up her teaching career to follow her pull to a creative life that suits her vibrant personality, not only does Victoria create colourful fun characters, she also literally wears her joy too! Victoria gave up her wardrobe of beige, grey and blacks for a fully pattern on pattern fun retro galore she says ‘everyday is literally dress up day!

    Nothing makes her happier than knowing she's been able to spread a bit of 'daftness and joy to the world'

    Victoria’s Takeaways

    1.Question anyone who tells you there isn’t any work for the arts

    2.Step into your children's world rather than expect them to embrace

    3.Step fully into your originality

    4.We need to stop limiting children need to teach us

    5.The younger generation keep design industry

    6.Wear your joy, it’s all connected

    7. Create what you want not what you think will sell

    8.Don’t force it

    9. Your happiness will fill the house with your mood, don’t underestimate it

    Connect with Victoria here


  • Lisa Metcalfe is a designer and illustrator for the greeting card industry, her designs can be found in many major retailers and charities globally.

    Lisa got here, employed to design in her 3rd big studio without a university degree!

    'Lisa didn’t stop there and sit back mind you, she is constantly pushing herself and developing new skills with online course's trying new techniques.

    Lisa’s Takeaways

    1.You don’t need a degree to make a living from your art

    2.Keep knocking on doors

    3. Getting back up and being resourceful is always the key

    4.Put pride aside and be humble and gracious, we can all agree its an attractive trait

    5. Always be curious and perculate, experiment and play with Developing new ideas

    6. Set a space up in the house however small

    7.Getting looser with your work and not being precious

    8. Remember if you don’t like it you can paint over it.

    9.Get the kids involved

    10. Tell the family how important this new project is to youUse up left over paint with making marks in your sketch book

    11. Paint for the process not the outcome

    12.You don’t need loads of time for your art – the first 20 – 30 minutes is normally your best most energised work

    13.Don’t get in your own head

    Connect with Lisa