• Lisa Metcalfe is a designer and illustrator for the greeting card industry, her designs can be found in many major retailers and charities globally.

    Lisa got here, employed to design in her 3rd big studio without a university degree!

    'Lisa didn’t stop there and sit back mind you, she is constantly pushing herself and developing new skills with online course's trying new techniques.

    Lisa’s Takeaways

    1.You don’t need a degree to make a living from your art

    2.Keep knocking on doors

    3. Getting back up and being resourceful is always the key

    4.Put pride aside and be humble and gracious, we can all agree its an attractive trait

    5. Always be curious and perculate, experiment and play with Developing new ideas

    6. Set a space up in the house however small

    7.Getting looser with your work and not being precious

    8. Remember if you don’t like it you can paint over it.

    9.Get the kids involved

    10. Tell the family how important this new project is to youUse up left over paint with making marks in your sketch book

    11. Paint for the process not the outcome

    12.You don’t need loads of time for your art – the first 20 – 30 minutes is normally your best most energised work

    13.Don’t get in your own head

    Connect with Lisa


  • Artist, advertising maverick and author Dave Buonaguidi shares his valuable wisdom with us this week. Dave has been a true shaker in the advertising world for over 30 years. Dave was the founder of Karmarama & St lukes co-operative creative advertising agencies which was way ahead of its time, it was named ‘the most dangerous company on earth!’ by the Harvard business review! They worked with Ikea, Boots, The Body Shop Anita Roddick to name just a few.

    They created the famous ‘MAKE TEA NOT WAR!’ poster for the Stop the War Coalition, which is now in the V&A.

    Dave then went on to be creative director for Channel 4 for a time before truly diving into his creative calling as an artist! Dave is the king of messaging and creating connection through his art.

    Dave’s has gone against the grain challenging the status quo, and creating noise his whole career, Dave is definitely not beige and this is why we all love him!

    Dave shares how to get your message out there and create connection through building your universe and market. He also believes by keeping your values and shinning your true light, the rest will come!

    Dave Takeaways

    1.We all really need to feel seen and have connection

    2.Build your universe and your market

    3.Keep getting back up!!

    4.Be authentic and guided by your inner morals

    5. Create an emotive reaction to get your message out there with connection

    6. If you keep going and shining your light bright, people will come back

    7. There are more people who will give up and pull the plug than keep going.

    8. Keep to your values!

    9.Creativity is the cure

    10. Your pain is your message

    You can find Dave’s work and the galleries he’s at


    And Buy his book! Blah blah blah I couldn’t put it down!! Buy on Amazon and give.co.uk


    He’s also done a Ted talk ‘be the driver not the passenger’


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  • This week Emma Isaacs talks about feeling stuck and how to overcome this and move forward.

    Emma has broken down five main strategies that promise to help break any mental blocks and move past into an inspired joyful space that helps us get back into the creative flow.

  • Denise Gasser is a mixed media artist, born and raised near the mountains of Utah.

    After years of over whelming guilt for wanting to still be an artist mixed with anxiety to try be the perfect mum and helper in her community, Denise decided to hold her hands up and embrace it all, the distractions, imperfections, the messiness around trying to paint and mother 4 young children!­­

    Denise founded the ‘Art After’ project. Reconciling art and motherhood. A series of small paintings that occur in one sitting and must be finished once interrupted. When that happens, Denise writes on the back the date the time she started the time she finished and what the interruption was.

    As you can imagine this project has had global reach after her exhibition! Denise gives talks and workshops in the US and Canada and is owned in private collections in several countries around the world.

    Denise shares honestly about her journey as a young Mum and artist, her thoughts on balance, boundaries and guilt.

    Look at her stunning work


    Denise’s Takeaways

    1.Having honest conversation with other women is vital

    2.Being a mum is lonely, being an artist is lonely! Make sure you reach out to creative communities online.

    3.Finding time to create is vital to being a better Mum, because you’re being the better you!

    4.Feeling burnt out isn’t ok! We are told its path and we need to juggle, spin those plates. Talk to your family and work out scheduling times for you!

    5.We don’t have an adult telling us to take care of ourselves! It’s our job to think about what patterns and examples we are setting to our kids.

    6.It’s ok to say being at home with the kids isn’t working out for us all. That doesn’t make you a bad parent! You’re an honest human.

    7.Giving yourself permission is vital, not just for yourself but for others.

    8.Take a good look at where your time is spent each day, which chunks are being spent on what areas and write it all down so you can see in detail how many people and jobs are taking you away from what you really want.

    9.Stop asking why you should do it. What's the reason? Sometimes our bodies want to move and dance just because!

    11.Chipping away is such a powerful mantra. Start telling yourself this each day.

    12.If alarm bells are ringing for you or a family member regarding ADHD take an online test and have a look at the show notes for some of our favourite books.

    Denise's Book Recommendations:

    Driven to Distraction

    ADHD 2.0

    The ADDitude Website has tons of great articles

    Anything by Russel Barkley. I learned a lot from this talk I listened to on YouTube : https://youtu.be/YSfCdBBqNXY

  • As October is ADHD awareness month, I'm sharing my ADHD journey so far, what I've learned since getting my diagnoses aged 40, just 12 Months ago and what I feel we should all know as parents, teachers, partners and members of our wonderful globe!

    ADHD Takeaways

    1.The brain isn’t fully understood, we are all learning and developing all of the time2.What is normal, there are no two humans the same, even identical twins have different fingerprints

    3.Dyslexia can be paired with ADHD

    4.OCD Is commonly paired with ADHD

    5.ADAHD’S are highly creative, they can be inventive thinkers, they often think very differently. Big companies actively seek neurodiverse creatives

    6.Family members will say ‘oh it’s the latest trend, answer by saying its only the same as giving someone glasses or a walking stick if they get diagnosed!

    7. ADHD in girls is harder to pick up because they learn very young age to mimic others which masks any blocks and struggles.

    8.ADHD does run in the family

    9.We get used to struggle, get tested if you’re wondering you will be helping your family if you won’t think of yourself!

    Andy J Pizza - https://bit.ly/3AexY8Y

    Denise Gasser -https://bit.ly/3FngVW4

    Brené Brown's TED Talk "Listening to shame" from TED2012


  • Textile Designer Lauren Lesley has been a senior designer for Surya she’s travelled to many trade shows such as High Point Furniture Market, Las Vegas, New York, and Heimtex + Domotex in Germanyand many rug factories in India.

    Lauren has worked with licensees such as Candice Olson, Country Living, Mike Farrell, and Gluckstein Home and not forgetting Anthropologie and Target

    Lauren now freelancers and runs online courses- ‘How to become a Textile Designer, ‘How to Find your Own Style’ are just a few examples. Lauren is also a hit on YouTube too!

    Lauren’s Takeaways

    1.Transitioning from designing for a studio to freelance is huge, give yourself the time and grace

    2.As a designer it’s crucial you keep your eye on future trends

    3.Trends are always watered down for the high street, see what’s coming through ahead of time. Is it big puffy sleeves, pattern clash for example?

    4.Finding your style can be a headache! Try not to over think it, you can start by looking at your favourite colour palette

    5.Generally, we follow creatives on social media who show a style we are attracted too, so look at what it is that you’re loving in those groups

    6.Be sure to work off screen this really changes perspective, scale, colour ways and you can take it back onto the ipad and replicate it after.

    7.Be gentle with yourself when you are trying new mediums and techniques it’s not just ok to mess up, we absolutely should messy up, allow it!

    You can find Lauren's YouTube channel and work here



  • Megan Sjuts is a visionary designer, online educator, and creative coach. With a decade of industry experience, Megan has mastered the art of visual communications. She is the owner of Building 07, a dynamic design studio through which she has served a wide range of clients, from businesses and brands to ministries and non-profit organisations.

    Megan has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and Advertising Management. Always wanting to learn more, she later earned a Master of Arts in Mass Communication degree at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, specialising in Web Design and Online Communications.

    As a designer, Megan partners with ambitious business women to bring their vision to life through strategic design and creative direction. She offers a unique perspective by effectively combining her knowledge of marketing, advertising, and design expertise to create strategic solutions for her clients.

    As a creative coach, Megan is passionate about encouraging creatives to own their design and courageously pursue their paths. As a former design professor, and through her work as an industry expert for the Bucket-list Bombshells Design Skills Course, she has helped thousands of young creatives build flourishing and fulfilling online businesses and careers.

    Megan Takeaways

    1.Shut down comparison, it completely stumps creativity

    2.What do I have? What am I good at?

    3.Concentrate on what you have achieved instead of always feeling less than and thinking and wanting to accomplish more.

    4.Shift your focus from what other people have done, and shift it to what am I good at? How can I use that and strengthen my skillset to help and serve other people

    5.What makes you feel most inspired doing? That’s the thing

    6.We all have a completely different lenses and so our interpretation on something will have of course have your individual take.

    7.You can give a class the same brief and they will all have a completely different take on something.

    8.Collaboration and groups is so powerful for us creatives

    9.Not many of us creatives have other creatives in our family or close unit, so it’s important to find your village and keep them close

    10.Owning your creativity isn’t one moment to step into, its many tiny steps.

    11.Watch your inner dialogue, are you being kind and gentle to yourself?

    12.Try to not take yourself so seriously by tapping into your younger fun self

    13.Play is vital, allow yourself to enjoy the journey along the way!

    14.Look for freedom in your life to connect to creativity




  • Artists Nova Zef is a true creative visionary, she’s a trained professional dancer from New York, now living between Bali and L.A Nova, is a vocalist and creative mind behind the NY band Pendulum people, she’s a spoken word artist, a writer, and has the fashion label Tooky Tooky. Nova has performed at large festivals; she’s created staging for shows and she navigates all of this with travel too. You’re going to love hearing Nova’s story and the mindset she has.

    Nova’s Takeaway's

    1.The big bold exciting gigs don’t come without struggle and compromise

    2.Other people’s words and opinions are just that. They shouldn’t define you. The true power is in carrying on.

    3.Be the audience or the student and take in everything, having that different perspective is huge

    4.When you’re stood on that stage, In that scary exhibition, opening and you feel wobbly or scared, trust See your inner gift imagine it as a light and visualise it.

    5.Trust that you have value and you’re gifting the world.

    6.We are all stuck on the internet we are all craving soul and connecting

    7.Watch out for social media, if you’re not feeling inspired and instead triggered then turn Instagram off, put your phone upstairs the night before a creative day so you’re not having hundreds of negative distractions and self-doubt.

    8.Stay truthful to your vision and goals.

    9. Being multi passionate is a gift, yes its a lot of work but it's important to keep on re addressing and aligning.

    10. Keep working on your good mental space, on knowing beliveing and working hard.


  • Artist Matthew Burrows MBE started the #Artist Support Pledge initiative when the pandemic first hit in March 2020, he and his family hoped it would reach 1,000 participants, he didn’t imagine it would generate 70 million pounds! Matthew has won lots of awards last year but I’m sure his proudest moment was receiving an MBE at the Queens Honours.

    The concept of the artists pledge is straightforward: artist are invited to post pictures of their work for sale for £200 or less on Instagram using hashtag #artistsupportpledge. Every time an artist makes £1,000 in sales, they in turn pledge to spend £200 on work by another participating artist. There are no third parties, payments are made directly from artists to artists.

    Listen in to hear Matthews true core values, motivations and beliefs on philosophy's and community's.

    Mathews Takeaways

    1.Everyone should feel they have access to creativity and the arts.

    2.Intellect, Feelings and spirit shouldn’t be taken apart and seen as separate entities.

    3.It’s about how we live our lives and what kind of world we create as individuals, it’s no one else’s job, take ownership of how you’re showing up each day and if it matches your core values.

    4.Write down what you can offer and bring to the table and refer to it daily

    5.Give yourself permission to do it messy and make mistakes

    6.Having a mentor group, a safe space to sound out your ideas is vital for your creative business

    7.A supportive community helps feed and develop your creative business. Give people the opportunity to support each other and the means and system they will use it. As humans we thrive in villages.

    8.It's a good sign if you feel slightly nervous about putting your art out into the World- it means it’s a new uncertain territory new! Trust that uncomfortable feeling

    9.you need to change your money mindset to one that’s more comfortable asking for money, get your art, shift it by saying it’s not an exchange for time, it’s a gift you’re putting out into the world which then gives back and the energy goes on!

    (Photos credited to Jonathan Bassett)

    (Images of Matthew drawings on ASP credited to Matthew Burrows Studio)





  • How do you switch from designing for your client’s brand and trends to finding your own true creative voice and being briefed to design more of that? Finding your own style is where the real magic happens. Andy J. Pizza, illustrator and host of the ultra-inspiring Creative Pep Talk Podcast talks about it all.

    For those of you who don’t know Andy he’s designed for Sony, YouTube, The New York Times, The Guardian, Washington post, Amazon, Google, Smart Car, Urban outfitters, Wired magazine, Nickelodeon. Andy has a couple of really cool Skill-share classes out, he's a speaker too plus he’s got a stunning book out ‘Creative Pep Talk Inspiration from 50 Artists’

    Andy’s Takeaways

    1.Your creative voice doesn’t find you. You have to do the work.

    The magic lies in not knowing where you’re going in your work. In the playing part the bit where you're in your intuition and you’re simply trusting your own good taste! It’s never been more important to find your creative voice as it is right now, in this time in history. The world needs your art more than ever! We all need stories! You the creative are the storytellers Do you love your art enough to risk not winning? Ask yourself this, what’s the thing you’re so passionate about and you’re willing to be bad at?

    7.Vulnerability is the not knowing if you’re going to be successful!

    8.Survive as a creative you had to find your hiding mechanisms! They helped you cope in the past! However there comes a time when they aren’t serving you anymore!

    9.The resilience of an adult artist is unbelievable. Don’t forget this! What it takes to be a creative throughout your life is brave!

    10.Split your working week into paid work with what you can make the most about of instant money from and then look at how you can free up the rest for your own business project.

    11.You can’t create whilst you’re stressing about money, so put the time and respect into making that dollar or pound doing what you know you can do! Don’t complain about that Mundane job you wish was more creative, has more Freedom etc, instead look at the positives and really remind yourself it's paying your bills whilst you work out your steps and transition. Trust the process!


    Andy’s Skillshare classes -

    Finding your style: Five exercises to unlock your creative Identity

    Making creativity your career: Six exercises to create a successful side project!

    Andy’s Books -

    Creative Pep Talk: Inspiration form 50 Artist

  • Tiff Manuell paints her bright edgy bright edgy abstract pieces onto large canvases sourced from India which then they get cut up sent off to a talented team who make them Into the most amazing one off bags!!

    The way Tiff runs her business is equally as magical, her shop is also her huge studio which means customers can go and see her paint and create her latest pieces, and actually speak to her and tell her which bit you would like her to cut or just have a real intimate experience seeing where these pieces were created!

    So of course it makes sense Tate Modern London would approach and stock these stunning pieces of art!

    Tiff’s Takeaways

    1.If a studio or shop isn’t speaking to you what about a warehouse or a large space where your customers can visit👌

    2.Show your children your day to day work, get them involved. It's great for them to see how hard we have to work and how serious we have to be. Plus they will see the wins and highs💪

    3.Giving college pupils work experience is a great way for them to meet possibly their first successful creative and it’s rewarding for you too! 💚

    4.If your business is just reacting or treading water or feeling stuck, schedule in a few days for playing and creating again. ✨

    5.If you’re spinning all of the plates and you’re feeling it’s not working as you could have spread yourself too thinly with wholesalers, customers or licences follow your gut, you know really if it’s not working and it’s ok to move from that to make an even wilder business! 💥

    6.Having your studio as your shop means customers feel they’ve got something more intimate and there’s a story now with each piece💫

    7.Meditation doesn’t have to be in the morning, or a quite building, being consistent is more important, find 15 minutes in bed or another room in the house in the evenings even🌙

    8.If you're a curious soul and travel is important try and combine this with your business. It can be a blast! 🌍



  • This week's guest is Jason Williamson from British electronic punk duo band Sleaford mods! Jason was in his mid 40s when his second album hit the charts and it was time to quit his day job. He was married with a daughter and a mortgage.

    I went to Jason's home for coffee and a long honest and personal chat. Jason talks about his constant battles with alcohol and personal growth. Staying aligned with the right artists and musicians and always staying true to himself and his wife and family.

    We talk about the years of hustle leading up to the Sleafords Mods recognition.

    Jason's Takeaways

    There’s no arrival When you change your lifestyle for the better you’ve got to actually learn to live differently each day. If you’re being featured by another artist make sure you step back and let them do their thing. Apply yourself intentionally The persistent mind work is the ground work -Nothing is an overnight success

    Sleafod mods are Currently in Australia, then in US for Coachella and a West Coast tour, then back to the US in September for the East Coast.

    Latest album - All That Glue - is released on 15 May 2020 And check everything else out at ​www.sleafodmods.com

    Latest album - All That Glue - released on 15 May 2020

    www.sleaford​mods.com for tour Australia and US tour dates

    Snowy featuring Jason Williams EFFED ​https://youtu.be/e9Dyh0AW2zM

  • Katie Abey is an illustrator, she has a successful empire, spreading shear joy for others ‘creating positive things for other proud weirdos’

    Using her adorable fun characters and empowering messages through her books, fashion such as cute fun skirts, T's, Pins, funny cards, and mugs, she has a cup of kindness mug which is just literally happiness in a cup

    I say empire because not only has Katie and her gorgeous husband Jeff got a successful online store, they have a brick and mortar shop too, running a team of people plus Katie illustrate books, all the while being true to herself and sharing her vulnerability, and growth through her business and products.

    I asked Katie to chat about how important mindset is as a Creative and I asked her to talk about the Circle of influence and concern theory which is a habit we can all do and keep to each week to feel more in control.

    Katie’s Take aways-

    1.Don’t be afraid to try lots of things with your business and see what works.

    2.Different income streams helps relieve stress around money.

    3.You can be confident and introverted!

    4.Watch how busy you are and if it’s a regular unhealthy pattern to avoid feeling things.

    5.Work out and only concentrate on what you do have control over.

    6.Protect your energy!

    7.You can learn how to Use your bad day to help others through your art. This action can help you no end.

    8.Learn and try to change your perception of a situation.

    9.Talking about mental health makes it a friend rather than a beast and you will feel empowered. Bring it out into the light!

    10.Showing your vulnerability helps others.

    11.Shine your own weird light!

    12.We are a work in progress, we are never finished!

    You can find all of Katie’s gorgeous products on Etsy


    They also offer a gorgeous box of happiness with lots of her products packed inside and sent out to your loved one or of course if you’re like me you’ll have ordered one for yourself too!


    Books -

    7 Habits of highly effective people with Stephen R Covey

    Alan watts - Become what you are

    Podcast Oprah Winfrey - Supersoul Sunday’s

  • Bam-Bam is a visual storyteller whose work draws on image, shape, colour and narrative to create visionary expressions in paint. She loves how painting can transform the stuff of everyday life into vibrant and imaginative visual languages. At the heart of Bam-Bam’s aesthetic is a desire to revitalise the spaces and surfaces of the everyday world with vivid patterns and designs.

    Whether she’s working on a mural, street art, a commission or collaboration, Bam-Bam embraces each project with an open mind and an appreciation of flow. For Bam-Bam, art-making is an intimate choreography with the movements and rhythms of the world and its inhabitants. Bam-Bam’s process is meditative and carefully conceived at the same time as it is highly adaptable and intuitive. She fuses traditional and contemporary styles, frequently employing bold geometric patterns. She works across a variety of materials and surfaces, using spray paints, stencils, prints, and pigments, leaving marks and brush-strokes on bodies, abandoned buildings, paper, textiles, and other canvases.

    For Bam-Bam, painting is public performance. There is a robust theatricality to Bam-Bam’s painting practice, which involves characters and costumes in the development of each work. Often, these fantastic and fictional personas liberate Bam-Bam from the usual constraints of art-making and allow her imagination to run wild. As a result, many of Bam-Bam’s paintings express vivid psychedelic imagery that evokes a sense of fantasy, wonder, and euphoria.

    Bam-Bam has developed many of her designs into wearable art and décor. Now, not only can you look at the paintings… you can become part of them.

    Bam-Bams Takeaways

    1.We can manifest anything but we have to put the work in

    2.Know one is going to do this for you, You’ve got to give yourself a word sometimes and try!

    3.It may not go the way you want, it will then be a real lesson

    4.You can’t control how you’re going to be received, you can only create

    5.Confidence grows it’s practiced

    6.Collaborations help bring out a different creative energy it can inspire you into a new found direction

    7.Stepping into an Alta ego/ character can really help step into confidence

    8.There is no right or wrong decision we make the best we can at either moment, it’s either a moment that elevates you or a lesson.

  • Sally Payne is freelance surface pattern designer and Illustrator for the kid’s market.

    Sally has designed in many areas over the years including stationary/greeting cards, children’s book illustration, logo and branding designs, editorial illustration, packaging design, surface pattern for childrenswear and fabric design.

    You might think because of Sally’s huge following on Instagram and Pinterest, she monetised all those years ago. This wasn’t the case; Sally only left her teaching job 2 years ago. Sally explains what juggling it all is really like and what having multi-income streams has meant for her business.

    Sally’s clients includes

    Peel cards, Papyrus, Kanopy Baby, American greetings, Hallmark, Bestaroo, Abacus, Gina B designs, Tots to travel, Auzou publishing, Pictura France, Arthouse, Elephant and Bird Publishing, I am a Bookworm publishing, Hinkler Books Australia, Little Korea publishing, Doo Doo Korea, Story Cat Korea, Usborne, Whsmith, Yo – Yo publishing, Dashwood studio, Fabric Editions , Tesco, Sainsburys, Paper Balloon and DDW.

    Sally’s Takeaways

    1.Freelance transition can work best if its gradual

    2.Sally knew she needed to train and develop in digital first

    3.Create art just for Instagram, it’s not your brief so put out what you want more of

    4.The work that you like leads to more jobs you like

    5.Don't be afraid to ask for explanations on statements on your contracts to be changed

    6.Ask for parts off your contracts to be explained if you don’t understand them

    7.Book illustration are a lot of work but once yours are out there more will come from them.

    8.When asked about a book and costs, ask an example of a double page to see how much work and detail they need.

    9.Don't ignore linkedin the algorithms are more favourable

    Connect with Sally


  • Michele Adams left her life in the tiny town in Northern Ireland to pursue her career in London’s Theatre, only to discover the whispers Michelle heard were getting louder to point Michele knew she needed to change path, to a life In Brighton consisting of cold sea swims before teaching her yoga classes.

    Michele has studied at one of the Wim Hof companies expeditions in over in Finland and this was of course life changing. Michelle tells us how the breath work helps her Yoga practice and her journaling.

    Michele's Takeaways

    1.Yoga isn’t about the poses.

    2.Yoga isn't all about flexibility.

    3.Waking up to a calmer life takes being intentional even if it’s against the norm or after risking it all against family wishes. Listening to those nudges is crucial.

    4.Cold water will clear your thoughts and res set you. Try it on a Monday to set the tone of your week.

    5.Boundaries are huge make sure you keep them.

    6. Journaling isn’t easy to keep as a habit, keep trying and don’t overthink it.

    7. You’re mental health is huge, If you’re finding your world to be toxic, feeling anxious or depressed you have to take a step back and change that environment.



  • Being an artist was not part of Catherine’s life plan by any stretch of the imagination. Until age 33, she was one of those people who said, "I don't have an artistic bone in my body." (Sound familiar?)

    In her family of origin, Catherine was viewed as the unartistic one. she was often told she should be a counsellor or teacher, but artist, definitely not! My parents were talented hobby artists

    Catherine’s unexpected path started in the middle of a rewarding-but-very-stressful job as a university career services director, where she was guiding others to find their true callings. Catherine went on to find put she had breast cancer, and get divorced before she still would try art fully and now making it her living!

    Catherine’s Takeaways

    1.Work out how to make your day job work around your art and to create

    2.Ask yourself, If you could make what you want, what would it be?

    3.What’s your joy?

    4.Work out your finances, can you ask your day job to work 5 days a month

    5.theres no pressure in collage

    6.Get children to have a go college, lay it all out on a table

    7.Build up your new work on line before you launch your collection.

    8.Launches add excitement to your new work

    Connect with Catherine


    Myres Briggs personality test


  • Jessica Hogarth is Surface pattern designer and now has her own shop! She’s based in the coastal town of Whitby North Yorkshire coast

    So many creatives ask me what the best route is in getting their products in shops?

    How do they get their designs in stores?

    Jessica's ranges have been stocked on the shelves of Fortnum & Mason, Liberty of London, Oliver Bonas, Paperchase, Daunt Books, Paper Source (USA) and Scribbler, amongst many other independent outlets. She also retails her designs on Etsy, shipping orders to customers worldwide all year round.

    We talk about trade shows, the importance of multiple income streams and opening a shop through Covid.

    Jessica Takeaways

    1.If you’re doing a fair if trade show its cheaper I the long to do a few that season

    2.Helping support your creative friends as part of your journey is so rewarding

    3.Doing a blog is still 15 years on worth your time - searchable Google content will lead viewers straight to your website

    4.Having different income streams is vital for your business

    5.Yes covid is scary time to start and open a business but there’s so many positives, just Google how many famous company’s started in rescissions

    6.There isn’t a constant balance, it just doesn’t exists so instead of looking for that, after the busy season where you’ve gone all in, why not schedule a down time phase

    7.Schedule your creative days each week or month, if we aren’t mindful time can slip by

    8.Fill out a weekly time sheet to see where your time is spent so you can know what’s best for scheduling out in the future

    9.Get someone to do the jobs you’re not as good at or you don’t want to spending time doing.

    Connect with Jessica



  • Victoria Close founder of Bikudesigns has lived and in Japan with her British husband and children for 25 years. Victoria reuses vintage Japanese kimonos and makes them into stunning jewellery pieces and accessories like earrings, brooches, necklaces and headbands

    Victoria calls herself a self-taught jeweller which interesting, only because her degree was in something else, she has trained in silver smithing though so it’s so common that we do this isn’t it? As of course talk about this, the hang ups we all carry as creatives had being an expert.

    We look at what the pandemic is like over there and how they have coped In Tokyo just before the Olympics 2021

    Although, Victoria and her family have lived through a tsunami a huge earth quake and a tsunami and nuclear melt down in 2011

    She thought there had been a tremor during our chat!

    Victoria’s Takeaways

    1.Your business can be completely different to where you started, we all evolve, that’s ok!

    2.Imagine your creativity is like a cork, if it’s pushed down it will float back up

    3.Say ‘I am a …….

    4.Watch how you tell people what you do. Is it In shock? or with conviction?

    5.Set up a support group for your followers or village/school or any community you’ve felt you could help, you if think this, you will be 100% right!

    6.Even in the biggest disasters nature and wildlife has the power to push through!

    7.Take photos of your cities everyday objects, you will find many who have left, miss seeing those moments and objects

    LINKS: Overseas Makers Guild Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/347500526246146 Overseas Makers Guild Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/overseas_makers_guild/ Bikudesigns VIP Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254399134978215 Bikudesigns website: https://www.bikudesigns.com/ Bikudesigns Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bikudesigns Bikudesigns Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bikudesigns/
  • Greg Straight is probably one of New Zealand’s most prolific illustrators having carved out a niche generating custom illustrations for high profile brands. His work is all around us in the form of murals, packaging designs, billboards and magazine covers as well as featuring in nationwide campaigns for many household brands.

    When covid hit Greg had just opened his new studio. All of his projects got cancelled almost overnight, what do you do? Plus, his wife works in the business full time too.

    Countdown, Christchurch Airport. Auckland Council, Qantas, Sunday Telegraph, Nespresso, TVNZ , McDonalds

    Greg has a professional but laid back approach. His works span everything from logo design and branding to murals, lots of stunning packaging, infographics and so much more! Oh, and he’s met the prime minister Jacinda Ardern.

    Here are Greg's Takeaways

    1.If the worst happens and you lose all of your projects look to see how you can make it work, there might be something you’ve overlooked before.

    2.Don't ignore your local contacts, there can be lots of work there. You know their home and area so it’s actually easier to fill their needs. Plus, the know like and trust factor is there too.

    3.Working near another creative can be a game changer, look online for open studios

    4.Working with your partner can be scary and stressful

    5.Sometimes we just to unplug and go somewhere for the day to change our view point

    6.When you create art it won’t always go out the way you want it but that doesn’t always mean that it hasn’t worked out. Sometimes it’s best you took a different root.

    7.If Greg hadn't gone over to that other artist in the cafe, he wouldn’t of got a whole exhibition!

    8.Keep on creating, don’t stop!

    9.Don’t be precious about your art keep on making

    10.Don't give up, keep crafting and developing to find your style

    11.When you spend the time doing personal projects you aren’t restricted!

    12.Do nothing and nothing happens