• Emmet Condon is the founder of Homebeat. Homebeat does "independent, alternative space focused music promotion & heartfelt event production". They also run the festival "Another Love Story" with Happenings. Emmet talks about the origins of the company, his search for himself in his 20's, how the Irish music and festival scene has changed over the years and what coming up with Homebeat soon. We also report on Legos hidden around the Marsh Library and check the new film production company Nantosuelta Entertainment.


    Homebeat on Facebook

    Homebeat on Twitter

    Segment 1: Hunt The Book Thief, part of Hunting Stolen Books exhibition

    Over at the Marsh Library on St. Patrick Close, Over 1,200 books have been stolen from the library. They are running an exhibition on some of those books which have been found, recovered or in some cases another copy was brought. One part of that exhibition has Lego book thiefs spread around the library for children or uninhibited adults to spot. I spoke to Jason McElligott, Keeper of the Marsh Library who me told where the idea came from.

    Marsh’s LEGO ® Minifigures Hunt in Marsh Library

    Segment 2: Nantosuelta Entertainment

    A new film production company has launched with its headquarters in Dublin and an office in Los Angeles. Nantosuelta Entertainment is founded by film broker, Shari O'Donnell and Edwina Forkin of Zanzibar Films. The company has two focuses: Production of Irish themed films and to provide a way for film producers to finance their films with the use of the Section 481 32% tax incentive which with them can be recouped upfront. Without Nantosuelta Entertainment you can on get the tax credit in instalments or on completion of production. Shari O'Donnel spoke to me over Skype about why this is a selling point for the company.

    Nantosuelta Entertainment

  • Aisling Rogerson is a founder of The Fumbally cafe and The Fumbally Stables. Sebastian Stephenson shares a glass of kefir and a baked good or two with Aisling and discuss Irish food, running the cafe without burning themselves out and constantly examining how to be sustainable. We also report on the new EP "Attached to Memory" from Ailbhe Reddy and check out a work in process exhibition that is looking at making a language to speak to extra terrestrials.

    The Fumbally website

    Segment 1: Attached to Memory by Ailbhe Reddy

    Ailbhe Reddy is releasing a new EP called Attached to Memory. This is her second EP, her first being "Hollowed Out Sea". She has received much media coverage and attention from listeners with almost 2 million streams on spotify. I spoke to Ailbhe in Ranelagh Gardens Park, about the ep and how her folk music has changed over the two releases and what is coming up next for her.

    Ailbhe Reddy's website

    Segment 2: In Perpetuity by Lucy McKenna

    In Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Lucy McKenna has created a language that is meant to beam across the universe and she exhibiting it in the Atrium Space. The exhibition is called In Perpetuity and its part of a work in progress to explore how you would communicate with other beings if you didn't know how they spoke to one another. This language is one experiment & looks very geometric and a lot look they could be corporate logos. I spoke to Lucy surrounded by the exhibition about where the idea to do this had come from.

    In Perpetuity

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  • Antony Farrell is the founder of Lilliput Press. An independent publisher that has been around since 1984. Sebastian Stephenson talks to Antony about the "8 Geniuses" that Lilliput has published, why he will sometime tell potential authors to self publish, and what are their latest books. We also check out the independent comic books scene in the first Dublin Eight Comic Arts Festival and see what projects are looking for crowdfunding at the moment.

    The Lilliput Press website

    The Lilliput Press on Twitter

    The Lilliput Press on Facebook

    Segment 1: Dublin Eight Comic Arts Festival

    The first Dublin Eight Comic Arts Festival happened on 23rd April. DECAF for short, was a event in The Fumbally Stables to promote, buy and how to do independent small press comic books. Think more illustrated novel rather than superhero saga, though there are a few caped crusaders around as well. I checked out some of the works that were lined up and asked the authors back to back to tell me what they were selling.

    Dublin Eight Comic Arts Festival

    Segment 2: Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Sebastian Stephenson talks thought some crowdfunding campaign that running at the moment.

    Junior Magazine Issue 2

    Irish International A Cappella Festival

    Young Skins: The Clancy Kid & Bait - Colin Barrett by Reality:Check Productions

  • Trevor O'Shea is the man behind Bodytonic. Owner of Wigwam, The Bernard Shaw, Its own record label, Eatyard, The Beatyard Festival among a lot more things. From music to food to tech. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Trevor about how he manages it all, what have been some of the endeavorers that didn't work out, forecasting the music industry and more. We also report on a new exhibition in Draíocht called A History of Play, check out what's coming up in Live Art festival, Live Collision and change the irish film state of the industry with IFI Spotlight 2017.


    Bodytonic on Twitter

    Bodytonic on Facebook

    Segment 1: Live Collision Festival 2017

    The Live Collision International Festival returns for 2017. The live art festival brings international acts as well as national to the Project Arts Centre and other spaces around Dublin. It also provides a year round producing house which helps artists and companies to produce works at various stages of development. The festival is focused on the creative and developmental arc of the artist over their lifetime and the immediate presentness of live art.The festival director, Lynette Moran told me what this means when the festival comes round each year.

    Live Collision website

    Live Collision on Twitter

    Live Collision on Facebook

    Segment 2: A History of Play by Eamon O'Kane

    A History of Play is an exhibition by Eamon O'Kane and its about Kindergarten. Its interactive and has been in many cities around the world and its based on the idea and objects by the inventor of Kindergarten, Friedrich Fröbel. It is currently in Draíocht in Blanchstown and is part of a series of works that have been curated by Sharon Murphy, the 2017 Curator-in-Residence. The series is looking at youth culture and visual culture. In the exhibition there are objects inspired by what are called Fröbels Gifts which are toys to foster creativity and expression and Eamon described to me what is in the space.

    A History of Play in Dríaocht

    Sharon Murphy Curator in Residence 2017 - Dríaocht Blog

    Dríaocht on Facebook

    Dríaocht on Twitter

    Segment 3: IFI Spotlight 2017

    The Irish Film Institute held their annual review of the Irish Film Industry on the 7th April. The event is called IFI Spotlight and seeks to provide a creative and industrial overview of what the Irish Film Industry was in 2016. I went along to the event to see discussions on copyright, gender equality and the advertising portion of the industry and I will give you a brief rundown of some of the insights gleaned from the day.

    IFI Spotlight 2017

  • Matthew Nevin is one of the founders of MART. An artist-led, not for profit arts organisation founded in 2007 with gallery spaces and studios in Rathmines, and more studios in 7 buildings across Dublin. Sebastian Stephenson talks to Mathew about 10 years of running MART, what they are going to do to celebrate it, the different attitudes of artists towards the profession and what they look for when exhibiting artist, how they have to not only survive but expand after many arts spaces have had to close or move and what they have coming up this year and to celebrate the 10 years of MART. We also report on a collective and weekly show called The Circles Sessions, report on the debut play All That We Found Here by Donagh Humphreys and just some out some workshops that might be of interest.


    Segment 1: The Circle Sessions

    The Circle Session is a weekly regular show in the International Bar and its also a collective of musicians, poets, spoken word artists and comedians. They have been going for 2 and a half years and even have a album to boot. I spoke to the chairperson of the Circle Sessions, David Halpin about the structure of the evening and how they use it to grow the collective, who is in it now and what they have coming up in the future.

    The Circle Session on The International Bar website

    The Circle Sessions on Facebook

    The Circle Sessions on Twitter

    The Circle Sessions Album on iTunes

    Segment 2: All That We Found Here by Donagh Humphreys

    All That We Found Here is the debut play by Donagh Humpherys. This dark comic play is inspired by one episode of property developer and former member of the IRA, Tom McFeely life in which a stash of cash was found in his house. The play follows the story of Sophia, the daughter of a property tycoon, after having a party last night to find ghosts of her past woven into the very house she finds herself in. I spoke to the writer and director, Sarah Bradley in the IFI after rehearsals about how the script and the production has changed over time, why Donagh moved the script from a Fishamble playwriting course to up on stage in the New Theatre but first Donagh tells me what appealed to him about this episode.

    All That We Found Here on the New Theatre website

    All That We Found Here on Facebook

    Segment 3: Workshops for Spring/Summer 2017

    Sebastian Stephenson talks about some workshops that you might be of interest to you.

    Support Your Career by Writing with K.R. Murray

    Cafe Drawing Session in Rua Red

    The Throwing Workshop in Arran Street East

    Fashion Lighting & Portrait Workshop with Seán Jackson

  • Plastik Festival is a festival of artist moving image. Sibyl Montague is one of the festival directors and speaks to Sebastian Stephenson about the festival. We talk about what's coming up, what makes Plastik different from other film/video festivals, who they coming and is making video art here. We also report on what new in the Library Project and check out the debut album, Awareness, by Niall McGuigan.

    Plastik Festival website

    Plastik Festival on Twitter

    Plastik Festival on Facebook

    Segment 1: Awareness by Niall McGuigan

    Niall McGuigan is releasing a debut album that has been brewing for 6 years. Its called Awareness. Niall is releasing the album on the 25th March in St. Anna Church where his works from the album will be performed by the SUSO Gospel Choir. Niall has worked in bands with a variety of musical genres and is even a music therapist. I spoke to Niall as he was heading into the Ruby Sessions in Doyles pub on College Street and he told me about the musical journey he has been on and how it found its way into the album.

    Corrected: The launch is St Ann's church, not St. Anna's

    Niall McGuigan's website

    Niall McGuigan on Soundcloud

    Segment 2: What's new: The Library Project

    A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we check out The Library Project.

    The Library Project website

    PhotoIreland 2017 festival

  • Rabble is an underground magazine that has been publishing since 2011. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to contributing editor, Jamie Goldrick about Rabble over the years, the challenges of getting an issue out, Rabble's move into video and what's in the upcoming issue 13. We also report on a special issue from Guts Magazine about abortion in Ireland, a talk-though a new co-working space, The Tara Building and check out the first feature film from the Dublin Filmmakers Collective, One Night in Dublin.


    Rabble on Facebook

    Rabble on Twitter

    Segment 1: The Tara Building

    A new co-working space will be opening this month on Tara street aimed specifically at creative freelancers. It's called the Tara Building and I took a tour of the building with manger, Nichol Gray, as it was being assembled to open gradually this month.

    The Tara Building website

    The Tara Building Scholarship and Incubation Scheme

    Segment 2: Guts Magazine Special Issue "Fight Back"

    Guts Magazine finished publishing with their sixth issue back in December 2016 but our printing a special issue on the 7th March. It will be launching in the Library Project and the theme for the special issue is called "Fight Back". The confessional writing magazine is focusing on abortion in Ireland and the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment. I spoke to the editor, Rosin Agnew, about what will be different compared to other issues of Guts Magazine, where this issue fits into that larger conversation on abortion in Ireland and why they are releasing on the 7th March.

    Guts Magazine Fight Back issue launch

    Guts Magazine website

    Segment 3: One Night in Dublin

    The Dublin Filmmakers Collective have completed their first feature film. There is a cast and crew screening this month before it is submitted to the festival circuit. The film called "One Night in Dublin" is made up of shorter films to create the story of the city. I spoke to the producer of the film Robert O'Mara about the film, the challenges of working with 12 different scripts from the 40 submitted by the collective. Then the 12 different directors and all those actors and other crew members and what he learned from trying to crowdfund this project but first he starts off by telling me where the idea came from.

    One Night in Dublin

    One Night in Dublin Screening

    Dublin Filmmakers Collective

    Dublin Filmmakers Collective YouTube channel

  • The Irish Writers Centre is 25 years old. Amy Herron, Communications & Events Coordinator at the Irish Writers Centre talks to Sebastian Stephenson about the new book, Beyond the Centre to mark the year. Amy was the assistant editor and talks about the process of assembling this book. We also talk about the centre itself and reflective on it purpose and process in the Irish writer's career. We check in on what's new in Designist in time for Christmas, report on Ireland's first Live Art battle, LifeStyles that may become a tv series and we close out the final episode of 2016 with an essay looking back at the arts in 2016.

    Irish Writers Centre

    Beyond The Centre: Writers in their own Words

    Irish Writers Centre on Twitter

    Irish Writers Centre on Facebook

    Segment 1: What's New: Designist

    A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode. I went to Designist.


    Workplace Warfare by DaVinci Toys

    Smartphone Magnifier

    The Eden Suction Planter by Okidome

    Segment 2: Lifestyles: Ireland's first live art battle

    At the beginning of December, Ireland First Ever live art battle took place. It's called Lifestyles. It where 2 artists make a large canvas work in a set time period then the audience that is there decides with their feet who is the winner of the battle. The event is run by All Out Design and they held it in there studios on Hyacinth Street in the North Strand, with drinks and pizza and some beatbox artists as well. I went along and I spoke to Steve O'Donnell from All Out Design about the rules of the battle.

    Life Styles

    Segment 3: Feminism: the arts in Ireland 2016 in one word.

    We are in the final month and into the last few minutes of this final episode of Dublin Creative Review in 2016 and lets have a chat about the arts in 2016 in Ireland.

  • Maser has been tagging and striping the streets of Dublin for the past few years. From U ARE ALIVE in Camden Street to the contentious Repeal the 8th mural on Project Arts Centre. Sebastian Stephenson catches up with Maser as he has a new solo exhibition in the Graphic Studio Gallery till the 3rd December. We talk about globe trotting, why he has only talking about the Repeal the 8th now, what is it be a creative individual today and we manage to talk though what's on show as well. We also report on the state of Irish book publishing today, check out White Collar Boy's new EP Priory Hall and give you have an update on television developments.


    Maser on Facebook

    Maser on Twitter

    Maser on Instagram

    Maser in The Graphic Studio Gallery(till 3rd December)

    Segment 1: Priory Hall EP by White Collar Boy

    White Collar Boy is an electronic duo that has had a 2 year absence and now has released a new EP. This EP is a sample of the album that will be coming up next year. The EP is being released on the 25th of November. The duo's sound is of a very chilled nature. I spoke to Mark Cummins from the duo in his studio on Abbey Street and he gave me a update on why it took so long.

    White Collar Boy - Priory Hall on Soundcloud

    WHITE COLLAR BOY (LIVE), Presented by Wah Wah Club & This Greedy Pig

    Segment 2: The State of Irish Publishing 2016: Publishing Ireland Trade Day 2016

    As apart of Dublin Book Festival, the organisers of the event had an industry trade day. Publishing Ireland Trade Day had topics on how to improve your chances of getting press coverage, new copyright and biographical technology news and what the booksellers want from the book publishers. So on the 11th November. I went along to Smock Alley Theatre and listened to the state of publishing in 2016 Ireland.

    Post-episode update: Publishing Ireland does not run the Dublin Book Festival. The DBF is run under the auspices of Dublin City Public Libraries and its Dublin UNESCO City of Literature Office.

    Publishing Ireland

    Segment 3: Television Developments

    Over the past few weeks there has been significant developments in the Irish TV Industry so I thought it best to keep you abreast of those developments. All these stories come from the Irish Film and Television Network website.

    Interim Examiner Appointed to Irish TV

    RTÉ Announce New MD of News and Current Affairs

    Andrew Hanlon, Director of News & Information Programming to leave TV3

    Virgin Media Receives Approval to Acquire UTV Ireland

  • Niamh Mongey is the Press and Communications officer at the Royal Irish Academy. Sebastian Stephenson talks to Niamh about the Woman on Walls exhibition, which is about adjusting the balance of the portraits that adorn the walls of the RIA. We also talk about their recent book, Modern Ireland in 100 artworks and we talk about the Dictionary of Irish Biography project and some of the other cultural research projects underway. We also report on the second issue of Straylines, an Irish alternative comic book anthology and we check in on what's happening in The Fumbally Stables.

    Royal Irish Academy website

    Royal Irish Academy on Twitter

    Royal Irish Academy on Facebook

    Women on Walls exhibition

    Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks

    Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks talk

    Dictionary of Irish Biography

    1916 Portraits and Lives

    Art and Architecture in Ireland Research Project

    Segment 1: Issue 2 of Straylines

    Straylines is a print anthology of Irish alternative comic artists. Straylines is a also a comic book collective to foster and highlight a emerging comic scene in Dublin and Ireland. The comic anthology also called Straylines put to print the talent that is in Ireland. It was originally to be one off but back in October they released issue 2. I spoke to Paddy Lynch, editor of the anthology and asked why they released an issue 2.

    Straylines Issue 2


    Forbidden Planet, Dublin

    Winding Stair Bookshop

    Sub City, Dame Street

    Segment 2: What's New: The Fumbally Stables

    A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we check out The Fumbally Stables

    The Fumbally Stables

    Ichi-go ichi-e 一期一会 by Takashi Miyazaki and Katie Sanderson

    Bengali lunch to Dublin Dinner

    Sourdough Bread Workshop

    Mental Health in Hospitality

  • Deirdre Young and Sinead Bailey Kelly from H&G are event makers. Some of clients have included Facebook to Hendricks Gin to themselves. Sebastian Stephenson talks with them about what they have learned running over 200 events and how they figured out this is what they wanted to do. They also tell us what events are coming up that you can go to( or even set up with your own stall). We also check-in on what's happening in Makeshop and Check out the launch of the a new Horror Fiction podcast, Down Below The Reservoir.

    H&G Creations

    H&G Creations on Facebook

    H&G Creations on Twitter

    Segment 1: Down Below The Reservoir podcast launch

    In The Workmans Club on 26th October, a horror fiction podcast was launched. Down Below The Reservoir is an audio adaptation of short stories based in a small suburban Irish town. These short stories have been published and read in front of many live audiences and now are being added every two weeks online. I spoke to the writer of the short stories, Graham Tugwell about the process of writing to be listened to, out loud and in headphones.

    Down Below The Reservoir website

    Down Below The Reservoir on Soundcloud

    Segment 2: What's New: Makeshop

    A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode I went to Makeshop to see what's been made.

    Makeshop website

    Makeshop on Twitter

    Makeshop on Facebook

  • Designgoat is launching An Object For. An online store that is building their own products based on their project work with their clients. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to the duo about the new concept, some of the recent clients and the work they have done and we chat a little bit about dining in Dublin. We also report on the launch of a new digital radio station, Dublin Digital Radio and check out the recently launched IFI Player showing off the IFI Film Archive.

    Designgoat website

    An Object For

    Ahmad Fakry's (aka Acky) Twitter

    Cian Corcoran's Twitter

    Segment 1: Dublin Digital Radio

    Dublin Digital Radio with launch on the 15th October. They already had their launch party on the 12th. Headquarterd out of newly refurbished Jawsaw in Belvedere court. The station will be providing music not heard on any irish radio stations and talk shows as well. I spoke to three of the four founders of the station and they tell me where the idea to do a station come from but lets introduce them.

    Dublin Digital Radio

    Dublin Digital Radio Twitter

    Dublin Digital Radio Facebook

    Segment 2: IFI Player

    On the 14th September, the Irish Film Institute launched the IFI Player. A website that allows anyone to watch some of the contents from the IFI Archive. From advertisements to private and publicly produced short films. Their are collections form the government to amateur film makers to the first irish film production company. I spoke to Kasandra O'Connell, head of the IFI Film Archive and I asked her about some of the collections, can you use this material in film projects and how this is has developed over the years.

    IFI Player

  • Thread Magazine has released Issue 8 after a 2 year gap between issue 7. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Aisling Farinella, Editor in Chief of Thread Magazine, about why that happened and how that affected what issue 8 is today. We also talk about the new features of the magazine and if Thread was still relevant, it didn't really matter if it was. We also talk about her new initiative to provide support to fashion students with Kildare Village. We report on the 5th Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival and we talk though Ireland first cultural policy, Culture 2025.

    Thread Magazine

    Thread Magazine Facebook page

    Some of the places that stock Thread Magazine

    Indigo & Cloth The Dean Hotel NCAD DIT MADE Clement & Pekoe Fumbally HATCH Kildare Village

    Segment 1: 5th Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival

    The Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival is running for the 5th year. The festival is a means to promote filmmakers and to network for potential opportunities. Its uses music to drive traffic to the short films screenings. I asked the festival director, Florin Zapra, in Filmbase about how the submissions have changed over the years, what they give out to the award winners and what is the focus of the festival.

    Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival website

    Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival's Twitter

    Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival Facebook Page

    Segment 2: Culture 2025 Introduction

    With the Oireachtas set to be fully up and running by the 28th Stepember, one of the many items on the agenda in the government will be the first ever national cultural policy created by The Department of Arts, Heritage Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. Its called Culture 2025. So lets take a look at what the documents says and some of the responses to the document that have been made.

    Minister Humphreys publishes draft Framework Policy for Culture 2025/Éire Ildánach Press Release with PDF Download

    Video of 7th September Joint Oireachtas Meeting(Start at 00:48:54)

    Transcript of 7th September Joint Oireachtas Meeting

  • Oisín McKenna and Seamus Ryan are apart of the Gays Against the Free State. A Dublin Tiger Fringe Festival production that examines queer activism and the Irish republic movement today and in the past. Oísin McKenna who is the writer and one of the performers for the show, talks about where the idea came from and the similarities and differences between the two agendas. Seamus composed the music that to be performed live and why he feels music should be preformed live for theatre. Oisín also talk about his spoken word collective PETTYCASH and how it has grown. We also have reports on a exhibition by Gum Collective that explores the moment and we check out Yangaroo Music Ireland which may be able to shake up the dynamic between Irish musicians and Irish media.

    Gays Against the Free State Dublin Tiger Fringe Festival page

    Oisín McKenna's website

    Oisín McKenna's Twitter page

    Seamus Ryan's website

    Seamus Ryan's Soundcloud

    Seamus Ryan's Twitter page

    Segment 1: LEG OVER SOIL by Gum Collective

    The Gum Collective has been running their exhibition LEG OVER SOIL in MART. All the works are all based on the notion of "the moment". The collective was formed by graduating art students in 2013 that originally focused on printmaking but expanded to a variety of mediums. One of the members Aaron Smyth gave me a talk-though on some of the works on show before the exhibition was set to open. We started with a piece by Alex DeRoeck that I described like this.

    LEG OVER SOIL Exhibition

    GUM Collective website

    Segment 2: Yangaroo Music Ireland

    A new service has launched that may get more Irish musicians on Irish media. Yangaroo Music Ireland is a service that streamlines how musicians and labels can present and expose the works to radio, tv, print and internet outlets, small and large. Media and musicians sign up to the service with the music industry sending on new music and media receiving it in a organised manner. Making it easier for artists to be heard. I spoke to the CEO of Yangaroo Music Ireland, Sinead Troy who also runs the Irish Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors or IASCA for short, about where the idea came from.

    Yangaroo Music

    PLAY IRISH initiative from which Yangaroo Music Ireland comes from

  • Alan Bennett is the editor of HeadStuff.org. A website that has been around for 2 years and is a "collaborative hub for the creative and the curious". Sebastian Stephenson talks to Alan about how the site has grown over the 2 years its been running, upcoming developments for headstuff.org and how Alan has learned the art of the headline and how he transitioned form comedian to writer. We also have reports on the first Dublin Ghost Story Festival and discuss the Irish Times Best Shops in Ireland 2016.


    Headstuff Podcast Network

    Alan Bennett on Twitter

    Segment 1: Dublin Ghost Story Festival

    The First Dublin Ghost Story Festival happened in Freemasons Hall from August 19th - 21st August. Run by Swan River Press, the event had guests, panels, readings, book launches & lunches. I went along to capture the sounds of the festival and I talked to Brian J. Showers, director of Swan River Press & Dublin Ghost Story Festival about the festival and Ireland's relationships to the ghost story. But first I tried to capture some noise of the whiskey reception run by James Joyce Whiskey when the festival opened on a Friday, only for a seemingly spontaneous announcement to be made.

    Dublin Ghost Story Festival

    Swan River Press on Twitter

    Swan River Press on Facebook

    Irish Times article mentioned in Interview

    Segment 2: Irish Times Best Shop in Ireland 2016

    The Irish Times' Best Shops in Ireland 2016 were announced on the 27th August. Submissions were submitted by Irish Times readers with judges sifting and shopping though the 100 entry long shortlist to decide who the winners this year are.

    The Home & Design Shop winner is MRCB in Cornmarket if you need to decorate your house. Its been around for 80 years. The Best Fashion Shop went to Samui in Cork. A contemporary womenswear store for high end style. Visual Merchandising goes to Optica on Dawson Street and for 20 years gives a European take on eyewear. The Best Salon went to Edvard & Pink in Dundrum Town Centre. CH Chemists in Kerry won Best Family-Run shop in an area where there are 15 pharmacies. Cork won the Best Food and Drink shop with Cavistons Food Emporium which has been going for 67 years. However Dublin grabs the Bookshop award with Ulysses Rare Books. Cork though picks up the Best Craft/Gift Shop with The Old Mill Stores. The Best Specialist shop goes to Musicmaker on Exchequer Street. Finally the Best Cafe for this year goes to the Phoenix Café in the Phoenix Park.

    With the winners announced, I spoke to Alanna Gallagher on a busy day at 3FE, one of the judges and one of the organisers for the awards and I asked if experience trumps concept when it comes to being a winner.

    Best Shops in Ireland 2016 Winners and Runner ups

    Best Shops in Ireland 2016 top 100 shortlist

  • Summer music festival chat. Its the middle of august and the Irish summer music festival circuit is coming to a finish with Electric Picnic on September 2nd. Sebastian Stephenson chats to Zachary Stephenson, a student studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, who has been to this year so far: Body and Soul, Longitude, Knock and Stocken along with co-ordinating volunteers and been part of the production for other concerts this summer. We compare and contract not only the acts on stage in each festival but also the vibes created at these festivals and how they do it. We also check in on the Irish Design Shop and Sebastian talks about trends in Dublin creativity for 2016 so far.

    Segment 1: What's New: Irish Design Shop

    A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode I pop in to the Irish Design Shop.

    Irish Design Shop

    Names Jewellery Collection

    Tall Plant Pot from the Áras Collection

    Ballygahan Light form the Áras Collection

    Segment 2: Top 3 trends in Dublin creativity for 2016 so far

    Sebastian Stephenson writes an essay on the trends that he has spotted in Dublin's creative industries in 2016.

    Number 1. Women in the Arts.

    Waking The Feminists


    Women of Notes

    Glitch Festival 2016

    F_Festival 2016

    Guiding Lights Programme Irish Selections

    RTÉ appoints Dee Forbes as new Director General

    Number 2. Irish Menswear brands

    Mr Jenks

    House of Akina


    Number 3. Shakeup of Irish Media

    Dublin Inquirer

    Dublin Live


    DRAFF magazine

    1815 Magazine

    Junior Magazine

    Go Live

  • Ross Killeen is the founder of Motherland. A video production company that has worked with brands and artists such as Failte Ireland, Channel 4, Dazed and Confused, The Hot Sprockets, Fang Club, The Wombats and it all has come from one video. Sebastian Stephenson talks to Ross about their work and why he was surprised when one of the short docs they produced got a Vimeo Staff Pick. We also have reports on Dublin Maker 2016, a make your own photobook workshop and check out what Irish acts are at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month.

    Motherland website

    Motherland Facebook page

    Motherland Twitter page

    Motherland on Vimeo

    Videos mentioned

    Becoming Men documentary

    BSN 'Conor's Obsession - Director's Cut' promotional video

    Bantum x LOAH - Take It music video

    Bullet Head by Fangclub music video

    Loner by Fangclub music video

    RMBA - Terri Hooley documentary

    The Insight Project promotional video

    Segment 1: Dublin Maker 2016

    On the 23rd of July, Dublin Maker held their 5th event in Merrion square. Its a day long event showcasing creations from around ireland. Their is a strong focus on being able to build it yourself. Not just admire from a distance. So what kind of things were on show? I had a look around and talked to some stall makers to give you a favour of what was there.

    List of exhibitiors from Dublin Maker 2016


    Bowside Workshop


    National Homebrewer Club

    Trinity IGEM Team

    Segment 2: Read That Image's Make a Photobook workshop

    As apart of the PhotoIreland festival, image collective Read That Image, ran a make your own photobook workshop. From conception to binding, the workshop took place over 3 days from the 22nd of July to the 24th. I checked out the workshop and looked at what books were being made and send to print and how it was all coming along.

    Upcoming Read That Image workshops

    Read That Image's Dublin Make a Photobook workshop

    Read That Image Facebook page

    Read That Image Instagram account

    Read That Image Twitter page

    PhotoIreland 2016 workshop listing

    Segment 3: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 Irish Selections

    Sebastian Stephenson talks though some of the Irish productions that are heading off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.

    Gráinne Maguire: What Has The News Ever Done for Me?

    Good Grief

    Irish Comedy - No Safe Space

    Step into My Parlour: Michelle Burke

    Discretion Guaranteed

    Made Up


  • Mark Cullen is a cofounder of Pallas Projects/Studios.This year, Pallas celebrates it 20th Anniversary. An organisation that facilitates artists and spaces, Sebastian Stephenson discuss how the easy or difficult has the organisation work been over the past 20 years. Mark recalls some of the exhibitions that been housed by Pallas Projects over the 20 years and we discuss the things they are doing for the 20th anniversary such as their european-wide survey of artist-run organisations and an auction held in with Whyte's. We also report on Go Live, a social TV station going live this august and we check some high end but fun jewellery, Edge Only.

    Pallas Projects/Studios

    Artist-Run Europe: Practice/Projects/Spaces

    Pallas Projects/Studios Celebrate 20 Years of projects & events

    Pallas Projects on twitter

    Pallas Projects on Facebook

    Segment 1: Edge Only jewellery

    Edge Only is Jewellery brand set up by Jenny Huston. You can think of it as smart casual jewellery. It has the craftsmanship and sophistication of high end jewellery but a playful and everyday coolness. I meet up with Jenny Hudson at the Guinness Enterprise Centre about her collection and where the idea for Edge Only came from.

    Edge Only

    Segment 2: Go Live social TV station

    Go Live is a social TV station. What is that? It's a station that is creating video programmes in a social media-media world. With particular emphasis on authenticity over polish while not leaving production values at the door. It's is attempt at creating something between radio and television it is output. I spoke to Frank McCaughey and he tells me what are the ideas behind Go Live.

    Go Live Creations website

    Go Live on Facebook

  • Jack Olohan was one of the co-founders of Radiomade. Sebastian Stephenson talks about the demise of Radiomade and talk about the challenge of building a community. We also talk about his pursuit of becoming actor. We talk about weather being apart of acting family helps or hinders a career in acting and the attitudes that have changed towards what you need to be an actor in Ireland today. We also have reports on an new augmented reality music service called Firstage and we talk to some of the members of the RUA RED Young Curators Project 2016 about their exhibition.

    Segment 1: Firstage

    About 2 weeks ago, No 9 on Wellington Quay got a new resident. It's a startup called Firstage. Firstage is an augmented reality or AR music service. It is an app that allows to watch a live performance right in front of you. Currently on phones but in the future on dedicated AR devices. To be clear, AR is where you overlay digital information on top of the real world where as VR creates new ones. I spoke to a co-founder at their new studio, Keith Lawler, about where the idea come from.

    Firstage Website

    Firstage on Android

    Firstage on iOS

    Segment 2: RUA RED Young Curators Project 2016 presents Not Necessarily Naughty

    The Rua Red Young Curators Project has opened its exhibition for the 3rd year. The project selects young creatives for a 4 month long project which involves meeting artists, studio visits and of course viewing other exhibitions with an end goal of making a exhibition in Rua Red. Their exhibition called Not Necessarily Naughty features works that explore ideas around social media, illusive beauty standards and collective societal thinking and their impact on young people in the 21st century. I spoke to four of the seven curators, Karl Graham, Ellen Redmond, Orla McGovern, Rosin White and their facilitator Andy Parsons about the ideas running through the exhibition and the works of the artists themselves.

    Not Necessarily Naughty exhibition in Rua Red

  • On the 22nd of June 2016, Niamh Symth TD of Fianna Fáil, put forward a motion to recognise the significance of the arts to Ireland as a state. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Jo Mangan, Chair of the National Campaign for The Arts who attended in the visitor gallery and made the visitor gallery in the Dáil filled with people for the debate. We talk about what was was talked about at the Dáil that afternoon and Jo tells us how the relationship between the Irish Government and the Irish arts sector has improved, even if the funding hasn't. We also report on Coderdojo Coolest Project Awards showing and awarding children technology projects around the world. Finally, we check in on Little Gem Records.

    National Campaign for The Arts

    Motion of Niamh Symth TD

    Transcript of June 22nd Debate

    Transcript of Richard Boyd Barrett's Amendment

    Video of June 22nd Dáil Debate (Start at 04:40:19 - Ends 06:42:04)

    Result of Richard Boyd Barrett's Amendment on 23rd June

    Segment 1: Coderdojo Coolest Project Awards 2016

    On the 18th June, the RDS was hosting the Coderdojo Coolest Projects Awards, Its an event run by Coderdojo. This event brings all these learning to program groups, which are called Coderdojos', together and to showcase their tech projects not only to judges but also to other Coderdojo members all from around the world. To give you a sample of the day, here is a little bit I recorded from the pitching stage where the members of the dojos' called Ninjas, pitched their project for as many Innovation Dollars as they asked for.

    Winners and Runner-ups from the 2016 Awards

    Coderdojo Coolest Projects Awards website

    Coolest Projects on Twitter

    Segment 2: What's New: Little Gem Records

    A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. This episode, we go to No. 18 Kildare Street and check out Little Gem Records.

    Little Gem Records

    Artists mentioned

    Record Store Gay 2016: Greatest Love in Town by Lispector

    Shape Up by Stop The Wheel - Too Old for This Shit

    Fuzzy Hell - May Flower - Death Moon (May) from Calendars of Moons by Sofia Records 001