Fighting the dog and cat meat trade!


    I am celebrating a decade of yoga teaching this Wednesday, proud of all I’ve done, what I’ve become and all that’s yet to come! Please join me! On zoomtopia! In this episode i am speaking with founder Jade on this very important subject and her passion for the cause!

    Ending the dog and cat meat trade! All of the funds raised during the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign will go directly to the dogs saved by the Chinese rescuers check 🐶

    COME TO CLASS or JUST DONATE! All links and info in shownotes!

    Wednesday 17th of May 7 pm CET/ 6 pm UK time/ 1 pm EST
    90 minute class, all levels welcome but be ready for joyful challenge

    Class and zoom info https://karotak.com/product/celebrating-a-decade-of-yoga-fundraiser-for-yoga-stops-yulin/
    Yoga Stops Yulin website: www.yogastopsyulin.com
    Yoga Stops Yulin fundraiser: https://fnd.us/yogastopsyulin2023?ref=sh_3CP7Ke
    Stop Yulin podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@stopyulin8640

    Yoga teachers, please reach out to Jade at: [email protected]

  • “Sometimes I wish it was back in it’s little corner where no one gave a toss about it” SG

    Episode 84: Keeping it real in an industrial yoga complex world with Stewart Gilchrist and Mick Barnes

    This episode is without a doubt the closest to my heart, as my two main teachers who I love dearly came together in one (zoom) room! CHECK THIS OUT! It’s a legendary one!

    Stewart Gilchrist and Mick Barnes both Senior Yoga Teachers (teaching for over 15 and 20 years) and true legends. We speak about how CAPITALISM IS DESTROYING YOGA! How they both navigate in a world of teacher training, Lulu Lemon world and retreats. Swimming against the tide. Or as Stew says swimming against a huge tsunami. They explain WHAT YOGA IS AND WHAT YOGA ISN’T! . It’s an incredible unique, authentic and pure hearted episode sharing the ultimate truth and core of what yoga is or at least should be….. and even if you aren’t into yoga, these two will entertain you and open up your eyes and inspire you in many ways!



    About STEW: https://www.eastlondonschoolofyoga.com/about/
    About MICK: https://www.theyogafactory.com.au/
    Insta: @theyogafactory_sydney

    Other things mentioned:
    Yoga Statistics website https://www.thegoodbody.com/yoga-statistics/
    International Yoga Festival https://internationalyogafestival.org/
    Ashram https://www.parmarth.org/
    The most horrible yoga book according to Stewart: 2.100 asanas by Daniel Lacerda / Dr Yogi the epiphany of flipflop yoga https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24693036-2-100-asanas

    Stewart’s book recommendations:
    Tree of Yoga- B.K.S Iyengar https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/354703.The_Tree_of_Yoga
    The Deeper Dimension of Yoga- Georg Feuerstein https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/739234.The_Deeper_Dimension_of_Yoga
    Handbook for teachers of Yogasana https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3522107-a-physiological-handbook-for-teachers-of-yogasana
    CHAKRAS a handbook https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/193008.Chakras
    Georg Feuerstein studies: https://traditionalyogastudies.com/about/



    STEW: The only real yoga are the ones that are mentioned in the Shastras, Puranas, Upanishads and ancient sacred texts. Those are yogas. The other ones aren’t, they are businesses, just in it to make a profit. They are made up, without any scriptural history.


    STEW: I think about quitting everyday. But then I think about how many people are suffering in this world and I suffered badly before I found yoga. I suffered every singe day and I made others suffer. And the one thing that helped me was yoga. So if I can show people that helped me with my suffering I can alleviate some of that suffering for them. That is what keeps me going. That stops me from quitting every single day.


    MICK: After Covid we got left with the phenomenon that is now Zoom. That has been the most challenging. Our little shala has never recovered, we lost some people because they lost their discipline and now we are still up against the Zoom and it sickened me. It sucked the life out of me, this capitalist marketing, people getting rich with setting up cameras all over gyms and yoga schools, but you can’t do yoga on a computer, a big part of the practice is the effort it takes to get to the shala. It’s been very hard for me.

    Stew to Mick: Hang in there, you’re doing the right thing. I get frustrated and angry with it too, just keep doing what you’re doing. What you’re doing is fine, it’s almost like a separation, you got to separate yourself mentally. You can feel alienated. But you have to keep going…..

    MICK: I believe yoga is a science. If you subscribe to a certain order of practices, processes, being open to being taught, moving from absolute nobody awareness to awareness, its a holistic process, this is so much more than turning a computer on. Teachers need to have these people present, so we can emerge them, teach them, educate them, so they get the full benefit of it. THERE IS AN ORDER FOR EVERYTHING.

    Give everybody an opportunity to shine be able to teach anyone to practice yoga. You have to start somewhere.

    IT’S NOT WHERE YOU ARE GOING, IT’S WHERE YOU CAME FROM! MICK: Sharon used to say we are everything there is nothing to get, nothing to gain. And that is exactly it, it’s not about where we are going, it’s retracing our way back where we came from. (Sharon Gannon, co-founder Jivamukti Yoga)

    THE EVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT! MICK: When you get older, you realise it’s not really you doing it. That’s the practice. The evolution of the spirit, it’s not you.

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  • Episode 83 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL (CITY) FARMER with Andres Jara

    “My food always comes with a message” Andres Jara

    I am all for supporting your locals and for that reason alone this episode is one close to my heart! We recorded this in November 2021 but is still as accurate to share! Talking to the lovely Andres, local farmer and plant based food producer. We speak about his joureny from being a butcher in Italy to a plantbased farmer and food producer in Amsterdam. He aspires to bring more knowledge and appreciation for local and seasonal food choices into town and he does it in such an enthusiastic and passionate way! I love this guy! It’s especially great for those of you living in Amsterdam and able to support Andres and de STADSGROENTEBOER but just as inspiring for those who don’t! . We speak about the farm, how it all works, how the farm started, why we should farm sustainably, how and why we can all do it, how and why to support the project and Andres side projects like his sauces and products with his brand JARA. We speak also about food travelling, creating consciousness in our mindset when it comes to where our food is coming from etc….

    Insta: @jara.earth @destadsgroenteboer
    Websites: https://jara.earth/

    Born in Colombia, trained as a chef in Peru, had his own catering company in Colombia, studied gastronomic sciences in Italy, mastered the technique of Italian butchery in Tuscany and is now growing vegetables in the Netherlands. With his enthusiasm and networking skills, he ensures that word gets around fast. He is an expert at finding locally available resources, like woodchips, mushroom compost, or bathtubs! He also sees to it that the greenhouses are kept shipshape and that the farm’s self-made compost is at it best. He loves to use the farm’s produce for events, workshops and his creative products. And he aspires to bring more knowledge and appreciation for local and seasonal food choices into town. Check out his latest project https://jara.earth/

    We are Andres, Laura, Lisa, Julia and Milo. Gardeners, cooks, bakers, cheesemakers, scientists and food entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Colombia. We met at a small university in Piedmont, Italy, where we spent four wonderful years studying the origins, taste and culture of food. After each of us had gone on their individual journey through Europe to work on different organic farms and explore the food industry, the time was ripe to start our own project. In December 2018, we took over the vegetable garden from the first Stadsgroenteboer Wout ten Have. In 2021, we got the opportunity to expand our farm from half a hectare to almost one hectare and rent a piece of land in the Lutkemeer polder on the organic farm de Boterbloem.

  • Episode 82: Surviving cancer and guiding others with Tom Gilry

    “Cancer is an invitation for a radical transformation towards a more meaningful life. Trust me, I know. “ -Tom Gilry

    I am so proud of this week’s episode with Tom! Tom has become a close friend and I just absolutely heart this guy, I am currently actually staying with him and his beautiful partner Sabrina while releasing this episode, funny enough.

    Tom is a cancer survivor (nearly 5 year cancer free) in this episode we speak about not tip toeing around the subject of cancer, how to deal with having cancer and Tom’s personal journey with having lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymphatic system. We discuss the concept of cancer coaching. And how passionate he is about guiding, helping and supporting others with cancer.
    We also talk about the importance of having a daily practice of yoga, and meditation and a (raw) vegan diet for his recovery. And very importantly a POSITIVE MIND SET and WILLPOWER! He is also mentions how much yoga really taught him discipline.

    “I know that cancer can be terrifying and I want to guide you through this journey.”
    Tom understands what it really takes to traverse the treatment phase and transition back into your life. He offers a way to turn crisis into an opportunity. He has put together tailor made coaching programs that are in line with goals and aspirations of his clients.
    Tom is also a passionate yogi, practicing on a daily basis and teaching too. AND he is very passionate about being vegan and his healthy diet and lifestyle.


    BLOOD TEST RESULTS: Tom’s blood test he is mentioning in this episode was very positive and he now just gets a yearly check up just like “normal people” do. YAH!

    Find Tom here: https://www.cancer-coaching.com/

    The Cancer Journey Institute https://www.thecancerjourney.com/

    Art work made for Tom by his friend Philip Long check here: http://nagualcreations.co.uk

    “As Stew says” referring to our yoga teacher Stewart Gilchrist/ East London School of Yoga https://www.eastlondonschoolofyoga.com

    BOOK: My guru cancer by Bethany Webb https://www.bookdepository.com/My-Guru-Cancer-Bethany-Webb/9781735297705

  • Episode 81 Self Mastery, GETTING REAL and the Conscious Lab with Cherryl Duncan

    Want to get shit done? GET REAL AND GET WHAT YOU WANT!

    “I have a lot of ideas and a lot of them fail and then eventually something works and I don’t know if it’s courage or stupidity probably a bit of both, but I can’t not do something” Cherryl

    We’ve recorded this episode way back on the 23rd of November in 2021 but both felt it was accurate enough to share it! And I am now also going to be teaching for the Conscious Lab starting this Tuesday the 17th, so perfect timing to share this episode now! :)

    We talk about going back to believing nothing in tough times, throwing everything out and starting from scratch, and in this way really finding your own authenticity, finding your own values. We also talk about the practical application of yoga at this time and age and how the industry is ever evolving and ever growing. And the importance of having a good teacher! And the importance of not undercharging yourself as a yoga teacher. Knowing your own worth.

    Cherryl initially started her project: the Conscious Lab a yoga and meditation online platform in Covid time but it’s still running now as a hybrid, online channel, very convenenient and time saving for people joining and it is here to stay. Even though it’s an online platform there is a strong human connection, a feel of community.

    What does the word conscious mean for Cherryl? MAKING CHOICES FROM AN INFORMED PLACE, FROM AWAKENING.

    About Cherryl:
    Cherryl is a passionate entrepreneur and has been in the business of raising consciousness for over 18 years. She is the founder of The Conscious Lab, an online Universe with of tools and practices like Yoga, meditation, breath work and coaching, as well as Conscious cosmetics and sustainable fashion.

    Cherryl is also a Self Mastery Coach and the author of Magnificently Real. Her focus is to encourage, train and teach people to live a life driven by desire. She also developed her own method of Yoga called dharmaKaya® Yoga which incorporates the Taoist practice of Emotional alchemy at the core of the method. Cherryl has run Yoga Teacher Training programs, Coaching Training programs and now coaches groups in organisations and is in the process of digitalising her programs to be made more accessible on The Conscious Lab platform.

    Originally from South Africa, Cherryl sold the Yoga Studio she owned to move to Germany where she has been living for the last 10 years.

    At the very beginning, she left a career in advertising to pursue more authentic feeling goals of self investigation which led her to living in ashrams in India, studying with famous yoga teachers in New York, studying Tibetan Buddhism with Western monks from Arizona, attending Shamanic rituals in Brazil and other pursuits that still keep her dedicated to the path of Self Mastery and the pursuit of a living a life most fully lived.



    Insta: @cherrylduncan_official


    www.theconsciouslab.com sign up for a free account which gives immediate access to selected videos in the library!

    Join KARO every Tuesday and Thursday morning in Jan and Feb!

    Mentions: Kari Zabel

  • Episode 80: 2023 ACTION SURVIVAL PLAN and how to work with the mind with Barbara Berger

    SPECIAL NEW YEARS EPISODE! Monday 2nd of January 2023
    “There is nothing like a good crisis. Crisis is actually the karmic gifts we have with us, that put us in these different situations that pause us to develop and grow. “ Barbara Berger

    YES! It’s that time of the year again! New Years intentions and teachings from wonderful life coach and author Barbara Berger has some really good advice for us in store!
    We spoke about her books, how to work with the mind, how we can transform being a victim of the mind, to a master of the mind! Barbara explained once you understand the mental laws and the way the mind works, you understand why you experience life the way you do.
    So what is the best way to organise our thoughts and our plan of actions in order to achieve what we want in life? Listen to the answer to this questions and many more in this episode!
    Some great tips on making money too and how to look at money and finding the balance between passion and survival.

    A great way to start the year! Have listen and please share!

    Find Barbara here: http://www.beamteam.com/index_en.html

    INSTA: @barbara_berger_author

    Healthy Models for Relationships by Barbara Berger

    The Road To Power http://www.beamteam.com/en/barbara/fastfood.html

    Mental Laws email Barbara to receive a copy [email protected]

    GUIDED MEDITATIONS with Barbara http://www.beamteam.com/en/barbara/meditation.html

    War: United 24 to donate https://u24.gov.ua/

    Every day for 10 minutes from 3 pm to 3.10 pm in the afternoon European time (CET 1500 hours). This is 2 pm in the UK and 9 am Eastern Standard Time in the US.
    Please join us in our daily meditation for Healing and World Peace.
    Please join forces with us to help raise the collective consciousness on Planet Earth. You can sit, lie down, or stand and walk as you do this meditation – whatever works best for you is fine. It’s the good energy that counts! And try to do it every day!
    We end our 10 minutes of meditation by sending thoughts of Love and Peace and Healing to the good people of Ukraine, to the women of Iran and to other trouble spots around the world.
    Love, Barbara & Tim & Thomas

  • Episode 78: how do you want to be remembered with Steven Hess

    “You don’t get to first place without a second opinion.”

    How do you design your life? How do you want to be remembered? What is success? What is this work, life, balance business everyone always talks about? According to my guest this week work, life, balance is total BS…… And the difference between an “entrepreneur and an “offtrepeneur”

    Hear me out!

    The end of the year is here a perfect time for reflection and setting an intention for next year! Now this guest will most def inspire and help you with that! Meet Steven Hess, an international advisor, mentor and coach, sought-after for his honest, considered and straightforward approach. I have had the pleasure to have a coaching session with him this week actually and it’s helped me so very much! We speak about daring to look at yourself, being yourself, bravery, the value of mentorship and coaching others and how we can live our lives to the fullest! Steven fundamentally believes that success is more about legacy than the bottom line.
    Steven lives in London with his wife and three sons.

    HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED? Now…. that would be a nice intention and question to ask yourself for 23!

    The article mentioned: https://www.whitecap-pv.com/articles/work-life-balance-lie

    Steven became a coach not by choice but by evolution.
    Entrepreneur, educator and CEO maverick Steven Hess is an international advisor and coach, sought-after for his honest, considered and straightforward approach.
    A veteran of global enterprise and fast growth startups, Steven brings decades of experience in the media, consumer, education, health and advertising sectors to his coaching practice. A three-time founder, Steven leveraged his experience to develop and grow the global not-for-profit Startup Leadership Program in the UK into a $158MM, 2,000 job movement while supporting the NHS with its own clinical entrepreneur initiative.
    Steven has a proven ability to move individuals and teams through rapid change and crisis drawing on his unique blend of business acumen, people skills and yoga teacher training. He fundamentally believes that success is more about legacy than the bottom line. How do you want to be remembered? Steven lives in London with his wife and three sons.

    Mentorship, in all its forms, has value - a consultancy will absolutely focus your business and resources (be they human or otherwise) on where it and they need to be. It just tends to ignore the human element when it comes to forging a path toward success. And where a business coach will do wonders when morale reaches rock bottom, it will focus much less on the bottom line.
    WhiteCap offers a different way forward - empathy, but with action, guidance, and goals; ambition plus authenticity. The science of success is a two-sided coin, and WhiteCap gives you both in a quantified system designed to identify what’s working well and areas for focus.

  • Episode 77: Ayurveda living with Radha Patel part 2

    “Ayurveda is a lifestyle, it is a path that you choose to take, it requires regular input, regular “updates”. “ Radha

    Many of you know I am about to qualify as an Ayurveda Health Coach, so it makes so much sense to share this episode with you now! With the wonderful and radiant Radha Patel, my very own Ayurveda Coach and now also colleague on the Dru Ayurveda team.

    So this is a follow up from episode 72, in this episode we dive even deeper into the magical practices of Ayurveda and life coaching, from a more practical approach and what Ayurveda is and how we work with it at this time, with a rapidly changing and moving world and how to adapt it to our daily lives.

    Ayurveda is an ancient medical tradition from India. The term is derived from the Sanskrit ayur, meaning "life" or "longevity" and veda, meaning "knowledge" or "science". All this in connection with nature and in alignment with the seasonal changes.

    This wonderful soul is just such a radiant, radical being in my opinion. Radha Patel, she is both a pharmacist, yoga teacher, personal trainer and an Ayurvedic coach, so i was very curious about these two world colliding and how she navigates between them.....

    If you are looking for Ayurvedic guidance and a wonderful coach, Radha and i (i am starting in January) would love to have you!

    Book me here: @goforyourlifewithkaro

    Follow Radha here:


    Episode 72 Part 1 with Radha

    and check this one: https://anchor.fm/schirach/episodes/021---Radha-Patel---Personal-Coach-through-the-lens-of-Yoga-and-Ayurveda-ecbkbg



    Barbara Berger Life Coach (she will be back on the podcast New Years Day!)
    @barbara_berger_author https://barbarabergercoaching.com/in-english/

  • EPISODE 77: TRIBE OF LAMBS- Bobbi Paidel

    YES! WE ARE BACK! Relaunching the podcast and back with weekly episodes from today! WHOOP WHOOP! And our comeback is with a brilliant guest and a wonderful and important cause! Bobbi from Tribe of Lambs and i are talking about her organisation and the Yoga To Stop World Aids Day event, which i am personally also taking part in....

    In this episode we speak about Bobbi's love for India, her not for profit organisation, her mission and the very important event that is currently taking place! Please join my class this Sunday or any other classes that are on!

    Bobbi is a yoga teacher, practitioner and seeker with more than 18 years of deep study and contemplation of the human experience. She has devoted her life to living and sharing the spiritual principles of yoga and oneness as taught by her Guru in the Vedic wisdom tradition.

    Since 2014 Bobbi spends months, and sometimes years, at her home in Northern India where she immerses herself in the yogic lifestyle. She shares her own knowledge in classes, workshops & retreats to students from all over the world.

    Bobbi is also the host of A Curious Yogi Podcast, a certified Space Holder for the recovery based Yoga & the 12 Steps, the co-founder of Tribe of Lambs - a Canadian charity for children living with HIV in India, and works as crisis advocate in women’s shelters in Alberta, Canada. She holds a B.A in Dance, is an animal-loving vegan, and has an insatiable appetite for everything disco.

    Connect with Bobbi
    IG @bobbipaidel FB @bobbipaidelyoga

    Join #YogaToEnd World AIDS Day & support children living with HIV in India
    www.tribeoflambs.com/worldaidsday @tribeoflambs

    Karo's Class: Sunday 4th of December 4 pm CET on zoom!
    Please donate here: https://world-aids-day-2022.raisely.com/karo-tak

    Or use this PayPal just mention: Karo's Class: [email protected]

    A Curious Yogi (i have been on that podcast recently too, check it out!)

    The home we are talking about it:
    Partner Home: Rays Aasha Ki Ek Kiran Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Check this video the children made for this fundraiser:

  • Episode 76: Welcome to the Druniverse with Annie Jones 💫
    Co Founder Dru Yoga
    Facilitator/Mentor Dru Ayurveda Foundation and Diploma Course 🌱

    “If you wanna change the world, give people the tools to change themselves”

    This episode and this lady mean so incredibly much to me! I’ve spend the last 9 months in the presence of her, she’s become way more then a teacher, she’s my spiritual mother, my soul sister, my guide and goddess! I just love her wholeheartedly! Annie! Thank you for being in my life and all you do for this world!

    This episode was recorded mid December last year, just after Annie and I made a life changing connection during our face to face Ayurveda training weekend on the 4th of December, which represents the time where everything changed for me and the decision for my Spiritual Gap Year was initiated and well ignited by this lovely lady! (Shona Sutherland and Stewart Gilchrist are co-igniters inspiring the decision)

    We speak about having a spiritual practice, Ayurveda, how changing the world, starts with yourself. About being a seeker first….. that’s where Annie comes from, she speaks very openly about her spiritual journey, how the practice of yoga and meditation started having a massive influence on our life from her early twenties, creating a Global Family, breaking barriers of what religion could be, building Dru Yoga in the seventies and still going strong with it today, over 40 years later.
    Annie also explains the four pillars/legs of Dru and her journey with Dru which helps her stay grounded and centered in an ever changing world.
    ♥️Sadhana- Spiritual Practice
    ♥️Sanga- Togetherness/community one stick can be broken, put ten together and you can’t break them. As a group you can achieve more!
    ♥️Satsang- Communication. How we reach out to each other’s world.
    ♥️Seva- Service/Contribution
    Annie is such an 🌊 ocean of wisdom and gives us so much of that in this episode! Listen! Share! Leave a comment! We heart that!

    Annie has over 30 years of experience in yoga, health and nutrition, Annie’s skill is in teaching how Ayurveda influences spiritual and physical evolution. She holds a Diploma as an Ayurvedic Practitioner from Ayurveda Pura (2015) and is one of the senior teachers and mentors on both the Dru Ayurveda Foundation and the Diploma Course. She studied Natural Nutrition under Barbara Wren in 2007 and Applied Nutritional Microscopy with Brina Eidelson 2013.



    Take that leap of faith, when you are on your path, the Universe will conspire to help you. Sometimes you need that WILD HUNCH IN YOUR HEART guide you. Sometimes it’s not about having the perfect plan all traced out, but about starting and diving into the adventure of figuring out the way. ( post from Snakes N Roses, follow this account if you don’t already, j’adore! ) @snakesandroses

    Dru Yoga
    @druyogauk https://druyoga.com/
    Dru Ayurveda follow us on insta! @druayurveda

    Dru and the story of the name:
    Story of young prince Dhruva chapter 4 in Srimad Bhagavatam



    Bhagavad Gita by Veda Vyasa (Krishna Dvaipayana)

    Srimad Bhagavatam by Veda Vyasa

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya.
    I bow to the Ultimate Reality

  • EPISODE 75 BE LOVE! with Dara and Simon 🌈

    “ In The Be Love Tribe we want to explore the depth of our hearts, relearn community, acceptance of diversity and authentic communication.” Dara and Simon
    I have met these wonderful souls in that year, you know that year….. yes that crazy year of 2020…. And amidst crisis and COVID times these two managed to put together a beautiful retreat which invited people to get “naked” on the deepest levels possible, taking off layers and daily distractions, no phone, no time, no snacks, no coffee, no alcohol, just diving into the purity of your own soul….. what a wild concept! Taking naked to the next level.
    And I was there…. Cooking and witnessing their brilliant work and incredible knowledge and divine spirits…. So this episode is long, long, long overdue, recorded about a year ago now (walk of shame) but finally shared with all of you! So please….. enjoy it even more! And show these guys some love by signing up for any of their events, workshops and or experiences!
    In this episode we speak about love of course and their retreats and events, specifically the Naked Retreat, the female and male concept in a time of non binary/gender form awareness. Creating a network with the intention to move away from some of the mainstream social platforms and what it’s like to be living in the gift and their Be Love Tribe.
    AND we talk about Simon’s latest book! Burglar to Buddha. Check it out here. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘




  • EPISODE 74 What is addiction with Stewart Gilchrist
    THE LEGEND IS BACK! Stewart Gilchrist. We recorded this episode on the 26th of October last year and this is a very special one, we speak about addiction, how much yoga will interfere with your addiction and how Stewart skipped the 13 steps and went straight to the mat and started what he calls his “detox protocol” through yoga.
    He explains how yoga gave him the discipline to change, how addiction is an illness which can’t be cured but how with the help of yoga addictions as well as habits can be replaced, how yoga reduces habit and fluctuations. How he learned about DETACHMENT and he explains that addictions aren’t just substance related, but behavioural too.
    Inspired by a workshop series he did last year about addiction, I invited Stew to come back and have a chat about his path as I think it is such an inspirational one and I hope many of you will take something away from this wonderful episode with guest host Vegan Straight Edge activist and artist Miguel Sarzedas. who explains his path, his journey and what straight edge means and his vision on living alcohol and drug free.
    LINK IN BIO! Please subscribe, leave a review and share with all your friends!
    Here are some handy resources if you are struggling with addiction or know someone that does.










    RECOVERY Twelve simple steps to life beyond addiction by Dr Lynden Finlay

    RECOVERY. Freedom from our addictions by Russell Brand

    Light on life by B.K.S Iyengar

    Discourses on yog by Prashant Iyengar


    Stewart Gilchrist born in 1961 in Scotland, had quite a tough upbringing, drugs came into his life at an early age, which we speak about in this episode. Stewart also has been navigating the world of yoga for three decades. He has been a teacher for nearly 30 years, running his own teacher trainings, retreats, trainings and teaches weekly classes in London. He build his own small studio: East London School of Yoga. He teaches what he calls Authentic Radical Yoga. www.eastlondonschoolofyoga.com

    Miguel has been straight edge since the age of 15, now 25 years later, he is still as passionate about it, as when he started this journey. For him being drug and alcohol free is just the way to be, not only does he live this life style himself he talks and raps about it with his hip hop project GAEA, Miguel also is a vegan activist and has his own vegan online shop called Rise Clan. www.riseclanworld.com

  • Who run the world? Yes that's right..... GIRLS! This episode is a lot about that: WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Nicola and i go way back, she has been my website designer for years now and only a while back i realised she works pretty much with female entrepreneurs only, LOOOOVVVEEEE! She is a Word Press wizard, designer, artist, mother and i am sure i am forgetting a few. So, on this International Women's week, which actually really is every week and every day and every minute.... but sadly we apparently still need a day of the year to remind people where it's at...... i just thought Nicola would be a very appropriate episode to share.....

    We speak about her love for what she does, her first discovery with the interwebs, raising her daughters, how to empower women to start their own businesses, teaching, something she is extremely passionate about and how to balance her workload with family life, she gives some very good hands on tips, so please have a listen, share and leave a review! We love that!

    Find Nicola here:

  • Episode 72: Ayurveda living with Radha Patel part 1

    This wonderful soul is just such a radiant, radical being in my opinion. Radha Patel, my very own Ayurveda Coach and also on the support teachers team in my Ayurveda Diploma Course i am currently doing at Dru Yoga UK.

    Radha is a special one, as she is both a pharmacist and an Ayurvedic practitioner/trainer/coach, so i was very curious about these two world colliding and how she navigates between them..... we had so much to cover that i've decided to spread this lovely lady over two episodes.... so enjoy part 1, more to come next week!

    If you are looking for Ayurvedic guidance and a wonderful coach, she is your woman!

    Follow Radha here:


    DRU YOGA: https://druyoga.com/

    Interview with Dr Janey Fitzgerald and Radha: https://druyoga.com/discover/ayurveda-podcast


    A book i find super helpful is this one:
    PRACTICAL AYURVEDA https://www.waterstones.com/book/practical-ayurveda/sivananda-yoga-vedanta-centre/9780241302125

  • 2022! JUST DO YOU BOO!
    We start the new year in our good old tradition, talking to an oracle of a being, a true guide and such a wonderful soul, life coach and writer Barbara Berger..... always such an amazing way of starting a new year, with someone just so full of insights, knowledge, guidance and hands on strategies for us all to start the new year fresh and set a clear and strong INTENTION.

    Barbara and i speak about her life story, which soon we can all read in book form, our journey together and her own journey, how much she has navigated so far, she gives us some great tips and exercises to do, so we can become bigger and better versions of ourselves.

    About Barbara:
    International bestselling author and coach Barbara Berger has been a seeker and a guide for other seekers all her life. All Barbara’s books are based on her life work which has always been to try to find a way out of suffering. After leaving the US in the mid-60s in protest against the Vietnam War and settling in Scandinavia, Barbara continued her quest in the 1970s with a passionate interest in the role of food in our mental and physical well-being. When she discovered in the early 1980s that health foods and diet were not enough to ensure true wellbeing, she began to study the science of the mind, the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, and finally traditional spirituality and psychology.
To date, Barbara has written more than 15 self-empowerment books published in up to 30 languages. In addition to her writing and teaching work, Barbara works as a coach and therapist helping people around the globe come into alignment with their true power.

    Find Barbara here:


    INSTA: barbara_berger_author

    Want even more? Check episode 44 with Barbara!

  • Episode 70: HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY! ♥️♥️♥️ with Sharon Gannon

    Sharon and I had a wonderful chat about veganism, being kind, the power of the individual and how to make real change happen in your life on World Vegan Day last Monday, Sharon Gannon is without a doubt one of my ultimate vegan heroes and such a huge inspo in my life, sharing this day with her felt so appropriate and like a true blessing!

    Sharon Gannon (born July 4, 1951 in Washington, D.C.) is a yoga teacher, animal rights advocate, musician, author, dancer and choreographer. Along with David Life, she is the co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga method, she wrote numerous books, some alongside David Life and in today’s episode we focus on one of her latest books: YOGA AND VEGANISM.

    I personally met Sharon in 2013 during my Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training for which she kindly gave me a scholarship, she touched my heart instantly, her and David (and the cats and all other animal friends at their Woodstock sanctuary) became such important guides to me, I am so grateful for the light, guidance, love, respect and friendship both Sharon and David have given me, they live in my heart.

    So enjoy this episode and subscribe, leave a review, share it with friends! You know the drill…..

    Thank you Sharonji for this gift of being in your presence on this very important day!




    Sharon’s audiobook:

    PETA/ Ingrid Newkirk


    Paul Watson/Sea Shepherd


    Jivamukti Yoga

  • Episode 69: HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY! ♥️♥️♥️ with Keegan Kuhn
    November 1st is World Vegan Day, a celebration of people who don't eat meat. Or anything that comes from or includes an animal. So also no use of any clothing, accessory or object made from an animal. The animal-free holiday began in 1994, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society. #worldveganday
    On the 1st of November 1944, a British woodworker named Donald Watson announced that because vegetarians ate dairy and eggs, he was going to create a new term called "vegan," to describe people who did not. #donaldwatsonrocks🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
    So this week we here at @goforyourlifenow this is how we celebrate:
    1- A replay of episode 13 last year Feb with the one and only Vegan Legend: Keegan Kuhn! (director of COWSPIRACY, WHAT THE HEALTH, RUNNING FOR GOOD)
    2- Going live with that very same legend tomorrow night 9 pm CET right here! 😃😃😃😃😃
    3- Plus I will be interviewing vegan activist, co founder of Jivamukti Yoga and author of YOGA AND VEGANISM Sharon Gannon on World Vegan Day and the episode will be released this coming weekend! ♥️🌈👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
    DO NOT MISS THIS PEOPLE! Whoop whoop!
    #fortheanimalsalways 🦊🐯🐒🐒🐻🦁🐵🐼🐮🐰🐽🐷🦉🐒🐥🐺🐋🦈🐟🐬🐳

    For World Vegan Day we replay an old episode from last year with Keegan Kuhn. Well known for his work: COWSPIRACY and WHAT THE HEALTH (with Kip Anderson) RUNNING FOR GOOD and soon to be released THEY’RE TRYING TO KILL US. Keegan is a dear friend and an inspiration to me, Miguel and so so so many. Keegan is without a doubt our ultimate vegan hero, who busts his ass off for the good, for justice, fighting for what his right with his camera.

    Besides his movies you can also read the book Keegan wrote with Kip Andersen: The Sustainable Secret.

    Find Keegan here: on @firstsparkmedia


    Keegan's movies:

    BOOK: https://www.cowspiracy.com/shop/the-sustainability-secret-rethinking-our-diet-to-transform-the-world

    Keegan's music: XTRUENATUREX:

  • Episode 68 post Covid living and art of giving Vanessa Van Noy

    “I find that my yoga at this point is more about service. “

    And this service and art of giving is what we speak out on this episode!

    The amazing Vanessa Van Noy returns! I love this incredible queen so much! She’s such an inspiration to me and many. Yoga teacher, dedicated vegan, activist, she is just such a legend! We speak about post Covid living, her amazing project THIS SUNDAY! Check the link in bio and see the link to the event in the show notes! Plus what it’s like to get older, how to navigate through the second part of her life turning 50 this year and looking at the world (and using a lot of moisturizer) teaching yoga for two decades, how we look at our bodies as women specifically yoga teachers plus so much more! Have a listen! And please leave a review! Link in bio.

    Find Vanessa here.

    Global Mala/Headstand for hunger event this Sunday! Go check it out IRL in New Jersey or online!


    The body keeps the score by Bessel van der Kolk

    Breath by James Nestor

    The Body by Bill Bryson

  • Episode 67: Making change versus making money with coach Marisa Guthrie

    I DESERVE (@denisedt)

    “We are here to make a difference, we are concerned how we operate in the world.
    And we are all so tired of seeing and existing in that corporate space, where it’s very impersonal. “

    I received an email from Marisa in which she was saying how inspired she was by my podcast, which is of course always nice to hear. So I loved having her on the podcast and talk to her about her story…..
    Marisa is a business coach supporting purpose led, ethical small and micro businesses who care about how they make money and are committed to doing things differently in the business world. Which WE LOVE!
    So Marisa and I are discussing her path and how she guides other people on their path and how making change is more important then making money and those two can actually go hand in hand. The importance of teachers in our lives and holding on to our ethics. But also the thin line between being a coach and a psychologist, how to navigate that, to know your place etc..... and well way more, listen for yourself.

    Find Marisa here.


    Check out Marisa’s teacher she is mentioning. Anni Townend


    Denise Duffield Thomas

    Other mentions:


    My coach/mentor Barbara Berger


  • Episode 66 Yoga Veteran Series with Stewart Gilchrist

    “You have to have some degree of health, to be of service to other people” Stewart Gilchrist
    I am overly excited about this XL episode with the one and only Stewart Gilchrist! He is such a legend and well known for his anarchism, activism, for being political and radical. Without a doubt was this man meant to be my teacher and he has changed my life on so many levels! Have a listen and see for yourself! Will keep this episode on here for two weeks, just in case!

    Stewart Gilchrist born in 1961 in Scotland where he had quite a tough upbringing, drugs came into his life at an early age, which we speak about in this episode. Before becoming a yoga teacher Stewart worked as as a youth worker and teacher for 10 years in the voluntary sector, then trained as a lawyer. He is currently studying for an MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at London’s School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS).

    “If we overcome our laziness, we have kriya yoga: self-discipline, self-learning and self-realisation.”
    He got into yoga after seriously injuring his back, embracing Ashtanga Mysore and the serious practice of yoga and its philosophy, which made him quite the drugs and commit to yoga completely. He has now been a teacher for nearly 30 years, he has his own teacher trainings too and build his own small studio: East London School of Yoga. He teaches what he calls Authentic Radical Yoga.


    Sharon Gannon and David Life: Jivamukti Yoga www.jivamuktiyoga.com
    Yoga and Veganism by Sharon Gannon

    Mike D: https://www.facebook.com/MikeD2016/

    Cat Clip Douglas- Sangye Yoga

    John Scott Ashtanga

    Michael Stone
    Check out his books and wonderful teachings:

    Matthew Remski http://matthewremski.com/wordpress/

    ALF: Animal Liberation Front

    Stew’s OM Magazine interview read it here:

    YOGA JOURNAL article by Jeremy Falk

    Who owns yoga documentary.

    Dr Philip Maas study https://www.yogicstudies.com/ys-204

    Traditions of yoga and meditation masters https://www.soas.ac.uk/religions-and-philosophies/programmes/ma-traditions-of-yoga-and-meditation/

    LINK: https://yogaisvegan.com/blogs/podcast/stewart-gilchrist?_pos=1&_sid=dc568d187&_ss=r

    “I stay true to my ontological anarchist faith. I serve the practitioners who study with me. I try to speak my mind without hurting people. I remember my teachers.”