• Conner Habib is a really interesting character and has had a wildly diverse career. He hosts a successful podcast called Against Everyone with Conner Habib and is a prolific writer having written for Vice, Slate the Irish Times. He’s a university lecturer and is currently studying for his PHD here in Ireland. And you may also be familiar with his name from adult performing.

    I met up with Conner a few weeks back and we chatted about,

    the cultural differences between the gay community in the States and Ireland going to school with Neo-nazis his unrequited love for a straight guy during high school coming out to his mother his other coming out as a pornstar to his family at Thanksgiving.

    and lots of other things.


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  • Brian is one of Ireland’s best loved singers with a career spanning over 30 years. He grew up in Northern Ireland in the 60’s and 70’s at the very height of the troubles. He moved to London when he was 18 & quickly got work as a backing vocalist for his fellow country-man Van Morrison. He was also signed to a major recording contract with RCA and was managed by the mighty Simon Fuller, the Spice Girls and American Idol svengali. He has performed the world over with music superstars such as Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan among many others.  He has performed on Broadway with Riverdance, represented Ireland in the Eurovision, was a judge for two seasons on the Irish Voice and has written two novels.

    When I met up with Brian we chatted about; growing up amidst the horrors of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the homophobic abuse he suffered from his own family, what it was like living in London during the aids crisis, why he stayed celibate for a large part of the eighties, why he feels really uncomfortable with the use of the words ‘daddy’ and ‘son’ in gay culture, the homophobia he experienced within the music industry and lots of other things.

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  • Rory Cowan is of course one of the stars of the hit BBC sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys. He was born in Dublin and started out working for EMI Ireland, where he eventually became their marketing manager. He subsequently went on to be a publicist for the then little-known comedian Brendan O’ Carroll. Years later, when an actor stepped down at the eleventh hour in one of Brendan’s stage shows, Rory reluctantly took on the role and the rest is history.

    That stage show was of course Mrs Brown’s Boys which later became the hugely successful sitcom. The TV series started in 2012 and instantly became a ratings winner. The show has won a raft of awards including a National Television Award and a BAFTA and has also become a big hit internationally. Rory even made it onto the big screen with the spin-off movie, which topped the box office in both Britain and Ireland.

    Rory left the show a few years back and has since become a narrator for Irish Googlebox and is currently starring in the soap opera Fair City.

    When I met up with Rory to do the interview we chatted about;

    what it was like to be a young gay man in Dublin in the 70s & 80s his hilarious coming out to his friends story. why it was so hard to make gay relationships work the discrimination gay couples faced because of their lack of legal rights. how his mother reacted when he came out

    and lots of other things also.

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  • Matt is the founder of the Naz and Matt foundation, a charity he set up to honour the memory of his late fiance Dr Nazim Mahmood, who died from suicide just days after coming out to his deeply religious family & telling them of his long-term relationship with Matt. He jumped to his death from the balcony of his apartment in 2014, aged just 34.

    The Naz & Matt foundation campaigns against homophobia in schools and universities & provides help to LGBTQ+ members, who have been rejected by their religious families and communities. The charity’s mission is to never let any religion or culture come between the unconditional love of a parent and child.

    During the interview Matt told me about how he and Naz met, his own coming out story, the elaborate lengths he & Naz went to to keep their relationship private, discovering old Compton St for the first time, the events which led up to Naz’s death, Matt’s advice for parents whose religious and cultural values conflict with their children’s homosexuality and lots of other things.

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  • Rory is someone who needs no introduction. He has worked as a drag queen for over 30 years now and has toured the world many times over with his stage shows. He is also a publican, activist, writer (and shoemaker, as we hear during the interview)! He subsequently became synonomous with the equal marriage campaign in Ireland, with the country becoming the first in the world to pass it by popular vote in 2015.

    He is held in such high esteem in his homeland that he earnt himself the title “the Queen of Ireland” and he is an international LGBTQ+ icon.

    We met up in Dublin a few weeks back and we chatted about; growing up in Ireland in the 70s when gay people were invisible in society, how he discovered his sexuality, what it is like having a gay older brother, what he really thinks has been his life’s work, why he would consider himself an aetheist, how he really feels about drag hitting the mainstream, our shared dislike of football and lots of other things.

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  • Series 2 is here!!! Thanks to everyone for all your support and lovely messages for the first series. I have lots of new episodes coming in the next few weeks with guests such as Panti Bliss and Rory Cowan. But what better way to kick off the new run than with everyone's favourite no-nonsense, tough-talking TV judge Robert Rinder.

    Robert achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Politics and Modern History from the University of Manchester and was called to the bar at the tender age of 21.

    His TV career which followed has been a happy accident. Robert was writing crime drama scripts as a side hustle, when a fortuitous meeting with an ITV executive, led to him being cast as the judge on the UK version of the hit American series Judge Judy.

    Judge Rinder has of course gone on to become a huge hit and often averages 1 million viewers per episode, which for a daytime show is pretty brilliant.

    Robert has since appeared on Strictly, Who Do You Think You Are and had his own Friday night chat show on Channel 4.

    I met up with Robert a while back and we chatted about; his teenage crushes (all Scandinavian by the way!!!), what it’s like to be gay and Jewish, dealing with homophobia within the legal profession, why he has changed his mind about same-sex dancing partners on Strictly, his advice for those who are currently in the midst of the coming out process and lots of other things also!!!

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  • People resign from their jobs all the time. But when Andy West left his job as a BBC journalist in 2015 it made headline news. Because his was no ordinary resignation; it was in response to Tyson Fury’s nomination for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards (Tyson is widely known to be homophobic and misogynistic).

    Andy subsequently became a contestant on Big Brother the following year and finished fourth overall. He now pops up regularly on our TV screens on show such as This Morning, Jeremy Vine’s show on Channel 5 and of course locking horns with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. 

    He is also a highly acclaimed journalist and has written for the Independent, the Gay Times, Grazia and is currently working on his debut novel. 

    When I met up with Andy in London we were faced with a number of challenges (his lengthy washing machine delivery and my technical issues to be precise) but eventually we got down to doing the interview and we chatted about;

    why Andy felt he had no option but to resign from the BBC,  the sacrifices he has had to make for his principles, the homophobia he experienced whilst working in the media,  his sheltered upbringing,  Andy’s desperate bids to fit in at school,  the confusion he felt over his sexuality,  the experience that made him realise he was gay and that he had to come out,  and why he says he still isn’t proud to be a gay man.


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  • Darren is a TV presenter and has hosted shows for the BBC, Channel 5 and regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning. He is a columnist for the Irish Independent and his writing has also been featured in the Telegraph and Attitude magazine. Darren has designed a range of glasses with Specsavers and he has established his own skincare and grooming brand, Kennedy and Co. He is also a top lifestyle influencer and one of the UK and Ireland’s most stylish men. You can currently catch Darren presenting Buyer’s Bootcamp on Virgin One in Ireland.

    We met up in Dublin and Darren told me about

    feeling different growing up, his teenage crushes, the bullying he encountered throughout his adolescence and how it ultimately made him stronger, the first person he came out to and how he felt when marriage equality was passed in Ireland.



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  • **Quite a lot of clipping on this interview so had to edit out most of the original interview-apologies. Will be sorted for series two.**

    Jonny first came to the public’s attention in 2014 when he launched a campaign to find the stranger, who six years previously had talked him down from the edge of Waterloo Bridge, as he was about to take his own life. The campaign to find the good samartian soon went viral and a few weeks later Jonny was reunited with the man who saved his life, Neil Laybourn. A documentary which followed Jonny’s search and reunion with Neil was aired on Channel Four the following year.

    Jonny is now a mental health campaigner, public speaker, documentary maker and vlogger. He was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List in 2017 and has set up his own charity Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma. He is also an author and his incredible first book The Stranger on the Bridge was released last year and included a foreword from none other than the Duke of Cambridge himself Prince William (link below).

    When I met up with Jonny we chatted about;

    the shame he felt over his sexuality and how this struggle really impacted on his mental health how he came out to his parents and family the worrying mental health statistics for the community why we need more LGBTQ+ allies and our shared admiration for the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.


    To buy Jonny’s book ‘Stranger on the Bridge’- https://amzn.to/3336rrK

    Twitter & Facebook @mrjonnybenjamin

    Jonny’s charity


  • Eilish O’ Carroll plays Winne McGoogan on the hugely successful sitcom ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, which has not only been a big hit in the UK and Ireland but also in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. As part of Mrs Brown’s Boys, she has appeared on a spin-off TV chat show (All around to Mrs Brown’s) and a box-office hit movie (Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie). The show has also won a whole raft of awards including National Television Awards and a Bafta. She is currently in the middle of a UK and Ireland arena tour for a musical version of the show. Eilish herself has toured with her own one woman show entitled ‘Live. Laugh. Love’, which received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016.

    Eilish is an incredible woman and she gave a really candid interview. I met up with her in Dublin and we chatted about;

    her lack of awareness of homosexuality growing up in holy Catholic Ireland of the 50s and 60s, how turning 40 and falling for a woman was the catalyst for her coming out process, how she struggled with her sexuality throughout her 40s, telling her husband she was in love with a woman, the misconceptions she held herself about the lesbian lifestyle coming out to her friends and neighbours and the bigotry she encountered whilst campaigning for marriage equality in 2015.


    Eilish’s website  http://eilishocarroll.com

    Eilish on twitter @eilishocarroll

  • Steven Carter-Bailey was a finalist on GBBO in 2017 (his series is still on All4, if you haven’t seen it). He won three star bakers and several of those ever-elusive Hollywood Handshakes during his time on the show. He also won the New Year’s Day Bake Off this year and even got a Hollywood hug!!!

    Steven has worked as a special reporter for ITV news, appeared on the Last Leg on Channel 4 and is currently very busy appearing at food festivals all around Britain.

    I am a huge Great British Bake Off fan and I’m obsessed with his Instagram (photos of incredible cake and a cute British bulldog is= Instagram gold) so it was great to be able to meet and chat with him.  

    Steven was incredibly open and honest and this was at times a very emotional interview. We chatted about;

    the elaborate lies he had to tell to keep his participation on GBBO a secret.  feeling different to his peers whilst growing up. what it was like growing up gay and Mormon. experiencing homophobia from teachers.  coming out to his sister and friends. why his grandmother was the first person he told.  how his mother reacted when he came out to her.  how he has struggled with his weight over the years. experiencing homophobia as an adult. and his enduring crush on a certain Mr William Young.  



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    To watch Steven on the Great British Bake Off- channel4.com

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  • Jen is a stand-up comic and writer from London. She has written and performed five solo shows around the world including at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and of course the Edinburgh Festival. She will be there again in August with her latest show ‘Underprivileged’. 

    Jen has been a guest on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order and regularly supports him on tour. She has presented on BBC6 radio and appeared on the Guilty Feminist Podcast. Her book The Other Mother, a Wickedly Honest Parenting Tale for Every Kind of Family is set to be released by Penguin in September. She also did an incredible TedX talk last year entitled ‘changing the way we bring up our boys’. 

    I met up with Jen really early on a Saturday morning and we talked about;

    why there are so few lesbian dedicated spaces, why she came out as bisexual first,  how she reacted when a girl in her class wrote her a love letter,  how it took her some time to accept her sexuality  first ever lesbian kiss on British TV (on Brookside of course!!!).  we also talked about why referendums and debates on equal rights anger her  and her experiences of being part of a gay couple with children.

    ** Apologies I veered away from the mic on this one and we recorded in a room with really high ceilings- sound quality will be much improved for season 2**

    To pre-order a copy of Jen’s book ‘The Other Mother’ - https://amzn.to/328HtXA

    For touring schedule - http://www.jenbrister.co.uk

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  • Justin first became known as a blogger using the pseudonym the Guyliner. He is a columnist for British GQ and he also writes for the Huffington Post, the Gay Times, the Guardian and the Sunday Times. On his blog he also reviews the weekly Guardian blind dates. His first novel The Last Romeo was published last year and tells the story of one man’s quest to find his one true love. His second novel is set for release next year.

    I really wanted to chat to Justin because I’ve followed his career for years now & I’m a huge fan of his writing. I met with Justin at his publisher’s offices in London and we chatted about;

    how it felt to be the victim of homophobic bullying from teachers, and the mental and physical abuse he endured throughout secondary school,  his attempts to repress his sexuality and what it felt like when he finally did come out,  how he still feels self-conscious wearing certain items of clothing in London and his best advice on how to react when someone comes out to you.  We also talked about other LGBTQ issues such as internalised homophobia and the rise of homophobic hate crimes since Brexit. 

    ** There was bad clipping on this recording- apologies. **


    Twitter & instagram - @theguyliner

    To buy Justin’s book - https://amzn.to/2XvrzYu

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  • David Norris is an Irish senator and an internationally recognised human rights campaigner with a political career spanning five decades. David fought for sixteen years to overturn Irish laws which prohibited male homosexuality, eventually winning a historic victory in the European Court of Human Rights in 1988. Homosexuality was subsequently decriminalised in Ireland in 1993. David was also the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in Ireland. He ran for presidency in 2011 and his autobiography ‘A Kick against the Pricks’ was released the following year. 

    I met up with David in his office in Leinster House. I am not going to lie, the thought of interviewing someone of David’s intellect and stature was incredibly intimidating but he was very kind and generous. We talked about;

    how he knew he was gay from a very young age. coming out to his best friend in school. being the first openly gay person to be interviewed on Irish TV in 1975. the homophobia he experienced from the Irish media during his presidential campaign. the people he looks up to and admires himself. and why the term ‘queer’ still leaves him feeling very uncomfortable. 


    To purchase David’s autobiography ‘A Kick Against the Pricks’ which we talk about during the interview - https://amzn.to/2NBy6fY


    David Norris on twitter @sendavidnorris

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