• Luca Michael Wilder Petracca is a college student who does comedy & interned at Stand Up NY. He's a New Yorker that attended the Stem High School for Math Science & Engineering at CCNY. Follow him at luca.wilder on Instagram and luca_wilder on Twitter.

    We talk about foreman grills, 69ing woes, when your name is said wrong at an open mic, trying to be Vine famous, having kids in NYC, OG Mudbone, nerf guns, water balloons, spider man silly string gloves, when your childhood BFF becomes a dick, crazy Dean suspending kids, wearing a morph suit on Halloween, Mr. W's witty game, jerking off in the back of class, jerking off in a bunk bed, judging people who carry instrument cases, why boxers are no good, crazy camp stories, & being accidentally racist. We run signatures from his middle school yearbook!

    Tonight I'll be hosting at West Side Comedy Club with Jeremy Piven.
    Friday I'll be at the Living Room Comedy Show at Postmark Cafe in Brooklyn, Dangerfield's in the Upper East Side, and Saturday New York Comedy Club - Gramercy. Follow me @camachbro.

  • Robert Punchur is a NYC model and comedian. He attended Butler Senior High School in Butler, PA. Follow him @robertpunchur & check out his Very Good Comedy Shows all over NYC and the country.

    Robert and I go way back to the day I began doing stand-up comedy. We talk about depression, a rough breakup, different business ventures, physical contact in a long distance relationship, not really wanting to fight the person you're fighting, taking wrestling seriously, attracting a girl in creative writing class, practicing what you are going to say to a girl when you ask her out, having an extra locker, & more!

    This weekend I'l be at New York Comedy Club Gramercy & Yonkers Comedy Club. Follow me at @camachbro!

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  • Kaitlyn Muphy is a New York based comedian. She attended Rye Neck High School in Mamaroneck, NY. Follow her @kaitkomedy. Go see her co-headline this weekend at the Art Society of Kingston.

    She brought yearbooks from all 4 years. We read from each. We talk about doing the play Cats, taking guest instructors for granted, not cumin, not winning the Best Smile superlative, football players doing musicals, having a complete wrong understanding of sex, obsessing of the Jonas brothers, the math class song, driving your softball coach crazy, her inspirational quote, streaking in Rome, curling your toes, and the taking photos for the yearbook committee.

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  • Andre D Thompson is a NYC comedian from NYC. He attended Thomas A Edison High School in Jamaica, Queens. Follow him @andredthompson on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to his podcast, "Between Spots" & on the "Man School" podcast with Dante Nero.

    We talk about the origins of the name “Andre”, fighting a lot, getting judged for your T-shirt, smoking weed, when there’s only 5 girls in your school, if people get married for the right reasons, getting jumped, running away from a beating, pain, sitting in gum, his nickname "Looney", & what being called “nice” by a girl means while reading the signatures from his yearbook!

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  • Andrew Valentino is a paralegal and comedian. He attended New Hyde Park Memorial High School. Follow him on Twitter @VLNTINO & Instagram @andrewvalentintv on Instagram.
    You can see him on the Anthony Cumia Show on Compound Media 9/16.

    We talk about getting arrested for accidental burglary, hitting a skater with a car, running for school president, missing the model UN trip, writing the yearbook, getting suspended for weed, getting voted most likely to change the world, being called "Ripstick", losing a vibrator in a girl, how things can be taken away from you, when your dad asks if you're having sex, pressure to do great things within 10 years after high school as we read the high-level vocabulary in the signatures from his yearbook!

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  • No guest due to a flight delay.
    This week I'm riding solo. I tell embarrassing middle school stories about getting made fun of for my walkman, asking a girl out via MySpace, & asking a girl out to the dance during passing time.
    I also read more cringe Tinder messages I've sent and creepy messages a friend of mine got.

    Back next week. If you have cringe messages you want me to read please screenshot and send to IMJUSTAKIDPODCAST@GMAIL.COM

    I'll be at the Boulton Center in Bayshore, LI this Friday at 8PM.
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  • John Kim is a NYC & NJ based comedian. He attended Northern Highlands Regional High School. Follow John @johnkimcomedy on Instagram and Twitter. Also listen to his podcast, The High Note.

    We talk about growing up in HHK (HohoKus, NJ), beating the tolls into NYC, being poor and Asian in a rich & white town, being very Christian, having sleep apnea throughout childhood, getting bullied in wrestling, not remembering a teacher who hated John, insecure from not having sex in high school, being called "cow" for eating hamburgers, losing a roommate and friend over snoring, when 2 prom dates are too scared to make a move, and we talk a bit about why comedians want to get into clubs & how I was in high school.

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  • Lisa Van Arsdale is a professional cuddler. She graduated from Southern Lehigh High School. Follow her at LISAVANARSDALE.WORDPRESS.COM.

    We talk about how she became a professional cuddler, coming back to cuddle after sex, a weird message about standing out from her high school, having her first kiss with the famous "Naked Cowboy", being a prude, being a drama geek, peeing your pants from laughing too hard, getting suspended from participating in the senior prank, making dresses out of Starburst wrappers, taking a single living class, what is considered "girlfriend" material, a teacher called Mr. Douche, going to prom with gay guys, all as we read the millions of her loving signatures. A special guest also pops on!

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  • James Crowley is a comedian from West Chester. He attended Briar Cliff High School.
    Follow him on Twitter @jamespcrowley68 & on Instagram @jamespcrowley. Website: Jamespcrowley.com Podcast Burger A Day & James Crowley’s Infinite Playlist.

    We talk about not knowing anything about checks, having multiple email accounts to avoid spam, Tumblr sucks, Toy Story 4, being a Xbox, Nintendo, or Playstation kid, having a unlikable girlfriend throughout high school, dark poetry, going to 2 proms, flings, and how you do more when you’re in a relationship.

    Follow me at @camachbro. I’m at West Side Comedy Club tonight! Friday and Saturday i’m at The Comedy Works in Bristol, PA. Thanks for listening!

  • I'm on the road in Seattle so wasn't able to record an episode of the high school podcast.
    Instead this week's podcast is me reading and making fun of the creepy messages people send on dating apps & social media DMs. These are real message people have sent me. No names are said. At the end I read creepy messages I've sent to girl on dating apps in the past trying to pick them up. It's brutal.
    If you want please screenshot creepy messages you've gotten on dating apps or in your Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter DMs & I'll read them the next time I do this. Please send to imjustakidpodcast@gmail.com

  • Kai Cogs is a night life entertainment club promoter. He's also my college roommate. Follow him at @young.atlas. He attend Horace Mann School in the Bronx.

    Kai does not have his yearbook. We compare the music/ DJ business to the comedy business then we share stories of us being degenerates in college. Stories include meeting girls in wheelchairs, being drunk for class, getting kicked out of the dorms, stealing clothes, getting hookers, offering meal swipes instead of fives, clubbing stories, and limo rides for our birthday celebrations. We then talk about being the “poor kid” in a really rich school, clubbing with rich people in high school, being the starting quarterback in high school, and how different the 1% world is. We also talk about getting into relationships and how it’s hard to drink like we used to.

    Great ep with a day 1 homie.
    Follow me @camachrbo. I’ll be in the Northwest this weekend. Jokers Comedy Club in Richland 6/13-15, then Seattle: Laughs Comedy Club 6/16, Comedy Underground 6/17-19, Trenchers 6/18.

  • Olga Namer is a NYC comedian. Follow her @olganamer. She attended Joel Braverman High School Yeshivah of Flatbush Summit. Jewish school! She performs regular at the Governor’s Comedy Clubs in Long Island. We talk about decision making problems, dates coming to see you do comedy, the different Jewish subjects, being popular depending on what type of Jewish you are, how I’m weird about my haircuts, dating for marriage in high school, how every signature says Olga is hilarious, not seeing your husband’s penis till marriage, having a best friend die in high school, trying to get into the same class as your BFF, the meaning of thick and thin, being scared for the end of the world, & we read her signatures; I struggle with the Jewish words, and we read a heartfelt, epic, tears-enducing 9 page signature from Olga’s best friend- the longest signature ever!Follow me at @camachbro. I’ll be at @thecomicstriplive on Sunday 6/9!

  • Katharyn Hanson is a NYC based comedian. Follow her @ewgirlyounasty . Listen to her upcoming podcast, "Somewhat Scientific".

    She grew up Northern California. She attended Elementary school, Middle School, & High School in Auburn, Sacramento, & Reno. The schools were Sky Ridge Elementary School, & Plaster High School.
    She was kicked out of high school and was sent away to Copper Canyon Academy.
    We talk about thirst traps, having to post content as a comedian, being called a freak for moving up a grade, look at an old report card, running away from home, & we read signatures from Elementary School yearbook, & her Middle School yearbook. We even call a number from her yearbook. We also read entries and signatures from a creepy homemade journal she made while she was at Copper Canyon Academy, which is a therapeutic boarding school for girls. For most of the second half of the podcast we talk about this boarding school and the horrors that went on. Very dramatic ep!

    Follow me @camachrbo. I'll be at Side Splitters in Tampa, FL 5/31-6/2.

  • Neil Rubenstein is a comedian from Long Island. He attended Plain View Old Bethpage JFK High School.
    Listen to his podcast, "In Traffic". Check out his YouTube page, Neil Rubinstein Reviews. Follow him @neilrubenstein.

    We talk about Munchausen by Proxy, being intimidating looking, touring with rock bands as a manager, not being good with rules and authority, getting tattoos, being in a gang, doing graffiti, living across the street from your school, selling popcorn at a movie theater, old computers, beating someone up while they're in their car, a different view on human trafficking, finding your comedic voice on stage with only 7 minutes, while reading the ball-busting signatures from his yearbook!

    Follow me @camachbro! Email me ImJustaKidpodcast@gmail.com! I'll be at Yonkers Comedy Club Friday and Saturday 730 and 930. Broadway Comedy Club on Sunday at 8pm. Have a safe MDW! BALLS!

  • Sorry for the quality.

    Troy Bond is a stage performer, Michael Jackson impersonator, & comedian.
    He attended Naugatuck High School. Follow him @troyhasebola and listen to his podcast, "Bonding with Troy Bond".

    We complain about Snapchat, talk about getting DMs after shows, emojis in text, read his Middle School Yearbooks, getting suspended have drugs, a woman dating a trans guy, weird creative habits, owning what you do in life, doing the morning announcements, being in show business during high school, waiting the science project, lacking memories, paying someone to do your summer school work, going to the gym for a senior prank, & getting slapped in the face with chicken farm.

    If you want to be on the podcast email me imjustakidpodcast@gmail.com

    This friday I'll be at Tesoro D'Italia in Pleasantville, NY with Goumba Johnny and Ross Bennett.
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  • Patrick Holbert is a NYC based comedian. He attended Wallkill High School. Follow him @theholbertreport. Go see his one-man show, Punchline Drunk, & listen to his podcast with his wife, "Who Cares with Ross & Patrick".

    We talk about the comedy open mic scene in NYC, the first time I bombed, the different dating apps, our phases of bad hair styles, being homecoming king and prom king, living to please others, white noise, doing the morning announcements, discuss whether or not the term friend zone isn't PC, using people for cars, doing naked stunts at parties, his friend group, "Dog 4 Life", how the first pair of tits you see affects the rest of your life, how Patrick started drinking, turning down a car hook-up, while reading the signatures from his yearbook!

    Like, subscribe, share, leave a 5 star review! Follow me @camachbro. I'll be doing 2 shows at Yonkers Comedy Club Friday, 5/10. Come!

  • James Zeiss is a NYC based actor from the Bronx. He attended Fordham Preparatory School All Boys School. Follow him @jameszeiss on Twitter & @jamesfzeiss on Instagram. Watch his YouTube show, "Section 420: Talking Yankees".

    We talk about being a background actor, free cars, living with your gf next to your parent's house, talking making biology in the morning, going to college in your hometown, hugging people you see from high school, why it's weird to like Michael Jackson now, using your education the right way, waking up 3 AM for travel, all the food on film sets, taping a KICK ME sign on someone's back, and we have a burping contest at the end, all while reading his senior quote and signatures from his yearbook!

    I'll be doing two shows at Wisecrackers Comedy Club In Allentown, PA 5/3 & 4. For all info and tix visit Wisecrackers.biz/allentown. Follow me @camacbro on Twitter & Instagram.

  • Andrew Manning is a stand-up comedian. He attended Brookfield High School in Connecticut.
    We talk about how being told "what you look" like is hack, having low testosterone, faking jacking off stories, turning spirit shirts into workout tees, going to school dressed as Jesus, being called "No Friends" by your brother, how great it feels to hang out with friends for the first time, & we read the quotes from the kids he went to school with!

    Follow him at @andrewmanthing!

  • Matt DIttus is a NYC based comedian. He attended Jackson Memorial High School in Jackson, NJ. Follow him at @mattdittus! & go see him at Otto's Shrunken Head 4/28.

    We talk about being awkward, going with the first thing you think of on a dating app, going to Six Flags too much, growing armpit hair late, having a weird shaped nose, playing guitar, being falsely accused of stealing money, going from loser to popular back to loser, wearing sweatpants to school, skipping school to save $ on a drug test, man crushes, whether or not to speak up when you see something wrong in public, all while we read the signatures from his yearbook!

    Follow me @camachbro! Follow the Podcast Instagram page @imjustakidpodcast!

  • Joey Rinaldi is a NYC based comedian. Follow him at @thejoeyrinaldi

    This episode was cut short due to a spontaneous interview for Fox 5. Apologies!

    Joey attended King and Low Heywood Thomas School in Stanford, CT.
    We talk about peeing through a tube as a teen, screwing around on the tennis team, going to school with famous people's kids, having fun detentions, stealing eggs from the cafeteria to go egging, running from the cops busting parties, & we read the inside jokes Joey left his classmates. Sorry again!