• Frankly, the reason to be an entrepreneur is to create wealth. Revenue and Profit is critical to that outcome. As you will discover in this conversation between Karen Rands & Paul D'Souza, revenue plays a huge role in the decision criteria for acquirers and is key factor in establishing the value of a business.  With so much hype on 'unicorns' and tech companies with huge valuations, it is important to note that the majority of exits are through acquisitions and grounded in tangible and measurable factors. Paul & Karen discuss why investor/funds look to the predictability of revenue flow, pipeline, and process management when identifying good acquisitions. Listen to learn what you need to do get your company on track to generate the revenue you need to achieve your goals and prepare your company for a successful exit.

    Paul D'Souza is a Venture Advisor to Loyal VC in Silicon Valley and a mentor at Founder Institute. Previously, he was the sales executive at RWD selling medical communication to the pharmaceutical industry and at Root Consulting focused on business intelligence solutions to fortune 500 companies. His currently offers his expertise as Chief Revenue Officer as a Service. For more information: www.CROaaS.com or pauldsouza.com/services

    Get a copy of his book: The Market Has Changed Have You

    Karen Rands is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and passionately teaches financial savvy investors the value of investing in entrepreneurs.  Her best seller, Inside Secrets To Angel Investing is a primer for that audience. Karen works with entrepreneurs seeking to attract funding for growth of their business operations and product launch. For more information and to schedule a free consultation visit http://karenrands.co

  • With more people working from home and future of work likely to continue to be distributed, it is very important for Business Owners, CTO & CIOs to consider the vulnerability of their IT infrastructure, networks and data.  It isn't just the computer that employee is using, it is the home network they are on and all the other people in their household using the same network creating cracks that hackers, viruses, and malware can enter.  

    Shamil Mendis, VP of Sales & Marketing at Evicio, a business solutions provider focused on security, automation & staff augmentation, joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to discuss the challenges and solutions for maintaining the security and integrity of business owners' data and operations with a remote workforce.   

    Prior to joining Evicio, Shamil Mendis had decades of experience at the intersection of leadership, customer engagement, and business consulting. As a graduate of the University of Southern California, and a Gallup Certified Coach, Shamil has helped launch and advise startups in cutting edge technologies.  For more info: http://evicio.com 

    Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and has spent nearly 20 years helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the market, get funded, and grow to be profitable businesses.   With her best selling book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, she is bringing more smart capital to the market to invest in entrepreneurs and share in the wealth created without all the risks.  For information about her book and services, and to sign up for her 'Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break' tips for entrepreneurs, visit http://karenrands.co

    Also available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/L8j4uqrtwyE

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  • In this Compassionate Capitalist Podcast, Karen Rands is joined by Jonathon Bragdon, Founder of Capacity, to discuss Revenue Based Investments as a non-dilutive capital source gaining in popularity with entrepreneur founders and investors. Revenue Based Investments, also known as Royalty Financing, is a hybrid of debt and equity in that it can be converted to equity, unlike cash flow lending, yet is paid back as a percentage of revenue on a predictive basis until an agreed to multiple of the original amount is returned to the investor.  When the agreed to amount, usually 2x - 4x the investment, is paid back to the investor, the entrepreneur's obligation is fulfilled and the company retains any equity used as collateral on the financing.  The unique characteristics of Revenue Based Investments is well suited for businesses seeking growth capital to expand and have a long term vision for the future of their company to remain private. Investors accustomed to re-occuring revenue streams from their investments, can choose this type of investment in entrepreneur endeavors without the risk of waiting for the company to be acquired or go public in order to get their return on investment.

    Before founding Capacity as a fund for entrepreneur invesment and Capacity Partners to provide services to help companies increase revenue and capacity to scale, Jonathon Bragdon was a serial entrepreneur with numerous successful exits.  Most notable was Tricycle, acquired by Shaw Industries, which was also how Karen and Jonathon met as he sought capital through the Launch Funding Network and NBA&I.

    Karen Rands explains Revenue Based Investing as a wealth creation strategy in her best selling book Inside Secrets to Angel Investing

    Youtube https://youtu.be/S6NAj7FdE4w

  • Sarry Ibrahim joins Karen Rands on this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast Radio Show to help listeners understand how to pursue a purposeful investment strategy that minimizes risk and maximize the value of your portfolio to meet your evolving financial needs.  Sarry will share how one particular misunderstod financial management and investment tool could enable private investors and business owners to 'bank on themselves'.

    After getting his insurance licenses and working in the traditional insurance agency, Sarry Ibrahim’s saw an opportunity to exploit the unique framework of this one investment vehicle and founded the Financial Assett Protection program, a member of the Bank on Yourself Organization. FIN Asset Protection is a business that helps high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely.  For more information about Financial Asset Protection, visit  https://finassetprotection.com/

    Karen Rands educates and advises entrepreneurs and investors about methods and means to achieve generational wealth through funded innovation and successful launch and growth of businesses.  She wrote the best seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, Step-by-Step Strategies to Leverage Private Equity Investment for Passive Wealth Creation as an educational tool to help investors of all types to learn how to invest in private equity and build a portfolio of minority positions in multiple entrepreneur endeavors as an asset class equal to real estate investment.  This is the cornerstone of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  To learn more, please visit https://www.karenrands.co/angel-investing-book/

    View Video: https://youtu.be/cliBJBzv0Mo

  • Renata Marino joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to discuss the expectations women, particularly women of color, face and the challenges they overcome to break glass ceilings from corporate to getting funding as a female founder, and even when they move to the other side of the table as investors.   Karen and Renata discuss why is it that more women haven't made that same crossover to angel investing and even in the VC realm?   They also talk about best practices for female founders to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, and specifically to raise capital from their own experiences. 

    Renata Merino is a 20 year operator, x-investment banker, Chicago Booth MBA merit based scholar, Latina serial entrepreneur turned investor and venture capitalist.  As a female and Hispanic and one who has faced the roadblocks in raising capital, her mission is to be the "access to capital" for female and minority founders.  As a 20 year operator and serial entrepreneur, Renata brings firsthand knowledge and experience from both Fortune 500 and the startup world on how to build a business, product or service from an idea. Her passion lies in helping founders scale, while her analytical and strategic forte and network reputation is about delivering on a promise by returning the fund.

    Karen Rands has been building bridges between entrepreneurs and investors for over 20 years, coaching many entrepreneurs on growth strategies and providing access to capital.   Her best seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, is a primer for investors to learn how to harness the wealth potential of entrepreneurism without all the risk.  Learn more at http://karenrands.co  Get her book on Amazon:  http://bit.ly/AngelInsideSecrets and access to her investor resource portal

    Also available as video: https://youtu.be/eZxss-RUJrk

  • Compassionate Capitalist episodes about Business Success Strategies have covered sales topics such as building a sales team; philosophy of selling; and integrating the sales model into the corporate culture. Today Karen Rands is joined by David Ledgewood - "Ledge" - to talk about the challenges Founders face when they must transition from 'Founder led sales" processes to sales strategy that will scale for unimpeded sales growth. It has become common place for businesses to outsource customer service, inbound sales management, customer support and application development.  Listen to hear how the team at ADD 1 Zero is pioneering the art and science behind outsourcing sales to help Founders face the challenge of implementing scalable sales teams and systems. 

    Ledge is the Managing Partner at Add1Zero where his team provides lead-to-close sales execution for B2B tech companies ready to leap from 6 to 7 digits of revenue.  From Corporate Services at PwC, Ledge moved into sales, working with corporate and startups, Ledge has closed over $35M, with an average deal size in excess of $150,000. He has deep-rooted expertise in selling software and services, and has helped several companies grow into the mid-7 figures.Visit https://add1zero.co/  to learn more.

    Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement to fund more innovation, create jobs, and create wealth for entrepreneurs and their investors. She wrote the best selling book on startup investor led finance - Inside Secrets to Angel Investing. To learn more, get her book and sign up for her email video tips, visit http://karenrands.co 

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  • A business brand is more than a logo or slogan, it is the full corporate culture of how they conduct business with their customers and partners, and their role in the community.  Robert Manasier joins Karen Rands to discuss the difference and the dispel confusion over a business 'brand'.  

    Key take aways:

    Don't raise money until you have customers.

    Branding is internal and external....communication, engaging the community of stake holders and customers. 

    Building a brand involves creating and building strategies, business execution plans and teams that get your business goals DONE.

    Robert Manasier has decades of international commercialization leadership and now serves as the Entrepreneur in Residence to the regional ecosystem of the Capital District of NY to assist the maturing of the startup and entrepreneurial companies in the affiliate partners.   He works with Innovate 518,  NY's Innovation Hot Spot, and Ignite U as an accelerator and mentors at FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City. 

    More Info at: 



    Karen Rands works with entrepreneurs that are 'stuck', due to lack of capital and operational systems that limit growth and customer acquisition.  She is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investor, a primer for those seeking to create wealth by investing in entrepreneurs and funding innovation.  She is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  Karen managers the Launch Funding Network and the National Network of Angel Investors.   Visit http://karenrands.co to learn more and to subscribe to here Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break that is a weekly series of short video tips. 

  • Cameron MacPherson has a Big Idea he is calling The Next Giant Leap.  MacPherson's publication of The Next Giant Leap offers open-source blueprints for communities to implement systems that can solve resource scarcity, reduce climate change and contribute to a growing thriving economy.  With every product, there is a by-product.  With every action, there is a reaction.  The Next Giant Leap systems interlink and interact so that those by-products and reactions are used to solve another problem or produce another resource for the betterment of the community and HumanKind. 

    Cameron and Karen explore these ideas and the concept of "collective capitalism" extensively on this episode of the Compassionate Capitalism Show, yet still only hit the highlights.   To learn more and get your own copy of The Next Giant Leap manifesto, visit: http://nextgiantleap.org

    We are seeking to shift a mindset from make, take, use, dispose TO make, take, use, reuse, recycle--- to minimize waste as we repurpose it to create abundance for humankind.  The Next Giant Leap can make the Green New Deal viable.

    Cameron MacPherson is a technologist and futurist who is passionate about social advancement. An enterprise systems analyst and software developer by trade, he leveraged his academic background in political science with his engineering perspective to create a new model: Collective Capitalism

    Karen Rands is visionary and passion behind the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.   To learn more about how Karen helps entrepreneurs and investors in their quest for wealth, please visit http://karenrands.co and sign up for her Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Breaks and get a copy of her best seller primer for angel investors:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing. 

  • Listen in as Karen Rands and Lauren Kane of VC Worthy Business discuss the changing landscape bringing more Female Founders and Investors to the table for wealth creation through successful entrepreneurship.  Women  traditionally have not had a seat at the proverbial table to attract angel and VC investment.  That is rapidly changing, which is also leading to women becoming active in the capital community investing in startups and early stage companies.

    In this episode Compassionate Capitalist Show you will hear how to approach raising capital and becoming VC ready from a place of power and   recommendation, best practices for preparing the pitch to make it your own.

    Lauren Kane, founded her firm VC Worthy Business specifically to work with Female Entrepreneurs across the country who are at a critical point in their business' growth and are seeking capital to accelerate momentum in their business and need help.  Prior to starting VC Worthy Business, Lauren worked with Golden Seeds, the renowned national female angel investor network,  as their Director of Operations and worked in the private sector in operations at companies involved analytics and business advisory.

    To learn more and connect with Lauren, visit https://www.vcworthybusiness.com/

    Karen Rands is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and the best selling author of the investor primer : Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  Visit http://InsideSecretstoAngelInvesting.com to get a free excerpt of 12 of the 46 secrets and buy the book.  Karen offers advisory services to entrepreneurs and investors seeking to create wealth through funded innovation.  Learn more at http://karenrands.co

    youtube: https://youtu.be/VLMWKrQBK7k

  • Karen Rands is joined by Scot Chrisman, former world class professional skier, #1 Sports Podcast host and now a top digital marketing expert, on this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast to talk about how entrepreneurs can use the Internet as a tool to explode SALES.  Using the Internet effectively in marketing to attract and convert customers is more than just SEO - Search Engine Optimization in a world of "Hey Google".

    With 4 Billion people (continuing growing) using the Internet for entertainment, commerce, and as a tool of convenience, the opportunity is big, but the noise and competition for attention is even greater than ever.   Listen and learn how to stand out, be found by your prospects, and convert them into customers.  This is critical insight that every entrepreneur, CEO, and investor needs to understand.

    You can learn more about the services Scot offers through his firm The Media House - https://themediahouse.co/ and pick up your free copy of the  5 DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS THAT CREATE STRONGER CONVERSIONS.

    To learn more about how Karen Rands helps entrepreneurs gain access to capital through The Launch Funding Network, and investors evaluate and syndicate on investment opportunities, please visit http://karenrands.co  Click on Resources to get the 12 Top Inside Secrets from the 44 found in her best seller Inside Secrets to Angel Investing. Click on Blog for full podcast library.

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  • Karen Rands is joined by Angela Lee, Founder of 37 Angels to talk about learning to be an angel investor and growing the community of women angel investors.   Angela shares her journey to becoming an angel investor, the passion and purpose behind starting 37 Angels 8 years ago, and the 4 Ps of evaluating a startup investment deal.    

    37 Angels has been successful with 75 portfolio companies in part because of their focus on educating investors with their BootCamp to give the the knowledge and tools to feel comfortable with making angle investments -  To "Shine a light into the black box of Angel investing".

    Learn More at http://www.37angels.com/

    Angela Lee is currently the Professor of Practice - VC/Leadership & Strategy at Columbia Business School, having previously served as Chief Innovation Officer in executive roles.  Within that expertise, since 2010 she has been a called upon speaker and trainer on the topics of innovation, inclusion and investing at NASA, Amazon, BMW, NYSE and even the Whitehouse, just to name a few.

    Karen Rands is leading the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and is a catalyst for funding innovation with her best selling finance education book:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.   Get more information and connect with Karen at http://karenrands.co 

    This video is part of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast with new shows each Tuesday.   Check out all the prior episodes and find your preferred podcast player at http://karenrands.co/blog

    As a video:  https://youtu.be/yqepjHX5NM0

  • What if there was a way to do what many have unsuccessfully tried and many think impossible: to invest in low- economic neighborhoods, benefit the community and actually make money at the same time?  We are on the threshold, if we do this right, that history will look back on this time as the turning point for an urban renaissance. 

    Terrence Gallman, of Gallman Investments joins Karen Rands to discuss the dystopia that exists in many urban communities due to decades of limited investment in resources and virtually no access to capital for real estate development and redevelopment, and commercial businesses.  During their conversation you will hear about the factors that have led to this situation across America and the public / private partnerships being formed with Investors, Foundations, Family Offices, and Economic Development entities to turn the tide, because all can rise when the tide of capital rises to uplift those that have been forsaken and left behind. 

    Terrence Gallman is the esteemed author of Wall Street Bonds: The Urban Renaissance, a book about a financial and social revolution that could raise up the people and the GDP at the same time.   To learn more and connect with Terrence, find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theurbanren

    Karen Rands is leading the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. She wrote the best selling finance book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, and is working on her next best seller about how entrepreneurs can get unstuck and scale their companies to a successful exit.   Information about her company's services and to connect with her please visit http://karenrands.co

    This episode is also available on youtube: https://youtu.be/H6pZu0QR26M

  • In this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast/Video Series, Karen Rands talks with John Klymshyn, the Business Generator, about the challenge of building effective and consistent performing sales machine in a company. They explore the difference in Sales Leadership vs Sales Management, and the concept of hiring right, executive delegation, and the importance of retention in your sales force.  You'll also learn why so may Startup founders get stuck because of the mindset they are the only ones that can sell and not delegate to Sales Management, and how to over come it.

    John Klymshyn is the author of several industry leading books and audio books, A international Speaker, and Navy Veteran. Mindful Leadership Coach. whose motto is "Your Path to The C Suite is All About The Language!" His company is The Business Generator, Inc where for 21 years he has been providing inspirational management training and coaching for C Suite and Sales teams. Learn more at http://Klymshyn.com -- digital courses and resources

    And listen to John's Podcast, YourStartupAdvisor at: https://www.klymshyn.com/podcasts

    Karen Rands is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing -- top primer for learning how to invest in entrepreneurs and share in the wealth they create when they succeed.  She is a top speaker about economic growth and empowerment through creating successful ecosystems of entrepreneurs and investors.  She leads the Compassionate Capitalist Movement

    Learn more at http://karenrands.co Click on Resources tab get her book info and free excerpt of the top 12 of 47 Inside Secrets.

    also available as a video https://youtu.be/5nKf_9IZ6QM






  • One of the biggest challenges the canna industry faces is getting access to traditional commercial financial services.   In this video/podcast you will learn that as with any new industry that is rapidly growing, even one fraught with regulatory hurdles, there are innovators that figure out how to overcome the challenges so that business can move forward.  Peter Su, VP of BNB Bank, joins Karen Rands to talk about the current state of affairs when providing banking services to business operating from seed to sale in the canna industry.  Karen & Peter talk about the clever work arounds for offering non-cash sales transactions and the regulatory bureaucracy banks must deal with when servicing canna business customers.   You won't believe it.   With the MORE Act pending in congress to decriminalize cannabis (Marijuana) at a Federal level, it is interesting to consider not only what problems it will solve, but also the problems it could create.

    Peter Su is the Vice President of BNB, a Private Banking firm providing financial services to Cannabis Companies from Seed to Sale.  He is a Certified Treasury Professional and Cannabis Banking Professional. Peter is member of the Banking and Financial Services committee on the National Cannabis Industry Association. https://www.bnbbank.com/

    Learn More: https://www.bnbbank.com/news/bnb-bank-offers-banking-services-to-authorized-hemp-firms/

    Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, the primer for how to get started investing in entrepreneurs.  Learn more at http://karenrands.co 

    Also available as a youtube video: https://youtu.be/cUQngwkcOk0

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  • Karen Rands is joined by Dr. Laquita Blockson, Founding Faculty Director of Social Innovation Graduate Program, Masters in Social Innovation, at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA to discuss how Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship works to solve society challenges with business solutions.  

    Through this Master of Arts program in Social Innovation, students learn to take business principles and adapt them to solve complex, real-world challenges to create a more socially just world. Students attain the knowledge and skills to become leading social innovators and change-makers within various industries and fields and learn to make informed decisions, influence policy, and affect positive change. Upon graduation, students are prepared to launch a social venture or to secure a management position within for-profit, government, and nonprofit sectors.   As our world is plagued by real problems of poverty, environmental destruction, access to health care, hunger, racial conflict, affordable housing and on, it is encouraging to know leaders are being cultivated to turn innovation and entrepreneurship into economic opportunity to make positive change.

    For more information about the program, please visit https://www.agnesscott.edu/graduate-studies/graduate-programs/social-innovation/index.html   You can contact Dr. Blockson through her faculty page on the website.

    Karen Rands is leading the Compassionate Capitalist Movement to bring more capital in the market for entrepreneurs to bring innovation to market, create jobs to grow our economy, and create wealth for the founders and investors.   To get her book about angel investing and learn more about services she offers to entrepreneurs and investors, visit http://karenrands.co

  • Hydroponic and Vertical Farming is a technoligical advancement in agriculture that shows great promise in creating sustainable farming, reducing environmental impact, and improving access to produce in densely populated communities.  

    Eddy Badrina is CEO of Eden Green Technology, a vertical farming technology company dedicated to changing the way we farm our food and feed our communities with their regenerative business model.  Eddy joins Karen Rands on this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast to talk about the advancement of this Agro-Tech for economies of scale for making this an affordable and effective method for urban farming.  In one year, a 1.5 acre greenhouse built with Eden Green’s technology (on a roof top or in repurposed empty office and retail locations) can grow 2.7 million heads of leafy greens and harvest 11-13x more times than a traditional farm, while using exponentially less energy and water than a typical greenhouse.

    Visit https://www.edengreen.com/ to learn more about the technology and the company mission to help the world grow produce locally to end food insecurity and regional food dependence, and more how their regenerative business model is profitable and offers community impact sufficient to sustain charitable contribution of 10% of the product for non-profits in the community. 

    Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, dedicating to bringing more resources, capital, and accessibility to entrpreneur endeavors to bring innovation to the market, create jobs, and wealth for all those involved.   Learn more about how Karen and her team work with entrepreneurs and investors to succeed at http://karenrands.co 

    This podcast is also recordes as a youtube video: https://youtu.be/85oVrF0UYQw

  • Linda Goetze, the President/CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist broadcast to talk about the current state of the industry for Blockchain.   Blockchain is the framework for the secure transmission and verification of data, documents and application elements.   Digital Coins and Cryptocurrency is most often associated with Blockchain but as you will hear from Linda and Karen, that is just one of many use cases for Blockchain.  

    Watch/Listen to learn the basics of what makes Blockchain a technology disruption for data and commercial transactions and management.  Linda & Karen also discuss the challenges and opportunities for commercial adoption of this technology platform. 

    Linda Geotze began her journey with Blockchain with the buying and selling of cryptocurrency in 2012.  She realized the underlying technology had potential to fundamentally change business transactions and make our personal and commercial digital entities more secure.  She got involved with broader Blockchain community, leading to her leadership in the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce.  She was named top 100 Women in Blockchain.   

    To get more information about Linda and the Blockchain Ecosystem, visit https://www.blockchainecosystem.io/ 

    Karen Rands is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and committed to funding innovation that can create jobs in the community and bring wealth to the founders and investors.   She calls that the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. To learn more about Karen and how her team helps entrepreneurs and investors succeed visit http://karenrands.co 

  • Karen Rands is joined by Ryan Rafols, the founder of the hot new startup cohort in Austin, TX:  Newchip Accelerator where they offer Silicon Valley moxie to Startups from around the world with amazing results.  Just since 2019, Newchip's 200 graduates have represented 30+ Countries and 150+ Cities.   On average they have raised 17.5x more funding than average startups for a total of more than $150M in funding raised.   Ryan and Karen will discuss the vision behind NewChip and the secret of their success.  Part of their success can be attributed to their rigourous application process on the front end and their connection of graduates to their investment community from around the world on their quarterly demo days.  It is what happens in between that leads to the true success of their program and what squarely puts Ryan and Newchip in the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.

    Ryan Rafols is the Founder and CEO of Newchip. After multiple startup exits, he launched Newchip to bridge Silicon Valley level mentorship and investors with startups around the globe. To learn more about Newchip visit:  https://launch.newchip.com/

    Karen Rands is the Founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and CEO of Kugarand Capital Holdings, a premier advisory firm for entrepreneurs seeking to accellerate their growth to grow nationally and get access to capital through her Launch Funding Network.  Through her best selling book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investors, investor resource portal and due diligence services, Karen helps  investors learn how to create wealth and mitigate risk when investing in the private equity of entrepreneurial endeavors from startup to emerging growth stages.   To learn more, visit: http://karenrands.co

  • You know you need to raise capital, but how? Do you go the traditional Angel Investor to VC that most tech companies follow or is one of the 5 ways to solicit for investment from the public (Crowd Funding) the best route for your company? In this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast, Karen will explore which methods are best for the specific companies raising capital, and when should strategies be integrated.

    Since the JOBS Act of 2012, 5 methods for raising capital from a crowd found have been added to the traditional pipeline of Friends & Family, to Angel Groups, to VCs. They are Reward Based CrowdFunding, Equity Based CrowdFunding (REG CF), Intrastate Crowdfunding, REG D 506c and Reg A+.

    Karen has worked with entrepreneurs and investors for over 15 years, educating them on the best practices to succeed in business and get the funding necessary to reach their goals... for the company seeking capital and the investor seeking to get a good return on their investment. Karen Rands uses her podcast platform to amplify her message that the greatest way to create wealth is to have a successful entrepreneur endeavor, and the 2nd best way is by being an investor in a successful start up the scales and exits by selling the company or going through an initial public offering. She is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing that is a primer for those seeking to increase their wealth by owning a percentage of multiple private companies. To learn more about Karen's company and the services they offer to entrepreneurs and investors, and to get her book, please visit http://karenrands.co Subscribe, Rate/Like to the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast.

  • Compassionate Capitalists invest in private companies to bring innovation to market, create jobs and grow the local economy!  To get the return on investment, it requires an exit - IPO or selling the company.  This is true for the founder too.  Positive exits don't happen by magic, they happen when the founders & exec team SCALE the Company to be worthy of the multiple expected for the target ROI.

    This interview with Zahir Ladhani looks at the growth strategies that are tried and true, mathematically data grounded, and necessary for the desired out come.  Unfortunately, not every CEO follows this road map. They may find themselves stuck and their investors frustrated. Strategy is fun, but if proper steps haven't been taken, it is an exercise in futility. Listen and learn how to get unstuck or avoid the pitfalls of stagnation so you can SCALE to get the exit and return on investment you expected when you launched your company or invested in that startup. 

    Zahir Ladhani serves as the Managing Director of Velocity Strategic Consulting, a firm that guides CEOs and Exec teams to accelerate and manage business growth. Zahir brings more than 30 years of ‘in the trenches’ experience starting with the acquisition of Salary.com by Kenexa and then IBM's acquisition of Kenexa. More info and contact Zahir:  https://velocitystrategicconsulting.com/

    Karen Rands is the sought after expert on raising private capital and managing direct public offerings under Reg CF, Reg D 506c, Reg A+ and Intrastate Exemption Reg D 504 offerings. She is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, and the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  For more info and to connect visit http://karenrands.co

    Also on YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/TPQUniG5nOk