• With a new HBO Special about the life of George Carlin and The History of Standup out, it’s always great to talk with Wayne about generalized anxiety and how to respond. He’s such a great guest because he’s genuinely interested, somewhat skeptical, wants to believe, and then comes away with something he can use. And you get to hear how Jennifer works with people and why she’s so good at helping people with skills they can use to change the way they live. Other than that, I have nothing good to say. Seriously, I just enjoyed listening to these guys and I think you will too. Visit Wayne here http://www.waynefederman.com/Wayne_Federmans_Official_Web_Site/Welcome.html and check out Jennifer’s amazing world here https://connectedparenting.com/ LOOK FOR THE GOOD!

  • Richard Villa is a comedian and actor whose material is now about his life which has been an emotional rollercoaster. If you grew up selling crack cocaine on the streets of Compton with your dad and family at age 10 or 11, then Richard’s story would be familar. It’s kind of a Latino version of Breaking Bad. But what may be surprising is that his take on the experience is that he got to spend time with his dad, which was rare in his neighborhood. He snuck across the border dressed in a halloween costume and the story was that Richard as a little kid was to say the words trick or treat to the border patrol agent. That’s how he got into the country. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Cut to being a successful comic, drinking, bottoming out on stage one night, losing friends, and having all his work cancelled due to the pandemic, and then really hitting bottom. And finally getting help, going to therapy, and couples therapy, being a dad, getting on medication and now trying to get off it. He felt that for his whole life he was running, and now not running anymore, now he is facing himself and dealing. You’ll have to listen in to find out how he became a sexaul harrassment counselor, and what happened when he married a border patrol agent. Jennifer talks about forgiveness and self forgivenes, and helps Richard on an issue with a friend. It’s all here. Check out Richard Villa Comedy on Tiktok and Youtube. and here https://www.richardvillacomedy.com/ in Spanish and English. And find all of Jennifer’s books, skills, podcasts and services for kiids, parents, families here at https://connectedparenting.com/ and look for the good!

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  • How great it was to talk with and listen to Andy & Josh! We thought spiraled around cancel culture and a comedian’s job to deal with whatever is going on and find a way in. Andy talks about noticing that when he gets reactive and angry about something he tries to go back and look at himself. Josh mentioned that his contempt for humanity has gone from simmering to more of a burning. And Jennifer talks about the ability to feel emotions and have a two way dialogue, breathe and tell yourself and your brain that there is no immediate danger. And there’s a lot more. But why read about it, when you can listen to it during your morning walk, or when you use a curling iron. Something I never have to face. Listen to Andy & Josh’s podcast “Thought Spiral” https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/thought-spiral/id1236787765. It’s funny and real, nothing better. And find all of Jennifer’s books, skills, podcasts and services for kiids, parents, families here at https://connectedparenting.com/ and look for the good.

  • Listening to Sarah is like taking one giant leap for Mindkind. She blends comedy meditation and mysticism, totally unique. And all that happoens in this episode. Also, we explore silliness, how the mind works and how we can always bring ourselves back to the present. The present is a gift, that’s why they call it a present. Am I alone here, who’s with me? Hello, good afternoon. And right in the middle, Sarah leads a short 2 minute meditation. It’s a real pleasure and her voice is clear as a bell. She works as a comic and actress, a meditation teacher who has taught many, including comics. Jennifer brings up a spiritual expexpnce she had a long time ago, and one of the things that Sarah works with , is these kinds of experiences people have, but don’t understand. And I share my unique gift of meditating after a triple latte. Find out about all of Sarah’s amazing wiork here: www.SarahTaylor.org and all of Jennifer’s services , classes and media here: https://connectedparenting.com/

  • So great meeting Dave! He takes us on an adventure that begins with doing a story for Esquire where he spent a week at a private island owned by a biotech billionaire. And how do you follow that? By talking honestly about being diagnosed and learning to deal with ADHD. And as a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, he’d get messages from teachers about not living up to his potential. The overall solution was “don’t be like that.” And the road from that place to where he is now, has many steps. Now it’s prioritizing self care, nutrition, exercise, sleep etc. And that there are days when it is difficult to focus, and on those days there are other creative ways to deal. And not every day is a great day. Jennifer talks about how the brain works, and why drugs that stimulate the brain can work because they make the frontal lobe do it’s job of prioritizing and reasoning. What I like about this epsiode is that Dave is being honest and open about how he relates to himself. Being aware, liking yourself and taking care, prioritizing these things and focusing on the inside. Find Dave here @daveholmes and get his memoir here https://www.amazon.com/Party-One-Memoir-21-Songs/dp/0804187991, Find all of Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/ Focus on myself a little bit more this week and how to help others, try to get my hair back, listen if you want, and let’s meet back here.

  • I had never met or worked with Gary before this show. By the time the show was over, we were friends. His landmark HBO special The Great Depresh https://tinyurl.com/thegreatdepresh1 spotlights the pitch dark depression he went through, with comedy. He had to risk intense failure by talking openly and honestly about mental illness in front of an audience; and learn how to make it funny. What kept him going was two words from a Samuel Beckett quote; “Fail Better.”A lot of people have mild depression, they can live with it, this is not that. This is your brain lying to you 24/7 and telling you not to move. Do not get out of bed. And then beating the shit out of yourself for not being able to move. In this episode, we talk about the smallest of steps that Gary learned to take toward recovery. Jennifer talks about small things to shift thinking, make it very general about the tiniest thing that might feel good now. What you can do as a parent, loved one or friend to support someone experiencing depression, and part of it is just to be with them, sit with them, listen with empathy. A whole combination of tools, therapy, CBT, medication, ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) and doing comedy, all of that has helped Gary recover. He talks about how ECT can have slight long term memory loss. And I wondered if it could help me forget my Bar Mitzvah. He did spend time in a psych hospital, where a fellow patient recognized him from standup and years later after all this work, he made it to Carnegie Hall. I think we all know how to get to Carnegie Hall…depression, getting help, self care and practice. Fail Better! Find Gary’s tour dates and everything he’s doing here: https://garygulman.com/ and find all of Jennifer’s amazing work and services here: https://connectedparenting.com/

  • The Cathy & Mindy Show! Two of the absolute great talented and interesting people in comedy join Jennifer and I to talk about dealing with rejection, disappointment and self care in this Pre-Oscar Extravaganza. From mental health movies like ordinary people, to Mindy’s ritual of giving herself a cookie after an audition and Cathy quoting the Dalai Lama about the idea that not getting what you want can be a gift (I need to do some regifting) but so true. Mindy also talks a bit about how she teaches improv and helps people to appreciate themselves for what they do in class. By the way, my family actually went to see Ordinary People as a family. I guess Death of A Salesman was sold out. Jennifer shares the importance of being aware of old programs, just noticing when you feel these deep feelings that come with rejection or disappointment is that we’re running old programs from childhood, just noticing that. And to go towards and not away from simply feeling what’s coming up, putting your own hand on your heart or stomach and feel it. Feelings are information. If it’s rejection or disappointment or rejection, go toward the feeling. There is widom in our bodies, this is why people put their hand to their forehead when trying to concentrate, or to their heart when they are moved, sending energy to those areas. Find Mindy here: @mindyster and Cathy here: https://www.cathyladman.com/ and Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/ thanks for listening and it’s an honor just being nominated.

  • https://thisismybrave.org/ is a national organization that brings stories of mental illness and addiction out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Our guests are Erin Gallagher; the new executive director and Amy Tee; a comedian from Boston who explores bi-polar disorder, alcoholism and recovery in her life and work on stage. TIMB puts on amazing shows and events all over the world, with comedians, entertainers, writers, music, all kinds of diverse people, ages and colors who bravely tell their stories in different ways in front of live and virtual audiences. Erin says that recently, they had a mime on a show. I don’t immediately think about the darkness in a mime’s life, but I think that when it comes to feelings and thoughts, I’m an emotional mime. The isolation and self abuse that comes from not feeling like it’s ok to talk about all kinds of issues, this is now a public health issue. When I first reached out to Erin, we talked about her wor and the org, it wasn’t until after that I saw a video of her talking about losing her own son to suicide. When she started to speak out about her son, she connected with TIMB and co-founder Jennifer Marshall. https://www.jennifermarshall.me/ Jennifer was a mom who struggled with bi-polar disorder, and started writing about it under a pen name. It was then she realized the only way to get these issues out, was to start using her real name, and that led to co-founding this amazing organization that has helped so many people. An inspiring exmaple of big creative solutions born from life challenges. The surgeon general actually says that one of the biggest public health problems is loneliness and isolation. I did one of the shows at The Comedy Store in LA; a variety show produced by my friend writer, comic, mental health advocate and mom Mara Shapshay @mshapshaycomicbaker. The shows are healing, emotional, funny and electric! Follow Amy Tee’s work here http://www.experimentalcomedy.com/, Erin Gallagher, now Executive Director, shared her story here https://thisismybrave.org/stories/erin-gallagher-shares-her-essay-about-suicide-loss/ Find Jennifer’s great work here https://connectedparenting.com/ One in five American adults face mental health issues (National Institute of Mental Health), yet the topic continues to carry shame. This national mental health nonprofit organization is dedicated to ending this stigma and silence by celebrating the stories of real people living successful lives, with mental health challenges. #storytellingsaveslives, #lookforthegood

  • The Confess Project is a mental health barbershop coalition; an organization that trains barbers to become mental health advocates for black men, boys and their families across the country. Not only is this idea brilliant, it’s working. Our guest is Darnell Rice, Chief People Officer for the project. Darnell talks about how he was struggling with his own mental health and met Lorenzo Lewis, founder of The Confess Project. Here’s Lorenzo on The Kelly Clarkson Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJJRYwH3tAA Darnell was struggling, not living and barley existing. Lorenzo invited him to become a volunteer and through this work, his life started to turn around. He started in therapy and got help. Only 4 percent of mental helath professionals are people of color. The idea of a world of help coming from people that look like you starting in barbershops where people go to talk, socialize and learn about self care. Just as powerful and inspirational, is the story of Lorenzo Lewis, a person who was actually born in a prison, struggled with all kinds of mental health problems, but found comfort in his auntie’s beauty shop, from listening to people connect and share their lives and feelings with each other. The healing that comes from community. Lorenzo put these pieces and this program together. From prison, the power of confession, communication and creating a nationwide movement that goes to where people gather; the barbershop! When you even hear this idea, it’s like a big lightbulb goes off, the idea of training people within communities to be mental health coaches is inspired. And combining mental wellness, mental fitness with socializing, that it’s part of the community and part of everyday life, this is changing the world. Listen to Darnell, listen to Lorenzo Lewis and find out more about The Confess Project here: https://www.theconfessproject.com/ and find out all about Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/ to say “I need help” is a heroic act. There are many different kinds of training and support programs going on through the project! Look at this: https://www.theconfessproject.com/joy-wellness-hub The Joy & Wellness Hub empowers people to become their best selves through providing employment and health resources. Created by us and for us, it is a safe space for our Black & Brown community members to confess their dreams, fears, and passions. Our ultimate goal? Liberation. When there is vulnerability, there is joy. When there is joy, there is healing. Only then can we truly be free. And to date, they have trained over 1000 barbers who have reached 1 million people!

  • Sonia and Robin are partners at https://tranzitionsconsulting.org/ and The Evolve Program. They help Neurodiverse Kids and Young Adults transition from high school to college and into the working world. Their work is amazing and really what becomes clear is that when you look at diversity, neuro or otherwise, you learn about everything; how your brain works, how you learn, how you respond to your mental health. And being conscious about how we communicate maybe that’s key to life on this planet and like, stuff. It would be nice if I could actually do this in my own life, but I have to say, just hearing about these amazing people is moving, interesting and inspiring. I didn’t spellcheck any of this, maybe Grammarly will become a sponsor? Also, I have no idea why I pronounce the term Neurodiverse like (NEURO “DIE” VERSE). Am I now going to struggle with the term “NUCLEAR” like people on C-SPAN? For a couple of episodes we’re focuing more on The Mental Health side, the guests are fantastic! Regarding Neurodversity, whether it’s Autism, Aspergers, ADHD or all kinds of issues on the spectrum, people in this program learn that labels mean nothing and focusing on their skills and having real life is experience is not only helping their confidence, it’s helping the schools and companies they are part of. It’s about developing Emotional Intelligence! Sonia talked about Neurodiverse people’s issues in school and in the workforce is that others are questioning their fundamental ability to function. For many people, there is no roadmap or services on the path to transitioning from high school to college, to the workforce and adult life. For part of the Neurodiverse population, you hit 18 and that’s it. And The Evolve Program is helping to bridge the gap between young adults and jobs. Skilled people who may learn differently than others are a tremendous asset to employers. So Sonia and Robin, a big part of their job is to educate and support employers so they can welcome people at their companies. As Robin says “the work is about soft skills, soft skills are the things that make us successful in our lives.” As Sonia says “For many people in this community, they have been told their whole lives what they’re not, and so in this program they’re getting excited about who they are and what they can do.” And so much of this is about our own selves and how we deal the issues inside ourselves that can make people uncomfortable and afraid of Neurodiversity in the workplace. Jennifer talks about labeling, gladiator kids and helping parents and kids learn about how they learn. One of the people in the Evolve program talks about having some confidence and the ability to ask for help. Sonia tells a cool story about half way in, that one of the young people in their program got a job as a PA on a great show. And she came back and told Sonia, “my boss has really poor EQ and very little awareness, you know she should really come to The Evolve Program and maybe we can help her.”Sonia: “I don’t know about her, but I’m glad that YOU get it.”To get involved in EVOLVE and Tranzitions you can write to [email protected] and find all of Jennifer’s amazing work, media, classes and services here at https://connectedparenting.com/ Stay well and Live It UP!

  • There’s only one Jackie Kashian. Maybe there are other people with that name, but only one like this; a great comic, funny, thoughtful, an industry. From growing up in Wisconsin with neigbors like Mrs. Grubschmidt and Mr. Clump, to growing up emotionally, we talk about those kinds of things on this episode. Jackie tells stories about finding a really good therapist who told her to “do the work” because this is a very expensive place just to workshop a joke. And although she did get a one person show out of it, she actually did do the work. And, making peace with parents, and family members; processing that rage that many people have about their upbringing. Realizing that no one knows what the hell they’re doing and mostly people are trying to do their best, however not good at it they are. And that out of this funk, come hours of stand up comedy that you can write about flawed humanity. She goes on to talk about perspective and the ability to make choices; like having an out of body experience, muscle memory that says “wait a minute, you can do this differently.” And we always talk about Jackie’s dad who is the ultimate salesman, and a man who knows how to live it up! There is a point in the show where Jackie compares an everyday thing to living in a snuff film, listen for that. Just a really good conversation, with a really interesting, multi-faceted person. Jennifer and I also talk about roles that we play in life, how to question and change the roles we don’t have to play. Questioning feelings, thoughts, behaviors, that we can step outside ourselves and do that. We can witness ourselves and be curious about it. And I celebrate the amazing lack of boundaries in my family growing up. Entire conversations while in the bathroom. And if you want to practice setting boundaries, come up with a boundary ahead of time, and you can talk positives before setting the boundary. You can rehearse anything and any situation. It’s not always perfect or smooth, but just the awareness that you can do that, can change a lot. Connect before you correct; as Jennifer says. My example “I love when we talk, but when it goes on for too long, I feel like I need to walk in front of a train.” Find all about Jackie, her podcasts, tours, events, social media, happenings at https://www.jackiekashian.com/ and all of Jennifer’s amazing work, media, classes and services at https://connectedparenting.com/ take care, stay well and live it up!

  • Jimmy has been uniting comedy and social service for a long time. When you go to his website https://jimmytingle.com/ you see all these shows that are coming up, but they’re not at comedy clubs. They’re benefits for different community organizations that help people. And his array of shows and credits are unique. There just aren’t a lot of comics who’ve given a commencement speech at Harvard, run for Lieutenant Governor of Mass, hosted 60 Minutes II and done stand-up with nobel prize winner Desmond Tutu. Now, he has a new podcast and a service that does live and virtual fundraisers for all kinds of non-profits and social causes. We talk about all kinds of issues, and looking at how Trump got elected; simple three word messages delivered by an entertainer. Drain The Swamp, Build The Wall, Make America Great. So he thought if an entertainer can use those simple three word statements, how about “House the homeless”, “feed the hungry,” “heal the sick,” “welcome the stranger,” this is the message of America. There is a theme throughout the show of having a purpose and in Jimmy’s case, combining comedy with having a purpose. Also on the show, Jennifer and I talk about perfectionism and it’s connection to organization and time management, also procrastination. And since my name is Crasnick, I procrasnickate, which is the process of putting off being myself. I brought all these topics up “for a friend".” I can’t relate to them, but I’ve heard of it through others. Back to Jimmy, he also shares a story about a time in his life where he was drinking and he was reaching out to all these places, and call after call, they turned him away, no beds, not the right insurance and finally saying I need help and the person on the line saying “you came to the right place.” Listen and watch Jimmy’s podcast https://jimmytingle.com/podcasts/ and find all of Jennifer’s great work here https://connectedparenting.com/ and subscribe, or any word that rhymes with that. Find us everywhere you get your podcasts, write a review, or answer this week’s question; what is something that you wish you knew as a kid? You can write to [email protected] and we will shout it out on the show. Take care, and live it up.

  • Bill is an old friend and a great writer who I have known since he came to LA. It feels like it was in the Mesozoic era. Then came Mr Show, Futurama, 16 years of The Simpson’s and now Disenchantment. Bill is really funny and interesting to listen to. In listening to him, you realize immediately, he’s very honest and talks about the anger and other things he’s feeling; even writing out things that might be bothering him so he doesn’t have to carry it all in his head. We also talk about the writers’ room on Futurama and The Simpsons and the joy of being around the funniest, most brilliant people who are there to make each other laugh. On Futurama, they had 3 PhD’s on staff, including Bill. And we talk a little about Mr. Show and how amazing that group was and how the energy was about getting stuff on, everybody was younger and starting out so fighting to get stuff out there was part of getting it on. After that Bill and his brother Bob Odenkirk had some space and went off doing their own thing, and the space really helped them and now, they are working together on a new show with David Cross! Jennifer also talked about how to realize that you’re running a program and that many poeople are walking around with the operating system of a 7 year old. So we can realize the programs we’re running and change them. She also shared that when you wake up in the morning, do anything but go to your phone right away. Think of 5 things you’re grateful for, people you love and imagine looking at them, places, things that feel good and sit with that feeling for a minute or two, before jumping into the phone. And in tribute to Thich Nhat Hahn, we explored the power of pausing and stopping as an action. Finally, I told the story of meeting Bill at a show I was doing and had Bob on as a guest, and my friend Naomi coming to the show, and telling me after, that she was going to marry Bob. And she did! And they’ve been married over 20 years! It takes a village, and often the village people. Find Jennifer’s amazing work here https://connectedparenting.com/ and subscribez vous, if you’ll pardon my French! Stay well and take care.

  • Julie and Brandy talk about the news and they’re really funny, sharp and smart while talking shit about all the shit that’s swirling around us 24/7. They’ve been hosting a great podcast https://starburns.audio/podcasts/dumb-gay-politics/ for years! We talk about the search for mining actual news and telling people to get the fuck off Facebook. Julie and Brandy also talk about how to deal, having to deal and reach with people in extreme groups like qanon. Jennifer shares info about self parenting and how to regulate our own emotions and thoughts and that is a key to deal with all of the above. And I tell the story about leavinbg my phone in the car at Disneyland and meditating outside Space Mountain. And let’s get into the Put Your Phone Down Challenge. Put it away for 20 mins. I’m telling you this while I’m on my phone! Now, we also get into drinking and drugs and hosting shows while on both. Jennifer suggests to ask “Am I coming from fear?” Looking for empathy in ourselves and that asking a conscious question, can help with relating to all kinds of uncofomfortable things. And then, we discuss the majesty of all The Lifetime Movies and Lifetime Movie Channels. And the tragic “Housewives of The North Pole, The Cheerleader Murders, all the classics. And they both recommend “Married to Medicine” on Bravo. Happy Holidazing!! Follow Julie and Brandy here for cryin out loud @TheBrandyHoward, @MrJulieGoldman and all Jennifer’s work here https://connectedparenting.com/ and as the great Sammy Davis, Jr. used to say every 4 seconds “PEACE.”

  • Rebecca is a actress, comedian, writer and producer. With us, she talks about reframing thoughts; the idea of “what do I GET to do” rather than the resentment that comes with “what do I HAVE to do.” We also talk about mindsets, like confidence, scarcity; mindsets that can eitehr be born out of fear or love. We also touch on diversity and that white people need to support the conversation, but not lead the conversation. Find Rebecca here: https://www.rebeccaleeofficial.com/ and all of Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/ and happy holidazing! Stay safe, get rest and wake up a little every day. I’m talking to myself now.

  • I’ve known Mike for many years, since his SF Comedy days. He’s a great comic, speaker and advocate about issues like parenting and raising a child with autism. In this epsiode, we talk about the resilience that comes with being open to learn and respond, rather than react. Mike has earned so much from all his kids and especially from his daughter Maria. She has taught him the whole spectrum, not being “on the spectrum” but living with the spectrum of life when you’re open to whatever comes in the moment. I’m on Spectrum cable, which is not good in any way. To learn more about Mike and his work, visit http://guidoentertainment.com/ and all of Jennifer’s amazing work and services here: https://connectedparenting.com/ May you, your families and friends have peace and conection during the holidaze!

  • Dani is a writer, a storyteller, a social entrepreneur and the founder of Laughter On Call. https://www.laughteroncall.com/ This company brings professional comics and improvisers to reach and teach people through laughter. In this episode, Dani talks about growing up as a kid who liked to break the tension. When Dani’s mom was suffering from Alzheimer’s, she wanted to do anything to cheer her up. So she paid a comic to come and help her laugh. It worked, and the quality of her mom’s life was lifted. And with Jennifer we look at memory, how it works in the brain, where it comes from and how to rewire and use imagination to shift memory. My favorite song in Cats is “Memory.” But I would rather not remember “Cats” the movie. This is a show about a true Cheer-Leader in the most amazing way. Dani also wrote a great book about marriage called “Take My Spouse, Please!” https://bit.ly/takemyspouse The book follows how the rules of comedy and marriage are the same, and how they can help each other along the way. More on Jennifer’s amazing work here https://connectedparenting.com/. Write us at [email protected], share the episode with a friend or write a review if you like the show. Thanks for listening!

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  • Fielding has a very funny show based on her life and marriage to actor Larry Clarke called Bitter Homes & Gardens https://www.youtube.com/c/BitterHomes. She’s a talented comic, actress and writer who is pretty fearless in talking about stuff that most people don’t share, but all people think and feel. In a time that’s all about positivity and saying the right things, doing comedy about the petty stuff you don’t like in your relationship, is hysterical and actually could promote some resilience. Ok, I’ll stop talking ike a therapist, because I’m getting nauseas. In short, I’m a fan. In this episode, Jennifer shares relationship skills and when a behavior with your partner bugs you asking the question “What is going on in me that is either causing that behavior or making that behavior worse?” This is not to say that there aren’t abusive relationships and that not everyone should stay together in something that isn’t working. Just looking at what goes on in me, rather than immediately reacting about what’s wrong with the other person. Little internal questions (which sounds like a Hulu series) can be big. Find Fielding’s great work here: https://fieldingedlow.com/ and Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/. Write us at [email protected] Thanks for listening!

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  • Brandon is a talented comic, host and film critic. He currently hosts a great movie comedy podcast called Medium Popcorn https://www.mediumpopcorn.com/ and started doing a show called Drunk Black History https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/drunk-black-history/id1535495844 where guests talk about pivotal people and events in Black History that you don’t often hear about, and drinking is involved. We also talked about how “growing up a weird black kid” in Ann Arbor affected him and the way he treats others. We looked at therapy, diversity and why people don’t have conversations about these things. Jennifer shares skills and brain hacks to deal with cancel cuture. And we talk about the effect of social media on back and forth talk and the impact that not reading has on an audience’s ability to deal with satire and irony. And I ride a 12 step stairmaster! Find Brandon on twitter here: @americancollins Find Jennifer’s amazing work here: https://connectedparenting.com/. Write us at [email protected] go easy,

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  • Great conversation with Kelly! It’s a unique story as old as the Earth itself. Girl grows up with a legendary comedian dad and a talented mom struggling with addiction; then learns how to transform her life and help others. It’s much more than that of course. We talk about how to see and talk to yourself. And life changing moments for Kelly; like when her mom came to her and told her that everything was going to be okay. Of course, the fact that her mom had passed away when she told her this, you have to listen for that. Jennifer also shares skills for taking compliments and making space for emotions and imagination as a way to deal with everyday challenges. A really good listen. Find more Kelly here: https://thekellycarlinsite.com/ and on Twitter here: @kelly_carlin and more about Jennifer and her work here: https://connectedparenting.com/ and pls subscribe and share when able, and write a review if you like us, connect here: [email protected] Won’t you let us take you to dysfunkytown!

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