• As a Christian woman, do you feel pressured to choose between a thriving career and building a family? Or do you feel hesitant or even guilty to invest in a career due to misconceptions others (or even you) hold regarding women in the workplace? Whether you're already pursuing a full-time career or are planning for post-grad, today's episode will bring you the reassurance you need to pursue you individual calling.

    Joining me for today's episode is Jane Kennedy, founder of The SundayMonday, a platform whose mission is to give Christian women resources that equip and encourage them to be bold in faith, bold in work, and bold in life.

    Tune in as we discuss:

    Why most Christian women feel hesitant to invest in a careerThe biggest misconception regarding Christian women who have careersWhere to seek mentorship and inspiration as a working professionalPractical ways to express your faith respectfully in the workplaceHow to incorporate balance into your everyday life

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  • When you've outgrown your high school friends or moved across the country post-grad, finding new friends can seem like an impossible feat. How do you meet people during COVID? How do you get to know someone on a deeper level? What if we don't click at first?

    In today's episode, I'm inviting you into my struggle of making friends post-grad in a new city. Over the past 4 months I have cycled through every emotion. What began as an excuse, "I don't have time for new friends", turned into a plead "I need to meet someone, anyone."

    Tune in to learn:

    What does the bible define as community Why you need friends in close proximity to you -- not just virtual What are the most important things when it comes to building a friendship Practical ways to make friends post-grad

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  • Pope Francis has proclaimed 2021 as the year of St. Joseph, and upon his announcement he released a beautiful apostolic letter titled Patris Corde, or With a Father's heart, that aims to increase our love for this great saint, to encourage us to implore his intercession and to imitate his virtues and his zeal. In today's episode, we will discuss this letter, and get to the heart of St. Joseph's fatherly role in our lives .

    I am very excited to welcome Nathan Crankfield to the podcast, as we discuss how we can become more like St. Joseph and follow his example in the new year. Last year St. Joseph provided for both Nathan and I in bold ways, and we are excited to introduce you to him!

    Patris Corde Letter: http://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/apost_letters/documents/papa-francesco-lettera-ap_20201208_patris-corde.html
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  • Tired of creating New Year's Resolutions that fall flat and leave you feeling defeated by the end of the year? As we wave goodbye to 2020, I'm bringing on one of my favorite people to discuss how we can use the daily Examen prayer to reflect on the past year and better plan for not only the year ahead but our life's journey. We'll also be sharing our Saints and Words of the Year, and encourage you to choose yours and share on Instagram by tagging @carolineroseowens and @shebelievedpodcast.

    Saint Paper Slips: https://marytv.tv/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Saints-List-2020.pdf
    Saint Generator: http://saintsnamegenerator.com/
    Word Generator: http://www.wordoftheyear.me/

  • We're going back to the basics and setting the foundation for the podcast. With so many things vying for your attention, you deserve to know that your time listening to the SHE BELIEVED Podcast is well worth it. As I mentioned in my very first episode ever, my hope for the podcast is that through our conversations you are inspired and equipped to live more freely into the woman God has created you to be.

    You can expect to leave today's conversation having the answers to two very important questions: 1. How do I know who God created me to be? 2. How do I live out who God created me to be?

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  • Have you ever been afraid of your own dreams? Intimidated by the possibility of failure, but curious about what would happen if you really tried? We all go through seasons of clarity where everything feels right, but we're also guaranteed to experience times where the path ahead seems foggy. Wherever you're at on your journey, I invite you to join today's conversation about fear and how it can confuse our God given mission. I'm also sharing where I've been the past 6 months, and am beyond excited to welcome you to Season 2 of the podcast. So whether you're new here, or have been here from the beginning, thanks for joining the conversation. I hope you know you're always welcome!

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  • What's your reason for giving up on your passion? Were you not the best? Did someone judge you or make your dream seem insignificant? If so, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you let yourself and others keep you from changing the world. But the good news — it's not too late. Today, I am joined by co-founder of Verily Magazine, Janet Easter, as we walk through the shift in our passions throughout different seasons of life. Janet's story has something for everyone. Whether you feel directionless or need a reminder that you have a community supporting you, you'll leave this episode knowing that your passions have purpose. And I can't wait to see what happens when you pursue them...

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  • You are not alone or helpless if you struggle with a pornography addiction. There is hope for you! And today's episode is meant to open the conversation and expose the reality that porn isn't just a guy's problem. Founder of Restore Love, Bella Bryant, joins the podcast to share how speaking out on social media about her sexual abuse and porn addiction opened the flood gates to other women struggling with similar issues and desiring healing and freedom. Bella approaches this sensitive topic with love and honesty, as she shares practical ways to ask for help if you're struggling and how we can respond to someone who shares their reality with us. If you don't know why porn is harmful to you and others, turn the volume up and get ready to learn! This is an important conversation, and by the end of this episode I hope you know you are not alone, and there is an endless amount of healing available for you. I encourage all of you to join the Restore Love community at https://www.instagram.com/restorelove_/ and follow along with Bella at https://www.instagram.com/bellaaabryant/.


  • What inspired you to begin a podcast? How do you combat negative self image? Will you ever move to DC? It's Christmas in July for the SHE BELIEVED Podcast, because this week you're getting a bonus episode, where I'm answering all your questions about my personal life. Since I can't personally grab coffee with each of you, I hope this episode feels like we're catching up on life after being quarantined for months! ;) Warning: The pace of this episode is fast. If you hear a question or topic that you want to know more about, jot it down and send me a DM on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/carolineroseowens/! I'd love to go more in-depth in a later episode.

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  • How do I tell a guy I'm dating that I'm saving sex for marriage? Have you ever written letters to your future husband? How did you hold to your faith when it was hard? This week I'm rocking the boat with a solo Q&A all about boys and Jesus! I asked you on Instagram to submit your questions about ANYTHING, and you did not disappoint. I received so many questions that there will be a second episode Thursday, July 2! TWO episodes in one week! Happy dance!! If you make it to the end of today's episode, you'll get a sneak peek into Thursday's topics. Warning: The pace of this episode is fast. If you hear a question or topic that you want to know more about, jot it down and send me a DM on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/carolineroseowens/! I'd love to go more in-depth in a later episode.

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  • *Drum roll please* The SHE BELIEVED podcast is so excited to welcome its first MALE guest onto the show! Joining me today is one of my close friends, Ryan Cole. Ryan and I have been friends for over 7 years, and thought it would be fun to welcome you into our friendship and share how we've maintained a close relationship, even while Ryan has a gf! (Yes ladies, it's possible!) We're covering everything from the benefits of male/female friendships, to what to do when you catch romantic feelings for one of your best guy friends. Get ready to laugh because Ryan shares some pretty embarrassing high school stories, but he also isn't afraid to speak the truth and give us a look into the mind of a man. Whether you're the girl who prefers the guy crowd because they're "less drama" or you're looking to expand your circle and meet some new men, this episode is going to give you clear boundaries to set and help you see the beauty of male/female friendships. *SPOILER ALERT* Guys and girls really can be just friends, and Ryan and I are here to prove it!

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  • You are a 1 Girl Revolution. You have been given a mission and purpose, unique as your fingerprint, that has the power to change the world. Whether your path has been straight, or looks nothing like you've imagined, every chapter has led to the next. If you've been looking for that extra push to begin pulling the thread on what God has called you to do, here it is! Kate Bryan, founder of 1 Girl Revolution, joins me today to reignite your passion, and remind you that you have the power to change the world through your everyday life. You don't need a platform, and you don't need a plan. All you need is an open heart and courage to say yes to whatever comes your way! Learn more about 1 Girl Revolution online at http://1girlrevolution.com/. Join a community of world-changers on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/963446630694449/?ref=share.

  • Does Instagram and Tik Tok rule your life? Or do you allow God the time and space to tell you who you are and who you were created to be? While many of us (me included) would hate to admit it, we often allow others (especially on social media) to determine how we see ourselves. While the influence of people around us is important, we have to focus on community over competition. Our differences are meant to bring us together, not tear us apart through comparison. If you feel the pressure to look like you know where you're going and what you're doing, but feel exhausted from placing your worth in your accomplishments, this episode is for you! Stacey Sumereau, host of the Called and Caffeinated podcast, joins me today to remind us that we are beautiful, beloved, found and wanted.

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  • Have you ever felt convicted about something, whether it be a relationship, college decision, or job, only to be completely caught off guard when you find out it's not what God intended for you? Instead of questioning every decision you've ever made, rest assured that God knows exactly what we need to bring us closest to His heart. Today's conversation is inspired by an article from The Young Catholic Woman titled, "When Your One Actually Wasn't The One", written by Sarah Kozak, today's guest! This episode is for anyone who needs to be reminded that God's words are never empty promises — He never lets anything go to waste.

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    The Young Catholic Woman article: http://www.theyoungcatholicwoman.com/archivescollection/when-your-one-wasnt-actually-the-one

  • We have a choice. We can either allow God to tell us who we are, or we can allow the devil to tell us who we are not. To finish out the Beauty Bootcamp series, I'm going to share how my own insecurities inspired this month of discovering our inherent beauty and worth. None of us are strangers to insecurities, but it's important that we learn how to face them with courage. In today's episode, I'll walk you through 5 simple habits that I have found effective in helping me live more freely as the woman God created me to be. 1. Acknowledge and then name your insecurities. 2. Practice gratitude daily. 3. Take time to develop your gifts. 4. Appreciate the good in others. 5. Spend time in prayer every day. Today's episode is sponsored by Kingdom and State. You can use the code "SHEBELIEVD" at checkout on https://kingdomandstate.com/ for 20% off your order!
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  • Comparison often leads us to chasing a standard of beauty that leaves us feeling more insecure about the way we look. Trainer, health coach, and podcast host, Tanner Hobbs, joins me today to bring hope to your struggle with body image. In today's episode, Tanner teaches us how to build a foundation of faith that will equip us to take on any challenge or insecurity that comes our way. Tanner and I will also be talking about how important our motives are not only in our health journeys but our faith lives as well. Grab a pencil and maybe even your Bible, and get ready to learn how to reach a level of health only Jesus can provide!

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  • We will always be battling the idea that we are only as good as our looks. But anytime we base our self-worth on our appearance, we are going to struggle with confidence. No beauty standard will ever change the fact that each and every one of us has been created as an unrepeatable child of God. Joining me today to remind us of these truths and more is Lilly Fallon. Lilly is going to debunk your misconceptions of what a feminine Christian woman has to look like, and remind you that your personal style should be as unique as your soul. While your confidence can change with every passing day, your worth never changes.

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  • Welcome to the 4-week virtual Beauty Bootcamp! Instead of workouts and makeovers, this is a bootcamp for the heart and soul. Throughout the month of May, we'll be learning together how to build confidence, overcome insecurities and live out our femininity in a way that highlights our inherent beauty and worth. Ringing in the first week of Beauty Bootcamp is Nicole M. Caruso. Nicole's Catholic faith has given her the understanding of her dignity and value that comes from God, and she has made it her mission to inspire women to invest in their self-worth. Today, Nicole and I talk everything from our favorite Spring pieces to her #worthyofwearing movement. It's time we learn how to invest in ourselves and enhance the natural beauty we have been given.

    Learn all about Nicole here: https://nicolemcaruso.com/

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  • Today, I'm asking all the questions you've been too nervous to ask regarding chastity and Christian dating. While every chastity talk tells you, "save sex for marriage", they don't always answer the more difficult questions like, how do you fight sexual temptation? What is emotional chastity? And of course the biggest question, how far is too far? Today's guest is Culture Project missionary, Emily Harpole. Emily is a 2019 college grad from Benedictine College, and she has spent the past year presenting to middle and high school students about the importance of chastity. While you may think chastity is just not having sex, its true definition is aligning our sexual desires to whatever our state of life is. This episode is packed full of practical ways to say yes to authentic love, and messages of hope for those suffering from the wounds of sexual sin.

    Learn more about the culture project here: https://thecultureproject.org/
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  • Who out there feels like their story is too simple or too ordinary to share with others? Do you even know what your story is or the smallest step in beginning to share it? We often feel like in order to encourage and inspire others we have to have had a major transformation or overcome a tragedy. But what if I told you that your story is important, and you have the opportunity to build connection and achieve success, simply by sharing more of yourself. Would you believe me? Today I am joined by photographer and podcast host, Courtney Garrett, as we discuss how to embrace your story, vulnerably share it with others, and make strides in your personal and professional life by putting yourself out there. We all have a story to share. It's time for you to share yours.

    You can learn all about Courtney and listen to her podcast at https://www.courtneygarrett.com/meet-courtney. Don't forget to follow along with me on social media at https://www.instagram.com/carolineroseowens/.