• Using an Alias "Lily" for privacy reasons from the East Coast of the U.S we explore a journey of a mother who is in a heterosexual relationship married to a man that had a vasectomy who previously had two children with a previous partner. This newly formed relationship ignited a spark for Lily to have her own children and spanning over 12 years with a 4th child almost here she has well and truly achieved this and has become one of the most experienced mothers in using online donors in America.

    We take a trip down memory lane encountering what it was like in the early days of online sperm donation to what they have gone to now. Lily along the way has had to use a few donors and quite often has had to travel a distance in order to reach them, especially for future siblings. She shares with us all her tips about timing, cervical mucus, we talk about her children's personalities and her different donors.

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  • Sonja Thompson was raised in Fargo Dakota, she always knew from a very young age she was attracted to women and is a sucker for a pretty smile and a cute face. So much so that at the age of 23 in Kentucky her then "hot girlfriend" convinced her she was to carry their next child. Previously Soni had no intentions of ever carrying but was talked into it. From there the only question was where to source the sperm? It was hard finding someone willing to donate it and back in that time there were no Sperm Donation World communities, so a  master plan was hatched to acquire the sperm needed by having a threesome, with a man that was thinking he was hitting the jackpot. In fact, the real prize from that night is her son Andrew.

    Soni now 52 and single shares her life story, from pulling off the ultimate heist, to confronting the man and what led to her telling him and her experiences raising a young man that had his own fair share of issues along the way. Soni and Andrew now in his mid-20s do a podcast together called Thompson Talk which has brought them even closer.

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  • Upon Adam Hooper's pending arrival in New Zealand it's probably best he gets in touch with Nz's most experienced lawyer in the field of donor conception. Introducing Mother of three Jaenine Badenhorst from Rainey Collins Lawyers located in Wellington Who specializes in Litigation and Family Law.

    In this episode, we learn about the rights of donors and recipients and their partners, we touch on a little bit on surrogacy. We talk about donor-recipient agreements. All in all, turns out the laws are pretty good in New Zealand for those who seek to do artificial insemination whether it be at home or at a clinic.

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  • Samantha J Richardson was brought up in a small town south of Chicago she is the co-author of the book Achieving Parenthood: The Struggles Are Real, The Hope Is Eternal a book that shares various people's insights and journies to parenthood. In this episode, we touch on Samantha's journey from living in countries such as New Zealand and now Australia where we explore her own struggles towards having her little bundle of joy.

    Like many women before her, she was in a dead-end marriage that wasn't going anywhere and the future of having children with this man was becoming less appealing by the second. She ultimately left that relationship and was willing to explore the single mother by choice option. She came across QFG paid a couple of thousand dollars only to be given a small list of very unhealthy and unappealing choices. That is when she discovered Sperm Donation Australia where she met a couple of donors. Unfortunately for Samantha, she was experiencing fertility issues and stage 4 endometriosis where she was forced back to the clinic route, where she used a known donor.

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  • Jess and Leroy Natoli met briefly while out one night through a mutual friend, and soon tracked down each other and became officially an item not too soon after, both wanting similar things in life, a mutual goal would be creating a family in the, not near distant future. They began exploring these options that lead them to a Melbourne-based clinic in which they did IVF.

    The clinic emailed the donor at his 10-year donating anniversary asking him if he wished to continue to have his sperm and embryos already created to be still be made available, his response in the email was a simple No. The law requires the donor to provide a reason for stopping, in which he hasn't therefore the embryos perhaps technically shouldn't be taken away until he fulfills his requirements, we discuss this and the potential angles in trying to save these embryos from destruction. If Jess and Leroy can't save their own embryos they wish to aspire change so others don't have to go through this.

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  • Lissa Koehler and her ex-partner's first child was born via at-home insemination via a known donor, for a combination of reasons he is no longer an option for future children so they elected to go down the Fertility clinic option. Through an invasive procedure that would involve between30 and 50 internal ultrasounds and other procedures and not to mention extreme medication involved that knocked her around 6 Embryos were the end result, 1 of these embryos resulted in a child, while the rest were stored away to be used at a later date.

    Lissa now with her new partner Kariah were considering their options of another baby when suddenly their victorian clinic rings up to let them know that upon contacting their donor on his mandatory 10-year checkup to see if he still wishes for his biological tissue to be used, he has decided to say no once prompted, which has led these embryos down a path of destruction affecting another 5 families in the process.

    This interview is deeply personal and touches on an array of topics, the clinic procedures, why the laws need to be reviewed, and what can be done about this, plus many interesting general convos along the way. Lissa is now 40 and will have to go through this process again with eggs that obviously won't be the same quality as they were 5 years ago? This time Lissa's support network is much stronger and we wish them a positive outcome.

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  • Tim Gullicksen from San Francisco back in 1989 wanted to help families that were in need of a sperm donor and he came across the California Cryobank there was only one obstacle in his path and that was he is gay, Back then and even now gay men are still not allowed to be sperm donors at clinics in the USA. Tim had to pretend he was straight to bypass their screening process in order to help create what he was lead to believe would be a maximum of 10 families, but could be more like 90+ families, he was assigned the donor I.D 1237.

    Tim knows of over 30 biological offspring tracked down with the assistance of DNA websites and the Donor Sibling Registry but has formed a close connection with 22 of them, and every year they have a meet-up at Bass Lake in California. Tim shares what it's like to live in this reality and how his offspring feel about having as many siblings as they do. A very fun and insightful episode full of interesting information and outlooks for instance can being gay be genetically inherited 5 his offspring identify as queer. What's does Tim's love interests or partners think of him being a donor? Plus lots more and although Tim never set off or imagined to have formed a family from his donations this is now very much a part of his identity.

    To find out more about this episode and Tim's story visit this episode information page. https://ivfdonationworld.com/episode-38-a-gay-mans-guide-to-forming-a-family/

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  • Shannon Louise Ashton was a pioneer for same-sex women who always wanted children but found out along the way she had no desire to be with a man so had to think outside the box. She started her motherhood journey via the QFG in the early 2000s at a time when it was all very taboo. Almost 2 decades on a couple of relationships along the way, she has fulfilled her rainbow tribe of 5 children using the popular choice Surfer donor known as id number 188.

    On record, there are 48 children, many still unknown and unaccounted for, with some surprise unexpected encounters across the way like coincidentally one of her children going to the same daycare as another donor sibling. With her oldest child Zac about to reach his adult years, we discuss how they plan to navigate this and the prep talks required.

    Shannon has quite the positive outlook in life, but she has had to deal with a few dramas along the way firstly them being given the wrong donor they had asked for, having to join the donor sibling registry and DNA sites in order to find more of her children’s half-siblings and then there are the questions from her children about their donor and wanting to meet him and her having to explain that this is unlikely to happen with the donor, they ended up getting. In her own words “sometimes what’s meant to happen just happens”.

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  • J.R Silver is the pseudonym  UK Author of the Sharing Seeds children's book series. From the Southern part of England, this man married his wife, lost his sister to breast cancer which raised concerns about his own genetics which prompted him to investigate further not only finding out he was the carrier of BRACA1 gene he soon after discovered his semen sample contained no sperm aka Azoospermia.

    We talk through the feelings of male infertility, throw out a few hypothetical what-ifs and talk through the fertility clinic experience that resulted in his 2 children being conceived with donor sperm with a pending option for a third with one remaining embryo remaining, plus much more.

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  • Taryn Cumming (South Africa) joins us and she is one half of the 2 Bumps Same Love team. She and partner Kat Buchanan (New Zealand) who are based in Auckland fell pregnant using an online donor almost simultaneously after finding out they both had a low egg reserve and action was required immediately.

    Along their way they started creating YouTube content and sharing their journey and creating information guides for others out there to follow. The media got on board with their story also, followed by a German production company, everyone couldn't get enough of these same-sex pregnant mamas to be.

    It wasn't all smooth sailing though as Taryn faced complications at the birthing table and a fight for survival for the unnamed little baby Ryan at the time created feelings of stress and panic. On top of that Kat's baby was born just 4 days afterward.  We hear their story and how they still continue to inspire others as Taryn joins the Sperm Donation New Zealand team as a lead administrator.

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  • Growing up in the underground of East London "Abdul Motlib" who is in his early 30s is 3rd generation British of Bangladesh ancestry. After finding out his sperm didn't pass the freezing process at the clinics, he explored donating online via the Ai only method and in that time has helped assist in the creation of 10 births.

    In this episode we chat about Super Donors, the UK rivalries the impact of American Joe Donor has had in the UK, we talk about the media, and the way Abdul goes about his donating process, and why he ghosts some recipients. We chat about what happens when you fall pregnant and not tell your donor when it comes to requesting a sibling down the track plus a lot more.

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  • Going by the aliases of Pip and Tara from Victoria, Australia. After a relationship spanning 14 years, it was time to discuss having a child together. They used one of the countries biggest fertility clinics, we talk to them about their IVF journey in-depth about the processes of the counseling, the doctors appointments, surgeries along the way (cysts and polyps) , and then finally gaining access of their donor registry. A first cycle success was then to follow, in what was looking like overall a great IVF story.

    Enter the plot twist. Tara receives a call from the clinic counselor informing them that the donor that they selected has withdrawn consent to use his sperm and as of effect they will destroy their embryos. We roll the emotional rollercoaster of how this has come to be and how this information you are not warned on and that there is a lawyer that has come other cases of this happening and wanting to change the laws. Now left in limbo by their clinic and not knowing what is going on we explore the possibilities. and look at if the clinic should of handle their clients with a bit more duty of care.

    Episode 33: Clinic Donor withdraws consent and our embryos to be destroyed – Sperm Donation World (ivfdonationworld.com) 

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  • Chantel Janette Bowen (23 years old) from Chicago Illinois first fell pregnant on graduation night which resulted in her firstborn son back in 2016, 6 months later while planning to recommence her education she then discovers she is pregnant again with a little girl on the way. Four years onwards and with her educational goals met Chantel looks to further grow her family.

    After doing her research and watching youtube videos about Ai, Chantel joined Sperm Donation USA.  With donors being scarce in Chicago and it was around the same time she was watching the Inside Edition segment about online sperm donation that she knew in her mind that she may have found the donor she was after. It was important to her to have a donor that had a good reputation, and one that was credible enough willing to travel.

    To find out more about this episode visit the Sperm Donation World, Episode 32: Just blew into the windy city – Sperm Donation World (ivfdonationworld.com)

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  • Mark Fisher (Body Positive) and Jane Bruning  (Positive Women) who reside in New Zealand collaborated with the New Zealand Aids Foundation in creating Sperm Positive the first HIV-positive Sperm Bank for donors. All in the effort of breaking down the stigma and creating awareness that people with HIV can have children without passing it on to the other party or the child-to-be.

    We leave no stone unturned, as we dissect what U=U means (Undetectable = Untransmittable). How long can HIV live outside the human body once exposed to air? We chat about clinics freezing sperm and storing them for 6 months and retesting sperm and is this is an outdated methodology, we talk about clinics discrimination against gay men being donors. We look into the concept of spinning sperm and is it still relevant. We also looking at recipients and donors protecting themselves from HIV by visiting the doctor and being prescribed PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) plus much more in this educational packed episode.

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    Sperm Positive

  • Being donor conceived can be challenging in it’s own right. Being able to process your own existence and how you found your place on this Earth quite often after already living many years believing something entirely different can be a bitter pill to swallow. We share the life story of Madi, Robyn, and Allysen and how they became connected, and their donor-conceived journeys to date.

    While forming new sibling connections, things were to suddenly change once the donor was finally contacted. Their Donor was formally known to them as “donor 8928” Bryce Cleary wasn’t happy when he found out the clinic OHSU had allegedly lied to him about the number of children that were to be born from his donations and their locations all were meant to be on the east coast. Ultimately none of the current 20 known existing siblings should be alive had the clinic respected this. As a result, a 5.25 Million dollar lawsuit has been launched thrusting everyone into the media spotlight.

    To find out more about the episodes and the related vids visit the Sperm Donation World episode page here.

  • "Kate" (a pseudonym) and is 1 half of the Australian same-sex couple that featured in the New York Times article "The Case of the Serial Sperm Donor". Unknowingly to them at the time the donor they were to select from a Cyros donor list was to be Europe's most prolific online/clinic donor. They now live in fear of all their stored frozen embryos being destroyed by the Australian clinic currently storing them if their identity was to be revealed, denying their son the chance of having a full-blooded sibling.

    Establishing their own mother's group this newly formed army is on a mission to seek regulatory changes making clinics and donors accountable for their actions. We talk about how all this eventuated, how these sperm banks operate, the things they didn't realize, and where to from here.

    Sperma Donatie Nederland a newly formed group for people from Holland to search for a donor and for more information on this episode click here and leave a comment on what you thought about the episode.

  • Cat Ellen 33, from Sydney, just celebrated her little man's first birthday we reflect on her journey to motherhood. For her, she faced a common life scenario that women face these days, where is Mr. Right? and at what point do you switch to plan b with that biological clock ticking sound beating louder and louder with each passing month.

    As the years went on Cat noticed friend's marriages were falling apart and major custody battles over their children taking place, as she witnessed all this carnage, sperm donation was looking the far more logical and safer option to bring a child into this world as could offer that child unconditional love.

    We explore Today's culture of dating in the digital age we now find ourselves in and the failures she experienced in that. We speak to her about using an experienced donor, prepping her body in preparation for pregnancy, and achieving a first cycle success. Plus the nitty-gritty questions of birth certificates and Centrelink questions plus much more in this fun and chirpy episode.

    You can find Cat and many other Single mothers by choice at Sperm Donation Australia

    Likewise, if you're in America in our Sperm Donation USA community.

  • On the back of his media debut with Inside Edition we have Tyree Kelly who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and within the last couple of years has risen to be the USA's most in-demand African-American donor. Clocking over 30,000 Miles in the sky he has jetted to Alaska and practically all around the entire USA delivery his good to those who need it the most.

    It's fair to say his own father was Rolling stone and unbeknown to him Tyree found himself out to be 1 of 25 half-siblings with a 3 decade age gap spanning between oldest to youngest. He shares what it's like to have many close relations, growing up without a father and assessing in comparison to being a donor-conceived person.

    A man that has donated his sperm via most ways imaginable shares some conception stories and a 4 person simultaneously in the same room involvement donation if you get my drift. Plus much more in this action-packed episode. Enjoy.

    You can find Tyree in Sperm Donation USA

    To read more about this episode and a link to the inside edition clip click here.

  • Aja’mi Wiseman from Virginia was in a same-sex relationship when they decided to explore their options of creating a family. From approaching people she knew to considering clinics and ruling them out we chat about her first cycle success with the use of a soft-cup. We talk about what it’s like to now be a single mother and what it’s like dating others. Plus much more.

    As described by Nellie Bowles in her New York Times article “The Sperm Kings Have a Problem: Too Much Demand” there was a Cold War going on between two main groups (Sperm Donation USA and the copycat one), Aja’mi who was a key member in the other camp, reflects on what was really going on internally and how this group operated and the story of the Cold War is explained for those who want to have a little lesson on history.

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  • I came across a Scottish ex-pat of 6 donor children, who has been living in Germany for many years going under the Pseudonym  "Angus" just to be extra precautionary of the fear of child support. In fact, Angus isn't even his donor persona which I found incredibly interesting.

    So what is it like to be a donor in Germany, We discuss what it's like with Covid19 currently and the ability to donate, we talk diet, law, and interesting stories to his own bewilderment of some recipients quirky requests, plus much more.

    Join the new Sperm Donation Germany Community. today 

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