• On this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by Andrew Lowen to talk about his new board game set in the battle between angels and demons, Deliverance. They also talk about noble efforts to help AOC’s Abuela and The Babylon Bee going up against The New York Times. Afterwards Andrew shares his creative process for creating Deliverance and how this game is unlike most Christian games in that it is not terrible.


    Friend of the Bee Andrew Lowen joins Kyle and Ethan. Andrew has a new tactical combat adventure game about angels, demons, and the saints caught in between called Deliverance! You can back it on Kickstarter starting June 8, 2021!

    Upcoming Interview

    Next interview will be with former LAPD detective Greg Kading, known for his work on the Tupac and Biggie murder cases...Really good police story only in the subscriber poriton.

    Comments from Subscribers and YouTube

    Birdman and Axl Dave get featured today

    Weird News

    Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture That Only Exists In His Mind For $18,000 Us Special Forces Accidentally Stormed A Cooking Oil Factory In Bulgaria During A Live Training Exercise Us Coast Guard Rescues 3 Adults And 2 Dogs Floating On Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo Near Gulf Of Alaska Matt Walsh Started A Gofundme To Fix Aoc's Grandma's House And It Raised Over $100,000 In A Matter Of Hours Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space On One Of His Company’s Rocket Ships This Summer ‘Among Us’-Shaped Mcnugget Sells For Nearly $100,000 South African Woman Gives Birth To Decuplets Ontario Police Officer Rescues Skunk From Mcflurry Cup Las Vegas Woman Crushes 3 Watermelons In 7 1/2 Seconds For World Record

    Segment 1

    Bee beef with the NYT naming us as an example of far-right misinformation sites that use “satire” claims to protect their presence on Facebook.

    Segment 2

    Andrew Lowen on Christians making stuff like his new board game Deliverance!

    You can back his kickstarter and become a supporter.

    Andrew talks about Christian board games, theology behind the game, and behind the scenes of creating a board game. Ethan struggles to keep up with Kyle and Andrew as they dive in deep into the nerdom of board games.

    Hate Mail

    Pamela says we are being inappropriate

    Subscriber Portion

    Andrew Lowen’s New Game Deliverance

    Kyle and Ethan experience the game with Andrew. Ethan remains confused during the whole game and Kyle beats up some demons

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Buddy Brown of YouTube Fame. They talk about his rise to YouTube fame, hunting stories, and living out his faith. Buddy gained his fame making YouTube videos from the back of his truck singing about anything from Covid to white privilege. He was able to get the number one spot on Itunes country charts without an agent or any publicist. You can find him on YouTube by clicking here and buy his merchandise here.

    Faithful CounselingGet 10% off your first month using this link: https://www.faithfulcounseling.com/babylonbee

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Buddy’s origin

    Current state of country music

    People are too sensitive these days

    Nashville music scene

    Big hearts and big opinions

    Mike Pence using Buddy’s song

    No Green screen used for truck songs

    Real estate agent to country music star

    Coronavirus song

    No apologies for his Covid song

    Woke country songs

    Blowback from people over country songs

    Connecting with Ted Nugent

    Eating bugs

    Cool hunting stories

    Taxidermy stores

    Playing SSC Football

    Be so good that they can’t start the game without you

    Pointing people to Jesus with country music

    Actors with ball caps on

    Finding a new way to be a musician

    How Buddy found his faith

    Living out your faith

    Country music influences

    Subscriber Portion

    The Holy Grail of country music for Buddy

    Pop country music

    Condescending cuteness of current country music

    Cover bands disguised as country artists

    Chris Stapleton

    Cool touring stories

    Embarrassing concert entrance story

    Touring life with Buddy


    10 questions

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  • On this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by Trevor Andersen to talk about bears crashing a pool party, atheists finding Jesus, and what blue checks are doing for Pride Month. Kyle and Ethan also talk to Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop about the cost of his faith and his fight for religious liberty.


    Trevor Andersen joins Kyle and Ethan to guest host.

    Upcoming Interview

    Next interview will be Buddy Brown of YouTube fame. Get it a day early if you’re a paid subscriber.

    We Read Comments From Our Different Platforms

    Gaple comments on our John Cena article and we get a compliment on our upgraded equipment.

    Weird News

    Suspects Break Into Storage Unit, Steal Boxes Of Little Debbie Snack Cakes Mercedes Tumbles Off Jack, Kills Suspected Catalytic Converter Thief Ontario Principal Removed After Twice Wearing Hair Of Student As A Wig Flight From India To US Diverted After Crew Finds Bat In Business Class Backlash As Skin-Coloured “equality stamps” In Spain Priced Differently Video Shows Teen Girl Shoving Huge Bear Over Fence To Save Her Dogs Seven Bears Crash High School Pool Party In Tennessee Man Breaks Guinness World Record For World’s Tallest Spike Mohawk

    Faithful Counseling

    Get 10% off your first month using this link.

    Segment 1

    Kyle and Ethan Take a Test on the Trinity as seen on Challies.com

    Segment 2

    Real Stuff Blue Checks Say (and other happenings on social media)

    Segment 3

    Kyle and Ethan talk to Jack Phillips from Masterpiece Cakeshop

    Hate Mail

    Eve didn’t like our rainbow logo.

    Subscriber Portion

    Subsriber Headlines of the Week

    Subscriber Email Question/ Love Mail

    Bonus 10 Questions

    We learn even more about Trevor!

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Pastor Gabriel Hughes. They talk about satire, Game of Thrones, and growing up around the Christian music scene. Pastor Gabriel Hughes is a Baptist Pastor and host of When We Understand The Text, an ongoing video series and daily podcast of bible commentary and teaching. He has become known on Twitter for preaching the gospel unapologetically. He currently is a pastor at the First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas.

    Go to wethepeopleholsters.com/bee and enter the code BEE10 to save $10

    Topics Discussed

    Pastor Gabe originally followed Kyle

    Are you stupid?

    Jesus as a refugee

    Doug Tanapel Interview

    DC talk of Satire

    Sin or not sin?

    Vaping like a total cheesebag

    Throwing up the sign of the horns while listening to heavy metal


    Reading one of Doug Wilson’s books

    Tattoo of John Piper’s face

    Sprinkling a baby with water for some reason

    Following John MacArthur on Twitter

    Converting to Catholicism

    Reading Relevant Magazine

    Drinking IPAs when there’s perfectly good bourbon nearby

    Mormon missionaries

    Doing DMT with Joe Rogan

    Looting from local GameStop in the name of justice


    Free Willy


    Promoting Christian concerts

    Growing up around CCM artists family’s

    Subscriber Portion

    Stupid things Christians say

    God’s wonderful plan for your life?

    Hearing God’s voice

    Preach the gospel, when necessary use words

    God will never give you more than you can handle

    Modesty is hottest

    Being banned from Twitter

    Women pastors

    International women’s day

    Biblical hyper-fundamentalism

    Being born again

    10 questions

    Carman meeting

  • Kyle, Dan, and Jonathan reach the final chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring where the fellowship breaks and perhaps The Bee Reads fellowship breaks too since Jonathan is moving to Tennessee. Frodo knows what he must do and in this chapter his decision is made much easier by Boromir. The guys also talk about their favorite parts of the book so far and get listener comments and questions!

  • In this Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by Adam Yenser, a writer on The Ellen Show and a Republican in Hollywood who has inexplicably not been canceled yet. The CDC has new guidelines about kissing chickens for some reason and we talk about real things blue checks on Twitter say. There’s the usual weird news of the week, unexpected love mail, glorious hate mail, and more!


    Adam Yenser is here! Check out Cancelled News!

    Upcoming Interview

    Pastor Gabriel Hughes will be on the interview show next. We play the game Sin or Not Sin with him, talk about growing up around CCM artists, and in subscriber portion we go into stupid things Christians have said. It will come out Tuesday for the free loaders and the extended interview will be out Monday for all the beloved and wonderful paid subscribers.

    Subscriber Comment of the Week From Last Bee Weekly Goes To crsluggo!

    Best comment from Frank Fleming’s Wife

    YouTube Comment of the Week On The White Liberal Shocked As Black Man Gets ID

    Weird News

    CDC urges Americans not to kiss chickens amid Salmonella outbreak

    Goodwill asks people to stop donating literal garbage

    During a burglary call in SC a police dog bit a cow, then the officer tased the dog, then the cow kicked the officer

    The largest Lutheran denomination in Europe just announced that it is "trans."

    Chicago's Lori Lightfoot is now excluding white reporters from interviews

    Teen in Spain built underground den after fight with his parents

    Spanish man becomes first creature killed by a dinosaur in a long time

    Idaho men bounce Ping-Pong balls into 5 cups for Guinness record

    “Real Things Blue Checks Say” and various Twitter happenings

    What is going on with Larry the Cucumber? This event was 1000 times worse than 9/11. Can you guess? This journalist found discarded “glock packaging” Wapo is worried about masks coming off and what this means for sexism. Blue Check pontificates on who is not a Christian. This mom on TikTok hates her baby because he’s white. David Hogg makes an appearance this week.

    Adam Yenser on being a conservative Republican in Hollywood and writing for the Ellen Show.

    Love Mail

    Matt Taibbi had some nice things to say about us!

    Hate Mail

    We have sold out for the babies.
    Subscriber Portion

    We get a message asking about the conservative one joke and whether we get bored of it.

    The Ten Questions for Adam Yenser

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Ethan and Dan talk to our Anarchist scholar, Michael Malice. They talk about Augustine, leaving New York, and the benefits of humor in dark times. This is Michael Malice’s fifth time on The Babylon Bee podcast. He has been one of the leading voices for the Anarchist movement appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience and many more. He has written several books, including organizing his newest book, The Anarchy Handbook, available wherever you get books. He also hosts the podcast “Your Welcome” available on wherever you get podcasts.

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Malice being mentioned in a Bee article

    Finding humor in the darkness

    The Cave and The Light


    Plato vs Aristotle

    Ronald Reagan

    Forgetting name trick

    Michael Malice’s Twitter following

    What makes a good tweet

    Liz Cheney and war mongering

    Liz Cheney or Caitlyn Jenner for president

    USA today on current Republicans

    Moving to Austin

    Current state of New York

    Michael Malice’s new hobbies

    Learning to drive

    The Anarchist Handbook

    Process of self-publishing

    Chesterton’s Gateway

    Chesterton’s Fence

    Jordan Peterson

    Benefits of humor

    Gavin Newsom and The French Laundry

    Do not give into evil

    Pure beauty

    Helping people feel less alone

    Donation story

    Safety valve for the mind

    Terrible experiences being a good thing

    Chasing your own hat

    High end collectibles

    Senses of humor in people

    Subscriber Portion


    10 questions for an Anarchist


    Political parties

    Alexander Hamilton


  • Kyle, Dan, and Jonathan Watson from The One Ring, follow the Fellowship as they leave Lorien and head down The Great River, covering chapters 8 and 9 of Book 2. Galadriel gives them gifts that differ in significant ways from the film adaptation and Legolas does something way more awesome than sliding down a staircase on a shield. They also answer subscriber questions and comments. It’s another episode of The Bee Reads The Lord of the RIngs!

  • In this Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan talk to Mark Armitage of the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute about non-fossilized tissue being found in dinosaur bones and what that might mean for the war between science and religion. They also bring on Senior Writer Frank J. Fleming, our resident expert on animals and women, to talk about how women can gain confidence in fighting vicious animals. There’s the usual weird news of the week, glorious hate mail, and more!


    Ethan returns from his trip

    Kyle has to chase his cat after it takes a ride in his engine

    Upcoming Interview

    Ethan and Dan talk to Michael Malice for round 5!

    We Read YouTube Comments

    Weird News

    Lady Trespasses At Miami High School, Poses As Student In Order To Gain Instagram Followers

    Chinese Man Discovered Glitch In KFC Online Ordering System And Stole Almost $19,000 Worth Of Food

    Rachel Maddow Says She Has To Rewire Herself To Not See Unmasked People As A Threat Now That Mask Mandate Is Gone

    Ohio Is Offering Vaccinated Citizens A Chance To Win A Million Dollars

    This Black Guy Disguised Himself As A White Dude In Order To Commit Series Of Burglaries In LA

    Chicago Has Released 1000 Feral Cats Over The Past Decade To Tackle Rat Problem

    Man Balances Pool Cue On Forehead For 2 Hours, 16 Minutes For Guinness Record

    Segment 1

    Which animals would win in a fight? Animal and women expert Frank Fleming joins us to report on his findings.

    Kyle and Ethan talk to Frank about his woman's guide to fighting animals

    Segment 2

    Kyle and Ethan talk to Mark Armitage of the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute.

    Hate Mail

    A YouTube subscriber wants us to spice up our channel. Kyle and Ethan come up with some ideas to spice up the channel.

    Subscriber Portion

    Bonus Hate Mail

    Subscriber Headlines of the week

    Nashville Trip

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Ethan and Trevor talk to comedian Brent Pella. They talk about comedy without an agenda, cancel culture, and his hatred for Gavin Newsom. Brent Pella has performed stand-up comedy around the country and gained fame on YouTube doing sketch comedy. Some of his most popular impressions have been Eminem, Gavin Newsom, Joe Rogan, and many others. You can see when Brent is performing near you at his website.

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Being without an agenda

    Being seen as a conservative comedian

    Mocking the left

    How Brent grew up

    Making fun of yourself

    Hanging out with J.P. Sears

    Wearing masks

    Getting canceled

    Nick Cannon

    Gina Carano


    Gov. Newsom

    Trying out different comedic personas

    Finding a political label

    Political party labels

    Georgia voting laws

    Intentions being assigned

    Having in-depth conversations


    UCB and Groundlings

    Subscriber Portion

    Brent’s origin into comedy

    Bombing on a cruise ship

    Best stand-up comics


    10 questions

  • On The Babylon Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan talk about heroes of the faith like the kid-punching pastor and the man who showed worship teams everywhere how to play the drums. They talk about G.K. Chesterton’s argument in defense of the family. Kyle is also subjected to the next ten questions in our exclusive subscriber lounge.


    About the YouTube channel

    Heroes of the Faith 1

    Oceans Metal Drummer: https://youtu.be/POwayWGeQAU

    Coffin Preacher: https://youtu.be/5OImocOKy4I

    Kid punching pastor: https://youtu.be/Q19qRUBj-ic

    Chesterton In Defense Of The Family:

    Chesterton starts talking about how people claim to travel the world in order to experience humanity when they are really leaving it in this chapter of Heretics: On Certain Modern Writers and the Institution of the Family.


    Kyle answers second ten questions

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to John Cooper of Skillet. They talk about CCM fame, discovering Petra, and weird band names. John Cooper is the lead singer, bassist, and producer for Skillet. Skillet has become one of the best-selling bands with two Grammy award nominations and has gone platinum twelve times. He has recently written a book titled Awake and Alive to Truth, where he dives into the most asked questions in modern culture.

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Journey to CCM fame

    Viral Facebook post

    Being convicted with faith

    Awake and Alive To Truth Book

    Becoming famous young

    Celebrity Christians

    Growing up without Rock music

    MTV and Beat It

    Michael W. Smith

    Seeing Petra live

    Stryper story

    Comparing Skillet to other bands

    Secret to weird band names


    Googling Skillet

    Iron Maiden


    Raising kids with the Skillet voice

    Touring with kids

    Subscriber Portion

    Pyrotechnic story


    John Cooper’s gymnastics skills

    Band’s feeling entitled

    Creed story

    Positive lyrics

    Almost becoming Bono

    Women in the band

    10 questions

  • Kyle, Dan, and Jonathan Watson of The One Ring make it to Elfland in this week's episode of The Bee Reads The Lord Of The Rings! To watch or listen to this week's episode, go to BabylonBee.com/Plans.

  • On The Babylon Bee Weekly, Ethan is joined by guest hosts Trevor Andersen and Dr. Thaddeus Williams. They talk about the weirdest of news like an elderly couple using morse code to escape an assisted living facility and Biden being called “a very Catholic president who supports abortion rights.” Thaddeus gives the best Linkin Park stories while Ethan and Trevor share little known pork facts in our newest segment: Linkin’ Pork. Hate mail this week comes from a reader who found our comments on Latter Day Saints to be “tasteless and unfunny.”


    It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, so naturally The Babylon Bee Podcast invited Thaddeus Williams to join Trevor Andersen and Ethan Nicolle! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

    Subscriber Comments

    Youtube Comments

    Subscriber Dare

    Weird News

    British Man Arrested After 4mph Police Chase Down Canal For 8 Miles

    Police In Canada Find Reported COVID-19 Violation In Restaurant Was Just A Mannequin

    Elderly Couple Uses Military Morse Code Training To Escape Tennessee Assisted Living Facility

    Caitlyn Jenner -- Olympic Gold Medal Winner And Now Trans Person -- Says Biological Males Should Not Be Allowed To Compete In Women's Sports

    The Washington Post Referred to Biden As "a very Catholic president who supports abortion rights.”

    A City In Switzerland Is Offering Beggars One-Way Tickets Anywhere In Europe As Long As They Don’t Come Back

    Priest 'Baptises' Baby Using A Water Pistol

    Gymnast Performs 36 Consecutive One-Handed Backflips To Break His Own Guinness Record

    Linkin’ Pork

    Hate Mail

    Subscriber Portion

    Thaddeus stories’

    Bonus Hate Mail

    Subscriber Headlines of the Week

    Thaddeus 10 Questions

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Christian astrophysicist, speaker, and author, Dr. Jason Lisle. They talk about dinosaurs and cavemen, evidence of a young earth, and the Bible as a history book. Dr. Lisle obtained a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Colorado. He has since written a number of best selling books on the topic of creation including: Taking Back Astronomy, Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky, the Ultimate Proof of Creation, Discerning Truth, and Understanding Genesis. He also founded the Biblical Science Institute, where they help defend the Christian worldview against people who call it unscientific.

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Bible as a history book

    The problem of death before sin

    Genesis being doctrine

    Snopes article about creationism being a conspiracy

    Humans are all one race

    Current state of Young Earth Creationists scholarship

    Human origins

    Dinosaurs and cavemen


    Evidence of the Young Earth

    Carbon dating

    Origin of the universe explained with popcorn

    Subscriber Portion


    The great flood

    Geological evidence of the flood


    Theological problems with Aliens

    Slugs on the Arc

    Accuracy of the Interstellar movie


    Distant starlight problem

    Problem with measuring speed of light

    10 Questions

  • THE BEE WEEKLY: Racist Soap Dispensers and Headlines By Kids

    On The Babylon Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by stand-up comedian Trevor Andersen again. They talk about drag racing cops and the racism built into automatic soap dispensers. We hear the best headline pitches by our subscribers' children and find a new hero of the faith. As always we end in hate mail, this one most likely coming from a disheartened satire-hating robot.


    Trevor Andersen is back on the podcast to guest host.

    Coming up next Tuesday we have Dr. Jason Lisle, a young earth creationist on the interview show.

    We read subscriber comments and YouTube comments

    Weird News

    Greyhound Wins Race In New Zealand, But Is Later Discovered To Be On Methamphetamine

    Michigan Woman Glues Eye Shut After Mistaking Nail Glue For Eye Drops

    Oklahoma Woman Charged With Felony For Not Returning VHS Tape 21 Years Ago

    Two D.C. Police Cars Were Totaled After Officers Decided To Drag Race Each Other

    Florida Family Accused Of Selling Bleach As A "miracle" Cure For COVID-19

    Automatic Soap Dispensers Are Racist Now

    Biden Was The Only World Leader With A Mask On During Virtual Climate Summit

    British Speed-Eater Drinks Capri Sun in 15.71 Seconds For Guinness Record

    Kids Pitch Babylon Bee Headlines

    Buy Abigail Shrier’s 'Irreversible Damage' (Save $18.99 with this link!): babylonbee.com/damage

    Heroes of the Faith

    Joanna Southcott

    Hate Mail

    We get hate mail from a Stephen Hawking robot

    Subscriber Portion

    We talk about what books we’re currently reading


  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to rapper, podcast host, author, Zuby. They talk about going viral, disgusting English food, and political correctness. Zuby first gained fame for a video of him beating the women's deadlift record. Since going viral, Zuby has gained over 700,000 followers and sold 25,000 albums independently. His most recent album, Word of Zuby, just became the most funded hip-hop project on Kickstarter in the U.K. You can pre-order his album and find his book on getting swol by going to Zuby’s website.

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Opening rap

    Kickstarter feat

    Being a contrarian on Twitter

    Zuby’s origin story

    Zuby’s impression of the United States

    Impression of California

    American food

    Reason for the British empire

    Stargazy pie

    Studying at Oxford

    Representing honesty

    Christianity in Zuby’s music

    Speaking out on gender

    Covid lockdowns

    Terms being changed

    BLM tweet

    UK police

    Truth over feelings

    Speaking out

    Silent majority vs a silenced majority

    Checkmate move

    Objective reality

    The overblown risk

    The incentive to lie


    “Political correctness is deadly”

    Being a contrarian to tell the truth

    Subscriber Portion

    Getting swol

    Zuby’s book


    Beyond political solutions

    Trade off between freedom and risk

    Zuby’s influences

    Stupid things people have said to Zuby

    10 questions

  • On The Babylon Bee Weekly Podcast, Kyle and Ethan are joined by guest host, Pastor Craig Hamilton of Church Two42. They find the strangest of news like the police being called on a woman afraid of a croissant and Twitter censoring James O’Keefe for doing actual reporting. Kyle and Ethan hear about Pastor Craig’s fundraiser to build a church that isn’t in his front yard and play the game,‘Sin or Not Sin, where Pastor Craig lets you know if a well-done steak or jazzercise will be getting you in trouble with the good Lord. As always we end with our everlasting hate mail, this time coming from a YouTube commenter that was most likely wearing a mask when he made his comment.


    Welcome Pastor Craig Hamilton of ChurchTwo42

    Coming up next Tuesday is our interview with Zuby!

    We read YouTube comments

    Weird News

    Suspected Drunken Driver Speeds Into School’s Mock DUI Demonstration Nearly Striking Students

    Tire Slasher Leaves Severed Finger Behind On Woman’s Driveway

    Breakfast Taco Full Of Crystal Meth Found By TSA Agents At Houston Airport

    A Lord of the Rings Online Player Leveled A Hobbit To Level 130 In The Most Hobbit Way Possible: Cooking Pies

    Iran Censors Soccer Match Over 100 Times Due To Female Referee

    A Woman In Poland Called Animal Control Because Of A Croissant That She Thought Was A Dangerous Animal

    Iran Censors Soccer Match Over 100 Times Due To Female Referee

    A Woman In Poland Called Animal Control Because Of A Croissant That She Thought Was A Dangerous Animal

    James O'Keefe Of Project Veritas Has Been Booted Off Of Twitter, And Now He's Suing For Defamation

    The Oregonian Issued A Tweet Assuring Readers That It Was Only A White Guy Who Was Killed By Police So No Need To Riot And Loot

    Marvel At This Beast Of A Man As He Grabs A Bobcat Off His Wife, Yeets It Halfway Across His Yard, And Chases It Down With A Gun

    Idaho Man Reclaims Guinness Record By Catching 107 Tennis Balls In An Oversized Bucket Placed On His Head

    Ask Pastor Craig

    Pastor Craig talks about how he started doing church on his driveway.

    Help Fundraise Pastor Craigs Church

    Donate to Pastor Craig's Church Here

    Sin or Not a Sin with Pastor Craig

    Hate Mail

    Subscriber Portion

    Ask Pastor Craig Continued

    The Ten Questions

    Bonus Hate Mail

  • On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Ethan and Dan talk to stand-up comedian, John Branyan. They talk comedy, frogs, and bad Atheist memes. John Branyan has been doing stand-up comedy for the last 25 years. His ‘Shakespeare’ version of The Three Little Pigs has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. He has written his second book titled, Life is Hardy-Har-Hard: How to Use Comedy to Make Your Life Better in which he discusses why we need to laugh more at ourselves when we fall down, especially if a banana peel is involved.

    Be sure to check out The Babylon Bee YouTube Channel for more podcasts, podcast shorts, animation, and more.

    To watch or listen to the full podcast, become a subscriber at https://babylonbee.com/plans

    Topics Discussed

    Ethan’s on drugs and Dan’s replaced Kyle


    Being rejected by David Letterman

    Comedy as a weapon and a shield

    Why falling down is good


    Story time with Ethan

    The most important topic

    Why we need to bring humor into Christianity

    Comedy as a shield

    Banana peels

    Chasing your own hat

    Subscriber Portion


    Paul’s choice of words

    Bad atheist memes

    10 questions

    Another great Carman story

  • Woke Ice Cream and Secret Racism

    This is The Babylon Bee Weekly for the week of April 16, 2021.

    Kyle and Ethan talk about the weirdest of news like the Pentagon developing a microchip to detect Covid-19 symptoms before they arise and all the ways you could be a racist and not even know it. After that, they examine how ice cream is trying to dismantle the police and how video games are putting in disabled women as World War 2 soldiers. As always, we end in delicious hate mail that our bold CEO Seth Dillon responded to while swimming in his pool of $100 bills.


    Kyle and Ethan talk about what’s new and what’s happened to them lately.

    Ethan’s glass table broke

    Next Tuesday our interview with comedian John Branyan will come out on Tuesday

    Buy things from our store, like this shirt

    Subscriber Dare

    We want to wish a happy birthday to Kristen who listens to us while running.

    Kyle will read Stuff That's Good in his Kermit the frog voice.

    Stuff That’s Good

    Kyle likes Hoptea! (In his Kermit voice)

    Ethan likes Hand Rolled Documentary

    Weird News

    Groom's Mom Discovers Bride Is Her Long-Lost Daughter On Wedding Day

    Two Men Arrested In India For Using Monkeys To Steal Cash From Unsuspecting Victims

    Police Bust Mattress Factory Using Discarded Masks Instead Of Cotton To Fill Their Mattresses

    Cat Rescued After 18 Days Stuck In Arkansas Tree

    Co-Founder Of BLM Just Bought a $1.4 million L.A. "compound" In A Rich, Largely White Neighborhood

    David Hogg Drops Pillow Venture He Launched During Spat With Mike Lindell

    Steak-Umm Takes Out Neil DeGrasse Tyson AT THE KNEES In Epic Tweet Storm

    Chicago Car Thief Participates In Zoom Court Hearing For Stealing A Car From Inside Another Stolen Car

    The Pentagon Has Developed A Microchip That Goes Under Your Skin And Can Detect Covid-19 Before Symptoms Arise.

    Idaho Man Stacks 34 Bars Of Wet Soap For Guinness World Record

    10 Signs You Might Be A Secret Racist

    Most Bizarre Companies That Have Gone Woke

    Hate Mail

    Subscriber Portion

    Check out all our cool stuff in the lounge

    Love Mail

    Bonus Hate Mail

    Top Subscriber Headlines of the Week

    Battery-Powered Mowers