• In this week’s episode we are joined by Mari Williams – The Mind Architect

    Mari is an accredited coach, qualified workplace mediator, NLP practitioner and master practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

    Mari works with CEOs, Managing Directors and other senior leaders helping them to feel and be their best, at work and at home.

    Mari's core value is that we all matter and no matter our circumstances or our background we all have the capacity to make positive change and to enable positive change in those around us.

    It was a little under a year ago I first met Mari and I've always loved how her insights and guidance are not only highly practical but also deeply evidence based and so I am thrilled to have her here to talk to us today.

    Contact details:






  • In this week’s episode we are joined by Mark Leruste.

    Mark is the Founder and Chief Purpose Officer at the Ministry of Purpose and is the host of the Unconventionalists podcast.

    Over the years Mark has featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Elle magazine, The Guardian, the Metro and so on and his videos have amassed more than one and a half million views on social media. In fact, his TED talk is now past the six hundred thousand views mark alone.

    Mark's mission is to eradicate career misery in the workplace by supporting leaders and founders in developing purpose driven organizations and positive workplace cultures where people can come to work as their fullest self.

    I started following Mark on social media and listening to his podcast at the beginning of this year. I also had the great fortune of attending one of his workshops and so I am thrilled to have him join us today so that he can share his passion and expertise in developing purpose driven cultures with you.

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  • In this week’s episode I am joined by Serena Sabala,

    Serena is a Wellness Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Nutrition Consultant. She is also the co-founder of Whole Shift Wellness a coaching company specialising in bespoke wellness programs for busy and time pressed business owners.

    I am delighted to have Serena take part in this series as I know from my own personal experience how important it is to look after ourselves in order to look after those that we serve.

    Serena’s contact details:

    Instagram: @wholeshiftwellness
    Facebook: @wholeshiftwellness
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/serena-sabala/
    Website: www.wholeshiftwellness.com/

  • On this week’s episode we are joined by Richard Moore.

    Richard is a sales and business coach with over 16 years of experience in online, in-person and phone-based selling. Richard supports his clients, which range from startups to 9-figure businesses, in turning leads into clients and in closing more deals.

    If I was to sum up Richard’s on line presence and content output in one word it would simply be PROLIFIC! His Start Up Q AND A where he shares his views on business, sales and online engagement, is now at episode 163 having been broadcast live across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and, more recently, LinkedIn every single Monday for the past 3 years! Richard is also the creator of the Entrepreneur Business Live event series, where he partners with thought leaders around the world to build communities, bring to audiences incredible speakers and raise funds for charities in cities ranging from London, San Fran, Barcelona,
    Toronto, Melbourne and so on.

    I met Richard in May last year and have been a client and avid follower of his content ever since, I can tell you that in my view Richard is a force to be reckoned with in the sales game as he is the antithesis of the old sales guy stereotype, always bringing value and building relationships long before asking for the sale.

    And so I am thrilled to have him here to share with us his insights in what we, as leaders, need toknow about sales.

    Contact details:

    Website: therichardmoore.com
    LinkedIn: /in/RichardJamesMoore
    Instagram: the.richard.moore
    Facebook: RichardMoore.Official
    Email: Richard@TheRichardMoore.com

  • In this week’s episode we are joined by Mike Bugembe.

    Mike is an award-winning big data evangelist, blogger, international speaker, executive advisor and the founder of Lens AI, an organisations that supports businesses across a range of industries, advising leaders on how to generate real business value with AI, machine learning and data.

    During his career, Mike has built award-winning teams, created data-driven cultures and developed algorithms that have generated millions of pounds in revenue. More recently Mike has shared his insights, experience and methodology in his number 1 bestselling book, “Cracking the Data Code - Unlock the Hidden Value of Data for your Organisation”.

    Mike’s work has played an integral part in allowing us to better understand the interplay between data and behavioural economics, researching the role that data plays in human behaviours and choices.

    This work has seen him recognised as one of the UK's Top Digital Masters.

    I am delighted to have Mike join us to share with us what we, as leaders need to know about AI and how AI and data can play an integral part in our organisation’s success and growth.

    Mike’s contact details:www.lens.ai@mikebugembe
  • On this week’s episode we are joined by Alexandra Galviz

    Alex is a keynote speaker, executive advisor and one of the UK’s top Influencers on LinkedIn, where her raw and honest posts, under the hashtag of Authentic Alex have not only sparked much needed discussion and debate worldwide but have also seen her named, for the past 2 years, on LinkedIn’s Top voices list.

    Alex advises C-suite leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and businesses on how to show up on LinkedIn, how to grow their thought leadership and how to leverage the platform to achieve their goals.
    I am thrilled to have Alex join us today to share with us what we as leaders need to know about LinkedIn and how we can become thought leaders on this platform.

    Alex’s contact details:




  • I am joined today by Kirsty Hulse.

    Kirsty is a brain-based Confidence and Communication Coach and the founder of Roar Training where she applies the fundamentals of neuroscience to support individuals and teams to enable better conversations, grow self belief and regulate nerves.

    Now Kirsty certainly knows a thing or two about regulating her nerves because for many years Kirsty has travelled the world speaking at conferences to audiences of thousands and is also a seasoned stand-up comic who has run a sold out show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    I had the great pleasure of speaking alongside Kirsty at a recent Women in Tech event and I can tell you it was by far one of the most insightful and entertaining talks that I've had the good pleasure to listen to. So when I was putting together this series Kirsty was one of the first people I called so I'm delighted to have Kirsty here with us for this fantastic episode.

    Kirsty’s contact details:

    Twitter: @kirsty_hulse

    website: www.roar.training

  • I am joined today by Jason Graystone.

    Jason is a professional investor, trader and entrepreneur. He is also is the co-founder of Tier 1 trading and the founder of Graystone Education where he has built a global trading community, comprising some serious traders and investors, on his training platform

    Jason is also the host of the podcast Always Free which hit the number one spot on iTunes almost immediately upon its release and has continued to provide epic value to its many listeners. You only need to look at the reviews to see the huge impact this podcast is having on its listeners’ lives.

    One of the things that Jason has challenged me on through our discussions, and through listening to his podcast, is my relationship with money. As a senior leader for many years, I've had the good fortune to have earnt some excellent salaries. But with each increase in my salary, my expenses went up as well which meant that no matter how much I was earning I was still living paycheck to paycheck.

    Whilst I have loved all the roles I have held, I will admit that there have been times where the pressure of having to continue to earn at a particular level has added pressure to an already high pressure role. From listening to and learning from Jason, someone who in his own words is ‘Financially independent’, over the past year I have gained better awareness into how our relationship with money impacts our relationships with the work we do. I am delighted for Jason to join us today to share with us his insights of how we can free ourselves up to focus on what really matters.

    Jason’s contact details:Jason Graystone Website: http://www.jasongraystone.comEmail: info@jasongraystone.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/jasongraystoneInstagram: http://instagram.com/j_graystoneTwitter: http://twitter.com/jasongraystoneLinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jasongraystonePodcast: http://bit.ly/alwaysfreepodcast
  • I am joined in this episode by Angelica Morrone.

    Angelica is an angel investor, author, speaker and Olympian who serves on the board of 7 companies.

    Angelica is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Deutsche Suisse Asset Management, where, over the past 20 years, she has invested and managed a compounded 1 billion dollars.

    Angelica is passionate about creating positive legacy that transcends generations by accelerating impactful capital, this is clearly evident in her investments to date and in her work as founder and Managing Director Aligned Global, an organisation that supports impactful entrepreneurs taking them from being Invisible to Investible through their investment accelerator programme.

    In this episode, Angelica shares her insights into what she looks for in terms of leadership when investing in companies and shares her views on the importance of leadership development in start ups.

    Angelica’s contact details:

    Website: www.aligned.globalFacebook: @alignedglobalLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/alignedglobal
  • I am joined today by Dominic Colenso. Dominic is an international speaker as well as the Founder and Head Performance Coach at In Flow training where he supports individuals and organizations around the world in improving their ability to convey their message and to perform under pressure.

    He is also the author of the number one best-selling book IMPACT - how to be more confident, increase your influence and know what to say under pressure.

    Now Dominic's background is a really interesting one, he has worked extensively as an actor of the stage and screen as well as a theatre director having trained in the world famous RADA here in London.

    Having read his new book and watched this Ted X talk, The Power of Telling your Story, I am excited to have Dominic join us to share with some of his incredible insights on really how to convey our message with clarity and certainty, something that's so important in leadership.

    Dominic’s contact details:
    Website: www.inflow.global
    Twitter: @dominiccolenso
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dominiccolenso/