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  • The podcast of author and consultant Patrick E. McLean. Currently writing and podcasting How to Succeed in Evil. And taking interesting digressions in essay and interview form.

  • Pravaas is a Gujarati podcast show that would focus on eminent personalities from various fields. Conversation with celebrities of their own field, their achievements, hard work, dedication and passion what all they experienced during this journey. The factors they had to fight with and emerged as winners. The show would provide a platform/ bridge meeting famous Gujarati writers, poets, actors, directors, musicians, Doctors, Journalists, painters, Architects, etc….

    The celebrities would talk about their contribution, goals, and dreams. Why and how they chose this particular field, their childhood impressions, formative years, struggle, their interpersonal relationships, and finally reached a path-breaking success and status.

    Deep, touchy, emotional, compassionate conversation with the celebrities which would trigger and inspire, and eventually turn into a memorable journey…That is “Pravaas”…..        

    પ્રવાસ .....

    ગુજરાતી પોડકાસ્ટ શો પ્રવાસ ...જીવન એક પ્રવાસ જ છેને? તો મળીશું એવાં યાદગાર લોકો ને જેમણે પોતપોતાનાં ક્ષેત્રમાં ખૂબ મોટું નામ કમાવ્યું છે, જેમનો ફાળો નોધપાત્ર રહ્યો છે. અલગ અલગ ક્ષેત્ર ની બહુમુખી પ્રતિભાઓ જેમના નામ થી પરિચિત હશો, કામ પણ જોયું હશે,પ્રવાસ બનશે એક સેતુ એમની સાથે વાર્તાલાપ કરીને. આ નામાંકિત વ્યક્તિઓ એ જે સફળતાની સીડી પાર કરી છે એની પાછળ ની એમની મેહનત, ધગશ, એમની લગન, આ સિદ્ધિ પામવા એમણે શું પામ્યું? શું ખોયું? વાતચીત થશે પ્રવાસ માં ..

    લેખક, કલાકાર, દિગ્દર્શક, સંગીતકાર, ચિત્રકાર, ડોક્ટર, શિલ્પકાર, ડીઝાઈનર, નેતા, અભિનેતા એમના અનુભવો અને એમને પડેલી મુશ્કેલીઓ ને તકલીફો માં થી કેવી રીતે આ ઉચ્ચ સફળતા ની ટોચ પર પહોંચ્યા, એમનું બાળપણ તેની અસર અને પ્રભાવ, એમનાં સપના અને હજી શું મેળવવાની ઈચ્છા આ બધા નો સમાવેશ થશે પ્રવાસ માં...

    અંગત જીવન ની અસર કામ ના ક્ષેત્ર માં ખૂબ દિલચસ્પ, લાગણી થી ભરપુર, હસતા રમતા વાતો જે પ્રેરણાદાયી બની રેહશે ...જોમ  અને જુસ્સા સાથે પ્રવાસ માં ....                                        

  • The Heavyweights Radio Podcast is the downloadable podcast version of Soul Assassins Presents: Heavyweights Radio hosted by DJ Truly Odd and Mike XXL. Straight out of the B Real TV studio in Los Angeles, CA, Heavyweights Radio a live internet show that showcases the dopest rappers, producers, and DJs in the hip hop game. Check us out live and join the chatroom via

  • What was it like to go to the theatre nearly 2500 years ago? Greek theatre has survived through the ages as a powerful and influential art form. This album introduces what early Greek theatres looked like and the kind of audience they attracted. Using the Theatre of Dionysus as a starting point, experts discuss the significance of attending the theatre as a civic occasion, associated with the political and cultural achievements of Athens. Through archaeology and analysis of contemporary art forms, such as decoration on pottery, a picture is built up of ancient Greek theatre. The album reveals how precious Greek texts have survived, and how Aeschylus’ tragedy 'Persians' has been interpreted in modern theatre. This material forms part of The Open University course A219 Exploring the classical world.

  • Brothers Dustin and Devon O'Hara discuss all things "Maker" and how to start your next, first project. Lots of shop talk, tips and behind the scenes stuff from their YouTube channel.

  • Retail is Dead is a podcast where we talk all things retail as consumers and industry outsiders. We are fed up reading and hearing that “retail is dead”, when in our humble opinion it’s just getting exciting. We’re here for the ride and we’d love to share it with you. The highs, the lows, the failures and the new obsessions.

  • Vancouver Opera Offstage is an audio podcast with host Les Dala, chorus director and associate conductor with Vancouver Opera. Join Les every other Wednesday for this podcast as he chats with opera experts, artists, Vancouver Opera staff and others to explore the world of opera on and off the stage. This podcast offers an insider’s glimpse into the artistry, experiences, and perspectives of the talent involved in taking breathtaking opera productions from the page to the stage. For more information and to access each episode's special features such as guest Spotify lists, visit . Continue the conversation on social media with hashtag #VOffstage.

  • Hello everyone, this is Chattercake. A weekly podcast presented by two best friends who invite guests from the entertainment industry to have a slice of conversation! We'll be covering the most weird and wonderful news stories and answering questions sent in by our followers on social media! So grab a drink and a snack (maybe a cake) kick back, relax and happy listening.

  • "What a Circus" is a monthly podcast that invites you to join in on our high school book club. Listen to teens as they read and discuss literature and the connections to their own lives. We read one book each month and come together to talk about what it all means.

  • Two friends discovering together the subtle riches of stories and poems.

  • Interesting Talk with Interesting People over a wide variety of topics. Predominantly a music discussion show, we may deviate to other topics, such as cars, entrepreneurs, conspiracies and the paranormal. This is the goto show for interesting tidbits and stories to help make your trip, workout, or leisure time a bit more enjoyable! Support this podcast:

  • Sofia has an unhealthy obsession with all things Broadway. This podcast gives her the perfect excuse to geek out! Join Sofia as she interviews celebrated names from all areas of showbiz and discusses their journey from starry-eyed youngster to musical theater professional.

  • A look into my mind through this podcast, which will act as a sort of public diary for me. I’m gonna talk about anything and everything that’s been going on in my mind!!

  • Podcasts produced by Radio Alhara team and listeners, they vary between discussions on issues related to sound production, economy, folktales, music history, historical events, and many more.

  • Join me, Asha Fundi in conversation with some Badass women every other week. We cover everything from how they got started, their experiences within their industry and everything in between. It wouldn’t be After25 if we didn’t ask the guests to share their skincare routine. Our mission is to normalise skincare conversations between Black Women #WeLoveSkincare

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  • En podcast om løst og fast rundt Manchester United.

  • Nora Ephron (1941 - 2012) achieved international success as a director and writer of feature films, a field that had been effectively closed to women for over half a century. Her earlier work as a journalist and essayist had already won her a reputation for sharp-eyed social observation and sharp-tongued humor. It also introduced a distinctive approach to her favorite subjects: New York City, food, and the baffling ways of men and women in love. She was pregnant with her second child when her husband left her, and she found herself at home with two babies to take care of while trying to break into screenwriting. In 1983, her script for the film Silkwood was nominated for an Oscar, and her novel Heartburn, a comic fictionalization of the end of her marriage, became a bestseller. Ephron's original screenplay, When Harry Met Sally, solidified her reputation as a screenwriter, but she wanted something more. She made her name as a director with Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, runaway successes that established her as Hollywood's premier creator of modern romantic comedies. Her 2009 film Julie and Julia recounted the life of the author and television personality Julia Child, who introduced Americans to French cooking in the 1960s. Ephron's 2006 book of essays, I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman, topped the New York Times hardcover best-seller list for over nine months. Although her subject was the aging process, her approach to the human condition remained unchanged. "When you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you," she said. "But when you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it's your laugh."

  • I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products.