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  • From outsiders like a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to such thought leaders as anti-woke scholar James Lindsay and feminist Helen Lewis, BBC journalist Andrew Gold takes us away from our comfort zone and into the worlds of people on the edge. New episodes every Monday - with trailers on his Twitter page: @andrewgold_ok and Instagram page: @andrewgold_ok.

    With an open mind and a wry sense of humour, Andrew alternates the theme of guest. Some weeks it'll be with somebody totally 'on the edge' - whether it be the woman who married a sociopathic bigamist or an ex-Muslim whose family tried to kill her. Other episodes will have interviews with such leading minds as Conservative peer Lord Daniel Finkelstein and feminist Helen Pluckrose.

    It was picked in Apple's prestigious New & Noteworthy category and has been a top Editor Pick for Castbox and Stitcher, who also placed it in their 'What we're listening to'. Get in touch or leave a review - it helps boost it up those charts!

    About Andrew

    Andrew is an award-winning journalist and TV presenter who has been making documentaries about bizarre, unusual and remarkable people around the world for a decade. He's done battle with an exorcist, taken on anti-abortionists and hunted for UFOs - all while living in six different countries and learning to speak five languages. You can find his showreel here:

    In this podcast, he aims to get to the humanity of people living on the fringes, and introduce these diverse figures to the listener.

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  • Each week on the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, your host Sean Jameson interviews experts and professionals and everyone in between to teach you the tips and techniques you can use to improve your sex life and relationship or marriage. You'll also learn powerful insights on how to improve your dating and love life.

  • 恋爱无困惑,幸福有绝招!幸福上上签是专注为女性服务的情感私人教练平台。拥有庞大的实效情感私人教练团队,累计培训辅导超过100多万表妹。快速帮你解决恋爱脱单,失恋挽回,危机化解,异地维稳,婚姻保鲜等情感难题。

  • BDSM ist absolut unvernünftig - Macht aber unglaublich viel Spaß!
    Dieser Podcast über BDSM von aktiven SMern für Interessierte und alte Hasen. Ganz ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger, lustig, intim und manchmal kontrovers. Ich habe mir für jede Folge einen neuen Gesprächspartner gesucht und wir plaudern über alle Themen, die uns vors Mikrofon laufen. Switchen, Spuren, Bondage, Technik oder Parties und Mißgeschicke. Hier ist der Platz dafür.

  • A psychology podcast that is both educational and entertaining.

  • The Huntington’s early American historical collections are important resources for the study of the Colonial and Revolutionary periods, the drafting of the Constitution, and the Civil War. Among the holdings are hundreds of autograph letters written by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as the manuscript of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. The Huntington can also claim the largest collection of autograph manuscripts of Abraham Lincoln west of Illinois. In conferences, seminars, and lectures, curators and visiting scholars discuss their subjects in depth.

  • 《Man立》的口号是复兴男性气质,重建身份认同。这个播客关注现代男性气质的衰落和男性模范的缺失,探寻男性身份的本质,发现丰富多元的男性气质,重构健康的性别身份认同,推动男性心智发展。主播Steve是心理咨询师,《Steve说》的主播,《人生12法则》的译者,《假性亲密关系》作者。主播广敏出身于传媒大学南广播音主持专业,是瑞典隆德大学媒体与传播硕士,声音与男性魅力教练,英语表达与社交训练师。

  • 一个人睡前听。【一个人听的晚安电台】

  • 老齐:自由撰稿人、非著名主持人、情感节目主播、爱喝茶的人。感谢您收听关注我录制的《生活》节目,其实我和您一样,生活中有烦恼也有开怀的时刻,我希望能像您的老朋友一样,咱一起聊聊生活!说说你我他(她)的故事,聊聊生活中的那些琐事,婚姻、爱情、亲情、友情、孩子……只要我们心里充满阳光,生活就会充满希望!用心生活,简单快乐...

  • The microbiome. It dictates so much of how we move through the world – from how we digest our food to the mates we choose as we spin around the globe. On this show, we’re investigating how the things we do everyday impacts the bugs of our bodies.

    The Microbiome Report is powered by BIOHM Health.

  • 想要系统学习却没有时间? 面对枯燥的中医课本,看不进去? 学习中医过程中疑惑不断? 觉得中医太博大,学不会? ········ 不用慌! 孙洁老师来为您答疑解惑。 秉承《黄帝内经》的思想理念,秉持严谨求实的态度 不泥于课本,从生活、临床多角度,原汁原味学中医, 听孙洁老师为您讲述一个不一样的“从头学中医”。从中医基础理论开始,诊断学、中药学、方剂学,从源头学起,循序渐进。 PS:应广大听友要求,已将完结的诊断学、方剂学单独做为一个专辑,欢迎大家前往收听。 主讲人 孙洁,中医基础理论博士,浙江中医药大学附属第三医院副主任中医师 第五批全国老中医药专家学术经验继承工作继承人。 浙江省中医药学会《黄帝内经》学术委员会(筹)委员。 1998年毕业于湖北中医药大学中医学专业,2001、2006年分别在湖北中医药大学获硕士、博士学位。2012年8月,入选为第五批全国老中医药专家学术经验继承工作继承人,学习方向为“脾胃理论在男科疾病诊治中的运用”。 适合人群 刚入学的中医学子、 铁杆中医爱好者 对中医感兴趣的医疗从业人员、 你将获得 系统认识中医思想体系 了解中医的发病观、病情变化与治疗观念,深入走进中医 与讲师面对面交流,解答你对于课程的困惑 为了方便大家一起交流中医知识,我们开通了“从头学中医”的第一个微信群,名字就叫”从头学中医“。欢迎大家积极入群,和我们一起聊聊中医那些事儿。你可以加群管理员的个人微信bmzzyjt,发送文字”从头学中医“,我们拉你入群。快来一起聊中医吧。 关注微信公众号“孙洁开讲”可以了解更多内容。

  • 轻催眠失眠治愈系,正念冥想静心减压拯救你的失眠。 每日轻催眠,正念冥想,静心减压,还原你想睡就睡的能力。 观息法5分钟,等于熟睡一小时。 建议有效聆听方法 第一步,关上灯,平躺,让心身放松。 第二步,戴上耳机,设置定时20分钟关闭。 第三步,什么都不想,把心放在呼吸上。 自然的你会越来越放松,跟随着呼吸慢慢进入深度睡眠。 失眠治愈系音疗,采用国外自然、安全、有效的α脑波音乐,你会忍不住舒展四肢,放松身心,静心减压。 这是最好的睡前放松催眠曲,伴你秒睡安眠一夜!每天聆听舒眠曲催眠,会让你拥有高品质睡眠,深度睡眠。

  • 【无差别】直播:周五六晚及其他法定节假日;具体时间随机

  • Welcome back to Wholesome Addiction. A podcast dedicated to the sexy side of entertainment - and by that we mean porn and all forms of adult entertainment (movies, news, anime, written erotica, web video, music) and sex as it effects us in our everyday lives. In short, we’re fans of the hotness. This podcast is explicit and we will be using adult language - so consider yourselves warned.

  • High Intensity Business is a high intensity strength training and HIT business podcast offering content to help you realise your health goals, become a great personal trainer, and build a successful HIT business. Content includes training protocols, workouts, exercise science, nutrition, and biohacking. From a HIT business perspective, we cover personal training, coaching, startup, sales, marketing, operations, systems, hiring, scaling, etc. Guests include Dr Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Skyler Tanner, Patty Durell, Walter Vendel, Fred Hahn, James Fisher PhD, James Steele PhD, Luke Carlson, Adam Zickerman, Kyle Recchia, Adrian Antigua, Bill Crawford, Joe Cirulli, Dorian Yates, Simon Melov PhD, Roger Schwab, Simon Shawcross, and many more.

  • Steve说是心理咨询师和心理学科普作者史秀雄(Steve Shi)的个人播客节目。这是一个通过深度交流,拓展意识边界,提升自我认知的谈话类节目,主要关注心理学科普、个人成长、亲密关系等话题。

  • The Couch offers an opportunity to hear experienced marriage counselors share what they've learned from decades of working with couples. If you and your partner are disconnected, unable to talk without arguing or wondering if you can save your relationship, Deb and Nao can help. Their warm, engaging way of talking about EFT can offer hope when all seems lost in your relationship.