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  • From a Westboro Baptist Church defector and an ex-Hasidic Jew to the world's first ever blogger and teenage class president who confessed to being a pedophile, BBC journalist Andrew Gold takes us away from our comfort zone and into the worlds of people on the edge. New episodes every Wednesday.

    It's been a top Editor Pick for Castbox and Stitcher, who also placed it in their 'What we're listening to'. Andrew has been making documentaries about bizarre, unusual and remarkable people around the world for a decade. He's done battle with an exorcist, taken on anti-abortionists and hunted for UFOs, all while living in six different countries and learning to speak five languages.

    In this podcast, he aims to get to the humanity of people living on the fringes, and introduce these people with diverse ways of looking at the world to the listener. It's not all deep and sad - he aims to get humour and fun out of these people, so the audience can also entertained! Follow him on twitter here @andrewgold_ok and check out his documentaries on his YouTube channel.

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  • נועה מנהיים ואיילת טריאסט יוצאות לשוטט במרחבי הפרא של התרבות המערבית ומדברות על היצירות והדמויות שעיצבו אותה – מהמיתוסים הקדומים דרך הספרות העכשווית ועד הוליווד ונטפליקס. ממפלצות לרובוטים, מערפדים למכשפות, מבתולות ים לחדי קרן, ועוד.

  • In the not too distant future, a ragtag group of movie fans awaken from a nuclear nightmare, only to discover that the world they once knew has become a barren, movie-less wasteland. Broadcasting from the last surviving video store on the planet, listen to host David Snider, and his cinephile friends, as they take it upon themselves to educate the inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic hellscape and bring the lost art of cinema back to the Wasteland. Welcome…to Apocalypse Video!

  • While dodging a global pandemic, we all need something to do at home. Each week join host Eric Mahoney as he broadcasts from NYC to ask his favorite filmmakers, musicians and artists about their picks for great double feature film viewing. From the art house to the cineplex and everything in between, we uncover what movies inspire your favorite artists. Support this podcast:

  • Join friends Sam and Rance as they watch and discuss every single Academy Award winner for Best Picture starting from the very first ceremony.

  • Don’t Blink will make you grab your mops, don your bow ties, and find a fun listening companion! Jada Wilkerson is a die-hard Doctor Who fan, who really knows his New Who, as well as Classic Who goodness. Wayne Henderson is a relatively new Whovian, joining in on the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey adventures, during the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary time period. Together, Jada and Wayne share thoughts and theories about each episode of Doctor Who, as well as including your listener feedback.

  • Need a new tv show to binge? Want to learn about the tv shows you love? Then the Not So Critically Acclaimed podcast is for you!! Every week I release 2 episodes about a tv series of my choosing. You should listen to Part 1 if you haven’t seen the show since it includes a plot line overview and basic information and save Part 2 for after watching the show as it contains major spoilers!

  • One election can change the course of history, and in 1940, FDR's defeat of Lindbergh may have prevented our own anti-semitic Holocaust here in the US. What would that look like? Not only does HBO's groundbreaking new show explore the question, but so does our panel, offering sobering commentary and in-depth analysis about the cultural context of one of America's most turbulent periods. Make sure you don't miss a single episode!

  • أفكار وقصص استوحيها من قراءاتي لبعض الكتب الجيدة لربما دفعكم ذلك للبحث عنها وقراءتها بأنفسكم.Ideas inspired by reading some interesting books, hoping it will lead you to read it yourself and share your thoughts with me

  • On Good Talk with Anthony Jeselnik, the relentlessly acerbic comic sits down for intimate chats with his funniest friends. Anthony keeps guests like Tig Notaro, Kristen Schaal, Nick Kroll and Kumail Nanjiani on their toes as he lobs deeply personal questions at them, engages in insightful dialogues about the craft of comedy and takes unfiltered swipes at industry peers.

  • talking about everything we want to and reviewing it

  • Launched in 2007, Sordid Cinema is one of the longest-running film podcasts.

  • زاك توك بودكاست بنتكلم عن الحياة وأهم مافيها

  • The Morning Show tells the story of Alex Levy, host of the popular TV program The Morning Show, who gets wrapped up in the middle of an enormous scandal when her co-host, Mitch Kessler, is accused of sexual assault. Join us for THE AFTERBUZZ TV THE MORNING SHOW AFTERSHOW PODCAST, where we'll be breaking down and analyzing each dramatic and tantalizing episode. From the tears to the comedy, there's something for everyone. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Morning Show!

  • Hi. I'm Em. I love movies and tv. I also talk a lot. A podcast was therefore inevitable...

    Join me on my journey through the history and legacy of movies you know, and movies you don't.

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  • Бодро и со вкусом говорим о кино, сериалах, видеоиграх и чёрт знает о чём ещё. Зазываем интересных гостей, разыгрываем ништяки!

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  • Join film critic Betty Jo Tucker, a confirmed movie addict, as she rants and raves about all things cinematic with a variety of co-hosts, producer Nikki Starr and noted movie critics – plus lots of fascinating film folks.

  • Big Little Lies Podcast Recaps from Josh Wigler and Emily Fox

  • We cover the worst, the dumbest, the most sin-worthy of TV moments from the past 7 decades. Then, we rate them on a scale based on Dante's 9 circles of Hell. Add dry wit and cheesy jokes to the mix, and you've got something that will last throughout eternity--we hope.

    Season 2 is Over, but we will be back with monthly specials throughout the summer--and we also hope to start Season 3 in October 2020. Thanks for coming and remember our Motto:

    "If It's Not in Telehell, It's Not worth a Damn!"