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  • What's Amanda Knox up to these days? How's Jon Ronson getting on? And what does Richard Dawkins think of bath bombs? Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews celebrities and quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining them is a mix of celebrities...and a man who once had to eat his friends. 

    New episodes every Monday.

  • Образовательно-развлекательные разговорные форматы с комиками и не только.

    История на ночь: Женя Чебатков, Расул Чабдаров и Томас Гайсанов разбирают крупные исторические события

    SEGOZAVTRA: учёные + комики исследуют будущее

  • "Empty Inside" is a podcast where host Jennette McCurdy talks with a different guest each episode, doing a deep dive into a specific topic. General topic areas are comedy, eating disorders, filmmaking, jealousy, therapy, and the crippling sense of doom we all face as we desperately try to fill the void within.

  • Pieturzīmes ir pirmais valodas podkāsts Latvijā. Runāsim, diskutēsim un domāsim latviski par latvisko. Pieturzīmes cilvēkos, grāmatās un valodā.
    Aiga Veckalne ir valodniece un tulkotāja, kurai latviešu valoda ir ne tikai izglītība, bet arī aizraušanās, darbs un hobijs. Ikdienā viņa strādā Ventspils Augstskolā, kur arī studē doktorantūrā, bet brīvajā laikā vada valodas podkāstu “Pieturzīmes” un lietišķās sarakstes un iedarbīgas valodas seminārus.
    Ja vēlies atbalstīt "Pieturzīmes", to var izdarīt šeit:
    Sūti ieteikumus uz!

  • Africa's LSP Podcast is a monthly podcast for the language services industry covering trends in translation, interpretation, localization and language services in general. We speak with industry professionals such as translators, interpreters, knowledge management specialists and multilingual organizations, businesses and individuals. Africa's LSP Podcast is presented by Bolingo Communications and Media Consult. Kindly send feedback and suggestions to Visit our website at

    Podcast sound track by Kwadjo Spiri

  • Freedom Fridays is the safe place you need to be free and stay free. Your moment and space for inspiration and encouragement. Equipping you with the tools to break free from limiting beliefs and the ability to help someone else do the same. Join creativist and founder of All For Freedom, Michele Mitchell as she shares stories, spotlights others, and speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves. "You are more powerful and amazing than you could ever imagine. So come on in…it’s Freedom Friday." Support this podcast:

  • The world of leadership is rife with information, listicles and re-hashed advice. We all know that we need to have more difficult conversations, be kinder and more empathetic with those we lead, and walk the path of servant leadership.

    And yet we rarely seem to get any closer to developing ourselves as the leaders we wish to be. Instead, we clutter our brains with more information, enact a new promise to ourselves and those around us to lean in and show up more powerfully than we did last time, and somehow remain running around in circles.

    There’s no shortage of advice available to create incremental change, and they provide exactly that: create incremental change. You get better at doing what you already do, but slightly faster and slightly better. Boring.

    This podcast will NOT provide you with incremental change. It will expose your hidden genius, unlock a new level of mastery in yourself, and, provide you paths to creating exponential power and growth.

  • Рассказываем про английский понятно и просто. С нами ты станешь лучше! Присоединяйся :)

  • A show featuring some of the most popular lectures, interviews, discussions, and talks that took place at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow over the years.

  • Episodes cover a variety of topics (interviews, tips, news...) surrounding the Micronaut framework.

  • Подкаст Олжаса Бейла DRT, расшифровывается как Душа, Разум, Тело подкаст! Гостями являются крутые чуваки из разных сфер. Потом напишу нормальное описание. Если есть вопросы или предложения, то пишите на!

  • Daily Stoic Việt Nam lấy nội dung từ cuốn sách cùng tên Daily Stoic - nói về các quan điểm, góc nhìn của các vị triết gia Khắc kỷ vĩ đại như Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Zeno, v.v. bởi tác giả Ryan Holiday.

    Xin được gửi lời cảm ơn đến team dịch thuật của Cộng đồng Stoicism for Redpiller và biên tập viên Khánh Ly Phùng đã đem đến cho chúng ta một bản dịch tiếng Việt sát nghĩa và gần gũi.
    Các bạn nhớ nhấn theo dõi kênh Daily Stoic Việt Nam trên Spotify, Apple Podcast để không bỏ lỡ bất kì 1 audio nào nhé.

    Một lần nữa, Hưng Thành Nguyễn và mCoaching team xin chân thành cảm ơn.

  • If you have the fright of public speaking, then this podcast is meant for you.

  • Psiholoģe un psihoterapijas speciāliste Ginta Ratniece dalās ar savām pārdomām un pieredzi...

  • This podcast is about exploring distinct worlds of photographers, their photography journeys and what we can learn from that.

    Episodes are parts of interviews pulled from "PODCAST ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY"

    Photography is easy to learn but hard to master. What I am trying to do with this podcast is to provide tips and interesting information across all photography genres. Talking about street photography, landscape photography, film photography, history of photography and it's great masters. If you enjoy this podcast and think someone else might enjoy it as well, please take a screenshot and share it on you Instagram stories, with your friends or other people who might like it. This podcast is usually recorded live on YouTube where you can follow me. Subscribe to this channel if you want to be notified when I post a new podcast episode or other content about photography. Thank you so much for tuning in and listening.

  • Podkāsts Info-Dēmija - ekspertu un studentu pieredze dezinformācijas laikmetā un vērtīgi padomi medijpratības apgūšanai.
    Apvienojoties 5 zinātkāriem un aktīviem LU SZF studentiem, radies podkāsts Info-Dēmija. Tajā kopā ar žurnālistiem, pētniekiem, pasniedzējiem un citiem ekspertiem tiks runāts par medijpratību, dezinformāciju, nepatiesām ziņām un visu, ar ko sociālajos tīklos nākas saskarties ik vienam no mums.

  • Modern Mindset investigates how our beliefs, values, and psychology influences our modern life and emotions. From business and finance to relationships and communication, Adam talks to experts from around the world to provide practical ways in which psychology and mindset give can you the edge in the minefield of modern life.

  • Raidījums, kurā tehnisko zinātņu doktors, būveksperts Juris Biršs sniedz padomus un atbild uz klausītāju jautājumiem par būvniecību, celtniecību un remontdarbiem.

    Uzdodiet jautājumu

  • Welcome to Education Suspended, a podcast focused on exploring, engaging, and dialoguing with those in education who are passionate about changing the status quo and evolving the archaic system we have inherited.

  • Hello and welcome to DEAR THERAPIST!

    I am Jasmin Schott Carvalheiro, psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and author based in Berlin and in Portugal.

    I created this podcast for those of you who sometimes wish for a little support in finding inner stability and strength when life gets tough and shaky.

    I also created this podcast for all of you who want to live their life to the fullest. Who not only want to find back to inner stability after a crisis but also wish to grow, to be brave, curious, adventurous, connected with their intuition and really go for their big dreams.

    I personally think life is far too precious to just settle with a job that is ok, with a relationship which is ok, with a daily life which is ok … don’t settle for boring ok, GO FOR WOW!

    So this podcast is all about how to create this WOW from within and live a fulfilled life.

    You will find inspirational real therapy and counselling sessions and interviews in this podcast, guided meditations as well as practical advice and excercises to strengthen your mental health.

    My aim is that after each episode, you have a clear idea what you can do right now to strengthen your mental health and how to support yourself from within. I also want to enable you to after a while not needing any advice or inspiration any more but finding your own inner compass which will strongly guide you.

    I am super much looking forward to going on this journey with you!

  • Stundu garas sarunas ar apšaubāmiem faktiem, nepamatotiem viedokļiem un vīna glāzi.
    Pastāv risks neuzzināt neko jaunu un atslēgties no ikdienas.