History – Netherlands – Recommended podcasts

  • Mongol Invasions, Napoleonic Wars, Diadochi Wars, Rome and the Cold War. Every part of your life -the words you speak, the ideas you share- can be traced to our history, but how well do you really know the stories? We’ll take you to the events, the times and the people that shaped our world. Hosted by David Schroder for Kings and Generals.

  • Op 30 augustus 1989 wordt langs een landweggetje in Dommelen een dode vrouw
    gevonden. Ze is vermoord, gedumpt in een greppel. Het blijkt te gaan om de 32-jarige Wies
    Hensen uit Budel, een dorp ruim 16 kilometer verderop. Daar kent bijna iedereen haar.

    Het politieonderzoek richt zich op haar woonplaats, waar Wies op de avond voor haar
    dood is gezien op de kermis. Ze was in het gezelschap van enkele mannen. De politie
    ondervraagt honderden mensen in het dorp, maar al na een paar weken zit het onderzoek
    muurvast. Maar wat als de politie altijd in de verkeerde richting heeft gezocht? En de daders niet uit Budel komen maar uit Valkenswaard, uit de omgeving van waar haar lichaam werd gedumpt?

    ED-verslaggever Bart-Jan van Rooij, die vlakbij de vindplaats van Wies woont, probeert precies dertig jaar na dato samen met collega Chiel Timmermans, nabestaanden, politie en andere betrokkenen op zoek te gaan naar het ware verhaal. 

  • Achtung! Achtung!

    Comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland discuss all matters Second World War.

    We Have Ways of Making You Talk is a weekly show exploring the war in close up. James and Al have a stunning knowledge of their subject, but don't expect a linear narrative. The boys love a tangent and a forgotten tale.

    We Have Ways of Making You Talk roams down forgotten front lines, casts new villains and makes the case for unlikely heroes.

    Send questions to James and Al via Twitter using #WeHaveWays or by email to wehavewayspodcast@gmail.com

    Battle stations!

  • We bring a new voice to the coldest Indiana crimes. Season 2 - The Westside Park Murders: Two teens, Ethan Dixon and Kimberly Dowell were on a date Saturday, September 28, 1985. With no apparent motive and few clues, a K9 officer found their bodies inside Ethan’s Volkswagen hatchback on the West end of Westside Park. The car was still running, but Kim and Ethan had both been killed by a single gunshot. The case is still unsolved, but new information and new leads may make now the time for answers.

  • Discover the day jobs of the world’s most famous serial killers! Each episode explores the life, relationships, and murderous rampages of these psychopaths.

  • A Chinese classic, retold in English: This podcast is an English retelling of the classic Chinese novel Water Margin (水浒传, aka Outlaws of the Marsh). It aims to tell the story in a way that is more accessible to audiences who are not already familiar with the novel or Chinese culture and literature in general.

  • Stuff What You Tell Me! is a podcast telling stories of rebellion and resistance in history, art and culture. Created by two contrary Australians living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we explore the wider role of rebellion in history, by delving into the experiences of people whose lives and actions were defined by defiance. Release schedule: In keeping with our theme, we resent the imposition of scheduling agendas, so we release episodes whenever we feel like it. We aim for at least one a month, and if you don't like that then hey, stuff you.

  • Two guys with too many big questions! From the origins of written language to quantum mechanics, we’re out to make sense of it all. Spellbound is a weekly podcast hosted by Julian Smith (Director/Comedian) & Andrew Rader (MIT PhD, Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All).
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    Link to survey: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4

  • Na 51 afleveringen van de serie '100 Jaar Radio' duiken Harm Edens en Arjan Snijders met Ron Vergouwen in de radio van nu. Elke maand wordt afgesloten met Dit Was De Radio, onze selectie van mooie en niet zo gelukte radio plus bloopers, met als bonus een audio collage van technicus en geluidsknutselaar Sybrand Verwer!

  • In this subject we explore Greek and Roman mythology, with particular reference to some core narratives and themes. Greek mythology is very focused around hero myths, and this is a central aspect of our study. Heroes studied in the subject include Heracles, Jason, Perseus, Bellerophon and Odysseus. We also examine some key thematic elements of Classical mythology- the figure of the monster, the sexual conduct of gods and mortals, conception and birth, fire, images of the underworld and life after death. The adaption of Greek myth in Italy (Entruscan and Roman) to meet the needs of different cultures will be explored. Sources dealt with in the subject include epic poetry, drama, painted vases, tomb paintings, and architectural remains. We conclude the subject with some modern cinematic adaptations of mythic themes from the ancient world.

  • Voorspelde Mozart zijn eigen dood? Waarom werd Haydn postuum onthoofd? En werd Beethoven vergiftigd? In de AVROTROS en NPO Radio 4-podcastserie ‘Klassieke Mysteries’ gaan Rebecca van der Weijde en Ab Nieuwdorp op zoek naar de intrigerende en spannende verhalen rondom het leven en vooral de dood van klassieke componisten.

  • Een Nederlandstalige podcast over de geschiedenis van de Romeinen

  • At Muse Ecology, we hear the voices and grooves of people and place as we make our way back to harmony with the song of life.

  • LearnOutLoud.com is pleased to presen the Classical Mythology podcast. With this series we will investigate the characters and events that formed bedrock of belief in the ancient western world. Whether you are interested in a certain Divinity or a particular story, this podcast is a must for all students of myth.

  • ItalyGuides.it today reinvented audio-guides, giving them the feel of "Cinema" instead of the academism of traditional ones, with movie-style music, narration by American voice actor Gregory Snegoff, images and sound effects, dramatically enhancing the storytelling process.

    Roman Coliseum events, gladiator fights, Michelangelo's David in Florence or Venice with its magic, spectacular scenarios will live in your iPod and will tell you what Italy was like at the height of its splendour.

    (also available in Spanish and Italian language)

  • WW1 Centennial News a weekly podcast about WWI THEN - 100 years ago this week and It's about WWI NOW - news and updates about Centennial and Commemoration.

  • Kleine Boodschap is dé podcast over alles Efteling. We brengen je nieuws, achtergronden en interviews over het prachtige park in Kaatsheuvel en alles wat daar direct mee te maken heeft.

  • New podcast A radio show hosted by Seth Breedlove and Mark Matzke of Small Town Monsters focusing on the strange and unusual. Recorded live and re-broadcast on 97.1 FM in Wadsworth, OH.

  • Unexplained. Unsolved. Unfinished. An examination of the obscure and the unconcluded in this world we inhabit. For those who are curious about strange noises in the dark, dark alleys in their paths, and the flashes in the corners of their eyes.