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  • Learn about the positive impact foster care makes as foster parents and foster kids share their experiences. Bethany Christian Services is the largest adoption and family services agency in the U.S. Contact 1.800.BETHANY or to learn more about Bethany’s child and family services.

  • Un PodCast de arquitectura donde los niños preguntan y los adultos responden.
    Pueden enviarnos las dudas, inquietudes o reflexiones de los más pequeños, sobre la arquitectura, la ciudad, el cole, los parques, sus casas, a nuestro mail y las iremos respondiendo, o intentándolo mejor dicho, en los diferentes capítulos.

  • It can be tough to know the best way to look after your dog or cat. Join veterinarian Dr. Alex for a weekly dose of pet health advice, news, and discussion. Want to give your pet the best care possible? Then you need to listen and subscribe!

  • Your life is important so take the time to think about what you want to.

  • In diesem Podcast geht es um mich - Friederike Rainer - und mein Herzensbusiness "Herzenskinder" sowie um uns als FreeFamily.
    Herzenskinder begleitet Dich auf Deinem Weg von der Schwangerschaft zum gesunden nachhaltigen Familien-Leben auf Augenhöhe. Im Podcast spreche ich über die Themen, die auch mein normales Arbeitsleben bestimmen: Trageberatung, Stoffwindel-Beratung, Windelfrei-Coaching, Stillberatung, Ernährungs- und Beikost-Coaching, Geburtsbegleitung, Nachsorge, Eltern-Vorbereitung-Begleitung, Familien-Coaching sowie viele Themen rund um Kindergesundheit, ganzheitliche Hausapotheke, rund um das Heilen mit Wickeln, Stoffwindeln, Beikost, Windelfrei, Bindung von Anfang an u.v.m.!

  • RadioIDL is a live streaming Blues digital radio station out of Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering Blues from around the corner and around the globe. We are the station with “MUSIC to get your work done - INFORMATION to get your play on!”

    Our station has been on the air since 2013. Our format is the same for each show with 4-6 songs and 5 minutes of conversation with our hosts and guests and repeat. Shows you will hear in podcast format are

    Aging Bull, City of Giants with Michael Patton, Connections with Ken Busby, Geekier Things, Innerloopers, Legends Of The Blues with Professor Kudlacek, My Version of the Blues with Poppa Nite, Rebecca Ungerman’s Spinning Plates-The Radio Show, Under The Influence and more. We have clever artists interviews, exclusive music collections, leaders from all industries with sage advice, and stories that will make you laugh and cry.

    We send our plays to Roots Music Report allowing you to hear all the top of the charts on RadioIDL. As an artist, would you like to hear your music on RadioIDL? Send us a means to download to You can listen LIVE at – only good news and great music.

  • Nadia Finer is on softly spoken mission to help shy people to be more mighty. Shy people don’t need fixing. Shyness is part of who we are. But, in a world filled with noise and hot air, it’s time for shy people to speak up and stop hiding. No more feeling overpowered, underestimated or overlooked. Shy and Mighty is here to provide quiet words of support and encouragement, a safe space for shy people to shine and bags of inspiration from lots of lovely guests who prove that shy can be mighty.

  • Följ med oss på vår företagsresa från dag ett. Vi går från idé till att vi faktiskt ska ta fram en produkt som sen ska ut till försäljning. Vi blandar snack om eget företagande med inslag från våra privatliv och vår vänskap. Vi är inga proffs utan vi lär oss längst vägen. Nu kör vi för fan!

  • Heidi is an orphaned girl initially raised by her maternal aunt Dete in Maienfeld, Switzerland after the early deaths of her parents, Tobias and Adelheid (Dete's brother-in-law and sister). When some people ask Dete to come to the city and be their maid Dete takes 5-year-old Heidi to her paternal grandfather's house, up the mountain from the Dörfli ('small village' in Swiss German).

    He has been at odds with the villagers and embittered against God for years and lives in seclusion on the alm. This has earned him the nickname 'The Alm-Uncle'. He briefly resents Heidi's arrival, but the girl's evident intelligence and cheerful yet unaffected demeanor soon earn his genuine, if reserved, affection.

  • Join homesteaders Bree (Daughter), Bryson (Son), Gary (Father), & Shelly (Mother) on our adventure through various topics such as our building projects, thoughts on our approach family life, & our many dreams for the future! We will also be expanding on many topics from our Friday night YouTube show the Weekly Peek. It's easy listening & perfect to play while you work!

  • There has been a longing in me that recently was awakened by talking with a number of awesome men who have helped breathe a new sense of adventure into my heart. We must stop using the excuse of having kids and a mortgage to hold us back from a life filled with adventure. I want to share their stories (and more) with you, along with weekly challenges with your friends and family! I want to encourage you to live adventurously every day through a mix of casual, critical, and crucial adventures.

  • Each week we talk all things 'Minecraft' and how you can build an incredible world on this platform.

  • At Her Nourished Kids we love meal times and we love tackling the tricky, messy and frustrating topics! We cover fussy eating, meal time success, throwing, food refusal and more. If you're feeding children aged 0-6 years, you'll love this podcast!

  • Three mates, meeting up on a weekly basis to chatting about their journeys of being dads and all that that entails!

  • Hosted by Stephanie Trethewey.
    Motherland shares real, raw and unbelievable stories of motherhood from ladies on the land.
    Each week a mum from somewhere in regional Australia shares her story including an honest account of what it's like raising kids in the country.
    You'll hear stories of true grit, resilience, grief and pure joy. Motherhood is the most life changing and transformative journey a woman can go through, and it's not always easy.
    So it's time to talk. No matter where you live or what you do, we're in this together and you're not alone.

  • Die Niederbayerin d´Ratsch-Kathl und die Pfälzerin die Heckelfrau (aus der echten Pfalz) sprechen monatlich mit neuen GästInnen über den normalen Wahnsinn rund um Kind, Familie und Partnerschaft.

  • A podcast about parenting (and other Dadly pursuits) Your hosts are Ben Slinger (father of a 2 year old boy and twin 9 month old girls) and Trevor Scott (father of a 3 year old boy). Together they discuss the vagaries of fatherhood in Australia, tell stories of joy and frustration, and go off on tangents that don’t involve their children at all (because not everything is about being a Dad). Topics include the trouble with toilet training, the fun of sharing hobbies with your kids (and when not to), those funny little things that kids do, and plenty of discussion on video games and game development, technology, movies, TV and music. Ben and Trevor have been friends since high school and have bonded even further during this next phase of their friendship: surviving fatherhood (and loving it) to become Two Sweary Dads.