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  • Solarpunk is a fictional podcast from the year 2047. It is the future history of my children. In America, in Europe and on Mars.
    Think of Solarpunk as kind of an Immigrant Tale: It's about the joy of starting fresh. It’s the story of how we heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.

  • X minus one was effectively the return of Dimension X, and although the opening sequence was revamped and the announcer became Fred Collins, the stories were still as bizarre and intriguing as its predecessor. The first X minus one shows used scripts from Dimension X, but soon created new shows, employing the talents of many great sci–fi authors, including staff writers Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts, Asimov, Bradbury and Heinlein.

    From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future, adventures in which you'll live in a million could–be years on a thousand maybe worlds. The National Broadcasting Company, in co–operation with Street and Smith, publishers of Astounding science fiction magazine, presents....X minus one.....

    The series was cancelled after the 126th broadcast on January 9th, 1958. However, the early 1970s brought a wave of nostalgia for old time radio; an experimental new episode was created in 1973, "The Iron Chancellor" by Robert Silverberg, but it failed to revive the series. NBC also tried broadcasting the old recordings, but their irregular once-monthly scheduling kept even devoted listeners from following the broadcasts.

  • A crew of terraformers on the infant planet Ophiuchus-22 face the difficult challenges of work, space, life, and psyche. A storm is coming, and all they have is trail mix, cigarette smoke, and each other.

    Tune in for the latest adventures of Establishment Crew #0137-F, in the new science fiction audio drama from Futuristic Trail Mix Productions.

  • This Will Scare You is a podcast about all things scary, paranormal, and creepy - and allegedly true.

    Each week, my guest and I will scare each other by telling terrifying tales about all things strange and unexplained - hauntings, demons, cryptids, ghosts, shadow people, UFOs, and more.

    Grab some popcorn and settle in for a scare!

  • Broadway Is My Beat, a radio crime drama, ran on CBS from February 27, 1949 to August 1, 1954. With Anthony Ross portraying Times Square Detective Danny Clover, the show originated from New York during its first three months on the air. For the remainder of the series, the role of Detective Danny Clover was portrayed by Larry Thor. The series featured music by Robert Stringer, and scripts by Peter Lyon. John Dietz directed for producer Lester Gottlieb (eventually succeeding him as producer). Bern Bennett was the original announcer. Beginning with the July 7, 1949 episode, the series was broadcast from Hollywood with producer Elliott Lewis directing a new cast in scripts by Morton S. Fine and David Friedkin. The opening theme of "I'll Take Manhattan" introduced Detective Danny Clover, a hardened New York City cop who worked homicide "from Times Square to Columbus Circle -- the gaudiest, the most violent, the lonesomest mile in the world." Danny Clover narrated the tales of the Great White Way to the accompaniment of music by Wilbur Hatch and Alexander Courage, and the recreation of Manhattan's aural tapestry required the talents of three sound effects technicians (David Light, Ralph Cummings, Ross Murray). Bill Anders was the show's announcer, as was Joe Walters. The supporting cast included regulars Charles Calvert (as Sgt. Gino Tartaglia) and Jack Kruschen (as Sgt. Muggavan), with episodic roles filled by television, radio, and film stars such as Eve McVeagh, and such radio actors as Irene Tedrow, Barney Phillips, Virginia Gregg, Anthony Barrett, Herb Butterfield, Lamont Johnson, Herb Ellis, Hy Averback, Edgar Barrier, Betty Lou Gerson, Cathy Lewis, Harry Bartell, Sheldon Leonard, Martha Wentworth, Lawrence Dobkin, Howard McNear, and Mary Jane Croft.

  • A famed lost spaceship, the USS HOPE, returns to Earth after vanishing thirty-five years prior. The lone survivor disembarks mysteriously​ looking the exact same age as when he left​. Following the ensuing media chaos, he finally reunites with his formerly identical twin brother (now an old man) for a one-on-one meeting. But what starts as a joyful reconciliation soon leads to dark revelations that threaten their relationship -- and the future of humanity.

    FROM NOW stars and is Executive Produced by Richard Madden and Brian Cox. Created & Written by Rhys Wakefield and William Day Frank.

  • When 16-year-old Sabrina cracks the cryptic Parallax, she’s recruited to track down a serial killer... who might not be from this world. Starring Anya Chalotra and Chance Perdomo.

  • Meet radio's hottest new detective - Jack Cassidy, PI! She may be a dame, but she's as tough and hard-bitten as the best in the biz. In thrilling weekly instalments, you can follow Jack's adventures as she matches wits with gangsters and grifters, bootleggers and bolsheviks, fascists and femme fatales. Welcome to the mean streets of Edmonton, 1936. The prairies will never be quite the same... Hardboiled is a queer noir mystery podcast from Empress of Blandings Productions, presented in association with the Edmonton Pride Centre, the Edmonton Heritage Council, the Edmonton Community Foundation, and the Edmonton Arts Council.

  • Fantasy Fiction with a dark twist! The Lost Tribe series by Peter Ivey. includes the books, 'The Traveller,' 'Sins of the Father,' and now...The Darkest Hour!

  • (exp)lore is a fiction anthology podcast. Each episode takes an imaginative dive into the past and future of your city, transporting you to fictional worlds that mirror our own through music and the power of the voice. The stories will immerse you in rich audio dramas while you explore the world through a new lens.

  • Ever since Judith’s lifelong best friend, Claire Sterback, inherited a house from a biological family she never knew, things have begun to change. Claire has begun to change. It isn’t just that the house is full of cryptic notebooks, ominous scribblings on the wall, and a basement that is colder than it should be. It isn’t just that Claire abruptly up and left her live-in boyfriend and is now being stalked by a psychopathic realtor. Claire is… off. Claire is sleepwalking. Sometimes when Claire begins to speak, it isn’t her voice that comes out at all. Claire begins to obsess over a cult her biological family was a part of, The Family of Fire. As she gets closer to a secret at the heart of the old house in the Toronto neighborhood of Parkdale, she is also getting closer to losing herself. And after Claire goes missing, with the help of co-worker-turned-friend-Owen, Judith vies to track her down, even if it means diving into a history that may have been better left untouched. Even if it

  • Make It Up As We Go follows the story of an aspiring young songwriter, played by Scarlett Burke, and her pursuits to make a name for herself in the music industry. Encountering a number of characters along the way, including legendary Nashville producer Van Tyler (played by Billy Bob Thornton), and the voice of country radio, Bobby Bones (playing himself).  Make It Up As We Go unravels Charlotte’s own personal journey navigating the writer rooms of Nashville, which is where the stories are told, songs are born, and in turn - finding her own voice along the way. 

  • In this sci-fi, dystopian tale of survival, we follow Ace as he scavenges for his existence in a massive, underground bunker. An outcast, he’s always on the run from security forces, AI robots, and mutant creatures. Alone in this world, his only desire is to escape Subterra and see the sun for the first time in his life… But what is waiting for him on the surface?


    Created by Warren Davis and Steve Krueger
    Written by Warren Davis and Steve Krueger
    Performed by Marty Yu
    Illustration by Sophia Rainey


  • Would you look at that. Another podcast on the interweb! Except this one's by me! Your host, Winter Violet.

    ** All music used in my episodes can be found here:

    ** Toutes les musiquées dans mes épisodes peut être trouver ici :

  • Stories from the highway for anyone who wants to hear about real life pulling 18 wheelers. Read, share and let us know if you have some good stories to tell.

  • The story of Hal Erickson, his friend Laurel Nare, and his various supernatural friends and pupils whom he meets through his secret government job. However, every one of them have quite a few secrets, including Hal.

  • Radio shows available only to those who are lost from a station beyond your dial.

  • Let me get this out of the way right now.
    None of this happened.
    The events that are talked about here are fictional, fake, untrue.
    Except for the ones that aren't.
    Which may possibly be all of them.
    So to recap, this isn't real, except for the parts that are.
    Got it? Because I don't want to hear about it later.

    Welcome to Stories From The Wasteland
    A podcast featuring weird and strange stories.
    Created, Written, and Preformed by Vaughn Ashby.