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  • Homer821 si volá na vychillovany rozhovor hostí zo street komunity :)

  • I was given a keyboard at a party in 2006, and was told I could keep it on the condition that I play it there. Music's been revealing to me ever since that first time.

    I play unwritten and unplanned improv. You're listening to my journal. Easy to remember my life when I listen. Satisfying to recall the good times and acknowledge the journey.

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    DJ and Music Producer, LORDER career begins in 2003 in Parisians night clubs.

    In 2005 he enters the DJ Network school on the French Riviera to definitely master the art of Deejaying.

    From private beaches to the most selective clubs, the Côte d’Azur became his new playground and soon he became the Resident DJ of the Cannes’ Palm Beach Club.

    In 2008, he seizes the opportunity of becoming manager at Montpellier’s DJ Network school and starts alongside to produce music, taking his inspiration from differents music genres.

    After years of music production and countless DJ sets, lorder work is the proof that there are still ways to discover.

    LORDER (Dj - Producteur)
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  • Všechno, co tě zajímá o hudbě. Najdeš tu rozhovory se zpěváky a členy českých kapel. Dozvíš se o jejich nových projektech a různé informace, které zatím nikdy nikde nezazněly. Každý pátek u tebe ve sluchátkách :).

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  • Have you ever heard a song that is so bad or bizarre that it’s actually amazing? The Songtopsy Report is a comedy podcast where bad music experts Nick Brigadier, Mike Russell, and Steven Trolinger explore and dissect the worst music they have ever come across. Covering one-hit wonders, criminal musicians, underground sub-genres, and other musical oddities, Nick, Mike and Steven refuse to rest until they determine how these songs ever saw the light of day.

  • Známi i neznámi ľudia, osobnosti zo všetkých sfér života. Počúvaj zaujímavé rozhovory každú nedeľu live na Fun rádiu od 10:00 do 12:00 alebo si vyber z archívu.

  • Shadowbox is the only drum'n'bass show @ the Czech Radio 1. It is moderated, mixed and selected by Rudeboy & 2K every second Sunday on or Czech frequency 91,9 FM.---U zrodu pořadu Shadowbox stáli v roce 1999 DJ Koogi a Martina Zahradníčková z EastBase, tehdy se jednalo o první drum´n´bassový pořad v Čechách. Od té doby byl vysílán kromě frekvence 91,9 FM i v Českém Rozhlase Plzeň a pardubickém Radiu Life, což se v roce 2002 změnilo a dnes je Shadowbox výhradní záležitostí Radia 1.Do konce roku 2004 připravoval Shadowbox vždy dvakrát do měsíce Koogi s Nitrousem, poté od ledna 2005 Koogiho vystřídal 2K a od roku 2012 moderátorskou dvojici doplnil po bok 2Ke Rudeboy, které často za mikrofonem doplňuje M4Y4. Stále platí, že když příslušnou neděli v 18 hodin naladíte Radio 1, uslyšíte dvouhodinový proud většinou mixovaného drumandbassu s občasnými krátkými vstupy moderátorů.

  • a mixture of genres all thrown together for fun.

    please follow me on Instagram for my photography stuff

  • Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Entertainment Publicist and creativity coach Diane Foy has conversations with thriving performing artists and industry influencers on what it takes to succeed. Solo shows offer coaching drawn from her 25 years’ experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. This podcast will empower you to thrive in the arts.

  • No Beat, No Time. We Luv Beat Muzik!! Dance, Club Music, EDM Podcasting Program, teknohauswt In Japan. Japanese Version Only. teknohauswt(テクノハウスウェイト)は、エレクトロニックダンスミュージックを紹介する番組です。内容は、クラブミュージックに携わるアーティスト、DJや様々な方をゲストにお話を伺います。購読することで全てのエピソードをお聴き頂けます。

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    Adam Huszár better known as Retroid is a Hungarian electronic music producer and dj. He had been attracted to music from his late childhood. Under the influence of computer art subculture called 'Demoscene' and due to his creative desire, Adam began producing music at the end of 90's. Electronic music pioneers like Hybrid, Crystal Method, The Prodigy, BT and Anthony Rother inspired him a lot so he quickly found his passion for progressive electronic music especially breaks and house.

    Starting with the "Forbidden World / Shing Path" EP on Composure Records in 2006, Adam has put together an impressive discography including releases, collaborations and remixes on more than 40 labels like Distinctive Records, System Recordings, Inkfish, Sound Of Habib, Solaris, Deep Blue, Proton and many more. He gets involved numerous music genre during the years and nowdays he produces on a very wide spectrum of music under different aliases and formations.

  • Вкратце - без подробнестей о трудном пути становления т.д и т.п..
    Интерес к электронной музыке появился со школьных лет. После началось резкое стремление к клубной сфере, подтолкнувшее впоследствии к ди-джеингу.
    Имея музыкальный вкус и обладая знаниями о том, что нужно людям на танцполе, DJ GOLUBEV проделал длительные шаги в клубную сферу.

  • Quality techno presented by talented and discriminating selectors representing planet Earth.

    Techno Delivery Systems was founded by Jeremy Love in January 2013 as a collective of like-minded techno producers and djays that seek to bring their taste in music and their style in presenting it to listeners. With crew members in Oakland, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma, and the New England region, Techno Delivery Systems represents much of the United States.

    In April of 2015, Techno Delivery Systems Radio was granted a 2 hour block on Fnoob Techno Radio. TDS has been using this as an outlet to gain exposure for the crew, and also give up and coming techno artists, as well as, established folks an opportunity to get open on a well established webcasting platform.

    Featuring: The Infiltration Unit | DoubleUngood | Erik Salagan | The Loop Theorist | Marcus Arieta | Nite Krawla | Franktronic

  • Najväčšie slovenské a české hity, ktoré máte radi. To sú Srdcovky s Julom Viršíkom, ktoré máte možnosť počuť každú sobotu od 16:00 do 18:00. Tie najzaujímavejšie rozhovory si môžete vypočuť ako podcast.