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  • Rozhovory na téma štěstí, spokojenost, smysl života a přidružená životně důležitá témata

  • Career Designer - PhDr. Petra Drahoňovská

    > new trends & inspiration for your personal development at work life
    > how to deal with fast tech development, new demands & new challenges
    > this channel contains our a) audioblog / podcast b) audiobooks

    Petra is founder of CAREER DESIGNER - company which provides:
    ... career coaching & counseling
    ... career workshops
    ... outplacement
    ... self help tools for your career development
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  • The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. You're welcome to link to or embed these videos, forward them to others and share these ideas with people you know.

    Waves là nền tảng âm thanh trực tuyến cung cấp các audiobook và podcast tại Đông Nam Á. Hãy truy cập vào để truy cập miễn phí hàng triệu podcast hoặc liên hệ Waves nếu bạn muốn tạo ra những podcast riêng của mình nhé!

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  • Join recovering procrastinator Jey Jeyendran to figure out how to consistently ship our work and our art. This podcast offers experiments you can try to ...well...see what works for you! Go, go, go!

  • Naším cílem je zlepšit zákaznickou péči u 1.000 českých e-shopů. Zveme si zajímavé hosty a ptáme se jich na témata spojená s péčí o zákazníky, e-shopy, lepší komunikací apod.

  • Podcast největšího československého webu o dění v NFL a vůbec toho nejzajmavějšího, co se kolem amerického fotbalu šupne.

  • Podcastová série Screenshot Inspiračního fóra přináší to nejzajímavější z debat a diskuzí Inspiračního fóra ji.hlavského festivalu, zastavuje obraz u společenských fenoménů a pomáhá složit ucelenější obraz dnešního světa. V každém díle se dokumentarista Ivo Bystřičan zaměří na jednu osobnost a svým komentářem vás provede jejími myšlenkami a vizemi. Poslechněte si, jaká jsou řešení klimatické krize, jak bránit vzniku a šíření extremismu nebo jaká je současná Čína. Nabídneme vám také příběhy žen, které mění svět nebo svědectví z mexicko-americké hranice.

  • Dialogues with different scholars in the fields of child education, spirituality, human rights, biblical texts, etc. Many conversations are rooted in Judaism but go much beyond the spectrum of religion.

  • Rozhovor Štefana Chrappu so zaujímavým hosťom v Rádiu Slovensko. Do nedeľného Dobrého rána na interview sú pozývaní ľudia, ktorí žijú s vierou, vyšší princípy im nie sú cudzie, často sú predstaviteľmi duchovného života.
    Tolkšou Hosť nedeľného Dobrého rána pripravuje RTVS – Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Slovensko, SRo1.

  • Toto jsou Podcasts ICF Praha vydávané týdně.
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  • The CPA Wealth Advisors demonstrate the importance of developing a retirement action plan to maximize income, legally reduce taxes in retirement with strategies to keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. Your #1 goal in retirement is to stay retired. You don’t ever want to be in a position where you’re FORCED to return to work or become a burden on your family. That’s the worst-case scenario. How do you STAY retired? The answer is having a thoughtful and comprehensive retirement game plan. A key component of that plan is to have an income strategy that will stand the test of time, and increase over time, so you can maintain your same lifestyle in retirement.

    Do you have a stockbroker or financial advisor who’s helping you with retirement planning? If so, do you really know their credentials? Are your financial decisions being guided by someone who just wants to make a commission, or are they a “fiduciary?” It’s critical you understand the difference. Selecting a fiduciary translates to hiring a person or firm with a legal obligation to do what’s best for you; not what’s best for their wallet.

    Retiring successfully is no accident. It’s not about your “returns” or achieving some arbitrary number. It’s about a comprehensive RETIREMENT PLAN that addresses: risk, diversification, income, taxes, social security, healthcare, inflation, withdrawal strategies and so much more. Anyone living an enjoyable retirement didn’t get there by winging it. It’s not a matter of IF you need a plan; it’s a matter of WHO will help you create that plan. Contact the CPA Wealth Advisors to get a custom 5-Point Retirement Action Plan that identifies: 1) Concrete steps to protect your life savings 2) How to transform your savings into an income workhorse in retirement 3) How to potentially reduce your taxes in retirement and keep this money for yourself 4) How and when to wring every nickel from your social security benefits and 5) Why so many traditional retirement plans fail.

    Take control of your finances and your retirement income. To get your FREE customized Retirement Action Plan, call the CPA Wealth Advisors at 678-671-3779

  • Čeněk Stýblo z ViralBrothers hledá s hosty odpověď na otázku života, vesmíru a vůbec.

  • A podcast for everyday endurance athletes aspiring to improve and achieve their best in sport while balancing the rest of life. By Alicia Golden, a small business owner, running and triathlon coach and Kate Plourd Johnson, an everyday athlete who strives to fit in training to a busy life. Over 20 weeks Alicia and Kate dive into the ins and outs, and ups and downs of training for an Ironman Triathlon in real time.

  • Pravidelný pořad redakce serveru

  • Spencer Michaud is a professional astrologer who focuses on self-actualization and empowerment. He uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating both modern & traditional (Hellenistic) chart-reading techniques as well as numerology, tarot, and archetypal storytelling. His readings focus on actionable, grounded wisdom utilizing the power of choice and transcendence to help you find the hero within. This podcast aims to explore the current astrological weather, while also teaching fundamental divinatory concepts.

  • Oficiální účet fotbalového klubu SK Slavia Praha.

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