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  • 2020 isn't going to be fun for anybody, left, right, or center. What many call the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime is going to be exhausting, ugly, angry, and probably at least a little racist. Listen as Robert Evans, Katy Stoll, and Cody Johnston try to keep level heads covering the election while traveling the country, from the Iowa Caucus to gun shows and anti-vaccine conventions, finding out what Real America really wants and thinks during the, “Worst Year Ever.”

  • The Reviews Are In is a podcast that features the funniest reviews from around the internet. In each episode, hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson will talk about reviews that you won't believe someone typed up. Anything that you can leave a review on is fair game; products, movies, restaurants, etc.

  • Former Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL player Andrew East sit down to share their most vulnerable sides and open up like they never have before. Tune in to hear one of the most celebrated couples on social media walk you through some of their most memorable moments together. Get ready to laugh and cry as you hear some of the most embarrassing and raw stories that have never before been shared.

  • Dr Peter Millican gives a series of lectures looking at Scottish 18th Century Philosopher David Hume and the first book of his Treatise of Human Nature.

  • Second Series on David Hume and his Philosophy. Focusing on his central principles in philosophy including Hume's theory on Ideas, Psychology, Logic, Relations, Induction and Causal Necessity

  • If Descartes is the father of modern philosophy, Hume is the person who gave shape to the contemporary philosophical world. First by querying Descartes' theories about knowledge, and then developing his own modest account of knowledge, and later his theories of ethics and aesthetics.

  • Under “David Hume”, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy begins with, “The most important philosopher ever to write in English”. His most formidable contemporary critic was the fellow Scot, Thomas Reid, the major architect of so-called Scottish Common Sense Philosophy. The most significant features of Hume’s work, as understood by Reid, are the representive theory of perception, the nature of causation and causal concepts, the nature of personal identity and the foundations of morality. Each of these topics is presented in a pair of lectures, the first summarizing Hume’s position and the second Reid’s critique of that position.

  • The Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons from around the United States who discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings. Join the conversation!

  • You're used to seeing Paul Barbarto share his geographic knowledge through his popular YouTube channel. But now, listen to Barbs and his friend Ken discuss candidly the ups and downs of the internet, friendship, education, and lives in the YouTube spotlight.

  • Sorozatunkban a kortárs irodalom értékteremtő szerzőit, s rajtuk keresztül műveiket kívánjuk bemutatni a szélesebb közönség számára. Programunk célja, hogy megismertessük az embereket a hazai (lehetőség szerint határon túli) magyar szépirodalom kortárs gyöngyszemeivel, és minél szélesebb kört inspiráljunk a szépirodalmi művek olvasására, a magyar irodalom megismerésére. Műsorainkban a magyar irodalom képviselői – írók, költők, színházi szakemberek, szerkesztők, irodalmárok fordulnak meg – elismert alkotók, illetve sok esetben olyan fiatalok, akik még csak szárnyaikat bontogatják.

    A Civil Rádió kiemelt célja, hogy minél szélesebb kört csábítson vissza az olvasás élményéhez, a fiatalabb korosztályokat közelebb hozza az irodalomhoz felkeltve a szépirodalmi művek iránti érdeklődésüket, az olvasást „belecsempészve” mindennapjaikba.

    Műsorsorozatunkat és a kortárs irodalmi programot a Magyar Művészeti Akadémia támogatta.

  • Honest, vulnerable, authentic, human AF, musings from a Hippie Mama stepping into her power and shining her light... thanx for listening ✌🏼👑❤️

  • Austen vs. Brontë is a literary thunderdome! Listen each week as Lauren and Hannah compare and contrast the lives, work and fandoms of the Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters.

  • Il podcast della trasmissione I Racconti delle Ancelle di Radio Popolare

  • Front Porch Anarchast is our way of sharing some of our experiences and opinions with those who believe that anarchy is all about breaking windows and throwing Molotov cocktails. For statists, anarchy can be a scary word. We’re hoping to break that stereotype one episode at a time.

    Front Porch Anarchast is probably of most interest to those who are sitting on a fence somewhere between statism and freedom. Maybe we can make anarchy a little less scary for you.

    Give Front Porch Anarchast a listen. Agree with us. Disagree with us. Let us know what you think.

  • All Rev’d Up explores where faith intersects politics and culture. Reverend Irene Monroe and Reverend Emmett G. Price III come from different black faith perspectives, they’re of different generations, they hail from different parts of the country, and they come together in this podcast to talk about faith in a different way. They don’t always agree, but they always hear each other out. Dive into conversations around race, faith, and this week’s headlines with the Revs every other Wednesday. When something happens in the world, you want their take on it. All Rev’d Up is produced by WGBH.

  • Literally just me giving my opinions on things. You might get offended but then again why listen to this if you were going to be butt hurt?

  • Kétheti podcast érdekes nőkkel, nem csak nőknek érdekes témákról.

  • Die Lupe im Namen steht für genaue, fundierte, wissenschaftliche Arbeit und ordnet sich
    damit in die Tradition des Göttinger Instituts für Demokratieforschung ein. Sie impliziert einen kritischen,
    hinterfragenden, scharf beobachtenden Blick auf alles, was mit Demokratie zu tun hat. Folgerichtig wird in jeder
    "Unter der Lupe"-Sendung unter anderem eine wissenschaftliche Analyse, und ein Politikerinterview angeboten. Die "Lokale Perspektive" ordnet das jeweilige Thema
    systematisch und anschaulich für die lokale Ebene ein. In der Rubrik "Wiederentdeckt" fragen wir, was Politiker und andere gesellschaftlich relevante Personen nach ihrem Rückzug aus der
    Öffentlichkeit machen. Außerdem steht mit "Wissen in vier Minuten" eine Rubrik bereit,
    mit der wir unserer Aufgabe der Politischen Bildung nachkommen und monatlich neue Begriffe der Politik erklären.

    Die Rubrik "frisch geforscht" arbeitet schlussendlich dezidiert neue Erkenntnisse aus Forschungsprojekten unseres Instituts auf und präsentiert diese in ansprechender,
    auf ein breites Publikum abzielender Form.

  • A podcast about the history of liberalism. It is about the men, women and events that advanced liberty and brought about the world of today.