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  • is a news, analysis, opinion & knowledge venture, launched in August 2017 by editor Shekhar Gupta. It is sharply focused on politics and policy, government and governance. Its leadership team includes India’s most experienced & respected journalists with proven track records in the finest news organisations. We are headquartered in New Delhi, & are in the process of building a network across India because we believe in investing in high-quality investigative & questioning journalism.

  • The Audio Podcast Version of Internet Today, the damn near daily show about what is going on inside the weird world of internet culture.

    Also, be sure to check our our other shows Weekly Weird News and Idiots Watching Anime

  • Since its foundation in 1823, the Oxford Union has grown to become the most famous speaking and debating society in the world. Each term, in our prestigious debating chamber, we play host to the people who shape our world - whether it be Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Reagan; Prime Ministers Churchill, Heath, Brown, and May; the leaders of the March for our Lives movement, or the journalists who broke the Harvey Weinstein story. As the COVID-19 crises continues, we have found a new platform to uphold this tradition. Our inaugural Podcast series, spanning eight weeks of the Oxford term, will feature actors, activists and global leaders, debates on the world's defining issues, and lighter relief at the weekend. This summer, we hope you will listen in.

  • The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.

  • From the team that brought you the satirical TV news show China Uncensored comes a...well...less scripted look at China. Chris Chappell and his team are off the teleprompter and on the mic to interview China experts, or discuss the issues of the day. And frankly, anything else they feel like discussing.

  • ‘In The Field’ is a show that attempts to capture India’s development story, as it happens, through a feature-style podcast that combines interviews, commentary, and debate.

  • Each week, Milan Vaishnav and his guests from around the world break down the latest developments in Indian politics, economics, foreign policy, society, and culture for a global audience. Grand Tamasha is a co-production of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Hindustan Times.

  • Two mothers, Denise Govendir and Eva Webel, both murdered in their homes 15 years apart. Both crimes appeared to be robberies gone wrong. Both cases remain unsolved. Now a Sunday Telegraph* investigation by Yoni Bashan and Claire Harvey has found the links and coincidences between the bashing deaths go even deeper. The women lived a short walk from each other, were both trying to finalise a divorce and in the quiet, peaceful suburb of Dover Heights they are the only murders ever to occur there . Even more strangely Denise and Eva's husbands had been friends for almost 13 years - and one provided the other with an alibi on the day his wife was murdered.

    * The Alibi podcast series was first published by The Sunday Telegraph in July 2015.

  • Manupatra, pioneer in online legal research in India since 2001, is India’s premier legal information resource. It is the largest content aggregator of Indian and International material, linking primary information, secondary material and proprietary analytical content.

  • Mark Chapman and The Athletic's David Ornstein break open the week's biggest stories and take you deep into the inner workings of the football machine.

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  • Podcast
    வணக்கம் and welcome 🙏 everyone this is just a common men mindset and point of view, we speak about everything if you want us to speak some topics suggest me on comment section or if you want to chat 💭 with me my instagram ID @krish_show_off @ajith_joyson @_kanish_03_ @dhashnamoorthy @manidhanush8

  • Welcome to the Transforming India podcast, produced monthly by the Raj Center for Indian Economic Policies at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. In each episode, co-hosts Arvind Panagariya and Pravin Krishna cover a range of issues related to the Indian economy. Our complete podcast library follows; you can read more about our hosts and production staff For more information, contact

  • How do the most celebrated trial lawyers of our generation convince 12 strangers? What are their secrets of persuasion and tricks of the trade? "Behind the Trial" will take you to the front lines and reveal how it all works when lives, fortunes, and reputations hang in the balance. Presented by Benchmark Litigation in association with McKool Smith, the Behind the Trial podcast series features in-depth discussions with the nation’s most iconic trial lawyers. Behind the Trial captures the unique voice and style of each trial star by covering their best practices for presenting to a jury or judge, pitfalls to avoid, and the art of persuasion.

  • With a global perspective as well as an immersive local focus, The Night Watch show provides perspective on current affairs, international and local issues, and seeks to expose the unreasonable, unacceptable, and ridiculous in our communities, and in the world as a whole. We do so with an open mind, without political spin, and with a goal of entertaining our audience despite a focus on serious international issues.

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  • Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.

  • A critical lens on the history of the present on West Asia and North Africa. Interviews with experts and archival mashups.

    Created by Sina Rahmani (twitter: @urorientalist)

  • This is the official, authoritative, inspired podcast of the Babylon Bee. Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and writer/creative director Ethan Nicolle for a look at weekly highlights, discussing the spiciest topics of the times, the stories behind the stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of America's most trusted source for Christian news satire.

  • Radio Eye is a reading service for people who are blind or have other disabilities that make it difficult to read printed material. New York Times is read Monday-Friday.

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